Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Should I Give It Up

Elaine mei was hinting me to give up on Ms E.

Darling & Mrs Foon was telling me that if she is meant to be yours, she will be yours. They said she lacked some basic courtesy especially for the Vday gift. Knowing her character, she is not those gals who liked surprises, so I guessed it was difficuit for her to react.

Lorraine, Stella, Wendy mei, Jimmy asked me to take it step by step.

Rebec & mum asked me to look out for the necklace if its on her neck when I get to meet her. Will I get to meet her?

Mr R says it may be good or bad

What will my decision be?

Decided to give her a ring. She managed to pick up the call. I asked her if she liked the present, she said Yes but said she doesn't have the habit to ask friends to splurge on her, and asked me not to do it again.

She also gave me a lowdown on her schedule. Her busy schedule is due to her dance competition training and upcoming Japan trip. She said her estimated free slot should be after mid Apr. Let's see if can meet her. I have asked her already. I will most likely put a group gathering.

My decision will be a wait and see attitude, like what Jim say it will be ready when its ready.

Vexed now, thanks to mum, keep trying to put me together with someone who is married.

Why is it that she can't accept my choices of friends or potential gf?

Maybe what Jason said was right, I should not have told her that I was chasing E. I expected a reaction but not to this extent.

Operation PE Completed

I received the sms that I was waiting for since I sent her the gift by post on Monday. I thought that it was going to be the same for Valentine's Day. She did not let me know that she has received the gift till I called her on 19 Feb.
She thanked me in her sms but at the same time she mentioned that next time I should not spend so much.
I am still awaiting the answer to the question that I wrote in my Valentine's Day gift. Maybe I should give her time to think about it.
I wish to express my thanks to all my friends & cousin who gave me invaluable advice about what should my next move be? I am thankful to everyone of you!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This is a nice song. My current blog theme song now.

It also describes my current mood now.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Operation PE

After checking with the birthday gal online last nite, I decided that it was not possible to ask her out as she was too busy with her work & other stuff.

Decided to take up Stella's suggestion to send the birthday gal's gift by registered post, and Wendy mei's advice to keep it simple. I decided against writing a love note, just a simple happy birthday message for her.

Will like to say a big thank you to all my advisors again. I think they know who they are. Thanks for your support and accompanying me to get the gift.

The bad part was mum has managed to guess who the gal is. She was not surprised by my choice, even though mum only saw her once. I wonder if all mums have that unique telepathy.

Now I can just hope for the best.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lunch With Client

Mum was going house visiting and didn't cook lunch. Just as I was seething with anger on what's wrong with Blogger and Slide.Com, my client, E called me up and asked me to get ready. He wanted to drive me to somewhere to have lunch and at the same time, give me an angpow. :)

Got his call half an hour later. I was shocked that he suggested Cafe Cartel @ Junction 8. I was more stunned when he really passed me an angpow. The amount was not small to me. :) Thanks E.

Had a seafood platter for 3 with him and vanila ice mocha. Wah it was super filling, before he drove me back home again.

We had a casual chat about work and his children's lives.

P.S. She has not replied if she can make it for the two Fridays that I suggested for dinner. Does it mean that I have to be the deliveryman again? I know that she can't make it on Sat as she said she has dance classes. Shall I sms her again? Or should I wait?

Another 14 days available for me if I don't count the week of her birthday.

CNY Gathering Photos

Eventful Days

I have been too busy to blog since I started work on Thursday as many events have happened in this short working week.

Thursday - 22 Feb 2007

It was one of those days that I do not have lesson on a Thu. Since it was still CNY period, I had invited a friend of mine, who used to drive me to NP when I was a student there to my house for a visit since he wasn't able to make it to my CNY gathering for my friends on Saturday as he will be working. We had a fun time chatting about his new born baby gal. My mum also gave him some health tips to enable him to stay fit & healthy for his job.

Friday - 23 Feb 2007

Dear Mr. Lee Bing Fong,

Thank you for volunteering your service again during the tax-filing period. We have noted your preferred eClub & the volunteering dates. For any queries on VES, please feel free to contact me or any of my colleagues (Rena/ Clara/ Cynthia) on XXXXXXXX.

I had signed up for the IRAS Volunteer E-Filing Excercise again. I always believe in giving back to the community as without the community, I won't be at where I am today. I will be volunteering at the same place where I had done for the past 2 years for 9 sessions this round.

Met up with Perfectwound, Momo and Wendy at Billy Bombers Marina Square after work. I must say PW & Momo is a great and interesting couple. I was surprised by the interesting CNY menu that they had. They had given a deck of poker cards as well as part of the dinner package.

We had a nice time chatting over at the dining place. We also accompanied Wendy to change her money & get the necessaries for her company's CNY R & R trip. I was quite surprised when I heard that she still had to work for 2 hrs on the next day ( which was the day of the trip). I wonder what kind of boss is she having?

Parted with PW & Momo at about 9.30pm. I was so tired when I got home that I just bathed & slept after that.

Saturday - 24 Feb 2007

Woke up at 10am and had a quick breakfast before setting out to my secondary school buddy, Malcolm's house for a house visit. This has been a regular feature since my secondary school days.

Watched "Hutch" at his place. I was asking him if he wanted to join in the ex schoolmates gathering @ my school next Sat. He was not keen on it. Since that's the case, I guess I won't be joining the gathering next Sat.

Had a 2hr chat before leaving his house at 12.05pm to prepare for the gathering with my friends. I had wanted to order Pizza Hut & KFC, but they could not deliver to my place and needed me to pick up. Therefore I decided to try MacDonald's instead. The service was efficient and timely and the food arrived when my first guests came.

The first guests was a surprise. It was Elaine with her new beau, Terence. This sister of mine told me that she was coming on Sunday but decided to give me a surprise by showing up today. Lucky, I ordered more than enough food to go around. I can see that Terence is really serious about the relationship with my sister. I do hope that the relationship can go all the way. Hopefully, Elaine will be touched by Terence's sincerity and forget about the hurt in her previous relationship. I must say I have a good impression of this guy.

Soon after, Richard, Rebec & Stella arrived. They had came together in a cab. It was then we tucked into the food. I was glad that they like my choice of food. Pics will be up tomorrow as Slide.Com is down.

After that, we played some blackjack, before Lorraine came and we headed to the hospital to visit Jason. I must say he is much better today, not coughing so much, and was smiling frequently throughout the 2 hr visit. Maybe he is cheered up by the fact that I had brought so many people to visit him.

After the visit, we took a bus to Junction 8 where we had snacks at Coffee Bean. I ended up sharing the details of Operation P with them. I was just mentioning that I needed some gift ideas for her birthday that is coming up. They said that knitting a scarf or doing the Ferraro Rocher flower was a good idea. But given the short time ( about 2 weeks to her b-day) and an analysis of her character, my friends had other ideas for me. As usual, I have to thank one resourceful person in this team who came up with the idea. After running around a few shops and looking at many many designs with my friends, her gift was settled. I just hope that I will be able to secure a dinner date with her in order to pass the gift to her. The resourceful person gave this shopping trip and planned date a nice codeword. Operation PE.

After the shopping, we parted for our respective homes.

Once again, A big thank you to all the people for making the effort to come to my place for the gathering. I know some of you stayed far. I also appreciated your help for the choice of her gift. I may need your help again for the date.

Elaine mei - Thanks for the surprise. It was unexpected but pleasant.
Terence (Elaine's bf) -Nice knowing u, pls treat my sister well.
Rebec - Thanks for coming despite your back pain. I enjoyed the laughter that we all had.
Richard - Pal, a big thank you for sending Rebec, Stella to my place .
Stella - Thanks for your pressence. I know my place was far for you.
Lorraine - Thanks for your pressence. Appreciate the effort that u made to be with us.

Blogger Problem

Wonder what's wrong with the blogger today, I had posted a new post and changed my songs. The things are shown as published but the updates are not shown in my blog. You can click on my blog archive in order to see my new post.

Can anyone help?

Wonder if is down too? Cos I can't update my pics to slide.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some People Just Have Super Thick Skin!!!

I had planned for a CNY gathering at my place this coming Saturday. I was hoping that most of the invited guests would turn up, but sadly, it will be a small one as most of them has their own commitments, as that day happens to be 人日as well, and 初九 is the day where most Hokkiens will pray to 天公, as a form of respect.

However, there was this thick skin "aeroplane flier" from poly, who wanted to meet up with me before she fly off for her business trip. I have more or less treated this person as just a hi bye friend on my list. Because as u can see from the nickname that Von (poly course mate) give her, she will usually give excuses about not turning up for an event at the last minute. This has happened so many times already. So I told her to go & fix the date and place, and let us know. This way, if she fly aeroplane, we have chance to chide her again.

She tried to arrange a meet up with me on this Sunday, which I was not in favour of as most of her invited guests, including myself had to work the following day. She then suggested 24, I told her I was busy. I had not planned to invite her in the first place, as she made me pretty embarassed 2 years ago, making my table of 10 guests wait for her & her boyfriend, only to give me a "no show" at the very last minute. However, I was thinking that Caifeng & Von were able to make it for the Sat gathering initally, so I just asked her.

She was jumping up & down why she was not informed earlier. I just told her that I knew that her leg was injuried some time back and she had not recovered, and she is having her peak period at work now, so I was sure that she wasn't able to make it. In my heart, I was thinking, will she fly the plane again? If she is, shall go & buy 4D.

Yesterday, Caifeng & Kelvin visited my place, and told me that they had something on on Sat. Soon Von also told me that she can't make it, as her family had hired lion dance for good luck at her place. Von asked me to sms the aeroplane flier to tell her that both she and Caifeng could not make it. Von & I were speculating that she will say she can't make it as she is not an interactive person and very self-centred. Another reason was she didn't know all my guests. I was telling Von that if the aeroplane flier is not coming, it will be good as she asked me a lot of probing questions during the Valentine's Day week. Of course, I told her to mind her own business!

True to my predictions, she smsed me this morning and said "If that's the case, I think we meet up some other days." I told Von that our prediction so accurate, can go buy 4D liao. Von called me back in the afternoon and said "buy her hp no, behind four nos lor."

Let's just see when is her next planned date.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CNY Visiting - Day 3

Today, my family went to my 3rd Aunt's place (三姨)house for steamboat lunch & lo hei. We were the last to arrive as my mum went to run some errands for the house.

After that, we went to my cousin's place, which is the next block next to my aunt. My cousin and her husband, I must say are very thoughtful. They bought a flat close their mum's place. I must say their love nest is simply furnished, with not much furniture in the whole house. What my cousin said is true. It is easier for cleaning up if there is not much furniture.

After that, my 3rd Aunt, my parents and I took a cab to my 2nd Aunt's place to enjoy the feast that he had put up for her grandson. It is her grandson's lunar birthday today. Mum & I only stayed for a short while as my friend, Caifeng wanted to pop by my house for a house visit as she & her hubby could not make it on Sat. At the same time, she and her hubby wanted to visit Jason at the hospital.

Caifeng & Kelvin arrived at about 4.30pm. We had a 45 minute chat session, before Kelvin drove us to visit Jason. My mum decided to join us for the visit as well. We managed to find out from the nurse more about his condition today.

  1. His physiotherapy is going well. We heard from the nurse that he likes to sit on the chair for his physio. He can sit for a period of 5-6 hrs.
  2. We noticed that his phelgm is still quite a lot and the nurse said that he is still not able to breathe on his own without the help of the tube. If the tube is removed for more than 20 mins, his face will always turn blue and he would need a tank of oxygen immediately.
  3. His bed can't be moved up as he will feel a sharp pain in his back, so we have to put the bed lying flat. This is due to a protuding bone in his back.
  4. He will not be as mobile as all of us, even if he gets well. We were all at a loss for words when we heard this.

All that we can do now is pray that a miracle happens for him. I still believe he can be well soon.

Monday, February 19, 2007

CNY 2007 - Day 1 & 2

This Year of The Pig, I was still being bomarded by my 阿姨s and my dad's 舅母about me not having a girlfriend. Mum decided to join in the bomardment as well, saying she craves for a daughter in-law. Oh my goodness, I have anticipated that to happen. My brother said that I made the correct move by not breathing out a word that I am chasing somebody, otherwise I would be in deep trouble.

Talking about her, I decided to call her today just to wish her a "Happy New Year" after she failed to respond to my smses. I didn't want to contact her the past few days as she did mention that she was going to be very busy. She managed to answer the call, and wished me a "Happy New Year" as well. We chatted for a while as she said she was on her way to house visiting. I asked her if she got the gift I gave her, without asking her for an answer. I got a postive answer from her. She was to congrat me via sms for passing my Financial Management paper. She also wished me to have a happy & enjoyable new year as well.

This year, my cousins decided to take photos at my house when they visited my place on the 1st day of CNY. They always pay a visit to my house on the 1st day as my mum is their 大姐(eldest sister). However, the visit will usually be in the evening, as we need to pay a visit to my 祖母(paternal grandma) in the early part of the day. This year, I was able to give my granny more in her red packet. Although some people feel that I should not have give to her, but I feel that as I am working, I should be happy that I am able to give her, since she does not have many years left and she has been in ill health recently.

There are some dishes/ foodstuff that I always look forward when I am at some of relatives places.

祖母- 咸菜鸭汤

二姨 - 肉骨茶,虾面汤( I will have it tomorrow at her grandson's lunar birthday!!!)

My dad's 三舅-杏仁豆腐

三姨- 火锅.

I think I really need to excercise after all the eating.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

What A Rude Adult?

This happened on Thursday. It was my last day of work before CNY. The bitch has asked me to locate an old tax file of a current client. The file she wanted was in the early 1990s. Since I was not very sure where it was kept (I was not in the company in 1990, I only joined in 2004), I checked with the typist where it was kept. The typist said that the file could have burnt.

I feedbacked the response to the bitch, who said it was not likely. She told me, "BF, please go & make sure you find the file by the end of the workday today." I was stunned. How can someone of your seniority show disrespect to your colleagues?

You could have greeted me by my Chinese name, since I am not allowed to use my English name, Paul in my workplace.

It is no wonder your maid ran away from your house, because you treat people like s***.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy New Year

Send this eCard !

Here's wishing all my blog readers, blog buddies & friends:-










Meet Up With Client

I was on leave to do the household chores today to get ready for Chinese New Year. Mum had asked me to help her to clear my dad's music CDs. I had to clear the drawers of my study room too as it seems messy. My mum is the eldest in her family and my relatives will definitely come by my place for visiting. Not forgeting the gathering on 24th for my friends. There would be several new faces too.

However, one of my clients had problems with IRAS "My Tax Portal". She was trying to e-file her staff's remuneration so that they will not need to do paper filing. Since I am also the administrator of my 2 firms, I had no choice but have to help her. She decided to thank me for my help by giving me a treat.

The treat was Sakae Sushi @ Heartland Mall. She was quite a fun person to chat with. Maybe we were from the same course at NP. We had an hour lunch, before she headed back to office, while I headed home to continue the household chores.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eventful Valentine's Day

Actually, the gift was supposed to be delivered to her office yesterday, but it seems that she was not at her office yesterday. The policy of the gift company that I ordered from was that the gift is to be delivered to the person personally by hand. This explains the "In Process" when I logged onto Noel Gifts to check on the status.

I decided to take action. I sought advice from someone and she gave me a good idea to get her address and it worked. I told the customer service officer that I will be collecting the gift from their office, which was 3 bus stops away from my office. I am sorry for being too excited & nervous while talking to the CSO. It just didn't occur to me that this could be happening to me. The fact that she was not at the office to receive the gift. But I am thankful to the CSO, Huimin, for accomodating my request to self collect at Noel Office. They actually change the flowers for me at no additional charge. If the opportunity arises again, I shall order from them again since they provide such good service.

My heart was leaping like a fish as the hours went by. Soon it was off work. I took a bus there. On my way there, I met by the ex-security officer of my office building, who was nice enough to lead me to the building. I waited for a while before I got the gift from the CSO. She actually led me to hail a cab at the main road later.

Finally reached her place. My heart was beating faster. Her house door was open but it seems that no one was at the living room. Therefore decided to leave it by her doorstep before messaging her that I had left the gift there as no one answered the door.

I wish to thank Elaine mei, Ka mei, Stella & Peggy for their encouragement despite the hiccups that I had.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Client Shocker

I received a piece of shocking news today. My client was fired by his company. How did I come to know about this sudden news?

This client had left a long outstanding query since early Nov last year. I have been chasing for his reply every now and then. It is therefore not a surprise that this could be part of the reason that shot into something so major.

I just hope that this guy will find another job soon as he has a young family to support.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Mandarin Orange Bag

I saw this bag at one of the shops at the ground level of my office building. It was quite cheap. Don't u think it looks nice?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

English - An Important Subject In Our Education System

My twin cousins had just received their GCE 'O' Level results on Friday. I called them up yesterday to see if they needed my assistance to advise them. I knew that the younger twin had failed her English, and was at a loss about what was best for her. Despite the setback, both of them did well, scoring 15 points & 14 points for 6 subjects.

Both of them had a fear for the GP, so are not willing to continue on the 3 months that they have started in JC. They have a common interest though, to enter into Business Studies or Accountancy. I told the younger one that she can try to apply through the DAE scheme, which allows conditional entry for certain courses and Accountancy is one of them.

I hope they will be able to make the right choice and enjoy their next stage of study.

Update about Jason

I went to visit Jason with Caifeng this afternoon. I am glad that the Indian nurse on duty is willing to share with us an update of his current condition.

  1. He is on a one day twice physiotherapy treatment schedule each day as due to his fainting at that time, a sudden lack of oxygen flowing to his brain, causing his functions to be affected.
  2. He is finally able to breathe without the tubes on him for a trial timing of about 4 hrs each day last week. They haven't got a chance to try on him this week as he still has a lot of phelgm in his throat.

Let's continue to pray for his speedy recovery. I hope he will be home soon.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Something Funny

I heard the best joke about my Operation P just now from my friend, Grace. She actually thought that Operation P refers to my leg operation that I may need. It is not until I told her it was not that, she was quite satisfied my answer.

Not only that, my fellow volunteer friend Eugene was going wah wah over the sentence that I wrote on my MSN nick.
"You are the reason of my everything, I wish you to be mine. For so long I've been thinking, can we cross that friendship line?"
Besides that Krys, who was on the MSN last nite, was asking me :-
"Is love in the air for you?"
Stella felt that there were some details that I missed out in the operation
The aeroplane flyer from poly wanted to ask me what was Operation P? My reply to her is it was just something that I found it interesting on a website. That was the same answer that I have given to R, my buddy.


Its a nice song from her 精选集.

Thank you for your support!!!

Just want to say a big thank you
for the support of my friends
(those who know what it is all about)
& sisters
wishing me for the success of
Operation P.
The answer should be known by next week!

CNY Deco Shopping

This year is the 3rd year that my house will be decorated with CNY decorations. My brother & I have been assigned the task of decorating my house this year by our parents after my 四姨 and my parents did it for the past 2 years.

I met up with my bro at my office to go Concourse to shop for the new year decorations. I think we made some good buys and spent below what I budgeted for.

Will be putting up the decorations after doing the spring cleaning of my study & bedroom.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to Elaine Mei

In about 40 mins time, my godsister, Elaine mei will be celebrating her 23rd year on Earth. I hope she had a great time at her birthday bash last Saturday with us.

I hereby wish her a happy 23rd birthday.

Stay cheerful , youthful & beautiful always.

May what u wish for come true for you.

Hope you have a good smashing year ahead!!!


Paul Kor

Operation P

"You are the reason of my everything, I wish you to be mine. For so long I've been thinking, can we cross that friendship line?"
If you are wondering whereabouts I got this line from, I got it as I was surfing the Internet yesterday and this meant that I have planned & executed Operation P last night.
Thanks to Ka mei for her vetting, comments & for supporting my ideas
Thanks to Wendy mei & Elaine mei for supporting my ideas.
In case you guys are wondering what this Operation P is all about, I am sorry I can't reveal now, as the time is not right yet.
Maybe I will reveal at the end of this secret operation, ending in about a week.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Tribute to The Singapore National Soccer Team

I would like to salute the Singapore National Soccer Team for winning the Asean Football Federation Championship again. This is despite all the odds stacked against them.
I hope all of us can learn from the National Soccer Team fighting siprit in whatever we do.

Does it pay to be helpful?

I was having breakfast in the morning when mum started to complain about one of her friends' son who is very ill in hospital now.

Mum was saying that her friend is not from a well-off family, as a result, she gives a fixed sum of money to her friend every month to allow her friend to get her son to get treatment from a Chinese physician. Apparently, I think the friend has not done so. Mum was fustrated and angry and the friend kept mentioning about money

I told my mum that maybe the son is not suitable for Chinese physician treatment for the moment. If she feels that the friend is not using the money in the way that she thinks she should be using, she should stop giving money to this friend, and also ask her friends to stop giving as well.

For me, I just feel that the money is given to the person, its up to the person to decide how she wants to use it. There is a limit to what we as friends can do and help. Its her son life that's at stake, if the friend wants to take up the "don't care" attitude, we can't do anything.


Elaine's Birthday Bash

I was rushing for this event yesterday as I had to rush back to office to clear some work as my audit dept colleague, B had asked me to draft the tax computation for one of the clients' audit. In the end, I rushed home to get my camera and the birthday gal's gift before meeting up with Wendy, Richard & Rebecca at Bugis to choose the cake for the birthday gal. Hope Elaine mei enjoyed the strawberry shortcake, as I think it was the most presentable cake in the cake shop that we could find. Thanks to Stella & Wendy for sharing the cake with me.

After buying the cake, we took the train to Paya Lebar to meet the birthday gal & her guests. It was interesting to note that Elaine brought her student with her too. I hope the little boy, Geoffery had a good time with all of us yesterday.

Dinner was at a Muslim resturant at Gelyang Rd. Judging from the spread of dishes that we had, I think Elaine really went through great lengths to please her guests. I hope she likes my gift for her, a pair of Citigems earrings.

After dinner, some of the guests went home, while the rest of us continued with the fun at KTV at Marina Square. We were allocated a big room, enough for all of us to sleep in. The fun continued to 2am, where all of us left in our seperate ways home.

A big thanks to Elaine for the dinner!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Paul is Down

Paul is hit by a common cold virus. Decided to see the doc after tolerating for 2 days. Although it is slight, I decided to see the doc as:-

  1. I do not want to end up like my pal, Jason.
  2. Now that work is light, Good chance to nurse my body to healthy levels again before I start to be busy with my personal tax filing deadline.
  3. Elaine mei's birthday party is on Sat, I do not wish to disappoint her by not showing up. Her gift is with me and I promised to loan her my camera for her big day. Also, some of my friends CNY cards are to be given out that day.

The doc gave Paul the following:-

  1. Cough mixture
  2. Flu tablet
  3. Phelgm tablet
  4. A day MC to rest.

Knocking out soon!!!


It has been a while since I last blogged. My mood have been affected by my work recently. The fortunate thing was that there was singing, JJ...