Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Busy Period For Paul

Hi all, sorry for not posting any entries recently as I had been busy recently with my work and a new community project that I have been tasked to lead, which had been forced by unfortunate developments. It has been stressful for me to lead and co-ordinate for this project that I have fell sick. My doctor issued me with an enforced medical leave for 2 days.

The project that I am leading is named Community Volunteer E-Filing Project. The reason for this project is because the joint project by IRAS & People’s Association has been ceased at the last minute and I have received feedback from my fellow volunteers and taxpayers that taxpayers may find going to IRAS is a hassle to some of them, especially to the senior citizens and illiterate. Not forgetting that some people do not enjoy visiting government agencies at all.

It has not been easy dealing with all the relevant agencies involved to get this project going and given the short time frame that I had when I knew that the program had been ceased. I am thankful to my MP, my RC members and the fellow volunteers who have supported me for this, with them assisting in little details for the project, while I did the negotiations for this, which I must say was tough.

My feelings about the cessation of the VES is a mixed one. I have expected the program to cease after last year due to the drastic cuts in the number of CCs involved in the exercise and unlike what it is claimed, although tax filing has been made simpler, the seniors and illiterate are always forgotten as these are the people who have problems embracing new technology. I am doing the tax filing for all my family members as I happened to be tax trained. Most of the young adults are not, therefore they have problems helping their family members to e-file. The good thing that I have picked up when I was volunteering in the VES is the friendships that were created and strengthened as the years went by. Also, the trust and faith that the taxpayers have in you, when they come to look for you to help them. I have met by a few of the taxpayers that I served over the years recently, they were unhappy that the VES had been ceased and find that going to IRAS is a hassle for them.

Nonetheless, it has been a fulfilling 11 years journey for me, having won 10 outstanding volunteer awards, 2 long service awards. I guessed without the strong support of fellow volunteers and the wonderful taxpayers that we served, winning these awards will not be possible. But the best reward is still seeing the smiles on the taxpayers’ faces after we e-filed for them.

Looking forward to the start of the community project from this Saturday till 17 April.

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