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Busy August

It has been a busy month for me this month that I actually was sick for about 2 weeks. The recovery process was slow. I guess it was due to the hazy weather. Work has not been smooth at recent times, therefore I guessed it played a part in my recent bout of illness.Besides work, I had kept my sanity by attending the following events in August.National Day Funpack Distribution – 1 Aug 2015In celebration of SG50, I had led this event to distribute the funpacks to each household. This event made me learnt several things about the residents in my neighbourhood. Not only that, the Singa & the bag designs has been popular topics in this Funpack Distribution Exercise.National Day Observance Ceremony – 9 Aug 2015This was my first national day observance ceremony. It was a great experience , especially listening to the Proclamation of Independence. It reinforces my belief that why I am proud to be a Singaporean & thankful to be one.National Day Parade – 9 Aug 2015This was my 2nd NDP, a…