Sunday, September 30, 2007

Change of Birthday Plan

Recently, I have been too tied up with my work that I forgot to announce the change of the birthday plan that me & Ter will be having on 15 Dec 2007. Thanks Kaylee for putting the message that she would be flying in from the USA from 12 Dec -20 Dec, otherwise I would have forgotten to put this up.
After a mini meeting with Ter & Elaine, we have decided to abandon the chalet plan and change it to a BBQ session at Changi Point.on 15 Dec 2007. This change is in view of the high cost in booking the chalet & the need to commit for 2 nights if the chalet is booked.
Elaine & I feel that the BBQ will be a good option for all of us to enjoy at a low cost. The guest list will be announced in Nov.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Congrats to Grace

I know I may be a little late on this.
I just wish to congrat my long time net friend, Grace
for obtaining her degree on 27 Sep 2007.

My friend, I am so happy & proud of your achievement!

Eventful Saturday

I went back to office and clear some of my work this morning, as my workload has again increased substantially after a change in workflow by my lady boss. The fortunate thing is her hubby & that “野蛮公主”a.k.a. the b**** was not agreeable to the change as this would mean more work for them as well. But I am sure that the lady boss won't give up so easily to make life more difficuit for me. An exit route plan is in the progress. Hopefully it can materialise soon.

After that, met up with mum at Tampines Soka Centre at Tampines St 92 for a prayer session. I have quite a few things on my mind at the moment. Some matters are out of my hands, but I hope my prayers can be answered soon.

I saw an interesting sight at the centre today. A wedding ceremony was being held in the function room. It struck me that I may want to hold my wedding ceremony or ROM there in the near future.
After that, I decided to join mum to visit our relative at an old folks home in Mandai. My mum was saying that she had not been visiting her for the past month. We took her out for a breath of fresh air in the vicnity of the home. The relative was surprised & happy to see me as I seldom go there with my mum as it is quite far and there is a need to walk a distance to the home from the bus stop.
After the visit, my dad & my brother joined us at AMK Hub for dinner before we called it a night.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jacky Cheung - Goodbye Kiss

Heard from Stella that he is coming to Singapore to perform again in Jan.

This is only abt half a year after he last performed here. I hope I can save enough money to go, but I also need khaki to go with me.

Who cares to join me?

Andy Lau- You Are My Girl

This song is one of my favourite songs from my idol, Andy Lau, whose birthday is today.

Just to wish him a happy birthday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival


Monday, September 24, 2007


Seok-ho (Choi Won-yeong), a self-styled playboy with a beautiful wife, is fooling around with Ji-yeon (Ko Da-mi), a voluptuous photographer. However, he pines for Chae-young (Kim Poo-reun), a college student who appears to be the most virtuous girl in all of Korea. It turns out that Chae-young, who frustrates her suitor at every turn, is not so chaste after all. The plot thickens as Seok-ho's best friend Young-su (Ko Hye-seong), outwardly awkward and shy, sets his sights on Ji-yeon, not realising that she is already involved with his best buddy. They are unaware of their indirect relationships until they are all invited to a concert and...
I went to watch this Korean comedy. I must say it was very interesting & funny, especially at the last part, at the concert. The moral of the story of the story is don't cheat on your partner/ wife or the truth will be out to haunt you when you least expect it.
I would give this movie 3 stars, as the story skips back to the first part suddenly just to introduce a new character into the story, which can be an irritant if you can't catch the story.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Should I Postpone The Birthday Plan?

I was looking at my schedule for the month of Dec. I am seriously thinking to postpone my birthday plans to the following week, i.e. the week ending 23 Dec 2007.

This is because of the hectic 16 day schedule that I may have in the first half of Dec.

  1. 1-5 Dec - Working my butt off to clear outstanding 2006 accounts for 31 Dec deadline.

  2. 6-12 Dec - On leave for exam.

  3. 16 Dec - Friend's Wedding dinner (She is one of my best net friend & blog pal. I may be requested to help her in the morning too.)

  4. 18 Dec - Should be taking leave, my birthday. My mum will be celebrating for me. She has made it a point to celebrate each family member's birthday this year.

Therefore, I am looking at Dec 22 2007 as a better date. We can celebrate Christmas too, besides the birthdays.

I wonder if anyone has objections to the idea?

Why Is She Always Like That?

My lady boss had a chat with me yesterday. She said that my tax computation work will be subject to review by her, the b*** or the audit manager.

I am not against it or anything. I am just wondering, she said that there is quality control check in the audit dept. But I seem to find mistakes every now and then in the audit working papers. The mistakes made usually have an impact on my tax computation. I am not trying to say that I am faultless, but some of the mistakes made by them are pretty ridiculous too. For eg, casting errors, failure to obtain hire purchase agreements for assets purchased on hire purchase. All these escaped the audit manager & partners' "stringent checks"
This really set my mind thinking. Are they able to do a good checking job too? Some of my colleagues correctly pointed out that the audit dept has been receiving "royal" treatment, while I am like the eunch, punished for a mistake that I have made. Being left to dry like a piece of dried fish.
Although you have praised me for lodging a complaint to IRAS about "My Tax Portal", my work is neat and you knew that the filing deadline for corporate tax will be brought forward, I saw no action being taken by you to remedy the situation. I have done whatever you have told me to do, including preparing my tax computation in pencil. My friends has said that the step is a joke. It is like punishing a child for making a mistake. You can say that a person has the tendancy to just vet through and take things as it is correct when they do checks. Then, why the preferred treatment for some people then?
Hopefully, I can find a good job offer and leave this place soon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday To Jolene

I hereby wish my cousin, Jolene a happy birthday tomorrow.
May what she wishes for come true for her.
Hope that she recovers from her ear infection soon.


Your cousin:


Meet Up With ACCA Classmates

I met up with Peggy & Elaine for dinner at Citylink Mall yesterday. Tammy was not able to make it due to work commitments.

We tried out the new fusion resturant which Elaine recommended at Citylink Mall. It is located at the escalator going towards Suntec City & One Raffles Link.

I was very impressed with the seating plan. It was very comfortable with all the sofa seating arrangements. Peggy & Elaine was fascinated by the 3 dolls located at the outside of the resturant.

I must say that the food was okay. I had the salmon bento set. I was equally impressed with the laksa as well, which Elaine ordered.

We chatted and ate for about 2 hrs before calling it a night.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday To My Pal, Richard

I hereby wish my pal, Richard have a blast on his birthday tomorrow.
It has been great knowing you for the past 10 years
May we have another 10 years to come!!!
May whatever you wish for come true for you.
Your Pal,

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Joint Birthday Celebration Plan

Terence & I are looking at booking a chalet for our birthday celebration in December. We are wondering if our friends in blogger and my poly friends will be interested to join us before making a decision on whether we will go ahead & book the chalet.
The date that we are looking at is 15 Dec for a day & nite as I have a tight schedule of exams, work & a wedding dinner to attend in that week. I guess that is the only day that everyone should be ok as it is a Sat.
Do let us have your responses by next Sun (17 Sep) in this comment box or Elaine's blog.

881: The Papaya Sisters

The Papaya Sisters" tells the story of two childhood friends who grew up mesmerised by the glitz and glamour of 'Getai' and dream of one day performing on the 'Getai' stage. After being blessed by the Goddess of 'Getai', they become the most sought-after pair of 'Getai' singers ever. Unbeknownst to them, rival sister group The Durian Sisters have become intensely jealous of the Papayas' success, and are determined to trip them up by messing with their schedule. With the help of their gangster Godfather, the Durians succeed in shutting the Papayas out of many 'Getai' performances. Await the musical battle where both sides pull out all the stops to win over the audience.
I went to watch this movie with my brother. I find the story very funny in the beginning, but very sad in the end. To watch this movie, it is good that one should know the Hokkien dialect as most part of the movie is spoken in the language. You will get to see Project Superstar winner Kelvin Tan in the movie playing as himself too.
Overall, I would give the movie 4.5 out of 5 stars for the movie plot, storyline and acting. I will most likely get the DVD from my client when it is released.

Here are 2 songs from the movie, which I liked it very much!!!

I can't imagine this is my 800th post for this blog of mine!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cousin SH Housewarming

My family was invited by my cousin SH to her new house at Jurong West for housewarming session today. I had initally did not want to go as it meant that I had to rush down from my office located in the eastern part of Singapore to the western part of Singapore, but I relented after mum had asked me to go as she said, nowadays my relatives (be it mum's side or dad's side) only meets up when it is on CNY or any other events like wedding & funerals. My mum's friends were commenting that my family lacks the "家庭宁距力". I know it is sad but it is true.

After working till mid afternoon, I managed to clear what I set out to clear at work today, (which is a good sign, as my next weekend is burned due to weekend lectures with my lecturers. I have taken leave next Monday to recharge & relax myself). I started my journey to go to the housewarming.

I was quite surprised to see cousin in law, ZW having so many relatives and they actually helped the couple out by doing the agar-agar, fry the chicken wings, do some deserts, help to get more ice cubes when it ran out. The family bond is so strong that we feel so ashamed of ourselves.

We ate, chatted & toured the house, a 2 storey Executive Maisionette, just like mine.The couple actually spent a large sum of money, I guess, as they hacked off the study room, balcony & store room at the lower floor and made the living room & kitchen bigger. They hacked off the master bedroom & transformed it into a library cum relaxation corner, leaving only 2 rooms on the upper floor. I heard that they got the flat at $280K, which was half the price that my parents paid for 8 years ago. The only drawback was the place was pretty inaccessible as you need to take a feeder bus to Boon Lay Interchange to get to town.

I would like to thank Cousin QL for giving me a ride back home.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Congrats to Brother

My brother just showed me his poly exam results. I am so happy & proud of him. He has got 4 As and a GPA score of 4.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hairspray - Good Morning Baltimore

I didn't know that the video that I put in my last post has generated such a response.

Here is the other song, Good Morning Baltimore.

Please enjoy.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Can Hear The Bells

I love this song from the movie, Hairspray soundtrack.

There are a few more songs in the OST which I like.

I may be getting the soundtrack!

Enjoy this song.


"Ratatouille" is about a lovable rat - Remy - who constantly risks his life in an expensive French restaurant because of his love for good food, as well as a burning desire to become a gourmet chef. Obviously, this is rather far-fetched for a rat but opportunity knocks when a young boy, who desperately needs to keep his job at the restaurant despite not being able to cook to save his life, makes Remy a partner. The two of them learn to avoid the insane head chef, bring the rest of Remy's family up to his culinary standards, win the boy a girlfriend, and of course, produce the finest ratatouille in all of France!
I went to watch the movie with my brother. I find that the storyline is quite simple and it was quite interesting to see Remy the rat whipping up a storm in the kitchen with all the delicious food.
I would give the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars, as it made me laugh & it made me hungry.

Transformers Quiz

Take the Transformers Quiz

I saw this quiz at PW's blog & found it interesting. Try it.


Set in Baltimore during the 1960s dance TV craze, a zaftig high school hair hopper, Tracy Turnblad, graduates from outsider to celebrity trendsetter and along the way she stars on "The Corny Collins Show," wins the heart of resident hunk Link Larkin and kicks down the barriers for black and white integration on local television.

I went to watch this movie with Stella yesterday. I must say I enjoyed the movie, especially the music & dance. I must say that the movie has helped me to feel relaxed about the stressful work that I have been facing for the past few weeks.

Managed to find out that Cathay online booking system does not factor in the UOB Credit Card discount nowadays, unlike last time. Looks like it is going to be worthwhile to purchase the tickets on the spot if you wish to catch a movie.

This movie taught me about society intergration of races & how to accept people who are different, like handsome, ugly, fat & thin. I feel that some of the things shared in there happens to me sometimes.

I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars for the good music, good dancing & good storyline.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

林俊傑, 不流泪的機場 @台中廣三改版簽唱會

I know Curryegg loves this song, but I just can't find the music video of the song.

If u want the song, I can lend you the album to have a listen. :)

Its my favourite song in his latest album too.

Mum Visit of Jason

Knowing that I was quite busy with my work & study recently, my mum went to visit Jason yesterday.

According to my mum, who checked with the staff nurse, Jason is not undergoing any therapy treatment for the time being, but undergoing Chinese Accpunture treatment on a twice per week basis. According to auntie, the fees for the accupunture treatment is about $200 per week.

My mum & I are thinking to start a fund raising activity to help his family pay a part for the treatment. For those people who wishes to chip in to the fund, please feel free to contact me. We are looking at any amount on a monthly basis as we know everyone has his or her own family & commitments to look after as well.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti Medley

Was quite shocked to hear of Pavarotti's passing today afternoon.

Here is a video of the great tenor.

Rest In Peace, Pavarotti.

David Copperfield In Singapore

Read this from Perfectwound's blog that David Copperfield is coming to Singapore.

Anyone interested to go for the performance on 2 Nov & 3 Nov?

Room Rented Out

My mum managed to convince our ex-tenant's friend to stay at the spare room. The problem of sourcing for tenant is solved, which is good.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NS Man Caught With Rifle @ Orchard

Was quite stunned like Wendy when I saw the news on The New Paper yesterday. It left me to wonder at first if the soldier was :-

  1. Being "tekan" by officer, meaning bullied by the army officer that led him to do such an act.
  2. This guy is mentally unstable. He is not suited for NS in the first place.

Now we know that the guy left the camp with the rifle as he broke up with his girlfriend. I think it appears that the guy seems very possessive, according to newspaper reports.

I just feel that the guy should have just let go about the BGR, as he is still so young, what's there to worry about not having a girlfriend?

Blogger Coach

Recently, I feel quite glad to see that 3 of my friends decided to set up their blogs. I must say the 3 ladies that I coached have been quite fast about blogging.

Do show your support for them, ok?

  1. Stella -
  2. Nicole -
  3. Germaine -

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Yi Ren Yi Ban

I haven't seen the movie yet but this song is very nice. :)

Happy Birthday To Perfectwound

Tomorrow, 3 Sep is Perfectwound's birthday.
I hereby wish PW a happy 28th birthday tomorrow.
To my friend,
Its has been a pleasure to have you as my friend.
You have struck me as a helpful person with a different kind of humour.
May what u wish for come true for you!!!
Your friend:

Room for Rent

The spare room in my house is empty again after my tenant moved out of the room last night. My mum is hoping to rent the room to students or working professionals.
So if you know of people who are looking for a room in my area, please e-mail to me or leave a note here.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Teachers' Day

Today is Teachers' Day. I just wish to wish all teachers a Happy Teachers' Day.

This post also goes out to Rebec mei & Krys who are my friends and work as teachers in schools.


SSO Performace

Flights of Fantasy (SSO)
Pic Courtesy of Sistic

I was invited by Rebec mei to join her for the above performace today. Actually it is an open rehearsal @ the Esplande. We were joined by Rebec's colleague and her colleague's hubby.

Besides watching the orchestra rehearsing for the performance, we also got a chance to see the behind the scenes work of the performers, such as why this part of the performance was not well done. It was an eye opener for me, and considering that I decided to give myself a break from work today as I have been back at work for the past two weekends. As usual, work can't be finished, but I am not a robot, I need a break. I enjoyed the open rehearsal very much. Thanks Rebec mei for helping me to destress.

After that, I went to Tampines Mall for a walk while waiting for mum to accompany her to SSA at Tampines St 92 for chanting session. During my walk there, I met by an office neighbour. We chatted a lot as we had not met each other for a few months already. He is willing to help me get out of the difficuities in the job that I am facing now. I told him I will do the next step and see how we go from there.

Was served by a good bunch of people at Delifrance Tampines Mall for my lunch. I wrote them very nice comments on the card as they were really attentive to such details like:-

  1. My knife accidentally dropped on the floor. The waiter got me a new knife without me having to ask.
  2. The ice-cream I ordered had whip cream but the branch had ran out the whip cream. The waitress took the trouble to highlight to me and asked if I mind politely.

Got my new GV movie club membership card yesterday. The card is so unique. It looks like a pack of French fries to me!!!


It has been a while since I last blogged. My mood have been affected by my work recently. The fortunate thing was that there was singing, JJ...