Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Walking Bus Guide

Some of you may not have known that I used to have a hobby that some people that find it a waste of time, which is travelling on buses and learning new routes when I was schooling. Although it has been quite a while since I learnt the bus routes, I find my knowledge is still pretty useful especially nowadays train breakdowns & delays are pretty common nowadays.

Here are the list of routes that I am familiar with, with some updated ones.

Bus services with full route knowledge

  • 7 Bedok Interchange to Clementi
  • 16 Bedok Interchange to Bukit Merah
  • 22 Ang Mo Kio to Tampines
  • 24 Ang Mo Kio to Changi Airport
  • 25 Ang Mo Kio to Bedok
  • 27 Hougang Central to Changi Airport
  • 53 Bishan to Changi Airport
  • 54 Bishan to New Bridge Rd
  • 55 Bishan to Marine Parade
  • 56 Bishan to Marina Centre
  • 70 Yio Chu Kang to Shenton Way
  • 70M Yio Chu Kang to Marina Centre
  • 72 Yio Chu Kang to Tampines
  • 73 Ang Mo Kio to Toa Payoh
  • 74 Hougang Central to Bouna Vista
  • 74e Hougang Central to Bouna Vista
  • 81 Tampines to Serangoon
  • 88 Pasir Ris to Toa Payoh
  • 107 Hougang Central to Shenton Way
  • 111 Ghim Moh to Marina Centre
  • 116 Hougang Central to Serangoon
  • 128 Yio Chu Kang to Shenton Way
  • 132 Hougang Central to Bukit Merah
  • 147 Hougang Central to Clementi
  • 162 Yio Chu Kang to Shenton Way
  • 162M Yio Chu Kang to Marina Centre
  • 165 Hougang Central to Clementi
  • 261 Ang Mo Kio to Ang Mo Industrial Park 1
  • 272 Bukit Merah to Telok Blangah Way
  • 315 Serangoon to Serangoon North Ave 5
  • 317 Serangoon to Brewick Dr
  • 851 Yishun to Bukit Merah
  • 853 Yishun to Geylang Lor 1
  • 854 Yishun to Bedok
  • 857 Yishun to Suntec City

The other routes that I have partial knowledge are not updated here. =)

Help Help Help

Recently, I knew a gal online through the Ok Cupid. It has been a while since I know people online & come out with them as I feel that I do not really meet by someone whom I have chemistry with, or some people minded about my physical disability and did not wish to continue their friendship with me. To me, its their loss. I still made some female friends in this site, whom I am still in contact with.

I was quite surprised that this gal was pretty keen to meet me, especially so less than a week after having got my number. I was wondering why. After having got my number, she started to whatsapp or sms me, asking when we could meet. It did not occur to me that she had depression before and I had appeared to look like her ex boyfriend (according to what she told me when we met.) She also told me that her guy friend, who saw my profile, told her this. This was something that made me a little uncomfortable on hearing this.

Since that meeting, she had been trying to ask me out, as she feels that this friendship could develop further. To me, I was initially willing to give it a try, but on seeing her keeping on messaging me during my office hours and expecting an almost immediate reply and her behaviour when she saw my tagged photos that I took with a group of female friends (She deleted me from her Facebook since this incident), when she is not even my girlfriend make me realise that she could just be a lonely soul, that treats me as a substitute for her ex-boyfriend. I suspected her depression could be back too, after she lost her job as a nurse recently and she is an attention seeker

Another thing which I did not like about her was she always wanted to meet at the last minute, and cancel as she please. Friends who know me would know that I am a person, with many commitments. Work, family, RC activities and my relaxation activity, KTV keeps me occupied. I think this could be one of the reasons why I am not suffering from depression, as I am always so busy and I keep myself happy when I do things.

Therefore, after much deliberation, I have taken the drastic step to block her from my whatsapp, sms & phone calls as I feel that I deserve better gals than this and I should not be controlled upon what I want to do. This is the 1st time I am doing so.

To this person, my advice is to seek help on your depression, otherwise it will affect your future job, wherever you are and whatever you do.

Busy Busy Me

It has been a while since I update this  blog of mine. I have been rather busy with my work and other activities that required my attention.

Form C-S & Form C e-filing

My boss has entrusted me with this project to liaise with IRAS on their new Form C e-filing portal. It was supposed to start on 11 July, however, according to the authorities, the start date has been delayed. I am actually looking forward to this as this would give us an additional time to file the income tax returns for our clients by 15 days.

Changes to management in my workplace

Due to a partner’s withdrawal in the associated firm, my boss has placed more emphasis on our punctuality at work and performance at work. This message, although directed at the latecomers at my place, and a particular staff, who always complained that she has to do my boss’ personal stuff & mundane work tasks ,  meant that my returning colleague and myself have to take on  more responsibilities. To me, working means that you have to do whatever your boss asks you to, unless your boss ask you to do something that you will feel that its an insult to you.
As for punctuality issues, I feel that it was right for my boss to emphasise on this to everyone, although she was egged into action after the associate firm’s new managing partner had always commented on us disturbing their staff during working hours & some of us being fashionably late, reporting half an hour to 2 hours late, and giving funny excuses like I need to do my hair, took the wrong bus etc. Since my boss’ emphasis, not much change has been seen. Maybe it is time for some stronger action to be taken.
RC Treasurer Duties
I have been working on this duty since July last year. Recently, one of my assistants have decided to step down due to heavy work commitments, while the other had been lazing around for far too long. I have been handling all the paperwork and doing the accounts on a monthly basis for the past six months. I had been requesting for a new assistant to come in. My prayers were answered at the last meeting, when a new observer, armed with accounting knowledge has decided to step in and help out. My RC chairman and Constituency Manager also spoke to the assistant, who agreed to help me with the paperwork as well.
My mum had not been in favour of me joining the Grassroots as she feels that I should focus more on looking for a life partner, getting a flat when I reach 35 or completing my ACCA. A life partner is something that I want but not something which I have control over. I do not agree with her that if I were to complete my ACCA, gals will come swarming to me. I feel that they may be swarming to me because of my money.
For my ACCA, I have stopped since I have gained admission to the SIATP, Accredited Tax Practitioner. As I have been failing continuously since passing my Advanced Tax Paper, I thought a professional tax qualification will do me good as I am not cut out for audit due to my physical disability and I have no intention to venture into a minefield with the accounting & audit standards.
For the flat, my viewpoint your flat is an asset after you have paid for it. You should never pay for your asset when you are going into your retirement. As my CPF savings is not that much to finance a flat since I started out late, I feel that I should wait for my Ms Right to come along, although mum has spoken that she will help me with the repayment of the flat if needed.
VES Appreciation Ceremony 2014
This yearly event is something that I always look forward to. I am glad that my team, Serangoon CC is one of the Top 3 CCs once again and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Jason, Jasmine & Gary for winning the Outstanding Volunteer Awards & Commendation Awards. Here are some photos for your enjoyment.
eF_151eF_156Grp photo (VES Volunteers)Paul Lee



It has been a while since I last blogged. My mood have been affected by my work recently. The fortunate thing was that there was singing, JJ...