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Someone Just Don't Know The Meaning of RUDE!!!

After listening to Rebec mei's advice yesterday, I decided to give it a try to let the Aeroplane Flier know what were the things that I was upset about last Saturday.

I smsed her that I was upset by some of the things she said & some of the questions that she asked during that gathering. In the sms, I also state that some questions which she asked can't be answered in that situation, therefore putting me in a tight spot.

Her reply was almost instant. "Are you sure that I was the one who asked a lot of questions? It wasn't me. This lady doesn't seem to realise the folly of her actions, therefore leaving me with little choice but to blog out the whole incident and let you guys be the judge.

12 May 2007 - Sat

I got an early morning sms from her that she is trying to organise a gathering which will have me, Von, herself, her bf, Peifen & her hubby, Caifeng & her hubby on 19 May or 26 May. Knowing her pattern of not showing up at the last minute, I told her to…

Visit of Jason With Wendy & Rebec

After not being able to visit my NS pal for 28 days, I was joined by Rebec & Wendy for this visit.

Before the visit, I met up with them at Bishan Junction 8, Cafe Cartel for dinner, before taking a cab there to visit him.

For this visit, it was nice of Wendy to do a card for Jason, wishing him to get well soon. All of us signed off the card. I must say I really miss my NS pal, having known him for about 7 years. I just hope he gets well soon.

Glad to say that his coughing is not so much now, his phelgm has subsided. I am just worried about his mum, who skipped dinner to visit him first. I guess that is mum's love for her child.

More Congrats from My Friends

I got more congrats messages from my friends after they saw my blog entry that I won the Outstanding Volunteer Award again.

My classmate, Peggy, whom I asked her to help me out during the excercise, wanted to observe me getting the award, but too bad, she is still under probabation for her new job, therefore she can't join me for the ceremony as it will be on a weekday afternoon.

Thanks to Kelly, a.k.a Curryegg for her congrats as well on MSN.

Thanks to Jingyi, a.k.a momo for congraulating me twice, yesterday and today when she saw me online on MSN.

Thank you to all of you. I am glad to have you all as my friend.

Please Don't Ask So Many Questions

I was asked to join in a poly friends gathering last week on yesterday by the Aeroplane Flier. I had not wanted to join in the gathering as I had arranged a previous appointment with Stella for dinner as I wanted to pass her something that I brought back from HK for her. The gift was not choosen by me. It was choosen by my mum. But thinking that Caifeng & Peifen may want to distribute their wedding invitation cards, I just agreed, since it was quite a while since I saw Caifeng's hubby and Peifen as well.

Before Stella agreed to join the gathering, I took the opportunity to warn her that the Aeroplane Flier likes to ask a lot of probing & sensitive questions, so I told her that she can don't answer that AF if she find the question is too senstive or probing.

AF, her bf and the rest were all late by 1.5 hrs. It ended up with me & Stella waiting for them like statues at Long John Silvers @ Central Mall. There was nothing much in the mall. Stella & I toured around th…

Thank You to All My Friends & Godsisters

I didn't know that I was held in such high regard among my friends and godsisters. I am really touched by it. I had told Elaine mei that I feel stressed at work and was not appreciated by my boss. She replied my sms, saying that "But we appreciate you ar, don't let others beat u down, not worth." I must say it was very sweet of her to say that, that it made me want to tear. I had put up that I won the Outstanding Volunteer Award as a tagline on the MSN, and messaged about 7 people to tell them that I won. I got the reply from all of them and 2 MSN messages. I must say I am really glad to have all of you who have held me in high regard. Wendy (MSN)- Congrats kor. Rebec - Congratulations!Elaine - Keke. Congrats kor.Eriko - Congrats, have a nice day ahead.Stella (Phone) - Congrats, didn't you expected it, u have done so much.Darling - Congrats and more congrats, u just deserve it, so proud of you.Caifeng (MSN) - Hi congrats.Sherlyn (Client) - Congrats :-DI am thankful …

Why Are People So Rude Nowdays?

Three incidents have happened recently to make me wonder why people are so rude nowadays. I was travelling on a Wheelchair Accessible Bus (WAB) Service 76 on the other day to work. As it was the morning rush hours, the bus was very crowded. The bus captain saw a passenger, who was unable to board the bus, whipping out his pen to jot down the bus licence plate no. (SBS 7436) and trying to call SBS Transit hotline to complain after jotting down the bus number. The bus captain, Mr. Iswaran, was angry that he asked me to be his witness, should he receive any discplinary action from his company. I readily agreed and gave him my contanct no. Like what Darling said, the passenger wanted his face pasted on the WAB so that he can be the new ambassdor for the WAB bus, is it? How to expect the bus captain to open the door when the passengers are already standing so close to the door?I was travelling on this Service 107, a single deck bus (SBS 1899) yesterday. As the bus was approaching the ICA Bu…

My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.
This is interesting. Decided to try after my sisters Rebec & Wendy tried it.

Tagged by Curry Egg Cutie

Rules are:* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
I was born with cerebral palsy and had 2 operations before I could walk again.I had to serve NS despite my physical disability.I am a true blue Manchester United fan. I started supporting them since 1992.I was exempted from CCA participation in primary & secondary school. I only joined the Interact Club in Sec 3 after the teacher took me in as she felt that the CCA was not physically demanding.I had appeared in newspaper features twice before.I never had a BGR before. You must be thinking, I am joking, but its true.I have many bus driver friends, whom I know after taking buses.It was my mum who influenced me to take up an accounting job.Who is tagged: All the readers of my blog!

IRAS Outstanding Volunteer Award

Before I do Curry Egg's tag, I just saw this from my e-mail today

Dear Paul,
Congratulations on being awarded the 2007 e-Filing Volunteer - Outstanding Award! You were nominated by Contact 123 IT Centre for this award in recognition of your commitment, service and leadership qualities, and good understanding of e-Filing system. We would like to invite you to the Volunteer e-Filing Service (VES) Appreciation Ceremony to receive the certificate from Mrs Tan Chee Koon, CEO of National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre. You can also invite one guest to attend the ceremony with you to share in your achievement! As such, please advise on your name to be printed on the certificate and confirm your attendance preferably before 30 May 2007.
Please see attached e-invite for more details to the ceremony.
Thank you.
Rena Soon (Ms)
Corporate Communications

The award for this year is a real surprise for me as most of you who read my blog during the VES period will know the problems that …

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What was the name of the teacher that was most influential in your life from grades K through 6?
No teacher in Primary school, but my Sec 3 to 5 Maths teacher, Mrs Tan gave me an opportunity to participate in her ECA. It was my 1st and only ECA in school, the Interact Club, but it changed my life to be more positive.

What subject did you favor in high school?
History, love to know what people did in the past and not to repeat their mistakes, and learn their good points.

Did you attend a university if so, did you attain a degree?
ACCA Level 2, just obtained is equalvient to a degree.

Do you learn best through books, by watching or hands on?
Depends on what thing u are talking about here. Values & manners can't be taught through books.

Has education been an ongoing process for you?
Yes. currently on Level 3, ACCA.

How do you feel about that?
I don't have a choice, do I?

What seven people are you tagging to do this?
Darling, Richard, Elaine mei, Rebecca mei, Peggy, any other readers of m…

Belated Birthday Celebration For Rebecca Mei

Yesterday was a day of shocks in the office & my hp but I was well equipped to recharge myself to meet up with Rebecca & Wendy for dinner. We were sad that Elaine couldn't join us due to her work commitments, but we still had a wonderful night last night.

We met up at Suntec City and settled at Sakae Sushi for dinner. We had a hard time locating the resturant as it was moved to another isolated corner of Suntec City. Fortunately, we were not very hungry, so we managed to find the resturant in the end.

We had a good time eating and chatting with one another. After that, Rebec suggested that we move to Gelare Cafe for our half price waffle ice-cream desert, where we continued to eat and talk shop till it was nearly 10pm. Like what Rebec said, time flies when one is having fun. It was then we parted ways to go back home to rest and embrace another working day.

Hand Injury/ Leg Injury/ Flu Bug

A curse seems to have struck my favourite radio station YES 933FM recently.

Last week, my favourite DJfell into the drain and broke 5 bones in his foot. I think I will miss his Woohoo on air for about 6 weeks. Lucky still can catch him on his blog.

Today, I heard on air that Chong Qing, aka “小丁当”fell off his bike and factured his arm. Then Weibin & Mary is sick. With Princess Peifen on overseas leave, 933 is left with only Liyi & Jiahui, the 2 Ngee Ann poly alummunis. How I wish I could help them out? Hehe.

I used to have a teenage dream to be a radio DJ, but at that time my results were too lousy for me to qualify for Ngee Ann Poly's Mass Communications course. I really like the glamour of being in the public eye. I feel that I have the power to make the public like my hosting. I feel that my physical condition is not an issue. I feel that the public can accept me for what I am. But after a long drawn discussion with my mum, she is worried that I can't take the glare &a…

What Am I Thinking?

I was asked by Elaine mei & Richard yesterday about the stop-start in my relationship recently. Actually for me, I feel that I should try to complete my ACCA as soon as possible. (Some of u know that my target to complete it is when I reach 30 years old, but the ACCA syallbus is undergoing a major change in my next seating, Dec 2007. I guess it may be more difficult for me to reach my target.)
I am going 28 this year, but interestingly, I do not feel that I am in a high urgency to get married or hitched, even though friends around me are slowly getting hitched. Maybe I feel that I am still young, and I haven't fully enjoyed my life yet. For the two ladies that have set my heart racing for a while, I have already decided to give up on one of them, as she is not able to let go of her previous relationship. I also feel that she is toying on my feelings. For the other one, I am adopting a "friends first" attitude. I do not want to make her feel that I am forcing her. This …

Bad Service @ Delifrance Centrepoint

I had lesson at night today, but before that I had arranged to meet up with Elaine, Terence, Wendy & Rebecca @ McCafe for a short gathering. The purpose of the gathering was to:- Elaine & Wendy wanted to pass Rebecca her birthday present, but unfortunately the b-day gal was not able to make it as she is down with fever. I just hope she gets well soon. I wanted to pass Elaine the gift that I got for her during my trip to HK last month. I am glad that she likes the gift. I guess I made the right choice about choosing Mickey Mouse brooch. It seems like it has been her childhood favourite till now.I had wanted to meet up at McCafe as I have not been there before. But I guess it was a weekend afternoon, so it was too crowded, so we settled for Delifrance instead.It seems like we made the wrong choice. We were not very happy about the service and the food.The soup of the day served was too salty. I wonder the cook tasted the soup before it was been served.My order was being at least …

For Perfectwound

Know that it is not easy to overcome a sudden loss of a loved one.

And you had to overcome with 2 sudden losses within such a short period of time.
Just to let you know that as your friend,
I will be here with you as a your support to help you cross this difficuit phase of your life.
Just let me know when u need help.
Will be glad to be your listening ear.

All The Best To Elaine Mei

I know that Elaine mei has qualified for round 2 of her singing competition tomorrow and she will be singing this song.I do believe that she will be able to sing well as I think she has a good singing voice, having sung with her before. 加油, 我会永远支持你!

Happy Birthday to Rebecca Mei

Happy birthday to Rebecca mei May u stay sexy, youthful & beautiful always. Wish that whatever u wish for come true for u. May u find your Prince Charming soon! Glad that u liked the birthday present from me, Stella & Richard. The money spent is just a small matter. The most important thing is that u must be happy. From: Paul Kor

Joke of The Year

I had not wanted to write about this because I was afraid that the person will be angry that I broadcast her blunder on blog. But she has since given me the permission to broadcast it. So here I go.

Peggy, my classmate for my 3.3 class had signed up for her exams in around April, like most of us. Since she had not passed her 2.6 paper, she had to sign up for the paper that she failed as well, although she plans to take only 3.3. But I wonder what she choose when she signed up for her exam. She chose the Paper 3.1 (SGP) instead of 3.3. It was not until she received her exam docket that she discovered the error.

She messaged me, Tammy & Elaine. Tammy & I tried to help by advising her to write to ACCA Singapore & ACCA UK to ask if it was possible to change the seating. But ACCA UK has refused to budge to change her seating. This meant that she has to take Paper 2.6, whether she likes it or not. To me, I just feel that it was a costly mistake for her. I just hope she can be mor…

Deal Or No Deal

Currently hooked on this game, Deal or No Deal. which is showing on Ch 5. I have tried a few rounds already. I was quite lucky to hit the big prizes a few times that I played. Maybe u guys wish to try it.

Understanding Your Family

Dad & brother just had a huge quarrel over a senstitive issue, religion just a while ago. This has been anticipated, ever since my brother decided to switch churches some time ago after going to my dad's church for about 13 years.

According to my brother, he claims that there are a few things that he cannot accept in the old church which caused him to make the change.

1. He can't seem to get along with his church mates there. The people are looking down on him as he is from the poly & not JC, like them.
2.These people goes clubbing & stay out late at night. My brother doesn't like this kind of places, therefore he is being branded as anti-social by these people.
3. He thinks that some of the teachings by the pastors of the old church are wrong. To me, I feel that there are no wrong teachings, maybe it is just another way of interpetation by another pastor / church. This is what my dad feels too.

He says he feels more at peace at the new church, which he was introd…

A Tribute to My Mum

Despite being sick for the past week, I have not forgotten that today is Mother's Day, as if not for my mum, I guess I won't be here now typing my blog.

I really got to thank her for bringing me up to where I am today, given the difficuities she had to face when she brought me up.

1. Seeing a young child not being able to walk like a normal person, she never gave up hope and kept bringing me to the various Chinese physicians and Western doctors for treatments. 2. She cried when the doc said that I needed a 3rd operation at first some years ago, as the operation would have incapaciated me further. 3. Although I broke her heart when I failed my O Levels in 1995, she gave me the courage to return to school to repeat my O Levels. 4. If not for her quick thinking to send me to the Chinese physician this week, I guess I could be dead by now. I know that I can never thank her enough. This year, I gave her a simple lunch treat at the nearby coffeeshop near my house as my show of appreciati…

A Funny Treatment for 伤寒症

I just heard of another funny treatment for the illness that I am having from one of my relatives. I was advised to abstain from eating rice or porridge for about a month as it was mentioned that if I continued to eat rice/ porridge, the illness will be back to haunt me again.

Sound so serious. Even if it is an old wives' tale, I better listen, as 不听老人言,吃亏在眼前.

Wish to thank my coursemates, Tammy, Peggy & Elaine for volunteering to help me copy a set of lecture notes for the last lecture I missed yesterday and their well wishes.

Wish to thank my two sisters, Elaine & Wendy for their well wishes. I hope Wendy can rid of the flu bug soon.

Today is Elaine mei's last paper. Wish her good luck & hope she does well for her paper.

Life On The Edge, Am I Dying?

The signs are not that good still. The fever is still coming on & off and my throat is still very dry. I am losing my appeite too, but I need to be back at work tomorrow. My MC ends tomorrow.

I am fearing for the worst as after taking the Chinese medicine, I am not sweating a lot, not like the fever medication given by the western doc.

I don't want to leave this world so early as I have many targets that I haven't fulfill.

Dear Heaven, please don't take me away so soon.

Mo Dan / 伤寒症

My mum was worried about the persistent on & off fever that I had for the past few days. She had suspected that it may be Mo Dan or 伤寒症 that she decided to accompany me to see a Chinese physican as she said that some people have became paralysed due to the body that was overheated

An interesting test was conducted by my mum to check whether I had the above illness. She used a boiled egg & rubbed against my back. After that she peeled away the egg white and saw the egg yolk had little spots on it. This is a postive test for Mo Dan.

The Chinese physician advised me to stop all my medication except for the antibiotics and asked me to drink his medicine like my supply of plain water. The chinese physician was spot on about my condition after feeling my pulse. It was ok on the outside & feverish in my body.

The physician prescribed me with 2 packets of medication, to be taken on a 2 hr basis for today & tomorrow. I guess I will be back to office tomorrow. The only food that I …

US$ With My Face On It

Dear readers, do check this out.
Interesting site.

Grandma Is Discharged

Just wish to let all of u know that my grandma has been discharged from the hospital today.

I guess we will be visiting her on Sunday, which happens to be Mothers' Day.

Paul's Sick

I woke up and found myself running a temperature again. Oh no, why is it like that? The cough has started too.

Went to the doc again. he gave me the cough mixture & antibiotics to kill the germs and asked me to continue my previous course of medication. The scary part was the 2 day MC and persistent on & off fever. Why is the virus so strong nowadays? I can't imagine what is on my table when I return on Friday.

Dinner Date

I met up with Richard, Rebecca mei for a dinner date at Plaza Singapura yesterday. Fortunately for me, the fever that was hounding me on & off subsided at 4pm yesterday.

I am glad that the 2 ladies liked the keychains that I have picked for them. Dinner was at Ichiban Sushi Resturant. I actually wanted something light, as I didn't have a very good appitete. I guess it could be due to the after effects of the medication. It ended up I had a full course dinner instead.

During the course of the dinner, Eriko shared with us the fun that she had in Japan, while I shared the nice expriences of my HK & Macau trip.

After the 2 hr dinner, we headed home.

The Commando Part 2 / Sudden Bout of Fever

My workdesk internet connection was down since Friday evening as the commando had wanted her PC to be connected to the Internet, after seeing me, B & L had internet connection that day. In order to satisfy her needs, my boss had to get another router to wire up all the PCs to the Internet.

Because of this request, my Internet connection was down till yesterday afternoon, as I think the cables were not strong enough to service the PCs to the Internet. She still had the cheek to ask my boss to hurry up & fix the connection for her. My boss has always give in to her, and the cabling was done using another method, which was through the floor. After it was set up and working, she commented that her PC software was not that good. Excuse me, the PC that you have is a Intel Pentium 4 processor, with a LCD monitor, which you shamelessly requested from boss not long ago. I also don’t dare to make any noise about my CRT monitor and 256MB RAM. Please be thankful of what you have.

After lunc…

Spiderman 3

I went to watch this movie with Richard & Wendy mei after my 3.3 Revision Class yesterday. Mr. R was also with me for the Revision Class and we had to sit together, with Peggy, Tammy & Elaine joining me as there was no seats left in the 4th front row, which was my usual seat for the 3.3 class this round. Before the movie, we had a sumptuous lunch at Chicago Steak Restaurant at Orchard Cineleisure before rushing up to the ticketing counter to collect our tickets. Have to thank mei for booking the tickets for us, as Spiderman 3 is a popular show this week. I hope she liked the keychain that I got for her from Macau and the choice of her thumbdrive, the Sandisk 1GB thumbdrive.

The movie, which was about 2 ½ hours long, was about:

In Spider-Man 3, Peter Parker has finally managed to strike a balance between his devotion to M.J. and his duties as a superhero. But there is a storm brewing on the horizon. Forced to choose between the seductive power of the new black suit and the compas…

Visit of Grandma

I went to visit my grandma on Friday at SGH after work. She has been transferred to a normal ward already. As usual, my dad and 四姑 were there already. My四姑 was telling me that I need not to keep rushing to the hospital after my work to visit my grandma as it seemed a long distance for me to walk up from the New Bridge Road Bus Terminal to Blk 6 of the hospital and furthermore I was carrying my bag.

To me, the distance is not an issue if you compare to the pain that my grandma is suffering at the moment. The staff nurse told me that my grandma still has a virus circulating in her blood and the doctors were supposed to do another scope on the upper part of her body as she is still suffering from low blood count, despite being given a pack of blood during admission.

I did mention that my grandma dotes on me a lot. In fact, till now, she still thinks that I am still studying as a young child. I guess the strong bond was built up during the days that I stayed with her and my grandpa. Even th…

The Commando

The above is the new nickname for the b***, courtesy of my colleague, I after she shamelessly asked from my boss for an internet connection for the whole of the Internet dept and all the used PCs from one of our clients, as payment of our outstanding bills.

My colleague did not request for a new PC.In fact, she didn't mind using her old PC as she has got used to the feel of that PC. But the b*** decided to ask on her behalf. I was telling my colleague that the woman was up to no good and told her to be careful.

Because of this, B was asked to fix up all the PC by my boss & the b*** . Naturally, he was unhappy as his job was just an auditor, not a PC technician. The best part was after fixing up all the connections, the b*** had the cheek to ask for Norton Internet Security, where it is known that the licences for the software don't come cheap. My boss told her to use AVG Free instead. What a nice rebuke from my boss!!!

If u don't know how to maintain your PC, why have an …

Internet Connection for my Own Office Desk

Mr Yee decided to give me a surprise today. After waiting for about 3 and half weeks for the printer to be replaced (it was finally replaced when I was on overseas leave to HK & Macau), he decided to give me a powerful addition for his 2nd IT savvy worker, which is me, Internet connectiion to his work PC. This is a nice addition, which meant that I need not share the connection with the auditors anymore. I can work in peace with my e-filing.

I don't foresee doing blogging or MSN in office as my office colleagues, being majority aunties & uncle are pretty gossipy, and I don't want to let them in on my little secrets.

An interesting thing happened today as I was travelling on the bus on my way home. As it was nearing my home, a voice was heard from the Vehicle Location System (VLS), which is located next to the ez-link card machine. The person, whom I think is the bus terminal manager, told the driver not to take any more passengers by taking out the bus service plates a…

Update About Jason

After the Good Friday visit of Jason @ Bright Vision Hospital, I was very busy after that and could only visit him today at the hospital today.

His condition has improved. I have spoken to one of the nurses today. He said that they are training him on walking. If it works, they would train him on the other basic stuff in life. This is a good sign but the sore throat is still there.

I just hope he recovers soon. It is sad to see him in this state.

Where's The Logic?

I had a smooth sailing at work yesterday. Maybe the thought of a public holiday nearing made my heart happier.

My audit manager nearly got me into trouble again, but I was able to ride myself out of the mess. It ended up he got a nasty scolding from my boss as he failed to use his logical thinking. Just to share with u all what actually happened?

As some of u may know that nowadays companies' financial reports may not be audited unless:-
As required by certain government authorities for bidding of project purposesTurnover in excess of S$5m Corporate shareholders in company.The client had previously requested for its accounts to be unaudited as they wanted to save cost. Recently, they had wanted to bid for a project by the government. Therefore, as mentioned above, the accounts had to be audited for the past 2 years. Since the accounts for FY 2005 & 2006 has been compiled into an unaudited report, what will u do if u were the auditor of the company? Do a seperate audit and pass s…