Sunday, April 19, 2015

Busy Mar & Apr

March & April are usually the busy months for me as a tax professional serving in a chartered accountant firm as it is usually the busy tax filing period for me at my work.

It did not help that my manager had been on long leave to rest for her illness and I had to cover her duties at work. Not that I am complaining to get any increase in pay from my bosses, but I think it is very common that when your colleague is not around, the rest have to chip in to help. It is sad to see that someone in my office complaining about having too much work and shouted at my boss for that. I think that was the last straw from my boss, who accepted this person’s resignation and asked her to go without completing her notice period.

Luckily, to keep myself sane from all the antics and politics at work, I was fortunate to have done these activities.

Baby Jack’s 1st Birthday Celebration – 28 Feb 2015

My long time KTV group friend, Raymond’s son had celebrated his son’s birthday and invited some friends over for a simple buffet lunch. It was nice to have caught up with friends, especially some of them for whom we have not met in a while.

CNY Gathering at My House – 1 Mar 2015

A yearly event where I would invite friends to my house. Although most of my KTV friends were not able to make it, my IRAS volunteer friends’ presence were appreciated as well.


Ann’s birthday celebration – 20 Mar 2015

Would like to thank Ann for inviting us to her birthday dinner. We certainly hope that she liked her requested birthday gift from us and put the gift to good use.

IRAS Volunteer E-Filing -  21 Mar – 18 Apr (Weekends only)

A yearly affair which I always will help the residents to e-file their taxes. I was glad that I was able to have my own team of volunteers, as there was a huge reduction in the number of VES Centres. I was glad that the chaotic scenes that happened at other Centres did not happen The Serangoon CC, although those residents referred from other Centres, some were really unhappy and were shouting at us. We were to clear those referrals within 10 minutes when they reached. On the busiest day of the centre, we really had no chance of a toliet break. By the time we ended, we were surprised that we had served 189 taxpayers in 5 hours.


Paul would like to express his thanks to the following people for making VES 2015 at The Serangoon a huge success!!!

  1. Our liaison officer, Juncai. Thanks for listening to our feedback and bringing it up to your bosses. Also thanks for contributing your laptop & printer for the VES.
  2. Fellow volunteers:-
    1. Jason  – for the test run of the system, and contributing your laptops & printers for the VES. It is not easy to transport 2 laptops & 2 printers from your house to the centre by walking
    2. Meiqi – for designing our name tags, and suggesting for us to put counter numbers to allow taxpayers to identify us easily
    3. Jasmine, Grace, Jianyi, Jessie, Chun Feng, Juliet & Haris – for being part of the team to help the taxpayers to e-file their taxes
    4. Angela, Linda & Gordon – Thanks for your for being part of the team to help the taxpayers to e-file their taxes on 18th April at the special session

Demise of Founding PM, Lee Kuan Yew – 23 Mar 2015

I felt sad that it happened as I feel that even though some of his policies may not have resonate well with me, but the amount of contribution that he has made to Singapore to where we are today.

I paid a visit to Istana on the day of his demise with 2 of my friends. For the rest of the week, I wore sombre colours as a mark of respect for him.


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