Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wedding Of Karen & Albert

This was one of the weddings that the senior members of the KTV group was waiting for and I was glad that I was invited to share  their joy at Parkroyal @ Beach Road Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant on 19 Jan.

It was great to see CK and his girlfriend, Li Qiong, as it has been a while since I met up with him, since the group ktv events were switched from Sat night to Sat afternoon sessions in 2011.

May I take the opportunity to wish the couple a Happy & blissful marriage.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Are Some People So Thick Skin?

I had received a surprise phone call from one of my cousins early this morning, just as I was about to set out to Marine LIfe Park.

This cousin of mine told me that one of my friends, whom I introduced her some years ago had asked her for a loan, despite meeting her only once. I have since cut off contact with this friend of mine, also because of money issues about 4 years ago. I have since advised my cousin not to let her any money, unless she wish to see the last of her money lent to her.

Something left me rather disturbed. Why is it that up to now, ever since I know her, she has been going around asking people for loans, living off friends’ friendly credit terms, and now, you have the cheek to ask from a person that you have only met once?

Just hope that this person can really change for the better as I believed she has married and her behaviour still leaves much to be desired.

Short Break For Paul From Work

I have decided to give myself a break from the workload that I was having since I came back from my family trip from Shanghai last June, so as to recharge my batteries and start the next busy period for personal tax filing in late Feb & early Mar. Little did I expect myself to fall sick on the second night of my leave, nursing a fever, which got better today.


I had the opportunity to meet up with Grace from IRAS. Grace had been assisting me with the technical problems which I faced at work. The problem was finally solved on 2 January 2013, after a 6 month wait. Sometimes I wonder if boasting about “world class tax system” that we have helps because such a system fault should be resolved within a shorter time frame.

Lunch was at the vegetarian  lingzhi restaurant at Novena Square.This restaurant, operated by the Tung Lok Group serves food that I feel that it is not oily and taste not bad too. I also did not know that they have a branch at Liat Towers as well.


After the wonderful lunch, I decided to reward myself with some shopping therapy at Junction 8. I was given Capitalland vouchers for my birthday but did not have the chance to use it, so decided to get myself some new working wear from G2000 to usher in the Lunar New Year. In the end, I managed to get two working shirts & a pair of working pants for myself. I was a little disappointed that I did not manage to get one of the colours that I wanted. I hope to find it in other G2000 stores before the Lunar New Year.


I caught Les Miserables on Thursday afternoon. I had wanted to catch Taxi Taxi, but it was too bad, as I had felt that the timings were a little too rush for me. The change was right as I really enjoyed the movie, especially with Anne Hathaway’s performance.


A visit to the Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa was planned immediately after I applied for the leave. I must say that I was not disappointed by the Marine Life Park’s showcase of fishes and other sea animals. I took the opportunity to visit the museum for free as well, since it was incorporated into the ticket. It was definitely a good first visit to RWS.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

False Hope In The Start of The Year 2013

I seldom talk about my work on this blog of mine as I have been very happy in the course of my work as my boss has been treating me well, giving me chances to prove myself, and recognising my good performance with good rewards. As a result, this firm has become my longest serving job.

Recently, as we felt that the corporate tax work was getting too demanding, with all the legislation changes, so my boss finally agreed to hire a new staff in late October to help out with the workload. However, during this time, my colleague, who was due to give birth, went on maternity leave, as a result, we were working with 4 members in our team.

When the colleague came back to work after the start of the New Year, my boss and all of us were hoping that the stressful period will be behind us, but on the second week of her return, she dropped the bombshell that she would be resigning and will serve notice till mid Feb. Although, as a team, we understood why she resigned, as her newborn will not be well taken care of as her mum is going back to their home country to take care of her dad, but to my boss, she was so angry & upset with my colleague, as my boss had saved her from further bully tactics from the corporate secretarial department by transferring her to our department. My boss had given her paid maternity leave & bonus as well. Some of my other colleagues from other departments felt that her bonus should be prorated.

To avoid having a working mother, whose heart will be with her child while working and an unhappy boss who felt that she did her best to protect her staff when the need was required, my boss asked her to end her notice period today.

This means that I would be taking over from whatever tasks that she left. I would like to thank Cynthia for showing faith in me that I would be able to handle the additional tasks well.

This taught me a good lesson on HR, which is never to resign almost immediately when you are back from long leave or after taking bonus .


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Affairs Of The Heart

I had a quarrel with my mum over this issue at the coffeeshop as we were having dinner just now. I know that she is deeply concerned about this and had wanted me to make the choice of the gal she felt that would be suitable for me as a girlfriend / life partner.

I told her many times that I personally feel that this gal in question would not be suitable for me as :-

  1. Her complicated family background:- She has a family, where two of her elders indulge in the habit of gambling & an aunt that owes a huge amount of credit card debt. Instead of telling them to cut down on their spending & gambling, she herself indulges in them and spends extravagantly like them, despite knowing that her salary is not enough to sustain her spending habits.
  2. She has this bad habit of asking people to pay for her meals or expenses first and tell people that she will pay you by instalments at the end of the month. As one of our common friend puts it, as she is not spending her own money or spending on "friendly credit terms", she does not feel the pinch as the money did not come out from her pocket.
  3. Her mum would actually call her over her handphone many times during the time when we are out together and actually request / demand that I / we send her home by cab. She always like to use the phrase, 你是男的。or the excuse that my elders are worried as my estate has a lot of robbery cases. For me, I know that as a guy, I should send a gal home, but the cab fare in Singapore are expensive nowadays and she always pay me later, so the cash to pay for the fare will come out from my pocket, In this modern age, it does not mean that being a guy, I need to send you home, as I have female friends who make their own way home as they know I do not stay near them or they do not wish to trouble me as my physical disability will cause me to tire easily. In this case, I will usually get my female friends to call / sms /whatsapp me when they are home. 
  4. Having worked with her before, I feel that she is not independent enough, despite being in her late 20s. As I am physically challenged, I would personally prefer a gal who is independent to take care of herself and assist me with some of the tasks which my disability do not allow me to perform. Having her as a girlfriend, would add to a lot of stress for me, as she cannot be depended upon on even the simplest of tasks and is prone to careless mistakes in whatever she does.
My mum was of the view that she would not mind my disability, which I know as she had a family member with physical disability when she was young. But this does not mean that I should throw aside my principles and ideals of having a life partner who accepts me for what I am and is able to be of help to one another when needed.

I spoke to her at length just now when she was back from her concert. I really hope she understand what I mean. Now I know what my younger brother means when he say our mum can be a little too probing and look at things naively. I personally feel that she has no confidence that I would be able to find Ms Right. I still believe that I would as many of my friends have encouraged me to take things easy so as not to frighten any prospects away. 

This is the reason why I had not told her that I have failed in my recent chase as well, even though I did mention to her a little to her about this other gal before, but since it is passed, I guess I would just keep it in the deep confines of my heart.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

Although I am having problems updating my blog at the moment, as I will be using my brother's laptop for the time being as my PC has been sent for a service maintenance check to my friend, who would do some cleaning up for me.

 My mood was a little moody as I told the person, whom I was interested in, and now that I knew that she was attached, that I had been holding a torch for her for quite a while. Although I know I should keep this to myself, but she told me that I sounded / seemed disappointed after knowing that she was attached, so I decided to tell her how I felt. Anyway, I feel that if we want to be friends, we have to be truthful to each other in order for our friendship to continue to be better. I have done this before and it usually works for me.

Anyway, I would like to take the opportunity to wish my friends and avid readers of my blog have a Happy & Fruitful Year ahead,


It has been a while since I last blogged. My mood have been affected by my work recently. The fortunate thing was that there was singing, JJ...