Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visit of Ann

As I am writing this, my KTV group friend, Ann should be resting at home, recovering from her operation.

I had arranged a group visit to the hospital to visit her with some of the KTV group members, when she was warded on Sunday. I am glad that Sharon, Evelyn, Liang, Alex, Raymond, Weng Kiat, Mandy & Jonathan were supportive of this and joined me for this.


This hamper was what we shared for her, wishing her a speedy recovery. I must say her parents were rather cheerful and friendly people. It was nice talking to them.

May Ann recover soon and join us for further KTV gatherings.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

KTV Saturday

After a 3 month hiatus,I finally found time to organise a KTV session for the Singing @ K Group on Sat.

This gathering was quite special as most of the regulars was not able to make it, but there was quite a number of newbies that joined us for the 1st time. I certainly hope that they enjoyed themselves at the session.

This session was nearly marred by the fact I was nearly overcharged. Fortunately, I managed to get the manager, Carol to return the amount overcharged to me, after I had a meeting with her at the end of the event. This was because, Partyworld had made a revision of the prices upwards recently, and I was not aware until the day of the event. I am glad that I managed to get the discount back for the group.

I think most of the attendees were rather understanding and were able to understand my explanation and did not blame me for it. They were able to wait till the next KTV session. But there were some attendees that thought that I will not refund the money, and asked me where I was at Liang Court and came rushing to me for a refund.

This really reflects bad on you. I don’t strike rich by just pocketing $2.50 from each of you. I am seriously thinking of banning you from future KTV sessions. I think I had enough of your nonsense in the past year.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ryan’s 8th Birthday Celebration

This was a last minute event, but it was understandable as my friend, who is a bus captain with SBS Transit & his wife is a nurse at Khoo Teck Phuat hospital.

I am glad to be invited to their first child’s 8th birthday celebration. According to Eileen, his mum, this was his first birthday party, held at Woodlands Point, MacDonald’s.


You will be surprised that the birthday boy is pretty shy, unlike his younger sister, who is more proactive in interacting with the guests.

Happy 8th birthday to Ryan. Hope u like the birthday gift from Uncle Paul as I feel that the gift will enable you to play & learn at the same time. =)

Friday, February 10, 2012









Busy Month for September & October

It has been a while since I last blogged as I have been busy due to work. My manager has been on long medical leave due to an operation. She...