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I always thought that home is the safest place till something happened in my home. Coupled with the office politics that I was facing at work everyday, and a plan to help people in the time to come keep hitting the brick wall,  I had not been in the best of my moods and get easily irritated. It made me wanting to cancel my CNY gathering plans at my place as there is an uninvited guest at my place.My dad had known this crazy friend of his, who is of the same age as me through his singing group. She had asked for help to purchase a MacBook for her and she would pay my dad by instalments on a monthly basis. My dad obliged. But I was shocked to find that my study room was occupied by her, after she was discharged from IMH about 2 weeks ago.I am okay with my family members helping people when they are in need, but not to extent of helping a depressed person who has odd behaviour. I certainly do not want to be accused of invading her privacy or accused of doing unfavourable actions to her. …

Back To Live Writer

I am glad to say that I have managed to put my blog back on a new Live Writer. It is always easier and better to use a Live Writer software as I find it easier to input photos and videos. Hopefully this writer can last long enough.

A Brand New Year & An Interesting Start

I decided to have a rest today as I had 2 full day of activities for the past two days. I would like to thank these friends for keeping me company as my family members are either not in Singapore or busy with their activities at the moment.

30 Dec 2016 - A Post Birthday, Post Christmas & Pre New Year Celebration

I met up with my volunteer friends Angela, Jia Jie & Xiuling for this.This day had been planned since my boss announced that she would be giving us a half day off in lieu of the New Year Eve. We had Itacho Sushi for lunch, before heading for our KTV session at Teo Heng for our KTV session, ending off with dinner at TCC Bugis Junction (utilising my 30% birthday discount in the process). I hope they enjoyed the day as much as I did. I am glad that they liked the Christmas gift that I have chosen for them. This year, it was tough to choose a suitable present for them as my mind was preoccupied by the office politics that is unfolding in my office. I would like to thank Xiu…