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Interesting People In Singapore

I was at King’s Centre just now to pass something to my friend as she had asked me to help her to purchase online some stuffs some time back on her behalf.I was quite shocked by the attitude of the security guard as he was chasing me and another gentleman around my age out of the building. The gentleman was reacted angrily after being chased out of the building that he shouted that the security guard was crazy and the security guard told him off saying “God is great”.Not wanting to be part of the topic of the heated argument, I decided to walk out of the building and waited for my friend outside the building.I feel a little uneasy when I saw this incident happening. This was going through my mind as it happened.We were waiting at the lobby in front of the security counter, which I feel was in no way obstructing or causing any disturbances to any of its tenants as it was definitely after office hours. I did tell him that I was waiting for my friend and had attempted to contact her but …

Not A Good Start To January

It has not been a good start to the new year for me as I fell sick at the start of the year. It was the stubborn flu virus that refused to go away and got worse after I have enjoyed the Christmas & New Year festivities. The worst thing was I had to endure till 15 Jan as my manager was on leave and my admin colleague seems to be more sickly than me, working for only 4 days since 2 Jan. This slowed down my recovery process and caused me to cab to work almost everyday as I was feeling the effects of the strong medication. The good thing was that my manager, boss and colleagues knew that I was sick and did not press on me hard to complete my work and granted my request to clear my leave this week after I chose not to commute my leave to pay.I certainly hope that the coming Year of The Horse will be a good year ahead. =)

My Year 2013 Review

The Year 2013 has been a busy, not so smooth year for me, but as the saying goes, life is full of ups & downs. If it gives you lemons, make lemonade with it.WorkWe had to suffer a sudden departure of a colleague, who had given birth to her child in February. Our workload have increased as a result of the departure. It didn’t help that there were new Government measures implemented in Budget 2013 that increased the complexity and time taken to complete our work. It didn’t help that my bosses were facing some problems in the year, which caused them to have mood swings and would tell us off when we made mistakes. Some colleagues decided to take advantage of the situation and stir up more “office politics” knowing that I am favoured by my bosses, and tried to put me in a bad light. Fortunately, my bonus was not affected by all this play acting, but it did have an impact on my confidence and make me realise that I should start to plan more for myself. Fortunately, I still insist upon m…