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Busy Mar & Apr

March & April are usually the busy months for me as a tax professional serving in a chartered accountant firm as it is usually the busy tax filing period for me at my work. It did not help that my manager had been on long leave to rest for her illness and I had to cover her duties at work. Not that I am complaining to get any increase in pay from my bosses, but I think it is very common that when your colleague is not around, the rest have to chip in to help. It is sad to see that someone in my office complaining about having too much work and shouted at my boss for that. I think that was the last straw from my boss, who accepted this person’s resignation and asked her to go without completing her notice period.Luckily, to keep myself sane from all the antics and politics at work, I was fortunate to have done these activities.Baby Jack’s 1st Birthday Celebration – 28 Feb 2015My long time KTV group friend, Raymond’s son had celebrated his son’s birthday and invited some friends ove…