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Be On The Ball, Be It At Work Or Play

The recent happenings around the football world and in Singapore and at work makes me realise that our eyes must be on the ball no matter what we do.
LVG leaves Manchester UnitedThe FA Cup win on last Saturday was not able to save his job at my favourite team. As much as I liked the fact that he gives the youngsters playing at the club a chance to play in the 1st team, he was not able to deliver the Champions League spot or the EPL title. I must say in some matches that I caught on Singtel TV, I actually fell asleep watching them.Jose Mourinho appointed at Manchester UnitedAs much as I have doubts about if he is going to use the youngsters at my favourite team, and the uncertainity surrounding Ryan Giggs' future, I feel that he could be the man to bring back the swagger to the team.Finance Minister collapses at Cabinet meetingThis has something to do with the stress levels of working in Singapore. Being a Minister is not easy as the nation's well being is at your hands, therefo…

What Do I Hope To Achieve In Life

The title of this blog entry is a question that has been asked by my parents, myself & my peers for quite a while now, as they felt that I have been devoting a lot of my time to my work & community work, but less time for myself and my family. The question of settling down and starting a family did cross my mind, but with myself being physically challenged, it is tough to find someone who accepts me for who I am, although I am still positive & confident that I will find that special someone someday. I prefer to take a step at a time.

Someone asked me why I devote myself to community work, despite getting not so positive response on certain activities that we try to implement sometimes. I had always received assistance when I was young due to my disability. In fact, to date, I still do as bus captains who know me through my commutes to work and school always keep a lookout for me when they see me walking towards their bus or boarding the bus. I am thankful for all these, es…

Busy Mar to Apr

It has been a while since I last blogged. I had busy with the community tax filing initiative that I have started in place of the Volunteer e-filing Service by IRAS. As the cancellation was done at the last minute, it had made us the volunteers and the taxpayers who used the service pretty unhappy as taxpayers do not know where to seek for help, and have to take leave just to file their taxes?

I am sure that some of you may have read through the major newspapers before the filing deadline that there were long queues at IRAS as people had been queuing up for hours to e-file their taxes. It is fortunate that my grassroots adviser had given her support to me & my friends to start this program for our fellow people. I am happy to say that I have exceeded my expectations and helped these people e-file their taxes.

It gives us a sense of satisfaction that we have managed to help these people, despite the limitations placed on us.

I personally feel that community service is what we should …