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Pissed Thursday

I was really jumping up & down when this happened.

The b*** completed an audit with the tax computation that was due today. She went to promise the client that Bing Fong ( which is what I am known by in the office) that I was able to complete the tax computation by Friday morning, when she is not even me, how can she anyhow promise the client that? She only give me the accounts to process at 4.30pm and I was expected to stay back and complete, by hook or by crook, on the day where I was supposed to have my class.

I have anticipated this to happen since last week, therefore I was smart enough to tell the client that it is the b***'s fault if my tax computation is delayed. It is because of her "fast speed". I told my client that I have carbon copied a copy of the IRAS extension letter to her when the extension was granted in January. I told my client that if the accounts were released to me by Tuesday, I will be able to meet the deadline, but I needed her some form of c…

Busy Days


I have been busy for the weekend & yesterday. I was seething with anger on Friday as I felt that something had not been done right at work, but the b*** went to psycho my boss and ask me to do according to her instructions.

Firstly, I felt that the accounts were audited by a reputed CPA firm. It is a “Big Four” CPA firm. I am sure their work is not as shoddy as my colleagues, whereby they don’t always check their work, and when the error is discovered, they just push the blame to the tax dept, which is me, the client or any other parties involved. I feel that the reputed firm has its reason for not offsetting that category of income against a similar category of expense, as they may be from two separate sources in nature. I was trying to tell my boss & the b*** that we should just follow what was disclosed in the income statement and not change its contents as it will attract the attention of the tax authorities. My boss decided to side with the b*** on the issue and aske…

Volunteer's Woes - Paul to The Rescue

I am glad that the excercise went without a hitch last weekend. I found out from Clara that my e-club is behind schedule to submit a report on the e-filing status. I was sure that Mr Poon was not going to do it. I told Clara that I will be doing that for her, and report it to one of her bosses, who is the MP for the area.

Will Paul be able to do the job well?

How to Reject A Client?

One of my clients is planning to convert his business into a Pte Ltd Co, but my boss is not willing to do it as the client blows my budget every year and always complains that our fees are very expensive. As you guys should know, CPA firms are always fighting for business since the audit exemption rule started. My boss ask me to tell the client to look into the Classified Ads for another firm to do the job. There are actually other reasons behind this, which I shan't reveal here.

Of course, I didn't put it too bluntly, I just said we know the financial situation of the business and family, so we are just afraid that he may feel that our fees are too expensive, so it was a better idea for him to change to a more affordable firm.

It was not easy for me to put all these into words as the client has been with the firm for a long time. I felt bad doing it, but in order to protect my rice bowl, I guess I didn't have a choice. I guess life is not a bed of roses after all.

Trip Confirmed & Plane Confirmed

I was late for work for the past two days due to to the heavy rain on Monday & slow traffic today. Was telling Rebec mei that the taxi ride was almost double than what I usually take.
Finally booked the ticket after mum's colleague saw a good offer on SIA website. So I guess I will be flying my favourite airline after all. My classmate, P who is from HK has e-mailed me 25 pages of travel info about HK. I think with that, I will be able to enjoy. The itineary that she e-mailed me was a 5 days trip, but I think I could cut to 3 days easily and spend a day in Macau. My flight is afternoon flight SQ892, departing at 3.15pm Changi T2.I wonder about the hotel, where to stay???Any recommendations???

First Day of IRAS VES Programme

Today was the first day of the IRAS Volunteer E-filing Programme. It is a month long excercise which volunteers like me volunteer their time at the various e-clubs & community centres to help people efile their tax return.

This year the centre I was attached to had some problems as the former manager who nominated me for the outstanding volunteer award had passed away late last year. No one was aware that the excercise was going on at the centre until I had called up the acting e-club manager and e-mailed Minister of State for Finance & Transport, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, who is also the MP for the area. I must say she is pretty efficient after she saw the e-mail, because the things were all fixed up when I stepped in the office. I am also surprised by the fact that she made the effort to reply the e-mail personally. This shows that she is a Minister that works for her pay and not like some MPs, who only appear when the time comes.

I must say if without my persistence, the VES may not…

Surprise Invitation to Wedding Reception of Eugene & Karen

This was a surprise wedding invitation that I got in this year. I didn't expect to be invited to be one of the guests for their wedding as they were my dad's and brother's church mates. As most of u know I am not a Christian by nature, so my meeting with them was few and far between. Therefore I was quite surprised that my brother told me that I was invited. Maybe Eugene treats me a close friend to him. :). I am honoured and happy to have a friend like you too. The wedding reception was held at Zion Presberterian Church @ Bishan. I am very happy to share my joy of holy matrimony of Eugene & Karen. I actually took more photos than this, but the quality didn't come out very well. It could be due to the bright lightings of the church.
After witnessing the ceremony, which is quite common in a church wedding, we were hosted a lunch reception before I left for my VES excercise.My message to the couple:-Dear Eugene & Karen,Have a blissful & happy marriage!Although…

Busy Week

I have been quite busy till I didn't have time to read through the papers for the past few days.


Firstly, I have to thank Wendy mei for helping me to find the Deteur bag that I was looking for @ Plaza Singapura. I went to meet up with her @ Plaza Singapura to choose & purchase the bag. After that, we had a simple dinner @ Burger King before we took the train home. Thanks mei for her help.

Got an e-mail reply from the Minister of State for Finance & Transport, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua with regards to some admin problems that I highlighted which could hinder the VES excercise that is starting tomorrow. She said she will ask the Senior Constitutency Manager to look into it & solve it. I hope everything will be up & running by Saturday.

Mum & I have decided on Macau & HK as our forthcoming trip. It should be on 20 Apr to 24 Apr. This will be my first time taking budget airline. I am not sure about the standard of Tiger Airways. But if the plane is not really good…

Dinner with Von & Caifeng

Had arranged with Von & Caifeng to meet up today for dinner. They had asked me to suggest a place for dinner. I chose Xin Wang HK Cafe at Cineleisure Orchard. I didn't know that the ladies had not tried the food before. I guess I made a good choice and they liked the food.

Had a nice catch up session during the couse of the dinner before calling it a nite at 9pm.

Holiday Plans Fiasco

I am sure some of u know that I am planning for my holiday trip. Here are some of the destinations that I am looking at, but mum seems to have objections to whatever places that was suggested between us, be it the place or the flight, making me not interested to go on the trip anymore.

Hanoi /Ho Chih Minh City

Wanted to go there as we have not been there before. However, she objected after hearing that one of her friend's friend died of flu after returming from there in 2 weeks.


She wanted to go Macau as Tiger Airways is offering $250 ticket per person, and she regrets the fact that she was not able to tour Macau the last time as it was raining when we made our way there from Zhuhai the last time. I haven't taken budget airline before, but the thought of running with your luggage when it rains really scares me, since there is no aerobridge as shelter. My impression of Macau has not been that good. My thinking is the place is full of casinos. If you guys have taken budget ai…

Music & Lyrics

Alex Fletcher is a washed-up '80s pop star who's been reduced to working the nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks. The charismatic and talented musician gets a chance at a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman invites him to write and record a duet with her, but there's a problem--Alex hasn't written a song in years, he's never written lyrics, and he has to come up with a hit in a matter of days. Enter Sophie Fisher, Alex's beguilingly quirky plant lady, whose flair for words strikes a chord with the struggling songwriter. On the rebound from a bad relationship, Sophie is reluctant to collaborate with anyone, especially commitment-phobe Alex. As their chemistry heats up at the piano and under it, Alex and Sophie will have to face their fears--and the music--if they want to find the love and success they both deserve.
Went to watch this movie with Wendy. I find that this movie has a lot of retro feel in it, quite a refreshing change from the m…

曹格 - SuperMan MV

My current favourite song for the moment.

Sometimes, I just feel that I need superman powers to win a person's heart or to know someone better.

If there is a course abt how James Bond does his job so well, I will go and learn from him! :)

IT Show 2007

Was supposed to meet up with Huiyu for her birthday dinner, but got the sms from her that she is down with a bad throat & coughing badly, and didn't want to spread her virus to us. She will make up to us on a date to be fixed . I hope it is not after her birthday as it is believed that a birthday celebrated after the person's birthday may bring the person bad luck. Hope that Huiyu recovers soon.

I was elated that Rebecca's operation went on smoothly, and glad that she liked the hamper from us. It is just a show of our concern towards her as a friend. I was quite worried about her operation as it is the eye that u r talking about here. The gift hamper company nearly gave me a fright again. Their order system shows the order was in process when I checked at 4pm. The stupulated time was 2.30pm -5.30pm. In my heart, I was thinking, Rebecca's house address can't be wrong. I have sent greeting cards to her before on that address and she received it. If it is wrong, I …

Shopping Trip @ Suntec City

I didn't notice that my shoes have gave way in the midst of walking this afternoon, so after work, I decided to head down to Suntec to my usual Bata store to get a new pair. Unfortunately, they have phased out the model of the shoes already, so I just bought another model, which was more expensive.

My bag is going to give way again soon. I have been trying to look for a Deteur bag to replace the one I am carrying now. Just as I was searching, I saw THE AEROPLANE FLIER.She greeted me & said that hopefully we can meet up soon. I didn't take her words seriously as she is always flying the plane. Anyway, I just don't want to see her again anytime soon.

Didn't manage to find the bag I wanted, so headed home. On my way back, saw my ex colleague, Doris and exchanged greetings before heading home.

Can someone tell me where I can find the Deteur bag?

For Sis Rebecca

Here is a message for my sister, Rebecca, who will going for her eye surgery tomorrow.

Don't worry too much,

I am sure everything will be fine. Hope u get well soon!

Paul Kor.

I Can Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

I was evacuated from my office in the early afternoon due to the Sumatra earthquake that caused my building to shake. As a precaution, our building supervisior decided to evacuate all of us. Maybe we were too engrossed with my work, until Mrs Yee had to call us to stop work and take the stairs down immediately. Maybe the PA system announcement was too soft for us to hear. As I made my way down, Mrs Yee helped me to put the ashtrays located at the staircase railings on the floor, after seeing me knocking down 2 ashtrays as I was making my way down. I lost sight of my colleagues soon after. Took about 8 mins to climb down from my office located on 19th floor. At the assembly point, I managed to see my neighbours, so I gathered with them. We stayed till 12.30pm before going for lunch. The hawker centre was all full and everyone were discussing what happened. This was the first time I had been evacuated from the building, since I started working there 3 years ago. What an exprience it has …

River Hongbao 2007

Mum decided to accompany me to River Hongbao 2007 after I told her that I was feeling vexed over the things that have been happening to me or around me the past few weeks. Thanks mum to accompanying me to destress.This event was significantly smaller than the previous years, although it was held together with the Huayi Festival 2007. Maybe it was because the fair was held at the open space next to the Fullerton, while the performance was held at the Esplande.But I guessed I managed to feel relaxed after this outing as I got to enjoy the surprise fireworks put up as I was having my dinner. I was rather fortunate to be seated at a good spot to capture all the action. A short video clip besides the slideshow above is on the way for you guys to enjoy.Not only that, I managed to catch some youngsters who are talentspotted by Ocean Butterflies (the company which JJ Lin & A Do is attached to) singing. I must say I really enjoyed their performance. They really have good voices. Not forget…


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What If I Strike The Toto Prize on Fri?

I was asked by my boss, Mrs Yee if I had purchased the $10 million Toto Jackpot Draw on Fri. I told her I didn't buy any as the queue at Textile Centre was too long.

She said, "You should have bought. I hope u strike the jackpot." I wonder why she said that. Maybe she saw my moody face a few months back when Jason was first admitted to hospital. She must be thinking that I will help his family members with the massive hospital bill.

If I was really one of the 2 winners of the jackpot for last Fri, I would have done the following:-

Help my parents settle the housing loan. The thought of the revolving interest charged by HDB. They are in their 50's already. How many more years can they work?Set aside 10% for Jason's medical bill. I will give his mum a fixed sum of money every month since my pal is still undergoing treatment at the hospital.Buy a landed property for investment. Maybe when I get married, my future wife and I don't have to worry about not having a r…

Blogger Bug Again?

Wonder what's wrong with the blogger today, I had posted a new post and changed my songs. The things are shown as published but the updates are not shown in my blog. You can click on my blog archive in order to see my new post.

Can anyone help?

Interesting Friday

I had CNY "捞鱼生" with my bosses & colleagues today. I didn't expect my prediction for the place to be so accurate. It was the Mong Hing Teochew Resturant located at my office building. It was interesting to note that my boss do not choose his native Cantonese food for "捞鱼生" . He seems to prefer Teochew food. I guess the reason being it is not too salty.

As usual, the audit dept and secretarial dept do not wish to sit with my bosses. It meant that I had to join the bosses with Q & W. I must say I was well looked after by my boss, Mr Yee, who fed me with a big slice of fish on my plate. I guess the tongues of my colleagues were working overtime again, saying that I m boss' godson.

I have only good comments about the food. It was very good and I guess the price was a nice figure too.

After work, I took a cab to Delfi Orchard to collect a gift for a travel survey that I did some time ago. I suspect that it was one of those agencies selling timeshare holiday…