Thursday, January 01, 2015

My Year 2014 In Review

Frequent readers of my blog would know that I would usually do a review to usher in the new year.

The year had been fraught with air disasters. The disappearance of MH370, bombing of MH17 & the crash of QZ8501 were partly the reason that made me not wanting to fly for holiday. The other reason was my work, which I will elaborate later.


It has been a busy year for me at work, due to changes to the PIC Scheme. Some clients have chosen to take advantage of the generous PIC Cash Payout that our government has put in place, but end up doing the form themselves wrongly, thus we are spending more time than usually budgeted to correct the errors.

We are already so busy that we had no time to play office politics, but I am surprised why some people choose the time when we are busy to sow discord among colleagues, try to make boss angry or unhappy by giving issues at work. Everyone in the working world should know that you should do whatever job that your boss has assigned.

The atomsphere at work was pretty bad this year. I hope it will be better in this year as one of the key factors to the disharmony has been removed. I shall not go into details as to what happened as we have been placed on gag order not to disclose anything. Personally, I do not wish to say anything further, otherwise there would be people who would misinterpret and I would get the brickbats again.

IRAS Volunteer & Grassroots Work

This year marked my 10th year volunteering for this exercise. I decided to take it upon myself to set up a tax queries team among the volunteers to get fellow volunteers in the tax industry to help the others as I felt that the IRAS helpline was a little difficult to get through, and they had to serve 22 centres of volunteers. I also took it upon myself to conduct additional training session for volunteers who are keen to learn more. It was certainly good to see returning volunteers continuing in the exercise. The high take up rate resulted in the exercise being closed for registration in 4 days after it was opened.





Grassroots work took me to a new arena, as I decided to take up the Certificate in Community Development. I thought it will be good for me so that it will be able to help me more in my community work.


I am also glad to share that I have been appointed as treasurer of my RC again for a 2-year term starting today.


I just have this to say about the friendships that I have in the last year. You win some, you lose some. When you are in need, those who stick with you are those who have faith in you and will walk the path with you.  I am glad to say I have quite a number who have been standing by me when I am in need.


A year where my brother graduated from the university and stepped into the workforce. Although his first job did not turn out well, I certainly hope it will be better when he starts his new job on coming Monday.


I always get asked this question since I was 25. Last year drew a blank again. I have been asked by friends and family to try to get myself attached. After a nasty experience of giving out my number to a possessive gal last year, after just chatting with her for 15 minutes, I prefer to take my time to know the other person better before plunging into a relationship. I would like to thank my friends for their efforts to pair me up with close friends.


I had the opportunity to attend the NDP at the Float last year. Although it was only the Preview, it was indeed a fun experience catching the NDP live. I would like to thank my friends, Angela, Meiqi & my brother for accompanying me to attend the NDP with me.



I hereby wish everyone have a fruitful year ahead. May the year be filled with good tidings ahead. =)


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