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Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

I had arranged to catch this movie with Evelyn, Jonathan & Ivy after our last movie outing, The Social Network. This was my 1st time catching the Harry Potter series.
I had rushed there from my prayer session with my mum from Tampines.I didn’t expect my prayers to be answered later in the marathon day, which I didn’t expect it to end at 6.45am this morning. For those who are curious what I was hoping for, please feel free to call and ask me as I have decided that the issue should not be revealed in this blog.
Jonathan & I didn’t expect the ladies to be rather late, but as gentlemen, we waited patiently for them to come, since I have collected the movie tickets beforehand.
I was asked to sit with Evelyn, while Ivy sat with Jonathan. I thought that the movie was pretty enjoyable, although it was getting a little violent towards the end.
We were joined for dinner at the Marina Square Food Court by Weng Kiat, Ann, Betty & Raymond. I have suggested this place as some people have co…

Busy Work Week

It was a busy work week for me as my manager is not back from her Egypt holiday. This was indeed the busiest work week that I had for quite a while. It didn’t help that the corporate tax filing deadline is coming up on 30 Nov 2010, which is next Tuesday, and some inconsiderate audit department colleagues are still passing their audit files for me to work on the tax provision and kept on putting the word “urgent” on me. I have only a pair of hands and a standard 8 hours to start with. The situation was so bad that there were 6 tax provisions for me to work on. 2 of them had told me that their cases were urgent. The young female auditor, who listed her case as urgent had only given me 2 hours to work on her audit case, and the case is quite big & complex and it was certainly impossible for me & my team to work on it on the tax provision with the mountain load of work that we had. I highlighted to my tax partner that I was not able to do her case, as the time frame given was too …

KTV Session With Facebook Group

Birthday Celebration for the Nov babies – Wong, David & Jue Liang
It has been a while since I uploaded photos from my KTV Group gatherings, as most of my group members do not really like to take photos and I have not been bringing my camera to take photos. I would like to thank Alex Lee too for his assistance in taking the photos.
It was the second rainy KTV session in succession, but the response was still surprisingly good. We had 27 of us singing in 5 rooms for 4 hours. I would like to thank the Partyworld International Building manager, Andrew, for the special arrangements. It was the first time that the group used the rooms in the farthest corner of the branch. I must say the rooms 21, 55, 56, 57, 58 were very good. We also had the chance to use Room 16 as the gathering point before the event and cake cutting ceremony. I hope the birthday boys liked the cake, which I chose from TCC on short notice.
I hope that the attendees to yesterday session, including the newbies enjoyed the…

Its Hard To Be The Man In The Middle

My birthday celebration in 2005 (sadly, this picture will always be a distant memory now, as my NS pal is no longer around)My birthday last year I am trying to finalise the guest list for my 31st birthday on 18 Dec. This would be the 2nd year that I would be doing it myself. I am quite happy to say that most of my friends from the Singing @ K Group that I have informed have already given me the assurance that they would be coming. The only difficult part was trying to invite 2 of my friends, who used to be good friends, but are now not on talking terms with each other. It took me some time to decide who to ask first. I didn’t expect the invitation to hit a snag for the first one. I intend to let the whole matter cool off by itself, because it is certainly not in my nature to bear grudges. I am at fault too for the choice of words that I used.

Richard & Christine’s Wedding Dinner

Lorraine & HuiyuMe with HuiyuI was invited to my poly buddy, Richard’s wedding dinner last night, together with my fellow poly mate, Huiyu & his godsister, Lorraine. I had arranged to meet Huiyu & Lorraine as I have checked with my buddy beforehand and confirmed that we would be on the same table. Thanks buddy for making the special arrangements.It has been a while since I caught up with the both of them, Huiyu for about a year, Lorraine for about 2 years plus. I really enjoyed their company and catch up session last night. It was also good that I got to see his parents. His mum & dad were happy to see me there. I was quite surprised that his mum was able to recognise me, despite having not seen me for quite a while. It was a hard time waiting for the cab to get home. The 3 of us decided to take a walk to Tiong Bahru MRT instead. We parted ways there as Huiyu was taking a bus home while Lorraine & I took the train home.

Quotable Quote 2

After I wrote that my boss described,“Looking for love is like reviewing the audit working paper If you are satisfied with the findings, you should just sign off the audit report.” My friends described the above as,CP: Never leave an audit trail. LolBaby Jen: nice one... haha...CK & Jayce liked the status message.Siew Ling: Paul love is not "expressing true n fair view". Love is chemistry, feeling that come n go beyond our explain. I liked this description by Siew Ling as there is no true and fair view about what love is. It is a feeling that comes just when you least expected it and goes unexpectedly too.

Handmade Wedding Invite

I met up with Angela & Chee Ping for dinner last night at Plaza Singapura. Dinner was at the BRATWURST SHOP, which is next to Carl’s Junior. The purpose for this dinner meet up was they wanted to pass me their wedding invitation card for their ROM reception on 1 Dec 2010. Since it is a weekday, I have taken a day’s leave for the occasion, since my boss has directed me to clear my annual leave by the end of this year. I have no idea when and how I can clear it as my manager will be clearing her leave in these few weeks.It has been about a year since I last met up with them. The couple has since changed their jobs, since I last met them. The venue for their wedding was made possible as one of them works in NParks.The dinner was also the time I met up with YC as well. As usual, he was at his funniest best. I was impressed with his new handphone, the Samsung Galaxy S. A lot of people have been giving me rave reviews about the handset, making me wanting to get it. Since I am not an avi…

Quotable Quote

My bosses’ son was telling me this after he heard me talking to a friend over the phone.Looking for love is like reviewing the audit working paper If you are satisfied with the findings, you should just sign off the audit report.I can only agree partly on this as I feel that if a person whom you are interested in, but he/she is not interested in you, there is nothing you can do, except that you may choose to qualify your opinion, but the other party may qualify you in his / her opinion too.Tell me what you think.

Paul The GPS

I had sent out my usual morning sms to several of my good friends on the start of a working week, wishing them have a good week ahead. I usually would get back a few replies, but there was one that stood out on a Monday and required my immediate attention.This friend, had replied to my sms and had asked me if I know where was the NTUC Centre? I supposed she meant the one at Marina Boulevard, which was where I had attended the Budget Seminar 2010 in March. Therefore, I used the best of my ability & guided her there.I was greeted by an sms in the late morning that she managed to find the place, after she didn’t pick up my calls. Later in the evening, she smsed that I was a GPS, everywhere also I know.I had the bad experience of being lost before, therefore it has become a habit that now I always check the online street directory and Transitlink website to find out the nearest bus stops and MRT stations before setting out to a place I am not familiar with.It is good that my interest …

Movie Saturday With Facebook Friends

I was joined by Ivy, Jonathan & Evelyn for the movie, which we decided to watch since last week.I had booked the tickets as I thought I could use my HSBC Credit Card to get the discount as shown on the website. But it seems the discount policy was not clearly stated on the website of Golden Village that it is only applicable to the 1st 200 customers each day.I had decided to watch this movie as I thought it would be interesting as I have been doing Facebook Singing events for about 2 years, I wanted to know how Facebook came about. And what a better way to watch it with my friends that I have known through Facebook.I arrived a little later than the rest. The seating arrangement was like a couple 1 & couple 2 arrangement. Ivy was seated with Jonathan, while I was seated with Evelyn.The movie was good as we managed to understand how Facebook came about and I believe that in the movie, we have learned some lessons on how we should value friendships. After the movie, we were joine…

KTV Session @ Andrina’s House

I was invited to Andrina’s house together with Lance & Jonathan Teo to celebrate Deepavali long weekend by singing. I was introduced to this duet today by Andrina today, and I thought this duet is nice.We did quite a number of retro songs as well. After that, we went for dinner at a Woodlands coffeeshop before calling it a night.

Meet Up With Friends

I had arranged to meet up with Qiqi & Gonnie a few weeks ago before they went on their Taiwan trip. I finally met them yesterday. Dinner was at 313 Somerset Marche’s Restaurant as Gonnie & Qiqi said that it has been a while since they ate the Rosti at Marche.I was there first as my office is near the place that we were meeting up. I would like to thank the attentive staff who opened the lift shaft and allowed me to use the lift to get to the basement level. I was glad that there were seats for the 3 of us. I was afraid that my belongings would be left unattended, so I waited for them to arrive before I went to order my Rosti.The dinner was good. After that,we headed to Blue Mountain Café for a drink and chatted before heading home in a cab.Would like to thank Qiqi & Gonnie for their gift for me from Taiwan. A keychain.