Sunday, July 29, 2012

Advance Birthday Celebration for Chloe

The birthday gathering was initiated by me and the good thing was that everyone in the birthday gal’s guest list was kept in the loop and Jessica actually helped us to plan this evening’s program, while Gonnie volunteered to get the cake and I volunteered to get the birthday present, which is now in some part of the world as I only managed to find the gift online and ordered it last week.

The place for the dinner was at a Korean BBQ restaurant at MacKenzie Road. This was my 1st time trying out Korean BBQ. I must say the food is great and it is really value for money to have eaten there.  The dampener was that it rained as we were about to finish our dinner, therefore we had to bring our cake cutting to the food court at AMK Hub.

After the cake cutting, it was time for a movie, where we caught The Four. I would not recommend you guys to catch this movie as the storyline is not very good and there is not much action.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lecturer For A Day

I was asked by my boss to give a lecture on the “e-filing of the Form C-S” seminar that I attended on Monday. I had asked my boss to send me for this seminar as we had some questions about the system after I encountered some problems with the system. Besides that, it was good that I could have an additional 2.5 hours in my CPE Program as part of my qualification as an Accredited Tax Practitioner this year. I still have about 13 hours that I have to fulfill by the end of this year.

I decided to summarise what was lectured as I thought was important. I was glad that my manager was impressed by the way that I lectured.

I would like to thank my boss for the opportunity to attend the course and be the lecturer for a day.


New PC Server For Office

My office PC server had crashed some weeks ago and the managing partner of the audit arm decided to change the OS & the server.

I have been clamouring for a change in the OS and server for quite some time as although my office PC has been quite new, the slow server has been hampering the pace of my work. Although there are several other factors that are affecting my work at the moment, but I do not think it is appropriate for me to share it here.

This was my 1st time using MS Office 2007 at work. I needed some time to get used to, especially the “copy & paste as hyperlink” function that was more user friendly in Office 2003 & Office 2007. Other than that, I am quite at ease with the rest of the functions as I have been using it at home.

Friday, July 27, 2012

July–The Month Of Birthdays

This is the month for birthdays, as Paul has been rather honoured to be part of these few birthday babes & hunks guest lists.


  • Angela Chan

This IRAS Volunteer friend of mine, whom I know last year at the VES, celebrated her 24th hatch day on 10 July. Dinner was at Swensens Ion Orchard with Wendy & Jia Jie. I certainly hope that she enjoyed our sponsorship of her birthday present, a digital camera  that she wanted and the ice cream buffet dinner that we had.

  • Raymond Ng

This long-time member & close friend of the KTV group that I am helming had his birthday & housewarming together in late June. I hope he finds the gifts from us useful to his needs.

  • Allan Ang & Liang Shu Fang

These two relatively new members to the KTV group, I decided to give them a surprise by celebrating their birthdays for them at the KTV session on 21 July. I hope they liked the surprise, which I think they did as they were telling me they were surprised by it and happy.

  • My dearest mummy

I brought the whole family to the coffeeshop near my house and treated them to a meal as I really did not know what to get for mum and I have heard people saying that people’s birthday should not be celebrated too wildly as they grow older as it may alert heaven & earth and cause your life to end earlier. I wonder how true that is.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

1st Purchase Through E-Bay

I was given the opportunity to make a purchase of a birthday gift for my good friend, Chloe, as she had wanted a gift that was a little difficult to find in Singapore, as there was only a place in Singapore that has it, but it is a little inaccessible to get there, even if you have a car.

The ordering part was easy, but the wait for the present to arrive can be a torture. According to the E-bay website, it takes about 9 to 12 days for the present to be shipped to Singapore, but according to one of my friends, it takes about 3 weeks to a month for it to reach Singapore.

The fortunate thing is that I was given the article number given by the US Postal Service when the seller went to send the item at the post office, therefore, I was able to track if the package had left the USA.

Hopefully, the birthday gal will be able to get her birthday present in time for her advance birthday dinner on Saturday, otherwise, I would have to pass to her in person when I received it. 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Raymond’s Housewarming

I was invited to Raymond’s housewarming last Saturday. He had marked his 36th birthday with a new flat. As his long time singing buddies, 11 of us decided to chip in a housewarming cum birthday gift. We decided to give him an induction cooker and a steamer.



Some of them had commented that the photo looks like a family photo, which I thought so too.

1st Row: How Meng, Jonathan, Paul, Raymond, Sherry & Ann

2nd Row: Alex, Desmond, Jeremy, Jue Liang, Weng Kiat , Estella, Evelyn & Sharon


After the movie, we went for a movie, catching Spiderman, which I felt was very exciting with all the action. I would recommend all of you to watch it


Some Things Cannot Be Rushed

It has been a while since I last blogged as I was feeling a little sad from a recent failure of a trial relationship and my family had been pestering me that I should get into a BGR with someone that they have seen before as they felt that this gal will be a good choice. In fact, they keep pressuring me, telling me that I should get my own flat when I reached 35 years old, something which I am not very keen on, as I feel that it could hinder my search in my future life partner. I do know there are benefits of having your own flat, but there are disadvantages too when u are single.

One of my female friends, who I knew for quite while, had tried to introduce one of her school friends to me. I have tried my best for the past two months to try to kickstart the friendship, but unfortunately, when the relationship becomes a one way traffic, with me doing most of the talking and asking questions, and she is there giving me with one or two words answers to my questions. I know you and I work in different fields, and have different working hours, but at least, please respect me by try to answer in complete sentences, otherwise it is very hard for us to start the friendship and let it progress it into a BGR. I have since told my friend that I do not wish to continue the friendship with her friend anymore.

As for the trial relationship that failed, I had knew this gal, who suffers from the similar physical disability as me through the online dating site, Ok Cupid in early May. I was very surprised that she was the one who messaged me and we chatted online for about one month before we decided that we should give ourselves a chance to meet up and know each other better. I was actually quite impressed by her as she was able to hold down a stable job in a statutory board and she is very independent despite her physical disability. I did not feel inferior that the fact she is earning about $700 more than me will be an issue to me, nor her religious beliefs of being a Christian was a hindrance as my parents have proved that a couple with different religions can exist and stay happy together. This is something that I agree strongly, especially after joining the grassroots, as you need to be able to be pull the residents from the various races and various religions together. In order to do that, you have to respect each other’s beliefs.

My close friends agreed with me that I was not given enough time to prove myself in this relationship. They have given me very encouraging words to keep my spirits up. I wish to thank them for all the encouragement.

As for the gal which my parents said was suitable for me, I personally feel that the gal has many bad points which I feel that I cannot accept. Her complicated family matters and controlling parents and relatives and her selfishness as the only child in the family will make a BGR stressful if we were to begin the relationship.

Having watched so many episodes of the Shanghai matchmaking programmes, 百里挑一 and 谁能百里挑一 with so many eligible bachelors and bachelorettes talking about what kind of guy and gal they wish to have as a boyfriend or girlfriend, I do know of my strengths and weakness and what type of a gal I need that will be able to complement my life and accept me for what I am.

I certainly want my love life or married life be a happy one and not one filled with quarrels and misunderstandings and soon after you will find that you will reach the end point of the union, which can be quite hurting for both parties. It can be worse if u have children from the union.

Busy Dec & Expected The Unexpected Jan

It has been again a while since I last blogged. It was a busy Dec and Jan for me as some of you who have been reading my blog may have known...