Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sad News


My family received news that my former domestic helper has to undergo a C section operation to take out her unborn baby. The situation is complicated by the fact that her placenta is out of place. The doc advised her to undergo an operation that will stop her from giving birth next time.

I just hope that she will be okay and not to think too much about her operation on next Tuesday.


Jovie, on behalf of my family,

I just hope that you will stay postive

for your operation!!!

Although we are not able to help you

much financially,

You will be constantly be on our minds

during this difficult times that you

are facing.

Take care!!!



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chirstmas Wishlist


Reading Wendy's wishlist makes me want to come up with mine as well. For me is a birthday list too since my birthday is a week before that.

  1. Meeting Dalicia in Singapore. Like Wendy & Darling, I guess we wait too long, till my neck is as long as giraffe.
  2. Hope that my bro is not too engrossed in his religion & try to convert me.
  3. My parents & friends to stay healthy and happy.
  4. A better job for me with better pay.
  5. Hope to pass ACCA by 2008 or early 2009.

I wonder if Santa reads my wishes. Maybe he feels that Paul is too greedy.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Half Happy Day


I messaged Ms C this morning, while on my way to work to see if she got the flowers and chocolate which her colleague collected on her behalf the other day.

Quite soon, I got a reply saying that I do like it very much, thanks again.

I always feel happy to have made someone's day a little brighter.



Wonder why the b*** & my lady boss enjoy spoiling my happy moment. First it was the b***, who asked why I didn't tell her to review the submissions for the companies without any activities. Logic tells you that there is no computation or calculation involved, just need to fill up the forms with zero & cross the relevant boxes. Do you need to see this? If I show you, you say is a waste of time, so I gave it to my boss.

My lady boss has remarked that Dec was not a good time for me to take exam. Just remembered what pal was smsing me something similar to what she said the other day too. I felt like telling my boss, if you had not held back the accounts & changed my workflow, I wouldn't be rushing like mad now. I don't even have enough sleep, let alone study.

The last thing I need was my mum to nag about my job hunt and my work. I told her I rather do something that I enjoy doing or am familar with, then explore a new area. I feel that Singapore employers do not give mid career switcher a chance at all sometimes.

She also kept harping that praying would help me in finding a job. This is something that my brother & I do not agree. For me, it is just another method of destressing. Basically, I go because I wish to spend quality time with her as we are all busy working nowadays.



Glad to say that I have strong support for my birthday buffet that is coming up in 19 days. I am happy that most of them are coming. My family is equally supportive too, but told me & bro that we are to clean up my messy house to welcome you guys. My cousins may be joining in too, so there may be about 30 people on my side.

  1. Lorraine
  2. Elaine
  3. Terence
  4. Rebec
  5. Wendy
  6. Chris
  7. Paul
  8. Stella
  9. Huiyu
  10. Caifeng
  11. Kelvin
  12. Peggy
  13. Elaine (ACCA)
  14. Sau Chee (my colleague)
  15. Richard
  16. Christine
  17. Kaylee & her family
  18. my tenant
  19. my dad
  20. my mum
  21. my bro
  22. My 5 cousins
  23. Von
  24. Nicole
  25. Tammy

Just wish to thank all of you for the support.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Birthday Tag


Saw this on Dalicia's blog and thought that it was interesting. Like her I am also a December baby. I was born on Dec 18.

The traits that apply to me are highlighted in bold.

DECEMBER: Loyal and generous. Sexy. Patriotic. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Loves to socialize.Loves praises. Loves attention. Loves to be loved. Honest and trustworthy. Not pretending. Short tempered. Changing personality. Not egotistic. Take high pride in oneself. Hates restrictions. Loves to joke. Good sense of humor. Logical.

青出於藍- Shine On You


Finally got the chance to catch this show online after missing the opportunity to watch it on Channel U when it was shown in July. Although I had to skip some epsoides when I watched it online, I still manage to enjoy the story.

青出於藍 stars my 3 favourite actors/ actresses from the TVB A List. Bobby Au Yeong, Kenix Kwok, Michael Tao, with Bobby leading as an accountant being asked to lead a school set up by his boss as principal, with Kenix & Michael starring as teachers of the school.

The story is very interesting as :-

  1. It  showed that a person can develop a passion for things that he has not done before after a while.
  2. It also taught me that nothing is impossible no matter how young or old you are. The question is whether you wish to try or not.
  3. Loving a person is not as easy as one think. You cannot love a person if you do not have the "feel".
  4. If you love a person, it doesn't mean that you must be with her. You just wish for her to be happy.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Eventful Saturday

54 Hour Work Week


This week was a long work week for me as I just sat down & counted how many hours I had worked this week. A whopping 54 hrs. The last things that I had not wished for it to happen but happened was :-

  1. I forgot to lock up the office last night, in my haste to go home for dinner at 8.45pm and was told off by "The Prawn" for not locking up as I stepped into office today to continue where I left off. I found it interesting as to why didn't Mr Yee speak to me about this as The Prawn claimed that my boss was called back by the management office to lock up the office at midnight. I wonder how true is that as The Prawn is known for cooking up stories. Now I know why Q calls him Osama, because he may be the next one to set up the new terrorist attack. Haha!!!
  2. Was asked by Mr Yee to create two tax files for all my tax clients - One current open file for tax assessments that are not finalised & the other is for finalised assessment. It seems a good idea & I knew it was the b*** & my lady boss who suggested it as they claimed that the tax files are too thick. I wanted to voice my reservations to this, but Mr Yee seemed to be in a hurry & left the office after he told me this. My reservation was the lack of storage space & filing cabinets, as well as the tedious process having to switch the documents, since the person who suggested the idea would not be the one doing all these "dirty work". These dirty work will be me to do it. D was right to say that I am being exploited by my boss & should speak up. But knowing that the b*** is good at carrying my bosses' shoes, do you think I have the chance to speak up? Based on the seniority in the company, I lose out to her as well.

Can someone teach me what can be done?


Self Service Dinner


Decided to try out the new nasi lemak  stall at the newly renovated coffeeshop near my house when I was out for dinner with my dad & brother just now. But the whole dinner was spoiled by an incident that caused my dad to be very angry that he wowed not to order from that new stall again.

I had picked my food and was walking back to my seat with the plate of nasi lemak when I tripped over a chair's leg, causing me & the plate to fall over. The person sitting on the chair happened to be my friend's mum. She didn't even bother to apologise and just said that I fell because of my disability. I was too tired & hungry to say anything so I just sat down and waited.

The drinks stall auntie was very good. She went out of the way to ask the nasi lemak stall auntie to replace a new plate of nasi lemak for me. Not only that, she carried the plate of nasi lemak to my table and asked the auntie not to charge me.

My dad was disturbed by these :-

  1. Out of the whole coffeeshop, the stall was the only stall that needs the food to be self-served. Why is it so? You will be hurting your own business, since your peers are not doing that.
  2. Why didn't the stallholder help me to carry the food on seeing me ordering the food? She didn't have eyes to see? It is not as if that she has no helpers. She got 2 helpers to help her.
  3. Why you still want to charge me and expect me to pay for the plate of food that I can't eat?
  4. Why must you ask the drink stall auntie to serve the food to me, why can't you do it yourself?

I wonder where is the heart of these Singaporeans sometimes. But I am really stunned by my dad's actions as he really shouted at the coffee shop never to order food from them again.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Surprise Belated Birthday Gift for Someone

I got to know that it was C's birthday was on last Sat after she returned my call yesterday. She knew that I had something up my sleeves when she told me that her birthday was then. But I decided against telling her and went online to order this bonquet of flowers for her. together with a little box of Ferraro Roche chocolates for her

I think she must be overjoyed with the gift, as she said that I am sweet after receiving flowers from me the last round. She was in a midst of a meeting, when she messaged me that she got a call from her office that she got the flowers from me. She wrote that she would like the flowers even though she hasn't seen them yet.

Hopefully, I can meet up with C soon, in order to thank her properly, for rekindling my wish to step out of the hell place that I am in now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Many Things



Been busy with my work as Mr Yee started to rush me to complete my YA 2007 Corporate Tax Forms & Computations and to start my YA 2008 tax computations. All the work is jammed, thanks to the change in workflow that his wife created. The change has caused my work to be 2 months behind schedule.

The b*** has been constantly "adding characoal" (badmouthing & adding new areas to "improve" my work. All her inputs are accepted by my lady boss. I wanted to voice my displeasure, but I know it will fall into deaf ears.

Can someone teach me how to shut their mouths? Looks like it will be a start of a working weekend for me after a hitaus again.

How am I going to prepare for my exams?

Update about Jason

Paul wiz jason

Finally found the time to visit him after 3 months today. His condition is quite bad, coughing quite badly with a lot of phelgm. It was so much that I had to ask the nurse to change his tissue paper covered with phelgm twice during my hour visit there.

I also got an update about his condition. The diagnosis is very grim but I still believe that my buddy will pull through this ordeal soon as steps like accupunture & physiotherapy are back in place after his fever 2 weeks ago.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Important Announcement for ACCA Students In Singapore

I have to thank my boss for spotting the 2 exam venues in my exam docket for my upcoming Dec exams. It was spotted as I was applying my exam leave.

I have managed to confirm my exam venue with ACCA Singapore. My place of exam as stated in the docket, Hall 2 will be Raffles Junior College.

For those people who have got Hall 1 as stated in their docket, their exam will be held at Singapore Expo Hall 3.

Managed to find out why ACCA Singapore are unable to hold their exams at Suntec City and also the upcoming problems about Singapore Expo being the exam centre for the exams in 2008 & beyond.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Caifeng's Customary Wedding Photos

I know that Stella & Darling are waiting for these photos. So here they are. The best part is that my table was selected to lead the Yam Seng team. It was a surprise that me & Charles did not expect. Luckily my G2000 coat came in handy as the resturant was too cold.



The Brothers' Team - Have to thank the photographer for taking this photo for us.


Me with Caifeng.


Me with Caifeng & Charles -The only 2 of Caifeng's poly mates that attended tonight's dinner.

May I wish the couple have a happy & blissful marriage!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well Wishes To Caifeng & Kelvin


Just wish to wish Caifeng & Kelvin a Happy & blissful marriage forever.

Will be attending their wedding dinner tonight. It will a chance to catch up with my old poly friend, Charles, who is the matchmaker of the couple.

Hopefully Stella can join me too, as she just called me that she is sick. I just hope that she gets well soon.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dinner With The Couples

It was supposed to be a 6 persons gathering for dinner just now, but Huiyu couldn't make it due to some last min work. So it was left with me, my pal, Christine, Caifeng & Kelvin for the dinner.

The dinner was at Funan Centre, Sakae Sushi. The UOB Card discount will be over in 2 days time. I got to know this when I did the booking of the table for the dinner. Rich & I were the earliest as we waited for the couple and Christine to arrive.

Caifeng & Kelvin are going to Genting Highlands immediately after their customary wedding. This will be the couple's first trip there & they were pretty excited about it, from the questions that they asked us about Genting.

Both of them will be coming for my birthday. together with Huiyu (hopefully I can see her, because it has been about a year since I last saw her. The last I saw her was when Jason was first admitted to TTSH). She said that she should be free, but I guess all of us wish to see her in person.

After the 2 hr long dinner, we called it a night as Caifeng & Kelvin offered me a lift home as Caifeng wanted to visit her parents.

Thanks Kelvin for the lift home.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Paul Is Sick

images1I was sneezing a fair bit since yesterday afternoon. The aircon at my office was too power. The unfortunate thing was that I had sent my coat to the cleaners and I had only my Nike windbreaker to help to fight the cold.

The doc asked Paul to take a short holiday break & said that I have been working too hard.

He gave me

  1. A 10 pill course antibiotics.
  2. Cough mixture
  3. Flu tablet
  4. A day MC to rest at home

I should be able to meet Huiyu & Caifeng tomorrow.

Talking about holiday trip, I was telling mum about Michelle's invite to KL. She is okay with it. Mum was saying going to KL either on my birthday,  17 Dec. I am still considering as even though I still have annual leave after taking my planned 6 day exam leave in Dec, the tax filing deadline is on 31 Dec. I wonder if I can clear the "mountain" of jobs.


I will let Curryegg know too, if I am going KL then, since she promised to show me around.

The medicine effect is kicking in. Ciao !!!

What Is There To Be Jealous About?

My colleagues were complaining that the space at my workstation were still t he same after the shrinking of my office space from 3 units to 2 units, while their spaces have shrunk in size . One of them even said that her table was changed twice in the past 2 weeks, each time to a smaller work table.


Just wonder what was there to be jealous about? My mum was saying that I should  tell them the following:-

  1. My boss is concerned about the difficuities that I would be facing as I am not as able- bodied as my colleagues, therefore I need more space to move about. My mum also said maybe I should tell them boss wants to claim tax deductions as under Singapore tax laws, if there are modifications made to encourage the hiring of the not so able bodied people.
  2. Having 2 tables & 2 workstations means more work for me.
  3. Maybe the bosses wanted to pacify me for not giving my pay increment after the last one since 1 year plus ago.

I think these people really have nothing better to do, but to do what some people in their age group do best. Gossiping & Slacking!!!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

How To Have A Good Wedding Dinner?


Recently, I'm glad to have some friends who are married or in the midst of getting married. They were sharing with me how to ensure that I do not have to face the common problems faced by couples as they are planning for their wedding. I would like to thank to thank T, C & D for sharing these tips which I thought was interesting insight that I should share with you all.

  1. Hotel banquets are usually not that good, as the quality of their food are quite tasteless.
  2. Have a budget about how much you plan to spend for your banquet. This will usually determine which resturant & food that you will be getting. Discuss with your parents & in-laws about the menu you want, the resturant that you want. They might have other ideas as some parents are involved in businesses. Some of them just need to hold the banquet as they are requested to by their grandparents who like to go by traditional means.
  3. Make a guest list of those people that you wish to invite. For your relatives, make a count of your immediate relatives, & leave about 2 or 3 tables for your parents/grandparents to invite those distant relatives. I am assuming per table sit 10 people.
  4. Try to do a guest list with about 30 to 50 people as reserve list. This is to prevent the event of no shows at the dinner. Usually colleagues are the ones that are most likely not to attend banquets, unlike relatives and friends who will inform if they are not able to attend. In this way, u can push up those on the reserve list to the main list to fill up the seat. A wedding dinner is not cheap nowadays. It can range from S$500 to S$1,200 per table , depending on location & menu.
  5. Some guests can't stand the sight of another guests. This is especially common among relatives. Try your best not to put warring parties together.
  6. Assuming all your invited guests were to turn up, including the reserve list people, the resturant will gladly open up the extra tables that you need, because it means more money for the resturant.
  7. Another good way is to send sms to confirm your friend's address &  their attendance so that you can know you should send the invitation card to them. You save your printing cost too.
  8. For wines & beers, you may wish to check with the resturant if they provide free flow beer or wine or is it 1 complimentary bottle of wine per table. You may wish to order by consignment if the cost charged by the resturant is too expensive. Consignment means that you get a certain number of bottles of wines from the supplier and return those bottles that you can't finish to the supplier. The supplier will only charge you for the bottles that your guests consumed.

After seeing this list of things to look out for, I am glad that I told my mum that I have no wishes to get hitched as I know that I can't escape the fate of having a wedding banquet as I am the eldest grandson. My grandma would defintely want me to host a banquet. I will also hear a lot of nasty remarks from relatives too if I hold that. I told my mum that I have no money. If those relatives want me to hold it, please ask them to sponsor me with the cold hard cash, then I will do what they want. Otherwise, they have to follow my arrangement. A ROM ceremony with a buffet lunch so my guests can mingle around. Maybe for those who really want the banquet, I just put 8 tables of relatives, just to please them.

Hope these tips are helpful to you, the readers out there, who might be getting married.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Microsoft Live Writer Generated Post

I managed to install the new version of MSN & there is this Live Writer Application .

I didn't know that the Live Writer is so good that it can insert tables & maps into the blog entry. What's more, there are more interesting fonts to choose from.

Now I know why Wendy says that it is a good software & she doesn't need to login her account to blog anymore.

Wow Wow Wow!!!!

Birthday Buffet on 15 Dec 2007

I managed to send out a mass sms to the people that I wished to invite for my birthday informing them about the change of my birthday from a BBQ to a buffet.

I would like to thank Stella for highlighting about the rainy season issue not too long ago. It really slipped my mind that Dec is always the rainy season in Singapore. I would also like to thank Nicole for agreeing to come, abielt on short notice. I would send her a tinker when the date is nearer.

As anticipated, someone changed his mind, Krys,Eriko & Bonnie will not be coming. Anyway I will be confirming the list by 15 Nov to allow Elaine mei to help me & Terence to cater the food from her work place.

I really got to thank Elaine for organising the party for me & Terence. I know she has been very busy too, but she volunteered to do it. I am touched by the gesture from her.

Birthday Party- Change of Plan

I just spoken to Elaine mei about my & Terence's birthday party on 15 Dec. In view of the upcoming rainy season in Dec & Jan, we have decided not to take the risk by holding the BBQ in the rain. It will be difficult to start the fire in the rain. We have decided to hold the party at my house at Serangoon. It will be a buffet dinner.

I hope the support will be as strong for me & Terence. This also means that Kaylee & her family will get to tour a Singapore HDB flat. I hope she will enjoy it.

I also know that my house could be out of the way for some of my guests, who stays as far as Bukit Panjang & Bukit Batok.

For those invited that have not been to my house before, they will get a guide on how to be at my place by bus from Ang Mo Kio & Serangoon MRT Stations.

In the meantime, thanks for the support for those who have replied.

Meet Up With Long Time Malaysian Net Friend

I met up with my long time Malaysian net friend, Michelle & her boyfriend, Mervyn at Suntec City Sakae Sushi.

She is on a 3 day tour to catch 张惠妹 concert, which happened yesterday and an Esplande play that is going to happen tomorrow, before going back to Cyberjaya on Sunday.

I knew Michelle while she was working in Singapore about 3 years ago. Today was our first meeting despite knowing each other for so long. We chatted for about 2 hours on a wide range of topics on work, lifestyle, travel & concerts before calling it a night as she wanted to show her boyfriend around as it is only his 2nd visit to Singapore.

I hope the couple enjoys their stay in Singapore. I did enjoy myself tonight. Thanks Michelle for inviting me to pay her a visit at KL early next year. I try to make some time to be there.

I will post the photo that we took after I got it from her.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bee Movie & The Game Plan

"The Game Plan" is the story of superstar quarterback Joe Kingman (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), whose Boston-based team is chasing a championship. A 'serial bachelor', Kingman is living the ultimate fantasy: he's rich, famous and is the life of the party. But this dream suddenly ends when he meets the seven-year-old daughter (newcomer Madison Pettis) he never knew he had - the product of a last fling before parting years ago with his young wife. Now, during the most important time in his career, he must figure out how to juggle his parties, practices and dates with ballet classes, bedtime stories and dolls that come with his daughter. Equally perplexed is his agent, Stella (Kyra Sedgwick) who is without a parental bone in her body. Joe discovers that there's more to life than money and fame...
Barry B. Benson, a bee who has just graduated from college, is disillusioned at his lone career choice: making honey. On a special trip outside the hive, Barry's life is saved by Vanessa, a florist in New York City. As their relationship blossoms, he discovers humans actually eat honey, and subsequently decides to sue us.
Went to catch these 2 movies at one go to destress from the work stress that I am facing. I guess I will start my revision for my exams from this weekend. Hopefully, I can have better news to perk me up.
My comments about the movies:-
The Bee Movie is a realistic as we all know that Mother Earth needs all the organisms to get the ecosystems going. One must know his or her limits in order to get things done. I guess this is the point that I have picked up from the movie. I guess it applies to all of us too.
The Game Plan is a movie about an egostic bachelor, whose career brought him his riches. But when his daughter came into his life, he could not accept it at first, but he managed to change after he nearly lost his daughter. The points that I picked up from the movie were your family can be your pillar of strength when you need them. Arrogrance & flattery gets you nowhere.
My friends & I are disappointed at one of our friends' behaviour towards us recently. We were surprised by the 180 degree turns that he makes. Although the reasons may be valid, but is this the way to treat your friends when you are experiencing changes in your life? It does not mean that you do not need friends anymore. We regard you as our friend, therefore we are concerned about you. Maybe you feel that you don't need us anymore, but are you doing it right?
Some of you may know the person I am talking about. I just hope you keep it to yourselves.

Happy Birthday To Huimin

Just wish to wish my cousin, Huimin,
A happy birthday to her tomorrow.
Just hope that she continues to study hard
& graduate with flying colours!!!
Your cousin:

2 Wedding Invitation Cards At One Go

Yesterday, when I opened my letter box, I was not surprised to find these 2 invitations in my mail box.

I was also not surprised that I managed to guess correctly, which card is for which wedding. Looks like I can recognise my friends' handwriting.

Will be going for both weddings. I have to thank Caifeng & Darling for the invites.

Let's play a little game here:-

Can you guess which card is from Caifeng? Which is from Darling?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Birthday To Momo aka Gingy

Just want to wish my friend, Gingy aka Momo
A happy birthday tomorrow.
Shan't reveal her age here as she will sure say,
"I old old leh!!!"
But just to say you are still younger than me.

May you stay beautiful, cheerful & youthful always.

May what u wish for come true for you.

Although I know you not for very long,

I must say you are cheerful & friendly gal,

A "steady steady pun pi pi" friend

A friend who is super crazy about Jay Chou.

A blur gal that can wear the wrong shoe.

I know you will sure say u r paiseh (shy shy) when you see this.

But you are really a good friend to have!

May our friendship last as long as we are ard!!!

P.S. Glad that you like the gift from us.


Your friend,


Thanks for Liking The Music & Can Theatre Drama

I am glad to see that some of you liked the songs that I put up, while Elaine has wrote on her blog that she enjoyed the dramas that was recommended.
In fact, she told me she finished the entire podcast of radio dramas. I didn't know that my recommendation has such strong impact.
Do enjoy the dramas.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Relaxing Day

Today was a happy day as that supervisor was not around. But there was something else that I was feeling uneasy about.

Von & Huiyu can't attend Caifeng's wedding for various reasons, but that Aeroplane Flyer will be able to attend. Oh well, I am not too worried about myself. The thing is that Stella is invited too.

Let's hope she doesn't spout any rubbish on Caifeng's big day.

***Prays hard***

Sunday, November 04, 2007

933 Radio Drama Songs Feature

I have decided to do a song feature for the radio dramas that I have recommended for the past few weeks.
  1. 浪漫手机 by 周杰伦 taken off the drama, "Message"
  2. 一个人 by 蔡依林 taken off the drama "Dark Alley 2"
  3. Kiss Goodbye by Lee Hom taken off the drama "Dark Alley 2"
  4. 为我照顾她 by Alex To taken off the drama "谁能与天使相恋"

I personally enjoyed the dramas very much, especially Message and Dark Alley 2. 谁能与天使相恋 is also not bad.

I really admire the DJs who made the dramas, namely Peifen, Zhiyong & Jiahui.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

933 Golden Can Radio Dramas - Message &谁能与天使相恋

After introducing to you guys about 933 DJ Cruz Teng's Dark Alley a.k.a 暗巷2 a few weeks ago, I have 2 more radio dramas to introduce to you guys.

The first one is done by Peifen titled "Message". I personally felt that the story is quite touching, maybe because it talks about a girl who is in a similar situation as me. I shall not reveal much here as this will spoil your enjoyment for the story. I am still trying to ask Peifen to e-mail me Epsiode 1 of the drama as I could not find it on Podcast.

The second one is done by Jiahui titled 谁能与天使相恋. The story is not bad either but in my opinon not as touching as "Message" or Dark Alley 2.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Updates About Jason

My mum went to visit Jason on my behalf today. Heard from her that he is coughing badly again. In fact he is coughing out blood in his pelgm.
I guess his psyhiotheraphy has been stopped again. I will try to go by to visit him when he is better as my brother & mum has been coughing so I do not want to make worse their condition. Furthermore, I have been very busy with my work recently due to my office renovations and the new workflow.

Birthday BBQ Addition of Guest

I have decided to add one of my colleague, SC to my birthday BBQ guest list. Since I am inviting her only as most of my colleagues are rather nosey, I smsed to her my invitation after work.
She said she should be able to make it as the ACCA exam by then. She says she will let me know as soon as possible.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

What To Look For In A Good Taxi Driver?

I was on my way to work today when I heard the 933 DJs, Ivy & Peifen discussing about the recent uproar about taxi drivers overcharging passengers, touting for passengers, selecting passengers to pick.
Wanted to call in to share my expriences for both good & bad taxi drivers. Both happened quite recently.
The Good:
Took a Silvercab Premier Taxi(SHC 8367) to Japanese Garden last Sat. My mum & I were not sure the exact location of the event that we were attending. Lucky there were road marshals to guide us as the cabby drove in the venue. It ended up that the event was held at a deep corner of the Japanese Garden. My mum & I were thankful that he actually drove us up as the distance was really long. Some cabbies will just let us alight outside the gate of the Garden.
The Bad:
Was carrying a bulky item several weeks ago. Queued for some time at Suntec Tower 3 taxi stand before a Comfort cab came by. I loaded my item to the boot of the cab before boarding the cab. The cabby was complaining that he had received a booking. If he had not see my handicap, he would have asked me to get off the cab. He kept saying that he could have accepted the booking and earned the extra $4 as it was peak hour.
I was thinking you can ask me to alight if you don't want to pick me. I can take the next one as there are 22,000 cabs in Singapore. He just went on and only asked me how I wish to continue my journey when he reached somewhere near my office. I told him that since you are already here, you should go by CTE. His reaction was "errrrrrrr CTE ar". I furthered alerted him that I only had a $50 note with me and asked if he had change later for my fare. He said, " The ride is already half way, now then you tell me you have a $50 note. Can I say no?" I told him "At least I told you, unlike some people, who don't say till they reach their destination"
I just wonder why some cabbies are so good, but some are so bad.


It has been a while since I last blogged. My mood have been affected by my work recently. The fortunate thing was that there was singing, JJ...