Sunday, April 30, 2006

Da Vinci Code

This is another 2 movies that are worth looking at. Why is it all the good things happening when it is near my exam? Fortunately, not the JJ's concert.

May will be packed month for my revision.

2 May - Advanced Tax Night Class

13 May, 19 May & 21 May - Paper 2.6 Audit & Internal Review Revision Class

14 May - Paper 3.2 - Full Day Class for Advanced Tax

20 May, 26 May 27 May, 28 May - Paper 2.4 Financial Management & Control Revision Class

I should be meeting Caifeng & Yvonne for dinner on 13 May 2006. Will be passing her the concert tickets then.

Mission Impossible 3 - Anyone Interested

Was hoping that my friends will be interested to watch this movie, but it seems like the reponse is cold.

Krys & Stella have replied that they don't want to watch the show. So its left with me & Rebecca. Richard will be watching the movie with someone else. Hope that Jason can join us for the Friday session.

I wonder if anyone of you are interested. If you are, please feel free to contact me here as Rebecca prefers to watch movie in a group of at least 3 people. I guess she enjoys the company of more people.

Wonderful Friends Gathering

I had a wonderful day yesterday, starting from the morning till late night.

In the morning, I went to Sim Lim Square with my brother to get the replacement for the electrical cable that came with my digital camera,which had mysteriously found wings and disappeared. Fortunately, managed to find, otherwise I won't be able to take the pics of this gathering last nite, let alone post it in my blog. My timing was superb as the camera was fully charged just as I was about to step out of the house to meet these wonderful people.

Was late though as Mum called up to ask me help her to find something in the house before I left. Therefore was late for about half an hour. My apologies to Krys & Rebecca for being late. I didn't know that you gals have been there since 4pm. Hope that you gals have a good time chatting with each other. I think from their expressions, they did.

Dinner was supposed to be at Olio Dome at Wheelock Place, but didn't know that the branch has been closed down, so in the end, settled for Sakae Sushi instead. Jason, Richard & Stella were the remaining participants in this dinner gathering.

We had a special seat at the dinner, right at the back of the resturant, where we had a long table to ourselves.We had a lot of food, from udon, ramen, sushi, sashimi, salmon. I think the person who ate the least was Krys. She said she was on a diet & was quite full from the Sunrise Orange that she had earlier at Coffee Bean. She is already so slim, so I was quite surprised to hear that. I hope she will be okay soon. Rebecca is also concerned about this. She said that Krys was "eating like a bird", pinching food in little pieces. She was to leave early to meet her friend for a movie later.

The rest of us took up Jason's suggestion and went for a KTV session at The One at Meritius Mandarin Hotel. I must say that all KTVs are following the lead of KBox now as there is no room charges for singing there as well, just that you need to sign up for the membership, which was $100, but now, it is free as a promotion and order a fixed amount of food & drinks, depending on the number of people. We had a good time for the whole of 3.5 hours, as all of us managed to see Richard opening up his vocal chords for the first time. I must say my buddy has really opened up. He is more willing to know people nowadays. Even Jason thinks so too and I must say its a good sign.

After the session, we went for a drink and chit chat session at the nearby Comcentre Kopitiam, and chatted till about 2am, when Rebecca suggested that we should watch at movie together, but there was no movies that caught our eyes, so we went our seperate ways in 2 cabs. Jason & I in one, Richard, Rebecca & Stella in the other. I reached home at about 3am, about the same time as Richard. The ladies and Jason got home earlier than me.

Looking forward to the next gathering, which hopefully will be soon.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shocking Trip To The Ballot Box

I was rather surprised that the GRC that I am staying in is contested. The surprising thing was that it was led by PM Lee, therefore I must say that the Workers' Party members are pretty brave to challenge his team.

All this means that I will get the chance to vote on 6 May. It will be my first time voting. The last GE, my GRC was awarded a walkover. I am pretty excited about it.

Chance to excercise my rights as a citizen!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What is Mum Thinking?

Just to let you guys know that I will be going to JJ's concert on 24 June 2006 (Sat). I bought the $88 ticket and will be joined by Caifeng & her sister. She has been talking about this concert since the time she came to my place during the CNY period.

Just came back from an interview. I must say the interview was like shit. I feel that the interviewer may need to go for a reality check. Though I agree that my present firm gives me a limited scope of clients, that does not mean that you can offer me a pay package which is what I consider not to be fit for a person with two and a half years of experience. She offered me a pay that I drew 2 years ago. Just want to tell her that I have went for several interviews, & 2 of them are able & willing to pay what I am asking. To me, I just felt that it was a total waste of time. To think that I had to hop into a cab to get home, after waiting the stupid bus for half an hour & there was no sight of the bus.

Wonder what's wrong with mum. She's pestering me / hinting me to get a girlfriend. She is doing this by hinting me to chase somebody that I knew through here. Mum says she is impressed by her friendly nature, & she does not display the "大小姐“ attitude that some of my friends had. She also say that I should stop matchmaking my friends. I wonder, since when I started matchmaking people, or how did she get the impression that I was doing that? I just introduce my friends to let them know each other. I guess it is so common nowadays. I think she thinks too much sometimes. Haiz.............:(

Monday, April 24, 2006

Can A Legally Married Couple Stay Togther In Their Flat?

Why am I posing this question? This is the problem bugging two of my cousins now. One from my dad's side, whom I am pretty close with as she is in the same field with me. The other is from my mum's side. He is older than me by 4 years.

First, let's talk about the 2 issues that are happening to them.

  1. Ms F is legally married to her husband late last year. Recently, her sis-in law, who is carrying her own child needs a room in her mum-in law's place. Therefore, her mum in law request F's husband to move to his new flat ( the martimonal home) by Oct. Howwever, my uncle has rejected this suggestion as he feels that F seems to be cohibiting with her husband.
  2. Mr K is legally married to his Vietnamese girlfriend in Vietnam.They had held the customary over in Vietnam & registered the marriage there as well. The problem now is the Viet gal does not want to come to Singapore. They had a big fight over this & the gal wants a divorce from Mr K now.
  • I feel that the first issue is not an issue at all as the couple is already considered as legally married. As the word "customary", I feel that its just a custom. If the parents really want it, please help the couple with it, otherwise I think when a person has not much money left after needing to pay for a long long housing loan. The marriage cert is the legal document to prove that they are married, so there is no such thing to say that they are cohibiting.
  • As for K, I just feel that he may not have known the gal well enough, as he got to know her through a friend. She is a foreigner, therefore will need time to understand & comprehend our culture and language. To her, it may be pressurising to comprehend it, as she comes from a country that is not as fast paced as Singapore. As a result, she wants out of the relationship. If you love someone, u should just let go sometimes to let him/her be happy.

I would like comments on this. What do you think?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Finishing Da Chang Jin

I have finished watching the show already. I am sure that the ending will be well-liked by the people who likes the main character, Chang Jin.

I just feel that she is somewhat like me, facing the problems that I am facing in office and at hone now, but she never gives up, just like me not giving up in my hunt in a new job. Had received a call for an interview last Friday evening, but may have to forgo it as the interviewer may not be able to acede to my request to have the interview conducted after my office hours. The person in charge will let me know on Monday if the partner can allow my request.

Hope can get the answer soon.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Home Wired Wireless Network

I was out with Wendy yesterday. Met her after work @ City Hall MRT. It was an enjoyable outing, a relief from the stressful workload that I had been through for the past few weeks. Dinner was at Sakae Sushi @ Citylink Mall. It was surprising that she ate so little, maybe she didn't know me well then. Let's hope we can meet again though. It was just a dinner as she had to work today.

Today, my ex-colleague, Roy came to my place to put in place the home wireless network of 2 PCs and the notebook at the request of my mum. The network is working well now. My mum says the purpose of the network is to enable her to use her PC in the room to surf the internet as her new job required her to make use of the Internet to do some purchasing stuff and e-mail communication as well. The network is working well now, but Roy says iy will be better if I can get a telephone connection point to my bedroom upstairs. In this way, the network singal strength would be superb.

Caifeng & I are interested to go for the JJ concert, but it seems like no one is interested to join us. Wonder if Darling or Krys will be interested. Here are the details to his concert. If you guys or gals are interested, please let me know via here, tagboard, MSN, handphone and e-mail.

Date: 24 June 2006 - Saturday
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets @ $68, $88, $108, $128
She is interested in his new album,曹操 as well, and asked me to burn for her, which I will gladly do as she is not the first person to request from me. Rebecca also requested his album from me, which I will pass to her when we meet up for a group gathering this Saturday @ Oli Dome at Wheelock Place.
Talking about the gathering on Saturday, 29 April 2006, Richard had suggested the Coffee Lounge @ Goodwood Park Hotel. Although we wanted to try there and we knew that the buffet could come up to $50 per person, a few of them said that it was too expensive, so the place was changed to Oli Dome Wheelock Place. I tried the food at Suntec City branch and I must say it is not bad, so I hope they like my recommendation. There would be a few occasions to celebrate for the whole group joining us. So I guess it will be fun. I should be bringing my digital camera along for the occasion.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

JJ Lin Junjie's Concert On 24 June (Sat)

I wonder who is interested in this.

The ticket details and venue are not out yet, but the presenter, Unusual Productions has put up the date for the concert and ticket sales.

I am interested to go. It seems like Caifeng is interested too. I should be joined by Stella as well. Who else wants to join us?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Busy Day Running About

It was a busy day for me and my brother as it was his collection day of his notebook computer at Toshiba.

Called up my office at about 8.15am. Ms Kaypo Q answered the call & asked me why I needed to take urgent leave. She said she was kaypo & curious to know. I told her it was none of her business to be kaypo about and ended my call. As a precautionary measure, I smsed to my boss after a while and let him know that I was not going to be around.

A bus, MRT & taxi ride took me to the Toshiba headquarters at Kallang, where I was attended by the sales staff. There weren't many freebies in this package, save for the mouse, 2 sets of anti-virus software.

After getting the notebook, we went down to Ngee Ann by bus to get the necessary ECE needed software.The whole process was to take about 4 hrs, which I felt that was pretty slow by standards. During this time, we went to Funan & got the screen protector, Norton Internet Security & a 1GB thumbdrive.

After the trip, we went back to Ngee Ann. It was then we discovered that the screen protector that we bought for the monitor did not fit the LCD screen. We purchased another one at the Co-Operative Society downstairs, but it didn't fit either. Looks like I just have to cut the thing to size and fit to the screen.

When I came back, mum was saying that she was ill & therefore not able to cook for us. Dad was not happy that mum did not cook. I was not happy that he did not even bother to fork out a single cent for my brother's notebook and tried to push everything to me and my mum. I am not earning as much as the both of you, but why am I made to shoulder more responsibility? Argh!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chasing "Da Chang Jin"

Was watching "Da Chang Jin" for the past few days. The show that is being showcased on Channel U every Mon to Fri at 10pm - 11pm. I am pretty far ahead, currently at Ep 45. My mum is currently faster than me. She is now at Ep 62.

This story is aboout a palace maid who faces problems when she was in the palace and was deported, but she was back in the palace in another capacity after about 2 years.

The story is very riveting and the characters, especially the nasty ones were really nasty & makes you hate them even more.

Will be catching more of it, when I get home.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Notebook Problem Solved

My mum made the decision to take up the Toshiba offer by NP and place the order with the salesperson, Yvonne. She was the one whom I contacted Toshiba last Tuesday after I cancelled the order for the Samsung X20 at Courts.

I was thankful to her that she gave me a good deal personally. I didn't tell her that my mum used to work for a company that is an authorised reseller. We took up this model.

Tecra A5-P3301 new !!! 2.26 kg
Intel Centrino Mobile Technology with Intel Pentium M processor 750 (1.86GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache, 802.11b/g), Genuine Windows® XP Professional, 512MB, 60GB HDD w/ shock absorber, 14.0" WXGA Clear SuperView TFT, CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 upto 128MB shared VRAM, 5-in-1 card reader, IEEE 1394, Gigabit Ethernet, 3-yr ILW (carry-in, part & labor)
S$2,015.00 *SI Model

To think that the external retailers only offer Windows XP Home with 256MB RAM., and at about the same price, I guess I am getting a good deal for my brother.

Will be collecting the notebook at Toshiba on Monday with him, before going to NP with him to load the necessary software for his ECE course. The thought of needing to take leave for this, does not bother me as my parents are busy with their work & both are pretty new on their jobs. And he is the only brother I have, so if no one helps him, I think I need to.

Notebook Plan Smashed

I was pretty busy this week to blog as the personal tax deadline is running near. Its 15 April 2006 (Sat) for the paper filers & 18 April 2006 for the e-filers. Have you done yours?

Monday was bad. I went to Suntec City with my brother & Jason as my brother wanted to get his notebook before his school term starts on 24 Apr 2006. We had gone to Courts to get the notebook. My brother liked the Samsung X20 very much, and I signed up the HP plan, given by Courts, but my parents asked me to cancel it. I tried to explain to them that my brother needs the notebook now as time is needed to configure the notebook before the term starts. Anyway, we still need to get the notebook, no matter what, as it is a requirement by NP. My parents wanted to use credit card instalment, but it is not possible as J had used my credit card for his notebook. To think that I am blamed for this predicament when my dad is also a guility party by using the card for his timeshare membership instalment. I have tried to speak to J to ask him to clear his notebook, but knowing that he is jobless, he won't budge. He had said that even if he was working, he will just continue with the instalment payment on a monthly basis. I guess he's not wrong to say that, as it is a gentleman's agreement. What do you guys think about this?

Tuesday was spent at work, with my heart set to cancel the HP plan, to prevent my parents from blaming me. I decided to throw the problem back to them as they do not appreciate what I have tried to do for my brother.

Wednesday was a shocking day as I received news from the Serangoon E-Club manager that I have been nominated by him as the Outstanding E-filing Volunteer for the E-Club. It came to me as a surprise as I did not expect it. I just wish to thank the club manager & the people that I served at Contact 123 IT Centre. Without you guys, I would not have received the award.

Friday was an eventful day as I met up with a guy that I knew from Friendster. Although he is an accountant, he wanted to recommend me to join him in network marketing. It was something that I tried before at Forever Living and I gave up, as I felt that it was not for me. I decided to cook up a story to get him off my back. I told him that I am still in network marketing with Forever Living & am doing alright by my standards. After the presentation, he sent me home as he stays around my area.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Choice for Brother's Laptop

These are the two choices for my brother's laptop for his further education @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

The one on the left, is the Samsung Q30, which is available at Courts @ $2,300.

The second one, the IBM Thinkpad T43 is available at Sim Lim Square @ $2,699.

The specs are quite similar except that the IBM T43 is faster at 1.86GHz and I think there is a free upgrade to 1GB of RAM. IBM is also a recognised brand in the laptop market, although it has been taken over by Leveno recently and its drawback is the price & the weight. Its at 2.2kg. The good is

As for Samsung, the quality of its products is without doubt, but it is relatively new in the notebook market, but it is light at 1.1kg & the screen is good, as Samsung hails from the making of tv sets.

Actually, I was pondering how to finance the notebook as initially my parents were not willing to help out to finance the purchase. I am running on a low budget this month, as had to pay for my brother's fees, as my parents having cash crunch recently. Fortunately, mum changed her mind and said that she will finance the whole deal on a cash & carry basis for the IBM model, the model that impressed my brother & me. Although it came as a shock to me, I am still wondering how she is going to finance the deal.

Was at the e-filing for income tax centre today, had a mini scare when a taxi driver whom I assisted came back and said that I e-filed the wrong figure for him. After clarification, he was apologetic, as I explained to him how I arrived at my computation of the adjusted profit figure. The fellow volunteers were surprised by my patience in explaination. I told them that when I do things I want everything to be done nicely & properly, to save all the trouble later.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Busy Day At Work & JJ's new album

It was a hectic day at work, simply because IRAS has issued the companies' tax returnns, Form C since late last week & the personal tax filing deadline will be reaching next Saturday. My auditors colleagues / boss are still holding back 3 accounts of 3 organisations. What the heck, pure incompetence?? These people still have the time to badmouth about me, asking me why I kept lending the cleaner money? If you people have a heart, I think you all can lend money to her as well, not only me. There is no need to tell my boss that I lent her the money, especially when she pays me when she gets paid by my boss.

This cleaner, comes from a poor family that lives in a one room rented flat in Beach Rd. Her husband is bedridden due to a stroke and their only son is still studying in secondary school. If you were me, will you do the same, lend her money to help her?

Finally got JJ's new album, thanks to my brother, who bought the album for 8 bucks at Concourse. Didn't know that a place so near my workplace can get such cheap stuff. Maybe I should go & check out when I am free.

The album, I must say is better than 89757 album. I like the first track "zhi dui ni shuo" & the English song that he sang.

Another of my friend that I knew recently, Joey said she wants to join us for the Kukop trip that I am planning. She says she never been there before. I am looking at plans on how to get there. Most likely, should be going by bus if there are more than 10 of us.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Plan for Visit to The Southern Islands

My dad has asked me to join his classmates for a visit to Singapore's southern islands on 30 April & 1 May. I have agreed in principle to join him, as I feel that I need a break again, before I beign my exciting revision.

Just got back my revamped PC. Roy, my ex-colleague had changed the mainboard, upgraded the RAM to 1GB and change a new classy black casing. I have been waiting for the PC for quite some time as I want to send my resume to a job that I saw.

Managed to get my name card on Monday. I really take pride in this card, as I am the one who designed it and this signals the start of my enterprise. I really feel that I can't rely too much on my boss now, since he seems not appreciative of my efforts, preferring to listen to aunties' gossip or chatter about my faults, without pinpointing who started all the rubbish first. Richard has my business card already.

Just hope this horrific week ends soon.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Crash Course Ended

Took a cab to the boy's place for the final lesson of the crash course that I was conducting. I have been taking cabs to his place since the start of the crash course. This boy is staying at Telok Kurau, a 3 storey bungalow located in ulu ulu area. Luckily, I decided to adjust the fees that it was very deep in East Coast. A bus ride will be accompanied by a long walk from the bus stop.

The boy is indeed very weak in the accounting subject. The angry thing was that after a few moments, the boy will be turning his head around to elsewhere, without looking at his books or listening to my explaination. As a result, I had to explain the same topic repeatedly. The most number of times that I explained to him for a topic was 5 times.

His mum was friendly, but when it came to the fee payment, she said that I charged her too expensive. I felt like telling her. :-
  1. Auntie, u stay so far & so deep, I had to spend money on taxi fare. If you have sent your son to my place, I will definitely charge cheaper.
  2. I told her that her son was pretty weak in the subject and told her to get his other son, who is an auditor to help him with his revision.

Fortunately, his dad was okay with the fees, so he paid me willingly. The amount that they pay me will go to the PC service fee that will be paid to the serviceman, when I get the PC back on Monday or Tuesday.

My mum is nagging again about my spending. I told her that I have been cutting down on unnecessary gatherings and taxi trips to office. I told her that my colleagues have been making me take taxis because of their lack of understanding and work efficiency. I also told her that I was not the one opening the audit firm, therefore I have no right to say that I can leave my client alone and just go for my lesson.

My dad was suggesting that I take out the New Singapore Shares and Economic Restructuring Shares. After paying on behalf of my parents my brother's fees, I am seriously considering that if my mum cannot pay me back first.

This is also the reason why I am seriously thinking of changing a job, even though I am still taking my ACCA. If I can't leave soon, I think I can die soon from the lack of prospect of the job.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Long Time No Blog

I have been going without a PC for a week already. My PC has crashed and my friend is still in the process of repairing for me. Now I am blogging from the volunteer e-filing centre.

I didn't manage to get the job that I went for the interview. I think it is just because that I didn't have an interview with the manager, but I only had an interview with the director. Therefore, I was a bit disappointed that I can't get hold of the job.

On Tuesday, took leave to accompany my brother to register for his poly course @ NP. Nearly had no money to pay for his fees as my boss' paycheck was not processed. It was fustrating as we had to run between two banks, OCBC & POSB just to pay for the fees. I also accompanied hin to check his appeal for the course @ SP. The customer service at SP is so bad that they can't even check the status of his appeal. NP's service was better as they were more willing to help and pretty flexible in the appeal process.

On Thursday, started conducting a crash course in accounting for a private diploma student. This boy stays at East Coast, and I had to take a ca.b to his place and back to my place. The boy was pretty weak for the subject, had to spend hours to coach him. Fortunately, I decided to charge him a high fee. There are still 2 more sessions with him.

On Friday, went out with Richard & Jason for dinner at Suntec City NYDC. Rebecca was supposed to join us too, but she had something on at the last minute. The three of us had a lot of food. The bill was not shocking, but for the first time, we spent about $120. After that, we went to Carrefour to look at notebooks as my brother needs it for his poly course. I bought a bag for my digital camera as well. I have been looking for the bag for quite a while, as the bag given by Olympus was not of good quality.

After shopping, we went for a drink at Coffee Bean. We left Suntec City at about 11pm. We didn't know that the linkway to the MRT station was closed at 11pm. In the end, we had to go one big round before reaching the station.

Busy Month for September & October

It has been a while since I last blogged as I have been busy due to work. My manager has been on long medical leave due to an operation. She...