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Got Rejected

I am writing this with a heavy heart. I have been rejected by Stella. I don't wish to ask her the reason why she reject me, as I do not want the hurt to sink in. She said she hope we can stay as friends, Well, think have to keep it that way first.

Mood Test

Try this test, its pretty accurate for me.

You are striving for a life full of activity and experience and, perhaps even more, an environment where you would be able to forge a close bond with a person who can offer full emotional fulfillment.

You are an emotional and sensitive person. You are inclined to delight and wallow in all things that give pleasure to your senses but nevertheless your tastes are refined and you reject anything that is indecent or vulgar.

At times one is burdened with more than one's fair share of problems and this would appear to be your situation at present. But you are adamant - you know what you wish to achieve - and by giving a little and taking a little you may well find that the realization of your dreams could become a reality.

You are being unduly influenced by the situation that is all around you. You do not like the feeling of loneliness and whatever it is that seems to separate you from others. You know that life can be won…

Batman Begins

Finally got to enjoy my weekend yesterday. Met Stella for dinner, waited for about 1.5 hours for her at Suntec City as she forgot about our appointment. She told me she was too engrossed with her break, that she forgot our appointment.

While waiting for her, decide to window shop around to see what I could get for Caifeng, whose birthday is coming and also decided to check out some new handphones for my dad & myself. I liked the Samsung E720C, Z500 & D500C, but the price is a bit high now, so maybe wait for the price to drop before I decide if I want to get the phone. I can visualise my mum's screams again, "You keep spending money to change handphone, learn to save."

After our dinner at NYDC, I suggested to Stella that we catch a movie, since it has been a while that I caught a movie. We actually wanted to watch Mr & Mrs Smith, but there were no showtimes for that already, so we watched Batman Begins. It was a good show, just that the first part was a bit bori…

Busy Busy

I have been busy with my work, with now that the exams are over. Busy to put back on track the amount of time I lost during my medical leave & study leave.

Anyway, the accounts that I have, I think I can finish by this week. The receptionist is on long medical leave. The auditors are still slowly churning the accounts. Incompetentence, as usual stuff at my firm.

Anyway, went to try my luck at an interview at one of the big accounting firms. The benefits are not as good as what I am getting now, although, they are offering me with higher pay to compensate me if I am offered the job. Will get a chance to get more exposure if I take on this job as is the clients are significantly bigger than what I am taking now.

I will consider carefully before I decide if I am offered the job.


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the following people.

Francesca - thanks for letting me know how to get hold of the free real player at Cnet.ComThe people at ICPAS Exam Registry & ACCA UK, for reliving my fears about me forgeting to state my question nos I attempted on the front cover.The people at Hello Shop, Orchard, thanks for the great service.The brickbats is for Mr Mervyn Tan of M1 Customer Service Centre. Thanks for trying to explain, but your answer is not that convincing & satisfying enough to make me change my mind about staying put with M1. I will be slowly withdrawing the lines that I have with M1 one by one, once each & every contract expires.Just a point to add, M1's service standard has been dropping since its change of billing system in 2000. A recent survey voted M1 to be the no. 3 telco company in Singapore, & Singtel, Asia Best Teleco Provider 2005. This just show the gulf in standards. M1, you are still a long way off, it also show…

Why Is MediaCorp Changing Its Online Radio System???

I wonder why Mediacorp Radio is suddenly changing its online radio system? What I mean is I used to be able to tune in to YES 933FM & Class 95 via the Internet using Windows Media Player. But with effect from today, I need to dpwnload Real Player in order to listen to them. The trouble is Real Player is not free, it is only free for 14 days, after that you have to pay US$29.95 per month.

I think it is pretty ridiculous, having to pay for something just for the listening pleasure. Don't you agree?

Stress Level at All Time High

Currently facing an all-time high stress level, as I will be taking the paper that I have failed, Paper 2.4. Currently only up to budgeting, still a fair bit of management accounting & financial management to cover.

Just hope I can cover the topics by Tuesday.

Stress ar...............:(

Why Do People Don't Understand Each Other

Got to know that my aunts & uncles will be holding a birthday celebration for my grandma on 2 July 2005, which is a Saturday. If you guys are shopaholics, disco kings & queens, you guys need not me to say that you all will enjoy till wee hours in the morning, before heading home in a cab. Usually you guys will head back in about groups of three or four people.

I just wonder my aunts & uncles still treat my dad as their brother sometimes? THEY ARE NOT VERY ACCOMODATING PEOPLE LOR. Ever since my dad started to drive a cab since he was retrenched, nothing of a good nature seems to have come from them. Perhaps they have been like that since the day they were born. THEY DO NOT THINK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE WHEN ORGANISING GROUP GATHERINGS... :(


Singapore has Really No Life ???

I was chatting to a net friend that I knew from the Internet yesterday. I was asking her why she didn't updating her blog, she said nothing much is happening to her, so she didn't know what to update about.

I was thinking what she say may be quite true. Singapore seems to be a boring place, especially for people like me, I do not like to go clubbing, because it is too noisy & crowded. Its pretty stuffy & smoky in there. Therefore, if you have been seeing me in the pub/disco, I guess the moon must be blue that day. Haha. :)

Currently taking a break from my revision. I just hope to do well for my Paper 2.5 on 9 June 2005. The exam venue is at Whitley Sec School, instead of Singapore Poly.Let's hope the place is air conditioned. The recent weather is like a heatwave.:)

No Kit Chan for Snow Wolf Lake

I saw The New Paper two days ago and read that Kit Chan will not be performing for Snow Wolf Lake for the upcoming Snow Wolf Lake musical. Nadia Chan Chung Ling (ex girlfriend of Mediacorp host, Dasmond Koh, currently seen on Doom to Oblivion Ch 8 Weekends, 7pm as Wong Hei's wife) will be standing in for her. Hmmm, I was a bit disappointed, but I guess we have to respect Kit's decision.

But I think we are going to hear piecemeal Mandarin in the musical. She can never replace Kit. Despite the fact that we have more Singapore singers like Stefanie Sun, JJ, A Du, I still feel that they can't take away the "national treasure" label from her.

No Surprise About This

I was not surprised when I see these two e-mails in my mailbox today.
Well, since Alan has spoken, I will also like to say some things about what I wrote in my earlier entries.The reasons why I feel that Alan is not suitable for a mass communication type of job because :-The world of journalism is like a web of deceit. It is too complex and complicated. People will still judge him by his hearing problem & not his capabilities. I personally met this kind of employer before in my 1st job. The boss actually said on my last day with the company to my director that "WHY YOU HIRED HIM FOR? I KNEW HE WAS NOT GOING TO STAY FOR LONG, FURTHERMORE HE IS DISABLED." I was stunned for words when I heard that. Knowing Alan for quite a while, even though I lost touch with him, he may take the comment too hard if he was caught in a similar situation as me.The hearing aid will be a slight disadvantage to his dream job. A job in Journalism requires good eyesight, good hearing and good writ…