Sunday, March 26, 2006

Funny PC Problem

I have been getting this funny message from my PC since yesterday nite, after I rebooted it for starting too slowly.

" Secondary hard disk fail. Press F1 to continue." I smsed Stella to confirm if my fears were coming true. It seems like it is as she said that the CD Rom Drive or hard disk may have problem. Looks like have to look for Roy again. Because these items were purchased from him less than a year ago. I hope he does not try to be funny and wants to charge me for the service fee, otherwise I may get Stella to help me with it.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

PC Problem

I was pretty caught up with work for the past few days.

As written, I went for an interview on Thursday. The interview was long & fruitful and I hope I can get the job as it will give me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge about Singapore tax, but also learn about foreign countries' tax legislation as well. The pay they are planning to give is a very very good one. It is about 15% more than what I am getting now, with the confirmation of a month's AWS, something which I can't get at my current job. Therefore hope that I can get the job. I will know the result on Monday. Wish me luck then.

Was asking Krys what she wanted for her b-day. But this gal, she said that she do not want anything. She must be stunned & blushing when I told her that I have no budget for her present. I told her that if that's the case, Rebecca & I will be giving her a treat. I wonder if Rich & Darling wants to join in?

Was out with Jason and my brother to J8 on Friday. Jason started his new job as sales co-ordinator in Jurong on Monday. I was quite surprised that they are paying him quite low, given his experience, he should be drawing more.

We had dinner at the Food Junction food court & desert at Swensen's, where we discussed the Kukop trip. The trip is tenatively set for 5 Aug to 6 Aug. Sat & Sun. These are the list of people that we hope to gather for the trip. If we have more than 8 people, A coach will be hired for the trip.

For those people who see your names here, please let me know if u want to join us.

  1. Richard
  2. Darling
  3. Rebecca
  4. Huiyu
  5. Krys
  6. Stella
  7. Caifeng
  8. Kelvin
With me and Jason, there are most likely about 10 of us.Hope you guys can show support.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stupid Stupid Boss

I thought I was sneezing till my brains were off my head. My boss was worse than me.

I have in my records that I have passed the client's form to him because he said that he wanted to have a discussion with the client.
Today, as I stepped back to office after lunch, he said that he passed me the form already.

I was stunned & I said that I have passed the form to him on Fri.

Just wonder what's wrong with him recently?

I will be going for an interview tomorrow. Just hope for the best.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sneezing Like Nobody Business

Despite following the doctor's orders to drink more water & rest more and taking the perscribed medication, I kept blowing my nose with toilet paper till the dustbin beside my desk was filled with toilet paper. It didn't help that my seat was located directly under the main air conditioning duct.

So after work, I dragged myself to the doctor. The doctor gave me a stronger medicine for my flu and kept the cough mixture the same. He also advised me to rest at home, so he gave me MC for today.

Fortunately, I am ahead of my audit dept colleagues in terms of work progress. This is despite the fact that I have taken about a month's leave (all MC, study & annual leave) included. I treat this as a rest.

To date, I have not received any news from my lady boss about pay increment or promotion. The chances of getting it seems slimmer by the way. I don't know why. I just feel this way.

Music Tag By Richard

This music tag came from Richard, while I was paying a visit to his blog.

The 7 songs that I have been captivated by:

1) 我只是想要 - 陈伟联
2) 珊湖海 - 周杰伦, Lara
3) 只对你说- 林俊杰
4) 有一天我会- 蔡淳佳
5) 爱是永恒 - 张学友
6) 就是爱你 - 陶哲
7) 等了又等 - 陈洁仪

Bloggers who I wished to tag on:-
1) Loo
2) Darling
3) Rebecca
4) Aidah

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Being a Volunteer E-filer

Despite my flu & sore throat, I went to help people to e-file their tax returns at Contact 123 IT Centre at Serangoon North. This year, I had a partner with me. My brother has also joined in the excercise after my mum persuaded him to join me to learn more things from me.

Business was brisk for Saturday but not today. I wonder why. Could it be due to the downpour at about 3.30pm? Or is it Singaporean's style to leave everything to the last minute? In serving these people, I find that they usually have these common problems.

  1. They do not have IRAS PIN or Singpass to e-file their tax return. They are not aware that the items can be obtained at IRAS & CPF websites.
  2. They do not know that those who received $22,000 or less income in the year 2005 need not file their tax returns.
  3. Some people do not know the differences between Form P (Form for Partnership Returns) & Form B or Form B1( Indivdual Tax Returns)
  4. Some people do not get their Form IR8A ready. This form is issued by the employer of the person's company if the person is working in the firm in the year 2005. Without this, a salaried worker cannot file his tax return.

Just some points to those people who have not filed their tax returns.

  • Deadline for paper forms - 15 April 2006.
  • Deadline for electronic filing - 18 April 2006
  • Please get the necessary documents :- IRAS PIN/Singpass, Children's birth certificates, Parents' NRIC No. (if claiming for Grandparents Caregiver or Parents' Relief).

This way, you can make e-filing a breeze.

If you need further assistance, please visit us at the e-clubs on weekends till 16 April 2006.

Do I look like her?

This website said that I look like her, Wu Yi. Its pretty interesting, got the link from Loo & Elaine's blog.

Start of Paul's Enterprise

I have sent the design of my name card to the printers via e-mail on Thursday. This was the response from them.

Dear Paul
We would like to thank you for your interest in our products and services, Due to you attached file we will have to charge you for artwork $12 for once only, Our format Supported as below :
*Final artwork provided by oneself must be of the following format in PC:
*Adobe Illustrator File must convert to OUTLINE
* Freehand File must convert to PATH
*Corel Draw File must convert to CURVE
*Adobe Photoshop File must be in Tiff, EPS & JPEG Format

Description : Business Card
Paper : 230gsm Japanese Art or 300gsm White Card ( Offset Print )
Standard Size : 90mm x 54mm (Maximum)
Printing : 4c + 4c ( CMYK Colour ONLY )
Finishing : Free 2 Sides Printing & Matt Lamination
Quantity : Minimum 300pcs per Design/Layout ( Print in multiples of 300 )
Price : S$30.00 for 300pcs.
Artwork : S$12.00 ( 2 working day ) inclusive of One Logo or Graphic Design Template
Completion : Next 4 working day ( 5 Working day for White Card ) upon confirmation of artwork
Delivery : Additional S$10.00 if you require us to send it to you. (Optional)
Remarks : Price above is exclusive of GST

If you’ll fine with our price please do reply to confirm so that we could proceed for artwork. All artwork must resolution of 350 dpi and above, Bleeding allowance at 3-5mm to prevent any lost of information after trimming of name card .
Please do not hesitate to contact me at XXXXXXXX during business hours or email me at winnie or fax at XXXXXX for further enquiries or clarifications.

The total cost works out to about $42 for 300 pcs name cards. I guess it is quite worth as the shops in the City Hall area chages at $28 for 100 pc name cards.

I hope to earn some additional income from providing these services, to cover the high transport expenses incurred for the past year.

If you have been reading my entries carefully, I have been hinting about the sideline that I wish to do. The name card that I have designed covers that.

So if you guys have any people to recommend, please let me know.

How Hot are You?

I got the test from Darling's blog & Aidah's blog, but the picture downloaded from the site just can't seem to load.

Erm, never mind, here are my score

I got a score of 9. Quite surprising. :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have always bought things for my colleagues & bosses to munch on whenever I were to go on holiday. This is what I usually learn from my mum, " 礼上往来". I also believe in sharing the joy of my tour with my boss & colleagues, although colleagues do bully me sometimes.

I am also a person who knows who are good to me. This Genting trip, I decided to get something for Q's boss as he had been buying me lunch every now & then. Although I am not directly under him, he knew about my trip so I felt that I should show some appreciation.

What Q said really stunned me as I put the box of pineapple tarts on her boss' table. This was the excerpt of the conversation that we had.

Q: How much u spend on this Nike jacket?
Me: About S$50.
Q: You should have bought one for me too, instead of buying pineapple tarts for my boss, since he is so rich.
Me: How would I know u need the jacket, u didn't say anything. I believe in 礼上往来, & I am not the kind of person who accepts treats and keep quiet.

I mumbled that Q was very thick skinned before running to the toilet.

I believe what I did was right this round, but next round, if I were to go on holiday, I guess I will just keep slient, so I need not buy anything back & hear the rubbish spouted by anyone who say I am stingy or what have u?

Paul's Sick

Was sneezing non-stop since I started work yesterday. Again the files & documents were strewn about my table, but I cleared it at the end of the day & paid a visit to the doctor.

My regular GP was on leave. The stand-in gave me cough mixture, flu tablets & losenges & MC for today.

Will be knocking out soon!!!

Something New About Credit Card Instalment

I learnt something new about the credit card interest-free instalment. We all know that banks nowadays dangle the carrot of interest free instalment to encourage people to use the card, but do u know that the whole instalment amount actually eats into the credit limit of the card for the whole instalment period?

I was quite surprised as I thought that it is only the monthly instalment that eats into the credit limit. Dad was nearly jumping up & down when I told him that my friend had used my card to purchase his laptop. Luckily, my dad cooled down after a while, after I said that this friend of mine was paying me regular instalments. Even though dad must be thinking in his heart that this guy clear off the instalments when he has spare cash.

I guess sometimes it does not help to be nice, as this friend of mine wanted to buy something using credit card instalment. He wanted to use my card, but it didn't go through.I was telling this friend of mine that the thing that he wished to purchase this round was a luxury item, something that I would not buy if I were him, as I am not part of the rich & famous or who's who in the society. There is no point walking around in such a item on hand. You will attract unwanted attention.

I knew he was angry when I said this, but I do not wish to see this friend of mine fall into the trap of having luxurious items, without knowing if it is a need or a want.

Hope he can do some serious thinking about what I said.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Genting Trip With Richard & Jason

I was very busy this week & went to the planned Genting trip with Jason & Richard from Sat to Mon. The trip was nearly marred by some stupid office people, who called my mobile, because he could not find something that was placed on my workdesk for a client. He wasted my handphone bill. My dad & Jason said that I should not have called back since it is a known fact that I am on leave. I guess you guys should know the reasons behind my big plan.

Anyway, let me start off with my fun-filled shop, eat, tv show,sleep trips with my 2 best buddies, which I must say was an eye-opener, being the 1st time going on a trip with my friends, instead of my family, with the restrictions removed.

Day 1

Set off from home with Rich @ 5.55am to Beach Rd to board the bus. We went to pick up Jason along the way. It was the day of the rude people, as the taxi driver did not take my instructions to go by a certain route. I was planning to get a drink somewhere near my office before heading to Golden Mile Complex.

The bus driver was rude too as Rich & I didn't had a full breakfast before we boarded the bus. We wanted to munch on our bee hoon while we were on it. He just said, " The 3 of you, I told you that you are not supposed to eat on the bus." in Mandarin in a rude manner. Jason & I were very pissed off with his attitude and wanted to get back at him & complain him to the travel agency. In the end, we endured our hunger till the bus reached Yong Peng, a town in Johor at about 10am, which was 3 hours after we started the journey from Beach Rd.

We reached the First World Bus Terminal @ Genting at about 2.15pm. We took a walk to the Genting Hotel. That took us another 15 mins. After putting down our belongings, we went for lunch @ a Japanese Resturant at the hotel downstairs. The sushi didn't look appetising to us so we ordered set meals instead. The final bill was quite cheap as compared to Singapore. We trooped back to the hotel for a bath & nap & some TV shows. Richard was amazing. He could lie flat in bed in 10 mins and fall asleep immediately.

Dinner was at 8pm @ Kenny Rogers. The Kenny Rogers had a much more variety than the one at Suntec City. Richard had chicken & salad, while Jason & I had spagetti. After the dinner, we went around to do some shopping, where Richard started his shopping spree. I guess he doesn't come out often so he started his spree there & then. I bought a Nike windbreaker which was more than 50% cheaper than Singapore. Headed back to the hotel @ 11pm & caught the EPL game between Bolton v West Ham, but was too tired, so we fell asleep after the 1st half. Richard, on seeing the bed fell asleep immediately! This was to be his routine for the next two days.

Day 2

We wanted to try the dim sum breakfast but it was too packed and we didn't want to wait so we settled for buffet breakfast instead. The buffet was a spread. The fish porridge, bacons & hot dogs were great. It ended up all of us was so full that we had a light lunch at Burger King before we started our shopping.

We wanted to explore the exterior of the covered shelter, but the weather was only able to hold up for half an hour.

Richard bought so many clothes, whereas Jason bought 2 clothes. I bought a Man U cap for my brother and a Nike Sports bag for myself, which was to cover for the additional stuff purchased & release the load of my backpack, which mum had packed additional 2 sets of clothes in there, leaving me with no space for souvenors.

We didn't manage to get souveniors though as they were pretty limited and expensive. Although the mugs were pleasing in design, I decided against buying them as they were all in glass, not convivnent for me to bring back.

After shopping, back to the hotel to pack our stuff & a refreshing bath & a nap before our dinner @ the Korean resturant @ 7.30pm. Had the sumptous kimchi meal. We had a good time sweating out as we had not been sweating for 2 days. After that, we went for a tour at the Starworld Casino. It was Rich's & my 1st time there. It was an eye opener for me, but we didn't gamble. We just stood & watch. After the tour was back to the hotel for us where we enjoyed our Coffee Bean drinks with the soccer matches before falling asleep.

Day 3

Was up earlier than usual as it was check out day. The 2 guys were awake earlier than me. Had our bath before going for the dim sum. The service attitude of the waiter was not good as we had requested for 虾脚 or in Cantonese, :"Har gao" but he was not able to give us. We had seen the guy walking to other tables with the dish. Jason was so fed up that he spoke to the waiter rudely & I guess the waiter was feeling bad & he came later with the dish & said it was on the house.

After the breakfast, went back to the hotel for a short rest before checking out. We went to the Coffee Bean for a drink, while Jason & Richard went to get the burgers at Mac after the drink. I sat to look after the luggage while they did the shopping.

We boarded the bus @ 3pm & reached Golden Mile @ 10pm.

I guess time flies when you are having fun. Jason & I are planning a big group Kukop Seafood Eating Trip for the next round. So far, there are four people who are interested. Wonder if Darling, Krys & Rebecca would be interested to join us.

Details will be up once everything is in place.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What Stupid Things To Happen?

Was rather pissed yesterday as my office PC had broke down due to the stupid monitor had changed colour without going back to the original colour. My boss tried to change anotther monitor, but guessed it didn't work as well. The stupid b*** had said that I kept banging the CPU. She said it was noisy & will spoil the card. She asked me to get boss to change a new set.

Excuse me, do u think I am boss' godson? You guys know him better than I do. If he doesn't change your PCs, some of you are still using Windows 95 or Windows 98, like me, you think he will change for me?

Fortunately, the PC technician 'goldfinger' treatment saved the day in the afternoon. But he did warn that the monitor is going to die soon.

Was pissed today, as I was supposed to have a singing session with Jaslyn, a net friend, after passing her some accounts notes that she requested from me. She will be starting her new job soon. Good luck to her.

The reason for being pissed was her friend, C did not want to see my face. Actually, I met C before as Jaslyn had asked her along during our meeting. C struck me as a perfectionist & wants everything to be high class & good. Does it mean that my disability caused myself not to be put in the high class catergory?

Anyway, I do not mind as I won't want to be associated with this kind of person. I backed out of the session as I did not want to put Jaslyn in a difficult position.

Hope that C can do some soul searching by herself.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Birthday Plan Postponed

I got a sms from Krys today. She thanked me for planning her birthday for her & she said that she would be busy around the scheduled dates. As a result, she will move it to after she done with all her assignments.

Hope she takes good care of herself.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Someone's Angry, Someone's Upcoming Birthday

X was pretty upset that Huiyu didn't invite him for her b-day celebration. He was nagging on the MSN to me just now that why didn't I remind Huiyu to invite him.

As her b-day co-ordinator, I had asked her who she wanted to invite, & co-ordinated for her, as she was busy. It has always been a regular feature that she will pay for the meal so if she did not ask me to contact X, I would not have contacted as she is paying for the meal. Come to think of it, she only mentioned that she forgot to ask X along when we were @ the station yesterday. I could sense that she was quite apologetic & wanted me to call X there & then & get him to come. I guess this will only settle if Huiyu gives him a treat seperately.

Anyway, Krys' b-day is coming up in April. I was thinking to combine it with Rebecca's one as well, since hers will be in May & usually she will be busy marking exam papers, so an early celebration will be good for her.

I should be asking Darling & Rich along as well. Wonder will Rich come?

The date is not set yet as I haven't been able to get hold of Krys & Rebecca can't confirm as she is busy setting papers.

I haven't decided the gift for Krys yet, most likely a treat for her. As for Rebecca, I do know what she wants. The eating place I have decided, but need to discuss with the birthday ladies.

Rich & Darling, please leave a message on whether you want to share the gifts for the ladies or any other interesting ideas that you may have.

Plan for Movie - Final Destination 3

Was asked by Rich to put this up. He wants to catch FD 3 after our Genting trip. Wonder who wants to come with us.

  1. Darling
  2. Rebecca
  3. Krys
  4. Aidah
  5. Loo
  6. Joro
  7. Solo
  8. Jolene

Please respond in the chat box or comment box by 15 March 2006. Suggestion for cinema theatre & time can be given by you all.

Huiyu's Birthday & The Card Reader

I managed to get this photo out of the digital camera that I just bought on Friday, after an hour of unsuccessful tries with the Olympus Card reader, given free by the Harvey Norman Jurong Point salesman. The card reader seems not able to read. I do believe it is not the USB Port problem, as I am able to detect my bluetooth device with that. Will be going back to the salesman later, to see if I can change the card reader. Fortunately, I got the camera early, otherwise it will be a big problem if the camera had problems in Genting.

Yesterday, met up with Huiyu for her early birthday celebration. Even though it was a small gathering, Jason, me & my brother, together with the birthday gal as the rest of the people invited were all busy with their work or other commitments. Huiyu said she missed out calling Richard. I guess she will make up to him one of these days.

Had the dinner at 国俯steamboat resturant. The resturant is located at Far East Square. I liked the ambience & the good service provided by the boss, who hails from Shenyang. The food is pretty delicious. Heard from Huiyu that the boss could remember all the customers by name after their first visit, as I was pretty surprised when she could recognise Huiyu. I was stunned by the fact that the resturant had less than 10 customers on a Saturday evening, which is unusual. The cost of the food was very affordable, considering the amount of food that we ordered. Really got to thank Huiyu for the treat. We also feel bad about the gift that we gave her, as we didn't notice that she does not wear earrings. Luckily, we provided her with the receipt to exchange for something that she wants.

After the dinner which took us 2.5 hrs, we went to Coffee Bean @ Boat Quay for coffee. She didn't want us to pay for the drinks and chatted till about 12mn before going our seperate ways

Since I liked the ambience of the resturant, I guess I may get Krys to be there for her birthday next month. Anyway, it may also be my increment & promotion month, which I certainly hope so. I don't think I will be able to leave now after my boss showed me some classified info on Friday. Looks like Paul is staying on for another year. I hope I can tahan.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Eventful Days & Finally Got My Digital Camera

I had been busy for the past two days.

Thursday nite: - Was at a colleague's dad in law funeral wake at Bendemeer. This colleague, L, is usually my lunch partner. Was nearly stopped by mum for attending this as she said that the people born in the Year of the Goat this year were not supposed to attend any weddings or furnerals, as it will bring bad luck to my career this year. I do not believe in this, so there I went. I always believe in another Chinese phrase, "礼尚往来", as L has always been nice to people. By the way her dad in law died of lung cancer at the age of 85.

Friday nite:- Was asked to take a cab down to Jurong Point to meet Jason to help him get a watch. Unfortunately, the card was denied. I really wanted to scold the customer service people of UOB Card Centre. Why are you guys stopping purchase transactions when you guys have successfully deducted the money from my dad's account? How do you make people want to continue to use your card even if there is one million cards in circulation? In the end, Jason did not get what he wanted. I could sense that he was disappointed but I guess it cannot be helped.

Went for our dinner at the JP Kopitiam, where I had 小碗面 & Jason had claypot rice. After that, decided to take a peep at the digital cameras at Harvey Norman. I finally got the digital camera, Olympus LR 300 @ $499. It seems pretty good, just what I wanted & cheaper than the IXUS I Zoom as stated in my previous entry by $100 and the features were about the same. I was thinking of paying by instalments but with the stupid card problems that I have (looks like a trip to UOB seems likely, as I need the card just in case for my trip.) caused me to pay by my debit card instead.

Looks like have to find a sideline, to help people file personal tax returns. Readers, do you have any lobang? The price is negotiable. Please leave your contacts here.

My boss had not been in the best of mood for the past week, but he did something out of the ordinary today. He asked me to check some confidential info relating to the company, which made me have a clear picture of what is going on in the company. I wonder if he knew about my plans to leave the company. Why would he have asked me to do something that is considered as confidential as to the management of the company.

Thinking of this makes me feel that I think I should stay on & help him after he revealed so much today.

Busy Month for September & October

It has been a while since I last blogged as I have been busy due to work. My manager has been on long medical leave due to an operation. She...