Saturday, October 31, 2015

Energy Sapping October

It has been an energy sapping October for me as I had to deal with the office politics at my work place and some family matters, as my mum had continually advised me to get a house, get a girlfriend and get married.

This was definitely not something that I want and can wish for it to happen soon as I always believe that it is better to get a house when you have a partner, as the cost of the house can be shared with your partner, therefore the burden is not that heavy, as having 2 people to pay for a big purchase is always better than one. I still stand by my belief that a single needs a remuneration package of at least $6,000 to own a flat in Singapore. I also had the feeling that they wanted to move in with me if I had a singles flat, so that they can rent out on the one that we are living in. Personally, I prefer not to be saddled with too much debts as my insurance commitments are already a lot due to my physical disability.

About getting married or getting a girlfriend, it is something that I hope to achieve, but it is not so easy, especially with my disability, people have other viewpoints about you, which is something that you cannot change. Also, by forcing the issue, the relationship will usually turn out bad. I have tried before myself and seen real life examples of people around me suffering from the impact of bad marriages or bad BGRs. This can happen to anyone, including the guys.

After a family friend’s intervention, both my mother and myself understood where we are coming from and I am thankful for my mum’s plan for me, although I still feel apprehensive about this as my mum is getting closer to her retirement, yet she wants to have me started on a good footing.

My friends have sensed that I have been moody recently. Talking to some of them made me feel better. My grandma’s health has not been good for some time, but I have not been able to see her, due to some elders showing my family  their black faces when we are there to visit.





Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stressful October

I had thought that I was able to relax a bit, after my boss had assigned me an assistant to assist me in the admin matters that she had tasked me to do. As my assistant hails from a foreign country, I had to guide him along the way. I think in this way, this newbie will be able to pick up his ropes and be on his own if I am not around.

Little did I expect another colleague of mine, who is also under my care as my boss had asked me to take charge of this young colleague, to push the mistakes that she made before she went on leave, to me and my assistant. I wonder what is with the young nowadays. Are they easily bored by mundane tasks and thus they show attitude? I was thinking that she had been inadvertently brainwashed by her predecessor, who had been in contact with her on a regular basis, which I got to know when this young lass blurted out in a casual conversation. As the predecessor had left the company on unhappy terms, it would not be a surprise that she may have taught this young gal all the wrong things and say bad things about the company. Fortunately, the nightmare is over and the new staff will be coming in later this week.

The 2nd thing that I did not expect was when the other admin task was handled me as someone in office was tired of all the liaison work, and decided to just give up on the task without proper handover. Upon the takeover, this person still decided to liaise with the auditor and even accuse me and my assistant for not returning the documents to client in full. How do I know, when the boxes of documents are not taken in by me. The good thing is since I had taken over, my assistant and I have taken the habit to label the bags with the names of the company. As the boxes were not labelled, they are definitely not taken in by us. It is a joke sometimes as you guys know that I have a physical disability, therefore I am not suited for these tasks. It is good that I have an assistant to assist me with the carrying.

I thought home was the place to free my mind from all the work stress. Little did I expect it to be same at work. My parents had been pestering me to get a flat since I hit 35 years young. I have told them due to my physical disability, I have quite a number of commitments in insurance & family and do not have the ability to spend. My friend, who is a financial planner, recently did a review for me and was wondering how I managed to survive on deficits for so long.

I am not earning a net pay of $6000 per month, I am just earning about 35% of that. As a prudent person, I hope to be able to afford a house and not be saddled with debts into my retirement. I believe one should get a house when he is ready to settle down, which both parties must come to an agreement.

I am glad and thankful that some of my friends lent me their ears and heard me out over the past few weeks over this.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Busy Month of September

It has been a busy month for me as my boss decided to assign me with 2 new responsibilities in the past month. Both new responsibilities are something new that I have not undertaken before and it is not related to my regular work. I know that some of you may be wondering why I did not reject my boss.

Personally, I am grateful to my bosses who have helped me to attain my SIATP (The tax professionals association in Singapore) membership 3 years ago as I decided to stop my ACCA, after I have failed too many times despite trying. Although, the maintenance of the membership and the need to maintain the required CPE hours on my own efforts can be tough, I am still thankful for this as not many bosses would want their staff to surpass them nowadays, and currently the accountancy sector has been undergoing some major changes, like the non-audit threshold has been increased to $10 million, subject to various conditions. The PIC Scheme is another area that has made the work of tax professionals more challenging.The tough stance of audit requirement has resulted in some businesses being converted into partnerships or SP. Given my physical disability, it will be hard for me to have such an understanding boss and good department colleagues to work with. Some bosses on seeing my disability, would feel that my current pay package is very high already and would undercut my pay by a lot. Given that with my current pay and the commitments that I have does not allow me to buy a flat, I shudder at the thoughts if I were to leave my job now and get a lower paying job.

For me, I prefer to treat any tasks given with vigour, taking it as it come, rather thank playing taiji like what some of colleagues are doing. After managing to taiji the tasks away, they have more time to chit chat during office hours, rather than working. To me, every task given is a new opportunity to learn. I am sure that Heaven has eyes to see and that I will be rewarded one of these days.

Despite my busy work schedule, I still manage to find time to attend classes organised by NACLI. I am happy to say that I will be completing my Certificate of Community Development in late January. It is likely that I will continue with my Certificate of Community Leadership.

To those who are concerned about my search of my life partner, much as I hope to settle down, but I believe that such things should not be rushed. Having been through the nasty experiences have taught me to be careful about the people that I meet, before I commit.

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