Saturday, January 31, 2009

Visit To JB On 3rd Day of CNY

My manager and I were invited by our Chinese Muslim colleague, Syafiqah to her house at Bukit Indah, at JB on the 3rd day of CNY. My boss had given us the day off, since most of the staff had gone back to Malaysia.

Her place is about 1.5 hrs away from Singapore. There is a direct bus service, CW 3 that takes us to her place directly. Its hard to imagine how my colleague can endure the long travelling time and bad jams and travel to Singapore to work everyday.

I would like to thank her for the hospitality shown by her family during the 2 hour visit to her house. I also would like to thank her for her dinner treat at Jusco Bukit Indah that evening.

Here are the photos that we took that day.


My manager, Amy & my mum


Me with my manager's hubby


The Group pic with our host, Syafiqah. The child with her is her youngest child.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visit Of Relatives/ Movie Gathering With Facebook Group

CNY is always a time that I like, but it is also don't like as I grow  older, as relatives will always ask the question, "When will it be your turn?" I must say this year is very different as the friends that I knew from the Facebook Groups decided to ask me out for movie once again after my morning round of frantic house visiting, due to the fiasco as stated in my previous post.

Would like to thank Thomas for picking me up and sending me home for last night. Although the movie we caught was not that good, as I felt that the movie was too gross and there was no storyline, but the visit to the Marina Barrage was great. I think Quincy, Jane, Shu Ting & Thomas will have the same view as me.


When nursery teacher Jenny escapes to the country for a relaxing weekend away with her boyfriend, she is unaware of a romantic surprise he has in store. The location is perfect. A lake enclosed by woodlands is seemingly deserted and the scene is set for a picturesque proposal. But before the happy couple can enjoy the retreat, their peace is shattered by a gang of violent youths. What begins is a shocking and unrelenting game of cat-and-mouse, as Jenny is forced to fight back against her aggressors.

Here are some of the photos that I took for the past two days.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Poor Planning Or Lack of Communication?

For the first time in my history of CNY house visiting, my family was forced to wait to visit my grandma as this year was very different. My grandma has been staying at a nursing home since a bad fall at her home late last year. As the Chinese saying goes, every house has a difficuit bible to read,(家家有本难念的经), we certainly did not expect that because of someone's indivdualistic and selfish action caused us to waste 6 hrs of our precious time, just to wait to visit my grandma.

If this relative had told us about his plans to bring grandma to his house for lunch in the first place, I am sure that the 6 hrs can be better utilised. Because of a person's selfish act, I had to miss a CNY night movie session with my friends, instead of sitting down, playing with Facebook Games and checking on sms.

I feel bad that I have to reject my friends, but since it is CNY, and my grandma had been in a bad state of health recently, coupled by the fact that she is in her advanced years, I felt that I should visit her as a firm of concern and respect.

I just hope that some people don't treat us as transparent as grandma is also our elder and not only theirs.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy New(牛) Year


Chinese New Year is only about 2 days away. I just want to wish my Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.









Leaving you with this MTV performed by my favourite radio station YES 933 FM DJs Jiahui, Jiafa & Chongqing.

All's Well End's Well 2009


I went to catch this movie with my Facebook Singing @ K group at The Grand Cathay last evening.  I would like to thank Wesley & Thomas for organsing the movie gathering. It is my first time watching movie with such a big group of 9 people. I hope that Shu Ting, Jane, Tracy, Yvonne, Quincy and Corrine enjoyed the outing last night.

The movie is about:-

Kei's (Ronald Cheng) eldest sister Sandra (Sandra Ng) is a hot-tempered magazine editor and her temperament has left her single all this while. One of the family rules is that none of the siblings could get married before their eldest sister. Kei seeks help from the famous Casanova, Koo Chai (Louis Koo), to pretend to court his eldest sister and lure her into the mood of love. With Sandra falling in love with Koo Chai, he in turn falls in love with another girl, Mun.

I was tickled by the madcap actions of Sandra Ng, Louis Koo, Raymond Wong & Ronald Cheng.

Personally, I feel that this is a movie that can make you laugh all your stress & gloom away. I strongly recommend this movie if you wish to catch it this CNY.

After the movie, we proceeded to Mad Jack Restaurant at Prinsep Street for a late dinner and chatted for quite a while before we made our way home.

Singapore's Government Budget 2009


Our Finance Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam delievered the Singapore Government Budget for 2009 on Thu. I must say most of the tax measures that I have predicted were spot on.

  1. A corporate tax rate cut to 17%- A move to make Singapore a more pro-business enviornment to work in than Hong Kong.
  2. An enhancement to the loss carry back relief - The amount has been increased from $100,000 to $200,000 and the losses that were allowed to carried back were increased from a year to 3 years
  3. Personal Tax Rebate - A one off tax rebate at 20%, similar to the one given for Year of Assessment 2008, is given in this year as well.
  4. Enhancement to the Renovation Deduction


The measures that were not expected but I thought it was good were

  1. Helping employers by giving them a cash rebate for staff on their CPF payroll.
  2. Enhancement to capital allowances claim for plant & machinery that used to qualify for 3 years of tax deduction to 2 years.

Let's hope that this Budget will go in the long way to help us and Singapore emerge stronger from the crisis.

New LCD Monitor & Revitalised PC


I finally had the chance and time to blog today. I was quite busy recently and my old CRT monitor walked out on me on Wed. Thanks to my ex colleague, Roy at the computer firm which I used to work in, he managed to help me get a new LG Flatron 22 inch monitor and made my PC faster within a day at a special price.

I am still trying to get used to the new wide screen of the monitor. I must say the monitor is a good one.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Visit to Caifeng's House

I was invited to Caifeng's house for her baby's 1st month celebration. I was supposed to have a friend to join me for the event, but she fell sick, and didn't want to spread her flu virus to the baby gal.

I didn't have the chance to take the photos of the baby gal, as Caifeng's parents and long-time poly friend, Huiyu took turns to have long chats with me as it had been a while since we met up. I haven't met up with Huiyu since my 2007 birthday celebration. It was always good to catch up with old friends. Sometimes you just wish that time could stop there as there is so many things to share, yet so little time. In fact,we were still chatting as her partner drove his car to my block's lift lobby.

Thanks to Huiyu's partner for giving me a lift home tonight. Till we meet again in about 2 weeks time for a special event.

Album Feature: Kit Chan 再爱一回,陈洁仪


I managed to get hold of this album last week after searching high and low for the past two weeks. The album is a compilation of her hits from her albums in her 15 year career. I must say I really enjoyed the album especially CD 1 with 心痛,喜欢你,伤心. Of course CD 2 was equally good with 天冷就回来,入戏太深,再爱一回.

I would recommend all of you who likes her songs to get her album. You will enjoy.

Rocky Start for 2009

Shang Xin - Chen Jie Yi

First, it was my mum who was hospitalised on the first day of 2009. Then 3 of my friends, G, M & J was retrenched by their companies. Then, it was my mum who is facing difficuities at her job. Today, I heard that my friend A is in hospital for dehydration and respiratory tract infection.

This was not the start that I was expecting to happen to my family member or friends. But this year is an extraordinarily difficult year, and great perservance with hard work is needed to try to survive on the job. The most important thing is to stay postive, confident & happy. I think this is important for us to ride out this crisis!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have You Changed Your Ez Link Card?

I managed to my old ezlink changed after I saw the roving centre at Serangoon Interchange not having many people in queue. The new ezlink card does not have a deposit and it is also a cash card.

For those of you who have not changed your card, you have till 30 Sep 2009 to do so.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Change Change Change

Some changes in policy have taken place at workplace recently once again. Could it be due to the recession that its making every boss fearful as well?

I am surprised that a measure that I have not expected has been put into place. My dinner companion for last nite was suggesting to me that maybe my previous firm was a better choice after all after the recent siew of policy changes. But mum & I felt that this place is the place for me as she feels that my manager is a manager who is more than willing to impart and share her knowledge with me, having met and chatted with her for quite a while at a function some time back.

I also feel that I have great co-workers in my department which makes my job more enjoyable!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

KTV Session @ Top One KTV

The 1st KTV session for the year for the Singing @ K was organised by me yesterday. I would like to thank the 22 people who turned up yesterday. Some of them who signed up could not make it at the last min as they were sick. I just hope Angela, Grace & Lawerence to get well soon.

The session was at a high as there were disco effects in our room and we made use of the room effects to perform some of our songs.

We had quite a number of new people who joined us yesterday for the 1st time. Albert, Hubert, Kay, Danny, Shu Ting, Cesar, Keith & Eric. I hope that they enjoyed themselves.

My apologies to the attendees if you felt shortchanged by rude waiteresses at Top One KTV. I also have heard the feedback about the session being too long for these 2 rounds. I have since passed the message to the next organiser who promised that it will be a shorter session.

I must say that other than the service rendered and the size of the room, the location was very accessible. The lunch served was cheap but a little salty. The best part, the free flow of drinks and 7 hr session for $20, which was what Partyworld & KBox cannot offer.

Till we meet again for the next session. Leaving you with the photos that we took yesterday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boss Faith In Me

I was asked to update my boss personal contact list book recently as she was complaining that the staff assigned the task was doing the updating too slowly. I heard from my boss that she had asked that person to help her with the updating since 2007, but to date, she has not done very much.

As I was quite new to the company, having joined in March last year, I was quite happy to help as it is actually my lax period for the time being as the tax filing documents have not come in yet. I got the input documents from that person. I thought the list was not properly updated thus explaining why my boss was fuming mad with that person. I managed to update the whole thing in about 2 weeks.

Little did I expect that the person told my bosses that Paul messed up the whole updating process. Fortunately for me, I have kept my boss and manager in the loop about the progress that i had been doing about this task. I suspected that the list that the person didn't give me a true copy of the list she updated in the first place.

Fortunately, my boss had the faith in me. She trusted that I had done my part. I guess keeping them in the loop is very useful lesson that I have learnt since the previous lessons from the previous firms. It shows that my boss is a very fair person and don't practise favourtism unlike my previous boss.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mum Discharged From Hospital

The day I have been waiting for was finally here. Mum was discharged from the hospital at 2pm today. She is still weak from the medication prescribed to her by the doctor. Too bad, I could not take leave as my senior was on urgent leave due to some urgent family matters to attend to for a week.

Just wish to say thank you once again to all my friends, especially who sent me sms messages, facebook messages, blog messages during my period of anxiety. I also appreciate the phone calls from some of you as well.


Leaving you with this song that best describes my feelings for the past week.



I just got her " 再爱一回,陳潔儀" album. I really like her songs. 

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The 2nd Great Depression?

My boss had a meeting with us today. She was repeating about the ongoing financial crisis that all of us are facing around the world. I thought this was something that we have already knew about. In fact, 2 of my friends have been given the pink slips, stating that their services were no longer required by their firms.

I felt that she was trying to hint that we may not get any pay increment this year. I think it does not take long for a person who has a sound mind to tell you this. The crux of the matter is we understood what she was driving at in the 20 min meeting, but the message sounded like it is being played on a tape recorder over and over again.

Monday, January 05, 2009

No Smoking While Driving


As you know, Singapore's non-smoking areas were expanded from 1 Jan 2009. Dad was saying that the NEA have overlooked an aspect of enforcing the no smoking rule.

It is the smoking in cars by the drivers. These smokers would usually drive and smoke and the cigarettes will be on their fingers. If the cigarette ash or cigarette butt were to leave the fingers, it could hurt a passing motorcyclist's eye.

I thought that it was a valid point raised by my dad. What do you think.

Update About Mum


Went to visit my mum today for a short while as I was chased home by her as she felt that I was too tired to go to the hospital immediately after my work. She even told me to stop visiting her. Do you think I bear to do that?

Just a quick update of her condition, she is getting better. The doc is still administering the drip to ensure that the infection heals. The doc is trying to do a one week on drip course for her before discharging her & giving her a antibiotic medication to be eaten. So the most probable date of discharge may be Thu.

Have been shuttling to the hospital for the past few days continously. I just hope that this bad start to the New Year ends soon.

Once again, thanks to all my friends for their words of consolation via sms, my blog & facebook. I truly appreciate your friendship. Not forgetting my nurse friend, who gave me words of advice and calmed my nerves when I asked her about my mum's condition before she was sent to hospital. I guess without her words, I be at a loss as to what to do.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

An Update On Mum's Condition


I know most of my friends who saw my blog post via here or facebook are curious to know about what the doctor said about my mum's condition today. I was quite anxious myself personally as I was tasked with the responsibility to break the news to my dad and brother.

The doctor confirmed that my mum has urinary tract infection, and it has spread to her kidney, but luckily, the infection to her kidney was minimal. The doc is prescribing antibiotic drip to stop the infection. The doc said that the fever that she is having is normal as the body tries its best to kill the infection with the aid of medication.

The doc also advised my mum that she has to stop the cholestrol control medication as it appears that her body is showing some side effects to the medication.

If all goes well, she should be home by Tuesday, which I hope so as she was having a fever last night and she has the feeling of keep wanting to throw up.

Thank you to my friends once again who have showed concern for my mum and me during this period. I know my mum wants me to continue my life as normal. I am trying my best to keep my spirits up, the way she wants it to be.

In fact, I went to SSA Tampines Centre to pray for her speedy recovery before going to Bugis Top One KTV to book the KTV rooms for the group for the KTV that I am organising on next Sunday. I also signed up to be their member to enjoy more of their benefits. I was surprised to see Bugis Junction so crowded today, maybe it is because there only about 23 days to CNY. People are looking at CNY clothes and accessories.

Mum In Hospital


I know some of you will be surprised as you are reading this. I took the decision to get my dad to send my mum to TTSH last nite as her fever and shivers was on and off for the past 3 days. The locum (stand in GP) who treated her, gave her some medication but she didn't get well. In fact, I tried to arrange another appointment with the clinic again, but as it was the locum on duty again, she refused to see the doctor.

I guess I must thank my nurse friend for alerting me that my mum may be suffering from viral fever. I also have to thank my mum's ex colleague for convincing her to check into the hospital to do some tests.

At first, dad was not willing to send her in. It was not until when my brother and I urged him to send her in. I was thinking, if he was not willing to do it, I could do it. I can't bear to imagine the consequences if I have not stood by my decision.

Mum only got the hospital bed this morning after some tests were done on her late last nite. I just visited her just now. One of the tests confirmed that she may have infection in her urinary tract. I will only know the results of her other tests tomorrow after a meeting with the doc. My mum is eager to be out of the hospital but I am going to ensure that she gets well first before she is discharged.

I would like to thank my friends who sent their regards to my mum after seeing my previous blog post about her illness, which I linked it to facebook as well, and my friends who sent their regards to my mum after reading my sms and facebook tagline. I guess u guys know who are. Not forgeting my nurse friend & my mum's ex colleague, as their input have assisted in my decision making.

I just have this to say to all of you.


Just hope that my mum gets well soon.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Review of The Year 2008

还是好朋友- Fish Leong & Leo Ku

Thanks to Maggie for introducing this song to our singing group!!

Last year was an eventful year for me and I I must say it was a year of trial and error and most of the trials turned out to be successful. There were also some blemishes in the year but overall it was a good year for me. I think the music video above summarises my feelings about one of the incidents that happened to me last year. 


I shocked my ex firm bosses when I tendered my resignation almost immediately after receiving my bonus in late Jan. I am glad that I moved to this new company. Although the benefits may not be as good as my previous firm, my bosses and dept colleagues and manager have been very me. Workload is not as stressful as last time, as it is almost evenly distributed. I also feel that I am being rewarded well for the efforts that I put in for my job.

Facebook Groups

With more time freed up from the late working hours that I used to have, I decided to acquaint myself to some of the groups in Facebook to get myself to know more people as I found that my friends are getting lesser and lesser as they tend to spend more time with their jobs or partners. Although the first one was a disaster, I am glad that I had the courage to try again, otherwise I would not have the opportunity to know some very good friends at Singapore Facebook Singles, Picnic East Coast, Singing @ K & Libraboys Group. Because of me joining these groups, my heart was sent racing too!!! But it was not meant to be. However, I am glad that she was truthful to me and I am glad to say that we are still friends

One of my long time friends was saying that I certainly deserve better friends. I am glad to say most of them in these groups are slowly becoming my good friends too. It was quite heartening to see them celebrating my birthday for me in a big way this year. I am glad to be in part of the organisng committee for the Singing @ K Group since Aug. I hope that the members are enjoying the singing sessions that we have been planning for them. We are encouraged by the fact that the Singing @ K Group has about 220 members as of today.

I would like to thank the creators of the groups

Michelle- Singapore Facebook Singles



Germaine - Picnic East Coast

Lawerence YX- Singing @ K





Keith & Paul - Libraboys Outing Grp


If not for the creators of the groups, I guess I won't be knowing so many nice people, thus forging new friendships and brotherhood.

.In fact, my parents are happy that I am opening myself up to know new friends. They are asking me to invite them over for CNY at my house. Maybe they can't wait to see me settling down.


It has been a bad year on the study front for me as I failed my ACCA P2 paper in June and I have retaken the paper in Dec 2008. So I just hope that I can pass the paper this round.

Winning of IRAS Outstanding Volunteer Award

Grp photo paul


Last year was the third year in running that I won the Outstanding Volunteer Award in my 4th year in participating in the  volunteer e-filing excercise. It was a special year as my brother also won the commendation award for the 1st time sibce joining me  3 years ago in this excercise. For the 1st time, my mum was able to see her sons receiving their awards since it was held on a Sat.

New Godsister for Paul

curryegg22 (Large) copy

I had a new godsister, Kelly Tan aka Curryegg last year. She is also very talented in her own right. This makes her my youngest godsister at 21 years of age. I hope to catch up with her soon. I sincerely hope that 2009 is a good year for her. Hope what she wishes for come true for her.

Happy for Old Friends

Two of my long time friends, Caifeng & Darling gave birth to a baby girl and a baby boy respectively in Dec and Sep last year. My old secondary school classmate, Chay Hoon gave birth to a baby girl as well in Aug. I also managed to find my long lost 10 year JC mate, Funan, through my new friend, June, who introduced him to the Singing @ K Group. He just got married  to a Taiwanese.

Besides that, my buddy of 11.5 years, Richard got married. My godsis, Elaine got hitched too.

Cheating Case

I was embroiled into a cheating case near year end. I just hope to get my money back as soon as possible. I shall not say anything more about this as I have written a lot in my blog already about this matter.

Friends Turned Acquiantances

Thanks to PT for coining this term last nite. Last year was a year that made me feel that some of my old friends drifting away from me. I guess I know what is happening but I shall not put it in writing here as I may get brickbats if I were to write the full story in my blog here.

This is my summary for the year 2008. I certainly hope that 2009 will be a better year. Let's hope the world can ride out of the financial turmoil soon.

薛凱琪 & 方大同 - 復刻回憶

Leaving you with this MTV, which is a softer cover version of Jacky Cheung's 每天爱你多一些.


Wishing all my friends and blog readers a Happy New Year. Hope what you wish for come true in 2009!!!

91.3 Countdown @ Asian Civilisation Museum




I was at the Asian Civilsation Museum last nite for the Singapore Facebook Singles gathering organised by my friend, Michelle. The final venue of the gathering was settled to be here as there was poor response to the initial venue at DXO and there was some miscommunication over at the Ang Teng Restuarant which was featured in the newspapers recently.

This was the first time I was at the ACM. I was impressed by the Michael Jackson impresonation contest and the dance item put up the radio station. I was also impressed with the way the free flow of drinks and beer are done by the sponsors of the event.

Was glad that there were some people that I knew who were at the event. PT, Ken, Tracy, Alan, Jane, Yvonne were there, otherwise it could be boring.




We also took the opportunity to catch the fireworks display which happened at the Marina Bay before me & PT decided to call it a night as we were worried about the crowd if we were to get home too late. Also I was still worried about my mum, so I decided to get home early to have a look as my dad does not seem to care.

Thanks PT for being my listening ear last nite. I appreciate it. 

Busy Month for September & October

It has been a while since I last blogged as I have been busy due to work. My manager has been on long medical leave due to an operation. She...