Tuesday, November 20, 2012

KTV on A Rainy Sat

It was a hot sunny Saturday that was rather rushing for me as mum had asked me along to visit my grandma as I had rush to Liang Court to host the KTV event, which was also the birthday celebration of two of the group members, Jue Liang & April. I was once again tasked with the mission to get the birthday cake. It was fortunate that I managed to find the cheesecake that the birthday gal requested for, as the birthday boy did not have any preference. I am pleased with my selection as not only the birthday gal & boy likes it, April’s daughter, Faith enjoys the cake too.


I sincerely hope that the birthday boy and gal enjoyed the celebration I planned for them.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skyfall- The Movie

I have been wanting to catch this movie since it was released on 1 Nov, but I wanted to try to avoid the crowds, and also to avoid the bad experience of having my movie being cut off halfway in the movie theatre when I caught another James Bond movie some years ago. At that time, Pierce Bronsan was the James Bond, if my memory had served me right.

I would like to thank Evelyn & Weng Kiat for agreeing to watch the movie with me. As stated outside the theatre, I am not supposed to share what happened in the movie so as not to spoil the enjoyment of the movie, so I shall not be sharing the details of the movie here.

The movie as a whole was rather action packed but with a tinge of sadness as well. I would give the movie full marks and would recommend you guys to catch it. =)


Boss Birthday Dinner

My supervisor, my manager and I were not expected to be invited for my male boss cum new partner’s birthday gathering. Apparently, my female boss had issued us with a gag order to keep it secret as only the three of us from the company were invited.

At first we had thought that it was just a normal gathering, until my female boss let the cat out of the bag at my supervisor’s probing. Upon knowing it, I was assigned by my two superiors to get a gift for him, which I got him a Goldlion belt & wallet.

Dinner was at the Grand Shanghai. It was a little uneasy as two of the family members were unhappy of our presence. It was definitely not an issue for us as we were in fact invited by our bosses. But it does make me feel irritated by it.

Anyway, hereby wishing my boss a happy birthday with many happy returns.

Surprise Hamper From Singtel


It was a hamper which I did not expect on a Tuesday evening, as I received a call from the guy who was delivering a hamper to my place that there was a hamper being addressed to me. I was still at work in the office, meeting my deadline and no one was at home to pick up the hamper.

The hamper was from Singtel Customer Retention Division, as they had wanted to apologise to me for the wrong termination of my residential line and the trouble I was subjected to to get my line back.

It actually took me two service appointments and five phone calls in a week to get my line back. The incident taught me that it is not good to depend on a friend who works in the organisation that provides the service that you are in need. He or she may pass the wrong instruction to her colleagues who are carrying out the instructions and do not expect any return of favours after you have helped people sometimes, because the person may think that you should have done it yourself.


Busy Month for September & October

It has been a while since I last blogged as I have been busy due to work. My manager has been on long medical leave due to an operation. She...