Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MIO TV and DVD Recorder Problems Solved

The MIO TV problems that have plagued me for the past few weeks were finally solved on last Monday. Apparently, there were some problems with the external connection points outside my flat. The rewiring resolved all the problems faced.

I was therefore able to try out the DVD Recorder that my dad had purchased some time ago. Some of you may know that my dad is an electrician for his day job. He had managed to use the MIO TV setup box as a recording outlet for all the TV programmes. I finally found the time to try it out. The good thing is that the recorder and the MIO TV linkage worked fine. This means that I will be able to catch the Champions League matches on record, as I usually have to work on the next day. My parents are also happy that they can finally record their favourite Chinese MIO TV or Mediacorp channels I they missed the programmes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 – The Year In Review

I decided to do my yearly review early this year, as it has been an eventful year with many things and events happening to me in this year. In fact, I would call this a roller coaster year, just like the economy in the Year 2009. I am just afraid that I may not be able to write this on 31 December, as I would be counting down to Year 2010 with my friends. I will not be mentioning some names for some reasons as I write about some things or events as I certainly do not wish to invite nasty comments or unnecessary comments on my blog, although I believe that since it is my blog, I am free to write whatever I want.


This was the year where I decided to take a break from my studies as I have not been able to clear my Professional Stage papers since starting the stage about 2 years ago. It has been demoralising to say that I have not been dong as well as I have hoped, despite putting in, what I considered to be my best effort. Some friends have been supportive of me taking this break, as they felt that I needed it, whereas my mum and someone whom I used to consider as a long-time close friend, was not in favour of it. It did not bother me anyway as I felt that I needed to break free from the clutches of ACCA for a while and re-evaluate my priorities.

The break certainly allowed me to explore new ways to restore my low confidence, as my mum suggested that I could take up psychology or counselling courses to allow me to understand people around me better. In fact, my mum took the plunge this year to be a volunteer consuellor. I am glad that I am able to pick up a lot of pointers from her through her learning experience. As her son, I am happy for her that she has come so far in this course as it is certainly a welcome diversion from her job, which had not been smooth sailing in this year.

I also got to find out more about the ACCA marking scheme and the Oxford Brookes Degree that the ACCA is tied up to. The knowledge of the marking scheme and methods have made me wonder if I had made the right choice four years ago to start on this major study investment, as it appears that it is getting harder and harder to pass with the low passing rates hovering at 20% to 30%. The Oxford Brookes Degree will be hard to obtain for me, as I will definitely have problems finding a mentor to conduct interviews about the progress of the project, let alone sign off the project. Anyway, one of my classmates have said that the degree will not be of that much of use as it is not really that recognised.

The thought of switching to CPA Australia did cross my mind, after I heard from a colleague that the passing rate is better. I agreed with his analysis that the fees are on the high side for the ACCA qualification, and you certainly still need to pay for your qualification after your graduation. Maybe this is an option that I could consider should I fail to make it for the coming round, in which I have registered for the Professional Accountant class with my KTV buddy, Jonathan at a new location, SAA City Campus. Who knows, the new environment, a new lecturer with a new teaching method may do wonders to my grades. What’s more, all these are achieved at a lower cost as the fees are about $100 cheaper.


The break from study meant that I could put more attention on my job, which has been great so far. It has been a year filled with added responsibilities and I am glad that I am able to handle it well. Except for a nasty breakdown in communication with 2 colleagues, due to some work-related issues, I thought that I have done reasonably well this year on the work front.

A plan to kickstart a group outing to enhance interaction with my colleagues was met with lukewarm response, but it was certainly a surprise that they actually gave me something on my birthday. Their gesture really touched my heart! J

Interest & Hobbies

This year was the start of my favourite soccer team, Manchester United collectables year. I had wanted to start this some time ago, but I did not have the opportunity or purchasing power to do so. It is good that my colleagues have helped me to kindle this interest.

This is certainly a good way to reward myself for the hard work that I have put in. It is certainly better than lending people money when they are in need, and always having to chase for payment. I certainly do not wish to hang a pig head like a loan shark to chase for payment.

IRAS Volunteer E-filing Exercise

This was my sixth year in this exercise and once again, I had won the Outstanding Volunteer Award for the fifth time. This year’s exercise was marred by computer problems and lack of proper training for some of the volunteers. The good thing was I managed to invite my mum to witness the winning of this award again, and sharing the NTUC Fairprice voucher that I won with her. The sad part was someone whom I was interested in, and had hoped to continue to be friends with, rejected my invitation and subsequently deleted me from Facebook. Till today, I am still deeply hurt by what she did.

I was also invited to share some of my interesting experiences with the new volunteers this year. The next thing I knew that I was going to be interviewed by the community centre’s newsletter, to share my volunteer experiences.


This is the year, which I feel I had a roller coaster ride in friendship, as I had the joy in meeting new friends. I think they know who they are. I also felt the hurt from the words and the action from some of them. For some of them, I just cannot understand why they chose to hurt me with the way they did. Like what Jas, Qiqi, Jonathan and Andrina had told me to look forward, and not to look back. I guess this should be the right path for me. These friends are best to be forgotten, keep only the good ones in your circle of life.


It was a quiet year as explained in the paragraph before this. Due to that incident that happened, I am a little fearful to move forward, even though I have met people that I have fancied this year. I guess it will be good to see and observe carefully first, before making my next move. It would be in the best interest for myself and my future partner. Understanding and communicating with your partner in a relationship is important in order for the relationship to develop well. I would rather adopt a wait and see approach than to jump in to the deep end of the pool and getting myself hurt in the process.

My hopes for the Year 2010 will be: -

1. To clear at least 1 of my ACCA papers

2. Hope for another positive year on the work front

I always believe in having a positive outlook for the New Year, so that I can have a good year ahead.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Movie Saturday & Music Sunday

I had a prior movie date with Sis Jas and Bro Jonathan to catch Sherlock Holmes at the Grand Cathay on Saturday. The movie had to be a night one as Jas was working in the day. This meant that I was able to enjoy my dinner with my parents at home. It has been a while since my dad whipped up a storm in the kitchen. The dish of the day was steamed crabs, which I thoroughly enjoyed with the salad that my mum had prepared.

The movie, I felt was quite funny and interesting. Personally, I would give it a 4 out of 5 rating.


Sunday was a hectic but enjoyable day for me. I was out in the morning with my mum for our usual weekly praying session at Tampines Soka Centre, before we headed to Bedok Food Centre for lunch, where I had my all-time favourite mutton soup, before heading to Andrina’s place for a KTV session with Jonathan, David and Lance.

After the session, we headed to Music Dreamer Live Café (爱情海) at Marina Square. I have been wanting to head down to this place since I heard of it some years ago, but always did not have the chance to. Although the food served was not that fantastic, but it is certainly a good place to relax, if you are a person who enjoys music. It was an enjoyable first time experience for me at the café. I would like to thank Andrina for recommending this place and bringing us to the café. I managed to take a photo with the singers after their 3-hour performance. I would like to thank the singers for being so obliging with the photo.


Me, David & Lance with the 5 singers for the night

Here are some of the features of the café.

1. You are required to order a minimum of $12 of food or drinks in the café for each person.

2. You can make a dedication of the song that you wish to hear and the performers will usually oblige if they have the lyrics and if they do know how to sing the requested song.

3. There are 2 special nights in a month, whereby the stage will be open to the patrons of the café. The partons may go up on stage after deciding on the song they wish to sing, and the band will play the song. It is like singing in the KTV, but without the lyrics or it is better known as unplugged version.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Collection of NRIC

I had thought of going to ICA early to get my NRIC today. But when I woke up this morning, it was 10.30am. Therefore, I had little choice but to take a cab down to collect my NRIC after my breakfast as they close at 12.30pm. I was pretty worried that the queue will be long as there will be another long weekend next week.

My worries were unfounded as even though the queue was long, there were 5 counters serving us. The new NRIC has some changes in the features and information displayed. There is a mini hologram showing my photo again on the front of the NRIC, and there is no more blood group information displayed on your NRIC. The best part is after this change, there is no need to change NRIC anymore.

I am sorry that I am not able to display a scanned copy of my NRIC here due to security purposes. I certainly do not want my particulars to be misused for unauthorised purposes.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Needs To Clear Leave

I was informed by my boss that I needed to clear my 2009 remaining leave entitlement by January. I knew that something was amiss since November when my boss said that she wishes to commute part of my leave into pay. It looked like her son had wanted to change the HR policy again. It was also good that I commuted part of my leave into pay as I will have problems clearing them as my manager has a lot of remaining 2009 leave entitlement as well.

Actually, I was thinking to utilise the leave for my exams and maybe a family holiday in the next year, but it seems that I may need to bring forward my holiday plan. I have applied for leave from 13 Jan 2010 to 15 Jan 2010. I am okay with having my parents going with me on the planned trip, which may be Kuching or Chiangmai. But my mum has decided to tag one of her friends along, which I don’t really feel comfortable with. Its a family holiday, remember. If my mum does it this way, I may just tag a friend along as well. I wonder who wishes to join me on such short notice.

Christmas Dinner With Family

昨晚,爸爸邀请了全家人和他的同事们到他的教会举办的圣诞晚宴和庆祝会. 其实,我和弟弟不是很喜欢参与这些活动的.可是,爸爸即然邀约了我们,我们就得去不可.

其实,对昨晚的节目和晚餐,我和弟弟都感到不自在, 而且,食物并不是很好吃,节目也蛮差,因为,这群教会的朋友平时在家是说英语的.他们说的华语,简直是听不下去,语病连连.幸好,爸爸的同事们都是来自中国,所以,还好可以和他们交谈,不会太无聊.

晚宴后, 我和弟弟搭巴士到转换站,去咖啡店再吃了罗卜糕,才回家去.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Paul The Santa Claus


Even though it was raining heavily this Christmas Eve, it certainly did not dampen my spirit to spread the Christmas cheer and the spirit of giving to my colleagues. Some of you would have known that the firm that I am working in now is quite a big office with close to 50 people. Therefore, you can’t blame me for being a cheapo by giving them each a Ferraro Rocher Chocolate each.

Anyway it is also my way of thanking my colleagues, especially those who have given me presents for my birthday last week. For the rest of them, it is to thank them for helping me in one way or another when I needed help at work in the past year.

The happy day was filled with happy stuffs as my following colleagues celebrated their birthdays in advance and the birth of their child today.

Amy, my manager – will be turning a year wiser on 27 Dec 2009

Annie, my secretarial dept colleague -will be turning a year wiser on 28 Dec 2009

Bee Hui, my audit dept supervisor – had given birth to her son today morning

On this note, I just want to wish everyone who is reading this blog post, no matter whether you are my relative, friend or just a passer by, A Merry Christmas. May good tidings be with you throughout the year!!!

ACCA or CPA Australia

I have been asking myself this question since I heard from my new colleague, Wee Yong that CPA Australia has a much higher pass rate than ACCA. I am quite tempted to make the switch as my ACCA Level 2 qualification is recognised in as part of the qualification.

Seeing how my friend got her CPA Australia certificate in 4 years, while I am still struggling with my ACCA after 4 years, after discounting my one year break as of now, makes me wonder if I had made the right choice to take ACCA as my degree in the first place. It took me 3 years to get through the Level 2 hurdle and I certainly do not want to keep not clearing again, despite putting in the effort. Maybe I should give it a try should I flunked the Professional stage again. The facilities of CPA Aussie is definitely better than ACCA.

Went down to Kaplan City Campus just now, hoping to sign up for P1 class. I didn’t know that Roy Goh does not teach P1 anymore, but shares P2 with Mr Sami now. I wanted to try out Roy’s class as I feel that the previous lecturer I took (his name is mentioned on the tagboard of my blog) is not that good. Looks like Philip Woo of SAA is the only choice now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shop, Eat Shop, Eat

I went to collect my phone from PS Samsung yesterday. The queue was horrendous as I waited an hour to collect my phone. I thought I could be there early to meet Qiqi, Jonathan, Jas & CK for dinner early. Ended up I was late. Sorry pals!!! But I guessed it was only right for me to give you guys a treat after you all bought me cakes & dinner on several occassions before my birthday.

Before that, went to get a new camera as my old one had crashed. I was smart that I didn’t make a hasty purchase as the price quoted by Best Denki was cheaper than the shop at my office building. Anyway, my new camera is much much better than the old one. The Olympus FE 4000 12 megapixel camera

Dinner was at Swensens PS. I certainly enjoyed the dinner and the company I had. We had a long chat about 2 people in the KTV group who caused some big hoo ha over what they did or said. One of them certainly left me disappointed, while the other, I must say, lucky I am not that close to her.

Today was my bonus day. I was quite happy with what was given, which was about the same as last year. I hope to strive harder and achieve better results next year!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shopping Day

This was the last weekend before Christmas and mum had reminded me to utilise the BHG Shopping Vouchers given by Xinhui and Yvonne for my birthday before it expired. I was also reminded by my boss to utilise her Istean vouchers soon. I guessed she had wanted me to take advantage of the Private Sale that happened at Istean Scotts on my birthday. But I didn’t go as the queue was horrendously long. Will maybe pop by on Tuesday.

Went to BHG with mum and bought 2 sets of working pants and working shirt. Mum got two pairs of shoes at $9.90 each, while I topped up about $30 for my purchase.

After that bought a pair of shoes before heading to visit my granny at the old folks home. My aunt and cousin were there too. Glad that she looks better now.

Samsung Jet In Hospital


I decided to check my Samsung Jet into the service centre after it hangs intermittently and the keypad is insensitive. This is the 2nd time in a month that I have sent the phone for service for the same problem. Decided to get a standby 3G phone for myself and my family since my dad, brother & myself are using the 3G SIM Cards. The Customer Service said that the phone has to be in the service centre for 3 days at least. Lucky they have home delivery service for serviced phones. Even if there is no such service, I am ok with it as my office is not too far from the service centre.

Decided on getting the Samsung S5503 by just paying $100 to Singtel and extending my contract for another 2 years. Anyway it is just a standby phone, so there was no need to get a sophiscated phone.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes For Paul

I still got some belated birthday wishes on Facebook from:-

Jasmine Lee happy happy birthday! be happy, stay happy! may all good things come ur way!
Curry Egg Happy belated khor.. sorry for being late. Anyway, wish you have a happy year ahead! :D

Thanks for all the wishes!!!

Really Surprise Gift

My female colleagues, Chloe, Shao Ting, Agnes, See Ying & Yun Fah, together with Wilson surprised me with their birthday gift for me with a Manchester United Home Ground, Old Trafford model with its history books. I wonder how to display it in my house.

This meant that Paul has a comprehensive set of Manchester United merchandise this year with the following:-

  1. 2009/2010 Home & Away Jersey
  2. 2009/2010 Training Kit
  3. 2009/2010 Polo T-shirt
  4. 2009/2010 Jacket
  5. Cup

Birthday Surprise

Picture 020 Picture 021 Picture 022

I went to work on my birthday today. This was the 3rd successive year that I was working on my birthday. Someone called me and asked me why I was still working. Apparently, she has not been paying attention to what I have told her. I just wonder if she practises selective hearing or likes to make news out of nothing. She claims that she is busy with work, but from the looks of it, she has caused some hoo ha again. The person whom I am talking about is the same one that I mentioned a few posts ago. Anyway, I shall not let my mood be spoiled by this person as it is bad luck to be angry on one’s birthday.

I decided to make my official entry to the Big 3 Club today by:-

  • Sharing my joy by buying my own birthday cake from TCC.


Graphics from TCC website

I got the 1st cake, Kalamansi Wonderland for them as I thought it is not too sweet and would be suitable for the seniors in my office. It is good that they enjoyed the cake. I would like to thank the guy who always served me when I am at TCC International Building branch for the efficiency of the order. My boss gave me Istean vouchers as my birthday present after hearing that it was my birthday.

  • Organising a dinner treat as a start to promote interaction among colleagues

I felt that the dinner went well, as I had a chance to get to know Jinn Der, Sing Chien & my new colleague, Wee Yong better, although there were no female colleagues who joined us. Maybe these colleagues of mine were more of a homely bunch of gals. But I certainly didn’t expect them (Chloe, Yun Fah, Shao Ting, See Ying & Agnes) together with Wilson to get me the first gift. Sing Chieh the 2nd gift & Jinn Der gave me the 3rd gift. I shall open it when I am free later as I am really tired now. Going to sleep soon after my hair dries up.

I would like to thank the following people for their sms and messages on facebook.


Yi Shyan Lee just wished Paul Lee a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Yi Shyan Lee wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Kitty Ng wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Joey Woo wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Jeslyn Kong wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Yan Ling wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** June Low wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** June Low sent a GIFT!

Irin Chen Happy Birthday Paul!

Ck Tan HapPy HaPpY BiRthDaY!


Daisy Lee 李信慧 wow..happy birthday yo....wahaha...


Kay Loh Happy Birthday (;>


Lorraine Liu Happy birthday to you, enjoy your night


Alvic Koh happy birthday

Yan Ling Happy Birthday!!!

Fannie Foong hello.....happy birthday...cheers..


Toh Yan Koon Hi Paul, a very happy birthday to u, may ur wish come true ^.^

Jas See Happy Birthday to yeah bro! May all wishes come true yeah!!!

Maggie Mei Chyi 楊美琪 Happy birthday Paul...

Adel Li Happie birthday Bing Feng Kor Kor!
You must have had some great celebrations already, hope there will be more happy moments to come !!
Have a great great day ahead!!!

David Lee Fu Nang Hey bro, Happy B-day (again) !!

Lance Teo Happy Birthday :)

Kathleen Chai Beng Fong happy birthday!
Alex Xu Happy Bdae Paul!
Chloe Kee Happy Birthday Paul!!ll the best for the coming yr:)
Jane Ng Happy Birthday to u:)
Charles Zhang Happy Birthday Paul!
Patchy Angela Ong Happy birthday bro!!!! May all ur wishes come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
Andrina Leong Happy Birthday !!!
Jaslyn Tea Happy Birthday :)
Ye Yuansheng happy birthday to you
Malcolm Neo 二十岁的青春将在十五分钟后消失。生日快乐!
Jonathan Teo Happy Birthday bro!! Have a good one!! :D

EPing Chen

huat ah! 1yr older 1 yr wiser~

Andy Goh 生日快樂 ~ Happy Birthday Paul :0)

Tracy:Hi Paul happy birthday to u, may all your wishes come true:)

Paul Tseng: Happy Bdae Paul~

Mum: happy birthday, wish your dream come true.


Just in case, if you are wondering why Senior Minster of State for MTI, Mr Lee Yi Shyan wished me happy birthday as well, the answer is I have met him before at a community event.

And another piece of news to share before I hit the sack, I am going to be interviewed by a community magazine in my neighbouring district to share about my Volunteer e-filing experiences in the past 6 years!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knotty Problem But Solved

This was the 2nd week that my manager is not around. I thought I have helped her clear her big headache when I cleared the tax query of my client for her. Little did I thought that the report that was needed for the query had run into some problems due to some mistakes in the input previously. This was something that I have not expected.

I was made nervous by the jumpy young boss. Luckily I was calm when I met the senior partners today. The daddy asked me to just revise the schedule and computation accordingly and send it off after his review.

There is no reason why the young partner should jump at me when the mistake is not even my fault! Just pissed by his attitude.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had problems sleeping again last night as I am still troubled by the sore throat and cough that do not seem to go away. I had already completed the course of medication that the doctor prescribed for me last week since Friday. I had wanted to visit the doctor again, but the thought of the outgoings that I had and am going to incur this month set me back. The thought of no one to cover me for my work set me back even further. Fortunately, mum had brewed some herbal tea for me so I guess it has helped in the recovery process, although it is a little slow.

I will need to change my IC soon. Got the letter from ICA last week. Went to take my digital photo on the day I received the letter. Mum actually complained that I looked like a child when I wanted to wear a round neck T-shirt for the photo taking, therefore she styled my look for the photo. She said that an IC would be for use for quite some time, so it will be good to do it well.

I will be heading back to school next year with my friend, Jonathan. It will be a fresh start for both of us. We will be doing the P1 Professional Accountant ACCA paper again. Let’s hope we can finally clear the paper with confidence and motivation. I can finally stop my parents’ naggings for a while!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Dinner With Friends

I was treated to dinner by a group of friends from the KTV group who were not able to make it for the session that I had on Saturday. The group said that the dinner was in celebration of my birthday that is coming in 4 days time.

The dinner was at Watami Restaurant at ION Orchard. The food was quite okay. I thought that the side dishes were better than the main courses and some of the beverages were a little too sweet for our taste buds.

We had a good time catching up with one another. However, I was a little stunned by what one of them had to say about one of my new friends, after she happened to see one of the photos that the new friend and I took together on Facebook. Apparently, this friend of mine knows this new friend of mine as well and I think they may have had a nasty misunderstanding with one another. She advised that I should stop my friendship with her. (It is later confirmed by someone that they didn’t know each other. Just wonder why she spread such a nasty poison pen?) The conversation nearly got so heated up that one of our friends had to step in and cut us off the topic.

The friend who cut us off later advised me that I should adapt a “wait and see” approach before deciding my next course of action. I certainly agree with him that a person who may not get along with another person, may get along with others. There is no need to jump to conclusion so quickly as friendships certainly need time to develop and if I felt that if something is not right about the person, I could then pull the plug on the friendship.

I am at a loss as I certainly hope to keep more friends, rather than enemies.

What do you think? Am I on the right track of thought?

Editor’s note: Names have been withheld to prevent parties involved from being identified. I certainly do not want to have catfights from happening.

Singtel Makes My Blood Boil (Part 2)

The Singtel MIO Home Plan installation continued to give me nasty surprises, which has left me fuming mad.

The installation staff decided to pay an unannounced visit on last Saturday afternoon, when I was not at home. I thought that I had arranged an appointment for 19 Dec. The unannounced visit caught my parents off guard but as they were fully aware of what was going on, they were able to explain what actually happened fully to him.

I am surprised that he forgot to bring the additional modem for the MIO TV again. He also told my parents that the MIO TV line is only used for MIO TV purposes and cannot be used for calling out purposes. Therefore there is a need for a 3rd residential line for calling out and receiving of calls. There is a need for an adaptor with the ability to connect the 2 phone lines together.

I am surprised by all these developments as I was not told of all this during the time when I signed the contract. It has left me in a limbo. I am left wondering if I need to pay for this 3rd line for the rental charges.

I decided to call the Singtel hotline again, to make noise about the above matter. Till now, the sales department has yet to get back to me on this. Does it mean that I have to go to Commcentre to lodge a complaint again?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Birthday Celebration KTV

Although my voice is not in its tip top condition, I decided to go ahead with my birthday celebration KTV so as not to disappoint my 22 guests who are attending the celebration. I hope all my guests enjoyed themselves. I am sorry for not being able to sing as much as I wish to with all of you due to my sore throat.

Anyway, just wish to thank the following people for making the celebration a blast.


Qiqi & Jas – Thanks for the cakes and birthday/ Christmas present.

Jonathan Teo & Lawerence- My big brother & Chairman for assisting me in the collection & tabulation of the money collection

Andrina, Lance , Rachel, Belinda, Paul Tseng, Jimmy, Yvonne, Xinhui, Karen, Johnnie, John, Jeremy, Edwin, Thomas, David, Melvin,Jasline & Yi Feng. – Thanks for being part of the celebration and especially to most of you, your birthday gifts cum Christmas gifts to me.

Hui Kheng & friends – Thanks for joining inthe celebration, making it more fun.

The Partyworld Management Team at International Building of Andrew, Simon & Vivi- Thanks for letting us store the 3 cakes at your fridge and your room for the cake cutting.

The celebration started with an early lunch appointment with Andrina, Lance, Jonathan & Qiqi and myself. I thought I was going to be late so I rushed down in a cab, but it ended up I was the earliest as the rest arrived late due to the jam.

Had a chance to duet with Yvonne & Qiqi these 2 duets.

This duet was with Yvonne

This duet was with Qiqi.

I must say Qiqi has a good voice for singing. :)

Our group’s PK song for this round was this song.

The contestants for the PK was Jonathan Teo & Yvonne , Lawerence & Karen. I thought that the both groups did well.

After the session, we went to BK for dinner and had a Christmas gift exchange which Belinda planned before heading to St James for a while. I would like to thank Thomas for the ride home. Thanks to Qiqi, Thomas, Belinda and Jonathan for their concern about my sore throat. I am slowly recovering.

Here are some of the photos from yesterday’s celebration. Special thanks to my photographer for the day, Qiqi


The birthday boys & the birthday gal: Hui Kheng, Edwin & Paul


My Totally Chocolate Cupcake courtesy of Jas


My room with Rachel, Paul, Andrina & Lance


My cake courtesy of Qiqi



Group Pic with Hui Kheng and her friends together with Qiqi


Group Pic with Hui Kheng and her friends, together with Qiqi & Belinda


Group Pic with Hui Kheng and her friends, together with Karen & Jas



Group Pic with Jonathan, Paul, Xinhui, Hui Kheng,Edwin, Yvonne & David

Here are the presents that I have received yesterday. I certainly had a hard time carrying them home.

Picture 019 Picture 001 Picture 002 Picture 004 Picture 005 Picture 006 Picture 007 Picture 008 Picture 009 Picture 010 Picture 012 Picture 013 Picture 015 Picture 016 Picture 017


Shall let you guys know who gave me these presents later.

Camoillie Tea – Qiqi

T-shirt – Melvin

Mug- Belinda

Mat- Paul

Pen – Rachel

BHG Voucher – Yvonne & Xinhui

Key Chain: Jas

Towel : Jasline

Eason CD & Notebook: David

Book Strap- Handmade - Lawerence

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wedding Dinner of Lin Guojing & Li Jiaxuan

I had to attend this wedding dinner with my whole family as my cousin, Li Jiaxuan was the star of the night. The event was held at Orchard Hotel. Again I was super early as my office was just nearby.

It didn’t occur to me that I would meet one of my ktv group members, Yi Feng, who happened to be my cousin’s classmate. What a coincidence. I was a little surprised when I heard someone called out my name from far. I was asked by my aunt to stand in for my grandma, who is unable to attend the wedding at the VIP seat. I was okay with it as in the Teochew tradition, the eldest grandson of the family is treated as the last child of the family. It also met that I had to be up on stage to say the “Yam Seng” for them. I stood on the 2nd row as my voice was not able to lead the cheers as I am still having a slight sore throat.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish the couple a happy and blissful marriage.

Happy Belated Birthday To Dalicia

I was a little busy this week and was sick almost throughout the whole week. But I certainly didn’t forget that it was my long time blog friend, Dalicia’s Birthday on 7 Dec.

Just wanna wish her a happy belated birthday and may she stay beautiful and youthful always, whatever she wishes for come true for her.

I am sure she will like this music video dedicated to her, which is a song by her favourite artisite, Andy Lau.

Singtel Makes My Blood Boil For The 1st Time

I was looking forward to the MIO Home Plan being installed at my home 3 days ago, but I certainly didn’t expect to be the start of my nightmare with the Singtel Customer Service, Sales and Technical Assistance Departments.

I had signed up with the plan after hearing from the salesman, who was promoting Singnet Broadband & MIO TV on 17 Nov 2009. I was promised the following items

1. Free rental waiver for my 2 home residential lines. However, since one of the lines belonged to my dad, I had to get it transferred to my name. This line would then qualify for the waiver and be the MIO TV line, which would be used exclusively for MIO TV purposes.

2. A free broadband modem exclusively for MIO TV purposes

3. 20% off my 2 handphone lines. One of the lines is mine, while the other is signed under my name for my brother.

I added on the Chinese TV Pack and BPL & ESPN package on top of the CCTV 4 channel, which my family has been enjoying since the previous broadband contract.

I had stationed my brother to be home on that day of the installation, as I was not able to take leave as my manager is away. Little did I expect the installation team to screw up the installation process.

The installation team did the following:-

1. Installed a 3rd residential line, which I didn’t need or ask for.

2. Connected the 3rd residential line to the MIO TV without the new broadband modem resulting in my family not being able to catch MIO TV as it is connected to the wrong line.

3. Relocated the line that was previously under my name to a “God knows where” connection, because the line is not ringing at the phone to the living room. Therefore, no one knows where to pick up the phone calls to that line, because no phone is ringing.

which left me hopping mad with the customer service department and sales department over the phone. I spoke to 6 officers, and only one officer was able to give me a satisfactory answer after a face-to-face meeting at Singtel Commcentre, by fixing an appointment next Saturday to resolve all the problems created and accede to my original request.

The sales team, which served me, did not transfer the phone line from my dad’s name to my name. They did not indicate that the line was to be used as a MIO TV line as well. This left me hopping mad as well.

I felt that Singtel has always been better than M1 and Starhub, because I have used their services before and their customer service and billing departments gave me the creeps with their inflated billing systems and poor service attitude. But this incident has made me realized that all customer service people are only good at pushing people around and ignoring complaints.

Let’s hope that the problems will be solved once and for all next Saturday.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Busy Days & Sick

I was shocked to find my table filled with files to clear on Monday. My manager did not have enough time to clear the stuff before her last day before she went on leave. Luckily, she already completed part of the task on hand, otherwise I don’t know how to approach the task. I had to change my lunch to 1pm on Monday as there were only two people in my dept.

Started to have bad sore throat towards the end of the day. I really had a hard time sleeping that night. Decided to run to the doc for consultation the next morning. This time round, I was lucky that the doc who always treat me well is the one who attended to me. Although he gave me MC, I still went back to work as due to staff shortage.

Was supposed to get my Mio Home Plan done on Tuesday, but the Mio setup box which I had had some technical problems. Installation will be delayed. I have lodged a complaint to Singtel, so they must get back to me to redo the installation on another day.

Shall stop here as medication taking effect already. Nites.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Talk About The Start and The Impact of The Financial Crisis

I joined my mum for this talk organised by Lianhe Zaobao, NTU School of Business Administration & Shanghai Jiaotong University at NTU Alumini Club today.

I thought the talk was very imformative as the presenter shared with us the various reasons that led to the financial crisis , and how China was affected, in his own analysis. As a finance person, I learnt a lot from the talk.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

More Surprises For Paul for his Birthday Celebration

As I was making my way to the Children’s Home, I received an sms. It was from one of my poly mate that I have not met up since poly graduation. She said that she would be joining me & my K group with another poly mate of ours. It has been about 11 years since we last met. Time flies.

I am quite surprised by the response for the birthday celebration actually as all of them, including the newbies have been very co-operative and have given me their contact numbers without me asking. And they have been very helpful, helping me out with the logistics matters, such as photo taking, gift exchange, getting the cake etc. I will be having a group member flying back from USA to join me for this.

Its not so much about the number of attendees, but the thoughts and what you guys have done for me this round, as I assumed responsibility to take charge of my own birthday celebration.

Just want to say this to all of the attendees in advance. I am really looking forward to the celebration, which happens in a week’s time!


Visit To Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home


Picture courtesy of Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home’s website

I was asked by my mum to join her and her fellow volunteer consuellors & their family members from the Care Corner in spreading some Christmas cheer to the underprivilleged children at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, which is near my place.

For me it has been about 14 years since I did such an activity. I used to do such activities when I was in secondary school, with my ECA group, the Interact Club. For my mum, a visit to the home was like homecoming to her as she used to work as a teacher at the home 16 years ago.

We were there to play some games and had lunch with them. We were taken to a tour of the home by the supervisor as well before we mingled with the children. We got to understand how the home is operated and how the children are living under the strict home rules. Some of them include:-

  1. Boys and gals are not allowed to mingle together at the home, except during group activities.
  2. Lights out at the home is at 9.30pm
  3. There are various divisions in the home that caters for children from the age of 6 to 18 years old.
  4. Payment for the children’s home is required unless the family is in financial hardship. This will ensure that their parents will not forget that they are still responsible for their child’s needs.
  5. No photography is allowed to protect the child from being identified.

I could sense that the children were very happy when they were playing the games and receiving their prizes after the games. Also they certainly enjoyed their lunch of McDonald’s Fish Fillet Burger with apple slices.


I was telling the organiser for the event that more of such visits can be done to spread more joy to the children. I was told by her that another such event will be done for CNY.


P.S.: Update at 10.30pm: My mum & I got a laptop bag each from Care Corner for our efforts this morning. It is a surprise that we didn’t expect. Shall keep the bags since my brother is the only one that has a notebook and he already has a laptop bag which was given by Canon when I bought the printer at the PC show about a year ago.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Shocking News

I just received news that my NS buddy’s dad had passed away last month due to cancer. I got this news when I wanted to reconfirm my buddy’s final resting place as I am thinking to visit him since his death anniversary is nearing. Time flies, Jason has been gone for almost 2 years already.

I am sure he is still up there, keeping watch over me. He must be happy that I am currently happy on this job, doing voluntary work & organising activities on Facebook and knowing new people.

This is a song that I will always play as a mark of respect for the dead. May Uncle find the peace he craved for in the other world.

My Boss The Doctor


I was awake at about 5 am on Thu,felt my head and knew that I was running a temperature. Dragged myself downstairs to get panadol and popped 2 immediately. Broke out in sweat later when I woke up at about 7.15am. I thought I was okay so I went to work. I felt that I had to be there since my manager will be going on leave on Monday for 2 weeks.

All went well, till about 4.30pm, the fever started to come back. I asked my boss for some medicine to bring down the fever. My boss was ever obliging that she gave me two fever tablets to pop. She also advised me to see a doctor and have a good rest.

With her blessings, I rushed down to my usual clinic in a cab to see the doctor after work, as I was really feeling giddy and feverish. Doctor ask me to take a good rest and stayed at home today. I also broke my own record by going to bed at 10.15pm last nite, and was only up at 9.30am today.

I must get well soon as there are a lot of things that needs my attention for the next 2 weeks, starting from tomorrow.

  1. Visit to Chen Su Lan Children’s Home to spread the cheer of Christmas to the children with my mum tomorrow
  2. Attending a talk about the Credit Crisis with my mum on Sunday
  3. Covering my manager’s duties from next Monday till 21 Dec
  4. My Cousin’s wedding dinner on 11 Dec
  5. My group KTV session, cum my own birthday celebration on 12 Dec.(Received news that I will have 2 cakes for my birthday celebration, special thanks to Qiqi & Jas for the planning. :-))
  6. Dinner with friends at ION Orchard on 13 Dec
  7. Dinner with colleagues on 18 Dec (most likely is an all guys affair, can’t get the female colleagues to join us so far.)
  8. Christmas dinner with family organised by my dad’s church on 24 Dec.

Thanks for all the get well wishes via Facebook. :-)

Melvin Loy - rest well.

Chloe Kee -take care

Andrina Leong-have a good rest.

Yvonne Lee - Thank care fren...

Michelle He - Take care & see doc.

Yvonne Low-Hi Paul, weather is unpredictable recently, so do take care.

Nana Lau - rest more.....

Lok Chee Heng - take care:) chant more diamoku

Training Session for Audit Colleagues

I certainly hope that there is going to be training sessions conducted by the management to enable my audit colleagues to understand what they are doing and why is it done this way.

This is because, I was asked to do a case which was quite well done by the auditor who did the case last year, but this year, the auditor who is doing it, is an auditor, who is under contract with our firm did it on his own style and it is quite hard to comprehend some of his referencing and audit adjustments. In the end, my manager and I had to spend a fair bit of time, with the help of the client, who provided us with the ledger accounts to tie up the messy ends. It ended up I had to go home at 7.15pm as he seems to be rushing me for the case. The worst part is I can’t complain too much as the auditor is my young boss’ ex classmate.

If there was a training course, every auditor will have to follow a standard set of proceedures to document the working paper, thus making it easier for us to extract the information that we need for tax purposes.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Red Tape

I was asked to make a trip to ICA by my boss today to make an enquiry on the renewal of entry pass for one of our clients.

Since it was my first time handling such stuff, my boss was kind enough to give me a short briefing as to what questions I needed to ask the officer. Took a cab there at my boss’ request

At the ICA Entry Permit office, I joined the queue. I noticed that there were quite a number of China people in the queue as well. I had tried to get the Chinese officer to answer the questions that my boss asked me to ask, but I was stopped at 2 questions, before I was asked to join the queue again. Again, the Chinese officer asked me to rejoin the queue after I asked another question again. It was not until when I queued for the 3rd time, then a Malay officer, Ms Fadilah managed to go through all the questions that my boss had. I must commend her for doing a great job.

I just wonder if the Chinese officer should feel ashamed of herself for showing such lack of patience about answering my questions. Its no wonder we are still a long way from being a gracious society. What would would-be PRs feel if they had receive such service from this officer?

Busy Month for September & October

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