Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Empty Tables At Wedding Dinner

My ACCA classmate, Elaine, who has invited me to her wedding dinner this Sunday at Copthorne King Hotel smsed me in the afternoon today to remind me that her wedding dinner is coming Sunday.

I think she is a little worried that her hubby &  her may have to see empty tables. I called her to reassure her that I will be there, since I have responded to her wedding invite some months ago. I am one who values friendship and I will most certainly show up at a friend’s wedding if I am invited.

I can’t imagine if the empty tables scenario were to happen to me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lecturer For A Day

I was asked by my boss to share with my department colleagues about the important points that I have jotted down when I represented the firm for the Corporate Tax Seminar on 17 September today.

In order to make the lecture a quick and precise one, I decided to use Powerpoint to highlight on the important points covered. My manager and boss was very impressed with the presentation that I put up, although I didn’t manage to utilise the full features of Powerpoint today as there was no projector in my conference room.

It was an interesting experience to share with them what I have learnt from the seminar. At the same time, I was also able to kindle my manager’s interest as to how I managed to do the Powerpoint presentation. I told her that  I had learnt it in school and had to take it as an exam subject. Also, I did not input the animations and transistions feature as I felt that there was no equipment that was able to show this in the office and it was just a simple and short presentation.

Hopefully, my points are reached across to the ears of my colleagues. 


Sunday, September 27, 2009

KTV Session & Birthday Celebration For PT & Yan Ling

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After a 3 month break, the singing group which I am involved in Facebook was back in action yesterday. This round, my partner, Jonathan Teo has decided to try out a few new measures that we have discussed over the past few meetings and put it into action.

Shortening the Notice Period for each K Session

We have decided to shorten the notice period to about 16 days that we are giving people to decide as it would be good to keep the group at a number that the few of us in the committee could manage. At the same time, it will reduce the possibility of logistics nightmare, like the one we nearly had for the June session.

Switching the session to an afternoon session

We are doing this to keep cost down. At first, we were worried about the lack of response, but after much thought, we decided to go ahead with it. We managed to keep to our usual levels of 23 people yesterday, which is a good sign.

This round, I had a good time, as I managed to sing quite a fair number of songs as there was only 6 people in my room and I need not need to worry about the logistics as my partner was handling it.

This round, we celebrated the birthdays of our regular members, Yanling & Paul Tseng, whose birthdays will be coming up in the following 2 weeks. I have to thank Jas for helping us to get hold of the cake.

I hope that the new members who joined us today, Sam, James, Joe, Alex , Randy  & Rachel enjoyed themselves today.

After the session, we had our dinner at West Coast Plaza, Dian Xiao Er. This was the 1st time I stepped into the shopping centre. This was also the 1st time where I found out that a shopping centre can just turn off its auto taps after a certain period of time. I nearly can’t wash my hands because of this. Talk about H1N1 still going around the world, and this is happening in Singapore.

I would like to thank Josline for offering me a cab ride back home, since she was going to her friend’s place for a mahjong session and also to our cameraman for the day, our Chairman, Lawerence for taking such nice photos for the group.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Short Working Week

This week was a short work week for all of us. It kicked off on a surprising note for my colleagues and I as the receptionist dropped the bombshell that she would be leaving the firm on 6 Oct. This was the second sudden departure in 2 weeks, which was of a surprise!!!

My boss had a short chat with me about the progress of my colleague. I am quite pleased to let my boss that she has done well after overcoming the hiccups. She also told me that she is pleased with my work, and hope that I don’t mind her or her husband’s naggings about my work.

I really am enjoying myself in this department of the company as I really get to learn a lot of things in my 1.5 years here. Just hope to learn more things from them before they retire.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Trip To Palau Ubin



My mum suggested to going to Sentosa for today but dad was against the idea and he suggested Palau Ubin instead. It has been many years since I have stepped onto the island and at that time, I was there with one of my aunts and my mum to visit the temple there. I still remember that time, we could take a taxi to tour the island for just $6!

We took Service 109 from my place to Changi Village Terminal. Before catching the bumboat to Palau Ubin, we had our tea break at the hawker centre. When we reached Palau Ubin, I was shocked by the sight of so many bicycles and minibuses. There was no sight of taxis in the island. I guess that is a change of the times.

In the end, My mum had to keep me company at the resting point located near the ferry terminal, while my brother and dad cycled round the island. Fortunately, we had bought The New Paper and Lianhe Zaobao to read, otherwise it would be very boring for me.

I can’t cycle on a 2 wheel bike as due to my physical condition. Sometimes I just wish that I could cycle on a 2 wheel bike. At least I would get to see some places that are accessible by bikes only.

But at least, I really enjoyed the peace and quiet that is a little difficuit to find in the main island of Singapore nowadays. Also, I got to learn a new bus service route which I can add to my collection.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Istana Open House

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I just got back from the Istana Open House not too long ago. This was my first time visiting the Istana. The visit was initiated by me as I wanted to see how the Istana looked like.

I really enjoyed myself with my family and 2 of my relatives, my uncle’s wife and my uncle’s mum-in law

The only complaint I have, the weather was sorching hot!!!


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