Monday, March 28, 2005

The Idiots

Hi, guess you guys must be surprised why I changed my blog address. I have been receiving some barrages of nasty stuffs from those nasty children at WLNY. They have been cutting and pasting my blog in the forum, treating it as their laughing stock.Well to prevent this, I have changed my blog address. I take the opportunity to do some housekeeping to my blog.

Fun Fun Fun

Actually tried to update something here yesterday, but I guess there was something wrong with the site. I hope you guys can see this today.Finally, a chance for a long weekend, but not before a barrage of nasty comments from my colleagues, yet again. The Personal Tax (Form B & Form B1 are finally streaming in). I wonder how I can cope with it, with the extension deadline coming just a month apart of each other. I guess just take it as it comes along.I have decided to start my revision on 30 April. Hope my load will be lighter by then, not like the last round, where I was quite cooped up with my work, therefore I flunked 1 of the papers.Stella won't be joining me for the Taipei trip, as her manager had refused to grant her leave. I told her I will ask her along next time. Some anger over the travel agent's arrangements though, the agent has put us in a 4 star hotel, not a 3 star one that we have asked for. The reason being, the 3 star one is full. I guess its their way of pocketing extra commission. Haha..:)Went to volunteeer for the Income Tax filing session at my Community Club. It was quite a boring session as not many people came by. (Maybe the deadline is not very near, and it was raining heavily yesterday). I told the club manager that I will pop by to help him if I am free. He gladly appreciated.After that, I went to Suntec City, to meet a long-time net friend, Alexandra. It was her birthday on 25 March. I waited about close to 2 hours for her, so she decided to treat me KTV. Well, for people who know me, I do not accept treats from people without giving something in return, espsecially during special occasions. So spending my time wisely, I shopped a present for her. Thankfully, Suntec has many shops for me to run around. In the end, I got a watch for her. She was quite surprised as the price don't come cheap. She decided to top up some more money for a more sporty watch. I told her she was lucky as I work around the area, so I will always pop by Suntec City, therefore I know what I wanted to get for her. :)After singing close to 3 hours after that, we headed home


It has been a while since I last blogged. My mood have been affected by my work recently. The fortunate thing was that there was singing, JJ...