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Digital Camera

My brother & I are planning to get the Canon IXUS I Zoom to replace the old Digimaster camera purchased by my parents a few years back.

I prefer the gold or black one. My brother too. He says he wants to share the cost with me.

Maybe will get it during the PC show next week, before my trip to Genting.

Damn Pissed

I was very pissed with the b***. She was telling me that she has told boss that I have been delaying the work that she has assigned to me.

Excuse me, B***, if not for your delay in your audit dept, I guess I won't be sweating myself out now, especially with the Personal Tax deadline & Corporate Tax extended deadline only 15 days apart. I am not a wizard, therefore I do not have a magic wand to help me to do the tax computation. I only have a brain & two hands to assist me.

If you can, please ask your people to buck up, or you or your fellow dept mates will be the next to go?

You guys still can't match me in terms of speed & accuracy.

Plan for An Outing With Aidah & Loo

I had discussed with Aidah about meeting up without waiting for DJ to arrange for us. I guessed it will be better as DJ has been busy, so busy that she had not been picking up my calls or replying my sms-es to her for the past week. I guess she may have a new guy in her life, or she is feeling too down as she hasn't managed to secure a permanent job. Been sending her some jobs since last week, let's hope she reads them & applies for them.

My planned outing with Aidah & Loo should be after my Genting trip, since Loo just e-mailed me that she will be tied down these two weeks, while Dah said she is only free on Mon & Wed. If possible, I hope to accomodate the two of them. Dah, not to worry, will find halal food for you somehow.

Loo & Aidah, please give suggestions about where you wish to go & when?

Asian Aerospace 2006

Dailymotion blogged video
Video sent by paul1979
I was given 2 complimentary tickets by my neighbour to attend the show at the last minute, so went with my brother to Changi International Airfreight Centre at Airline Road. We took a cab to Pasir Ris Bus Interchange and took the "AA 2006" shuttle as we did not want to miss too much of the flying display performance, like what happened in AA 2004, where I missed the flying display performance. It ended up that I still managed to catch about 45 mins of the performance, even as there was a huge jam that stretch to near Changi Villiage Bus Terminal. I must thank SBS Transit for the shuttle service, I think they dispatched about 50 Superbuses to cater to the crowd & the timings of 3 mins of waiting was good to alleviate the crowds at the interchange and from the Airfreight Centre.I must say that the flying display itself was the main draw and the organisers did not disappoint as I got to see the various aircrafts flying …

Surprise Surprise, Boss Finally Acts!

I was quite surprised when my lady boss sent out a inter-office memo today, stating that one of my colleagues had resigned from her job after a meeting with her on Monday. I shan't reveal the name of the person involved as there is a gag order from my lady boss.

I was not at all surprised by what was written in the letter, as she has been gulity of doing all the things as said in the letter and I do believe there is more than an eye to this matter, not just a simple resignation. If you readers can understand what I mean by that? In Chinese, it means "事有歧窍".

I just hope that the memo from my lady boss serves as a wake up call to my colleagues about the bad points that this particular colleague showed in work. If not, I will not be surprised that there will be more shocking things to come from her as bosses are always concerned about the bottom line.

Blur Blur School Administrator

Got a call yesterday that the school administrator had undercharged me for my course fees by 5%, which was about $20. I was asked to top up the difference soon, but as I was only having lesson on 14 Mar (the lecturer had given all of us a 2 week break to do some catch up on our own.)

Luckily, Jason suggested that we meet up @ PS today. (It was changed to Taka later as he had an interview there. Really hope he finds a good job soon.), where we had dinner at Pasta Cafe, but not before settling the bill at school. Although it rained just now, I was pespiring like hell as I reached Taka that Jason thought that I had actually walked from Starhub Centre to there.

We called 2 pastas, a cake & ice-cream to share. Pasta Cafe was a place that Jason worked as a waiter 10 yrs ago.

After the meal, went for a walk before we parted.

Paper 2.4 & 2.6 With Paper 3.2- Final Decision

After some arguing with my mum & discussions with Caifeng & my cousin, Jolene, I signed up for the 2 papers that I failed with the current paper, Advanced Taxation that I am taking.

I guessed Jason & Richard were stunned by my decision. My decision was a bit forced on by my mum, but after hearing what Caifeng & Jolene said, I agreed that the tax paper changes every seating, and I am already halfway there. Today was Lesson 10. There was no point to obtain the refund just to take 2.4.

Was not in the mood to work today, so took half a day to register & went walking around Orchard Rd with Jason. Have to really thank him as I informed him on short notice. Thanks buddy.

He accommpanied me by talking & giving me advice. Besides him, got to thank Krys & Rebecca for the encouraging sms.

Krys: Gosh, dun b too upset k, can try again.
Rebecca: Is it possible to appeal, dun b too upset.... Take care.

These two gals, really serve their occupation as teachers with a kind heart!…

Genting Trip Back On

The Genting trip is back on for me. I managed to get Rich & Jason to go with me for this trip. Went to book the tickets and hotel with Jason. It was a reasonable price that we paid for, considering the fact that it was school holidays.

Initally had wanted to get Darling, Krys & Rebecca along, but Darling & Rebecca did not reply my sms or call so I guessed they were too busy to be interested.

Genting here I come.

Hope that the tour will be a change in fortune for me in 2006.

A Happy Day Intitally, But Turned Out A Stormy Day Instead!

I was rather sad when I saw this in my e-mail a few hours ago.

Paper 2.4 Financial Management & Control - 42- Fail
Paper 2.6 Audit & Internal Review - 47 Fail

I could not bring myself to believe that I have done so badly for my results this round, as I have been confident of a pass. Even my mum & brother was surprised that they needed to slap themselves to believe that I have actually flunked my Dec 2005 sittings. Looks like Singapore Expo wasn't a good hunting ground for me as that was the place where I started with all these failings.

I was surprised by the fact that mum did not blame me or scold me for the poor results, but it makes me feel more gulity as she is the one sponsoring my studies for the moment. She told me that I have done my best and wants me to continue on.

I am still thinking if I should carry on, having failed 3 times for Paper 2.4. I am actually suffering a loss of confidence in my work and study. I just find it hard to juggle out the best of the two. S…

Dad's Classmates' Gathering & Plan for Genting Trip

I was asked by mum to assist my dad in his classmates' gathering today since she was not attending due to other commitments.

The classmates' listing stored in the floppy disk had disappeared from my table when my dad asked me to churn out the list & Statement of accounts. I guessed that it must be during the CNY spring cleaning that I have thrown away the disk, due to the data was unreadable or infected by virus.

Nonetheless, the gathering went on smoothly, as I got the people to write down their names on a piece of paper instead and collected the money from them.

The gathering at Tiong Bahru CC ended at 5pm. Was stucked there for a while due to the rain & photo taking session. Took a bus to TBP. It has been about 4 years since I last went there, so I was quite lost when I reached there. Fortunately, my brother was there to guide me.

Went to look at digital cameras & notebooks at Courts, before having dinner at the food court. Plan to buy the two gadgets for home use …

Asian Aerospace 2006- 25 Feb (Sat) & 26 Feb 2006(Sun)

I am hoping to go for the Asian Aerospace 2006 to be held at Changi Airfreight Centre on 25 Feb 2006 & 26 Feb 2006.

Anyone wants to go with me?

This is the last time that the show will be held in Singapore.

Below is the link to the ticketing details.

Please let me know via the comment box or chat box.!fY28Q.wUk39-Js-Lp,HBs5OAwsJFM#SeatMap

Outing with Poly Friends

I was out with Caifeng, Kelvin , Yishan , Raymond, Peifen & Yee Chuan to Suntec City, where we tried the Renn Thai Resturant located at the Fountain of Wealth. We were supposed to meet at Citylink Mall before walking to Suntec City together, but I decided to meet them directly at the resturant since I was running late. I guessed I made the right decision.
The food was good, but the service was bad. We had the Tom Yam Soup, fried Kang Kong, green curry, Sotong, & hot plate beancurd . All the food that was ordered tasted good. It was Caifeng who made the reservation. I guessed she should have come to the resturant before, therefore she was the one who did the orders.I knew that she was trying to help me clear the air for the "flying aeroplane incident" that happened on my birthday with Yishan. I guessed she didn't have much success, as I didn't talk to Yishan much. I was sitting beside Kelvin for the dinner.Although it was later during the desert session at Mi…

Blog Quiz Time

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Family Trip Cancelled

The planned trip for Genting has been shelved as my dad said that the slots have been taken up. I guess it may be due to the school holidays. People are bringing their children for the retreat.

My leave has already been approved. Looks like have to cancel it. I wanted to go alone to Genting
(mum is worried for me to travel alone. Actually, I feel that I am old enough to take care of mysrlf, Why can't she let me go?) as some of you may know what problems I am facing at work and my future plans for the year.

Anyone needs a break & wanna join me from 11 March 2006 to 13 March 2006? Please let me know thru here or e-mail. You can feel free to choose other destinations as well.

The Pink Panther

A world-famous soccer coach has been murdered and his priceless ring has been stolen - a ring set with the stunning diamond known as the Pink Panther. The French government needs a master detective to solve the crime and recover the gem...but he's not available, so they recruit Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Comic superstar Steve Martin stars as Clouseau in an all-new adventure of The Pink Panther. A stunning pop star (Beyonce, a soccer player, a Chinese assassin - who committed the crime? And can anyone solve the case? Clouseau and his partner, Ponton (Reno), must unmask the murderer and keep their boss, Dreyfus (Kline), from taking credit for the victory, all without bringing the French legal system to a screeching halt. Get ready to be tickled pink.

My brother was all excited about this movie, which Joey, Jason & I agreed that it was indeed hilarous. The murderer was found in an unusual way by Steve Martin through his madcap & crazy way.

How did he manage to know who was t…

Gift Shopping, Dinner & Movie

I was on leave today, to give myself a deserved break from the aunties' nagging at the workplace. It was quite a fulfilling & eventful day for me.

Helped my brother to look for a temp job through the newspaper. He managed to find one as a waiter at a Vietnamese resturant at the Atrium @ Orchard. The boss said that he would call him tomorrow no matter what. Hope he gets the job. I feel that it is quite well paid for a person without any exprience.
Got an e-mail from Ms Clara, Senior Corporate Communications Officer @ IRAS, who asked me if I could assist the e-club that I am posted to for the whole e-filing excercise. I agreed to her request immediately, since I have no lessons on the weekends for the period & it is only a 3 hour thingy. By the way, the e-club I am posted to is Serangoon E-club, which is the same place where I was posted to last year. So if you guys have problems in e-filing your taxes, please pay me a visit at the e-club from 18 Mar 2006 to 17 April 2006. I w…

The Birthday Co-Ordinator Runs Into Problems

As you guys saw from my last post that I'm being asked to be the co-ordinator for my friend's birthday. At the same time, I am being asked by those invited for the mini gathering to get a present for the birthday gal.

I didn't think that it was a difficuit task as most of us have known each other for at least 6 years. 3 of the people invited (including myself) feel that we should not impose any budget constraint to the gift that we are going to give the birthday gal as whenever our birthdays came, she would usually let the purchaser(which is usually me) know that she is willing to spend any amount for our presents. I am not trying to imply that I make friends by looking at the value of the gift that they give me.

For me, I just feel that good friends are hard to come by, especially those who truly understand & know you.

I was a bit stunned when I got the reply from one of those invited this morming. This is the contents of the sms.

Me: Dear friends, Ms XXX is organising …

Crystal Jade & Swensens

I was asked out by Jason last nite as he wanted to return me the Wei Lian's CD that he borrowed from me & update me about the job interview that he went for in the afternoon.

Met him up at Suntec City at Crystal Jade, where we had fish porridge, plain rice , beef & beancurd.You must be wondering why we ordered porridge & rice. The rice was ordered later as the beef & beancurd were too salty that both of us couldn't take it. I just feel that the standard of the food at CJ is dropping. The dishes that we ordered were all chef's recommendation, yet it is salty. Even after washing it down with Coke Lite & plain water, it didn't help much.

We also discussed about what to get for a common friend for her birthday which was coming up. Since we had no idea what to get for her and if she needed our help to organise her birthday gathering for her. Actually, I sent a sms to her the day before, but didn't get any reply, so I rang her up. She asked me to be he…

Meaning of Valentine's Day Gift

Someone whom I called after my class asked me the meaning of the Valentine's Day gift that she received from a guy that she previously have had BGR with?

The gift was 2 tortises & a flower. She didn't say what flower it was, so I shall not assume.

To me, I feel that the meaning of the gift is that the guy wants to go back together with this gal. The 2 tortises means the 2 of them. While the flower means heart!

Please feel free to say what you think it is?

Celebrating My Brother's Success

Mum has been asking me since Friday nite to give my brother a treat since he has done well for his GCE O Levels. His results were defintely beyond my expectations. So I decided that he should be rewarded. I told him to meet me at City Hall as he said that he had plans to change his handphone as the E700 (my ex-hp) battery was giving him problems & could not download ringtones. Having sent the hp for service once & it has been about a year & a half since the handphone has been in use, I felt that it was a great idea.

After giving him some suggestions about some Samsung handphones & Motorola handphones, he felt that the phones that came without the bluetooth function could not meet his needs when he steps into poly life. The thought of paying subscriprions for 2 lines (he is planning to switch to Singtel Student Plan, which is now at an offer price of $9.90 & with 1000 sms) for the next 5 months (His M1 contract ends in mid July) puts him off. He said he will try his …

Off To Genting In 27 Days

My dad's company is organising a company gathering to Genting Highlands on 11 to 13 March 2006. Their immediate family members are also invited and the tour is at a subsided rate. My whole family will be going.

It has been 3 years since the whole family went on a short trip together. Hopefully, it will be a good one.

Rebecca's Performance @ NP

Dailymotion blogged video
D:\Photos\Rebecca's Performance Pics\video-0002
Video sent by paul1979
My next appointment was at Ngee Ann Poly for Rebecca's performance. Since I knew I was going to be there early, decided to go to West Mall first before heading back to Ngee Ann. The bloody 61 was a long wait at the Bukit Batok Interchange. I was smart enough to grab a bite at Breadtalk as I was not too hungry after the wedding lunch. In the end, I nearly got to NP late, due to some renovated places that made me cannot find LT 26 nearly. I must say Rebecca & her fellow choir members with her teacher, Ms Lin Li Ying put up a very good performance, together with the acapella group. I liked the rendition of "The Phantom of the Opera" by the teacher most. Keep up the good work. Rebecca & the rest of Ngee Ann Poly choir. You have surprised me!!!

Ex Colleague's Wedding

I was invited by my ex-colleague, Sunny to witness his wedding ceremony & wedding lunch today. It was start of an eventful day for me.

Took a cab to the church at Toa Payoh Central, as was rather late after I spent 1.5 hours blogging about what was happening to me the past few days.

Reached there on time for the ceremony and passed Sunny my hongbao for him & his wife.

It was a short Catholic ceremony which lasted for about an hour. The couple promised to e-mail me the pics once they are back from their honeymoon in Austraila.

A bus took us to Sheraton Towers after the ceremony for the buffet lunch. It was quite a small one, as there were only 13 tables. We took the No 13 table. I must say the food is very good & I didn't regret giving the big hongbao, considering that Sunny was very good to me when I was at the company as well.

I was a bit disappointed though as I did not get to see many of my ex colleagues. Sunny was saying he had difficuities contacting some of them. Let…

Brother's 'O' Level Results

Had a scare when I messaged my brother in the late afternoon & early evening. The message was to ask him about his "O" Levels results that were released yesterday. He kept replying saying that he will tell me later. I wondered if he was in the situation that I was in in 1995, where I flunked my GCE 'O' Levels. The thought to advise him on that shudders me.

It ended up that he did very well. He scored 13 points and could go to the engineering course that he wanted. I spent some time explaining to him the courses and I promised to give him a treat on this Sunday. I wonder what he wants. But I think I will give him as he exceeded my expectations.

Well done, brother.

Birthday Celebration with my Friend's Son

This is my friend's son. His name is Ryan. My friend is the one beside him in the 3rd pic. Some of you may have seen my friend on the road before due to his job. You guys can guess his job? My friend's name is Ricky.

Had a long ride on the bus as it was raining heavily at my workplace when I left at about 5.45pm. The bus ride to Kranji MRT took about 1.5 hrs, before switching to another SMRT bus at Kranji MRT.

It has been a while since I met up with Ricky. I think the last time was 1.5 years back, when his boy was only 3 months old. Now this little boy is already 2 years old & my friend's wife is expecting a No. 2 sometime in Nov 2006.

Although the food was simple & not very good, his wife was rather apologetic about the catered food as she said it was pretty bad. My main purpose was to catch up with the couple & look at their new flat. I must say it is an enjoyable session.

Ricky was saying he planned to change his job as he feels that with his current job, he ma…

Fish & Co & NYDC with Jason

Met up with Jason after work to pass him the Kelvin Tan's CD that he requested from me. We had wanted to try Billy Bombers Resturant, but it was not there. I wonder if my memory is failing me, because I remembered there was one at Suntec City.

In the end, we settled for Fish & Co., but not before dealing with some unreasonable credit card sales people from ABN-AMRO, who kept persuading me to sign up for their credit card. This is despite the fact that I told them repeatedly that my income level was below requirement. Jason's appearance saved the day for me.

Had seafood platter at Fish & Co. It was for 2 of us. As we were very very hungry, we decided to change the chips to more rice for us. It ended up that we only managed to eat only 90% of the food as the squids & rice were really a lot, like what Jason said, " They give the squids & rice like no need money one.

Went to Assuino after the dinner as Jason had wanted to lodge a complaint that he had not receive…

Is Feb in 2004 28 Days or 29 Days?

The above question was a mistake that was spotted in a financial statement done by Q that was not spotted by my Audit Dept in the course of their audit. It was not spotted during review as well, but it was spotted by me.

As auditors and a person in charge of accounts, one should know the implications & differences that one day could make to the presentation or make up of the financial situation of the company.

The best part was that my boss can say after 2 days of consideration is " Don't bother". I think this has a big impact on the reputation of the firm. This explains the reason why we are losing clients day in day out,

I can only do so much in trying to provide good service to our client, but all the mistakes that my secretarial dept & audit dept makes can kill us & leave us for dead.

Dear colleagues, if you want our boss to give better bonus this year, please buck up in your work performance & stop whining that boss give us little bonus!

Stunning News

I was reading through my New Paper when the 2 headlines of the front page caught my eye. One of the story was about a chemical leak scare on board a SMRT bus at CCK, while the other, a robber fired a shot at Sun Plaza NTUC 4D outlet. My first thoughts were, " What is Singapore becoming on a crazy Tuesday/ Wednesday?"

Are we becoming a hotbed for terrorist & crime? Decided to call Stella after work to tell her about the chemical scare as she stays around the area & like to take that bus when she goes Orchard. She was not aware that this actually happened around her neighbourhood! She also told me that how busy she will be for this two months as her sis will be going back to Austraila at the end of the month & she is starting her logistics degree course in March. Heard from her that it is quite bad, as she will be occupied for 3 modules for 3 consective weekends. Plus her workplace is sending her for course around that time as well. As a result, she should not be at…

Get to know yourself better

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Special Project Day

Had a appointment after work to handle a special project. The place was relatively easy to locate but the project director was a tad too difficuit to handle. Luckily, I spent some time to prepare for the project yesterday, otherwise it will be a washout.

The project director started off with questions about how my experience could help me handle the project at hand, before touching on the pay package. It is quite similar to the one I am doing, except that some of the "extra" benefits are not as good as compared to what I have now, so if they really offer me, I really got to think real hard, as the project director seems like not willing to give.

If that's the case, I guess I won't take up the project. I will wait for something else or stay on the current one.

Sunday Lesson

Was awoken by my brother's & dad's voices as they were preparing to go for their Sunday church service. Since I had an early day for today as well, so I just got up and did my wash up accordingly.

Had two slices of plain bread & a glass of coffee before heading to Starhub Centre for my class. I always felt sianz to have lessons on a Sunday, be it in the morning, noon or nite.

When I got there, I could not get my & Rich's fave spot. It was taken by a lady from the full time class. Rich arrived shortly after. He was sharing with me what he, Darling, Krys did after they left my house. That set my mind thinking, but the thought just slipped out by itself later. I was glad to hear that they enjoyed themselves yesterday.

Soon after, the lecturer came & started her bullet train lecture & went on for an hour & 45 mins before we finally got our break. I guess those attending the same class as me were finding it hard to catch. It is fortunate that I have real l…

Movie Outing Plan for 18 Feb - Sat

I wish to ask the following people for a movie on 18 Feb 2006. The choice of the movie is "The Pink Panther"

RichardDarlingKrysRebeccaPlease let me know your preferred time slot & cinema for the movie by 16 Feb 2006.

CNY Gathering At My Place

Today is "人日", which means it is everyone's birthday today. Hereby wishing everyone here a happy birthday before I start my posting today.

As you may be aware that I have invited my friends over to my place for a CNY gathering today. It has been 2 years since I last did something like this. I am glad to say that majority of the people that I invited have turned up.
I would like to express my thanks to the following people for coming.
DarlingKrysRichardCaifengJasonI am glad to say that you guys enjoyed the Prosperity Feast Meal & KFC Party Meal for 6 that I ordered for you all. I would also like to thank Richard's mum for making the agar-agar for our desert and my mum for preparing the "鱼生" on short notice for my friends. It was a healthy "鱼生" that my mum prepared. She had used grapes, apples, cabbages, carrots & the ingredients given by my 3rd aunt to prepare it. I enjoyed it & I am sure my friends too especially the gals. We did not eve…

Eventful Day

I had an eventful & short working day yesterday, due to the company lunch at Plaza Parkroyal Hotel, Sze Chuan Dou Hua Resturant.

There were 14 of us. I wonder why the aunties always do not like to sit with my bosses. This year, they decided to crowd around one table with an empty seat & hope that my boss did not sit with them. In the end, it ended up that my boss sat with them throughout the lunch, while I sat with my lady boss & Q's boss at the other table, with Q, K, L & M.

I had brought 4 oranges with me yesterday as I felt that I should "return" the good luck wishes to my boss. Since I am doing that, I thought I might as well do the same for Q's boss as well. I don't want people to gossip behind my back and say that I "curry favour" my boss. I wonder if it was the oranges that did the trick, or my boss could not stand the incessant chatter by the aunties. He gave us the "开工红包" that we have been waiting for during the lunch. O…

Shocking Things from Boss

Today is my 1st day back at office after the CNY break. Some unwelcome changes greeted me throughout the morning.

The b*** used the Audit Manager's name as an excuse to try to keep track of our leave & MC status. I feel that for someone that takes 1 day of any type of leave each week still have the cheek to keep track of people. The tax & accounting dept do not need the Audit Manager's approval or your approval when we take our leave.We only need to let the partner know.My boss left 2 oranges on each staff's table & did away with the "开工红包". Fortunately, my second boss has said that he will give me one tomorrow. I do believe it is a small gesture to thank me as I always buy newspaper for him.Nonetheless, I will be "returning the oranges" in line with the CNY custom of wishing each other good luck. To me, I feel that its just a small matter with regards to the "开工红包", as I knew the reasons behind this, which I can't disclose it h…

Sec Sch Buddy House Visit

My mum, my bother & I paid a visit to my sec sch buddy's place yesterday. This buddy of mine, whom I knew since Sec 1 is very close to me. We are so close that even our family members know each other by name as well.

Meeting him for the past few years have always been a yearly ritual, as Malcolm had been studying in Austraila. This year was different as he had graduated. It means that the ritual of meeting up can become more frequent already.

We were remiscing the good times in sec sch. Some of our ex-classmates have already married, without informing us or sending us an invite. Our sec sch teachers, the majority of them who taught us have retired, even my old school building has become a holding school, with a new campus at the old Peicai Sec School site.

Time really flies. I have known Malcolm for 14 years and still going. Sad to say though, he is one of the very few secondary school friends that I still keep in touch with. I lost touch with the rest of them after they graduat…

CNY Gathering Update On 4 Feb 2006 -Sat

Firstly, I would like to thank the following people for agreeing to come after I sent out my invitation last month.
1. Darling 2. Krys3. Richard4. Caifeng5. Huiyu6. Jason7. Mac
Thanks for agreeing to come. As for the rest that I've sent out invites & you have told me that work & other commitments taking place during the time, just want to say thank you for taking the effort /trouble to tell me.Please come with an empty stomach, as I will be ordering pizza hut & KFC for you guys. If you guys have better ideas & suggestion, please put it in the comment box/chatbox/sms me. You are welcome to bring CNY goodies.

Grandma's Death Anniversary

I just came back from praying my grandma at my uncle's place. It always never fail to bring sadness & tears back to me. It has been 14 years since she departed me, yet the things that she has done for me during my first 12 years of existence in this world, I really appreciate it.

She used to bring me & pick me up from my primary school.She really dotes on me by usually giving me the things that I wanted, like toys & stationery.She used to bring me to the doc when I was sick.She makes me feel that I was at home when I stayed with her for a couple of years when my parents were in Brunei working.She used to bring me to the physiotherapist for my weekly checkups at Spastic Children's Association. At that time, the SCA was at Newton, Gilistead Rd. It has since moved to Pasir Ris.She used to bring me for my quarterly checkups at NUH with my aunt.So, it came to me as a shock when she left us suddenly 14 years ago. She had complained of a severe headache as she was playing …