Sunday, December 31, 2006

忘记 - 林俊杰

This is JJ's latest song. I feel that it is not bad.

I actually wanted to put the track on the sidebar, but it seems the website hosting it is down.

Look Back at 2006 & Moving Foward To 2007

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2006 has been a not so good year for me, but I am glad that I managed to pull it through. I hope that 2007 will be a better year for me.

2006 has been a year about:-


Although I had a misunderstanding with a friend, and I think I may have lost the friendship, but I am glad that I have known more people.

Elaine mei mei
Wendy mei mei


Caifeng getting married in October. I am so happy for her that she has found her Mr Right.

Alexandra getting married and the birth of her baby. I just hope that she is able to solve the problems that she is now having.

Jason admitted to hospital due to pneumonia. I just hope that he can recover soon and we will be able to do what we usually do together.


Although there was the anticipated pay increment, it came 3 months late. The workload was rather bad due to IRAS implantation of the “My Tax Portal”. A lot of time was wasted on the admin work which I thought should be done by them. Is this the Government’s way of saving cost?

For the first time in my stay here in the firm, I actually didn’t manage to complete all my tax computations on time, thanks to the wishy-washy attitude and mixed signals from my bosses. I also got to see the selfishness of my colleagues, especially those in the audit dept.

I also got a taste of my boss “cat” attitude. Trying to save money on things that are essential factors to make the company to work. I had to wait for a week to get my new CPU. The CPU parts were not really new either as some workable old parts were not replaced. I am currently waiting for my new monitor. I am so tired of waiting!


My brother entered poly on a high score and joined the poly choir. I am glad that he is doing so much better than me.

My mum managed to find a new job at her ex colleague’s firm. She is still worried about my and my brother’s future prospects though.

My dad is happily working in his job
My Study

I took a half year break to clear my work after taking 3 papers in the Jun sitting. I am pleased that I cleared 2 out of 3 of them, but mum was not. She kept saying that I didn’t work hard fot my Financial Management Paper. My boss admits that it is a tough paper too and she admires my courage for not giving up despite trying so many times.

Personal Achievement

I was nominated for the Outstanding Volunteer Award by Serangoon E Club for my services rendered at the e-filing of income tax exercise. Sadly though, the manager who nominated me has passed away. I think I will not be able to thank him enough.

2007 Hopes and Aspirations


I am hoping for a new challenge to take my work experience into a new direction.


I hope that my family members can stay healthy and be more understanding.


I hope to be able to start on my 3 final core papers in the coming year. Even though I have set a target to achieve my ACCA by 30 years old, I hope to get it earlier.


Hope to gain more weight. I am grossly underweight!!!

Happy New Year

Myspace Comments

I hereby wish all my friends and the readers of my blog a happy new year.

If you guys have made resolutions for Year 2007, I just hope it will come true for you.

Eventful Saturday

Although I worked till 9pm on Friday night, thanks to my boss late return from the seminar and his wife’s delay that I have blogged about in my last post, I woke up at about 9am yesterday to make my way to Starhub Centre FTC Campus to register for my new ACCA class. Paper 3.3: Performance Management with Mr Saminathan. The class will be starting on coming Thursday evening. Hope I can continue to preserve on despite my mum’s misgivings that I haven’t been working hard enough. I have told her that I have to take one paper this round as my work is really killing me. She said it was just an excuse, so again we had a big quarrel over it the issue again. I can’t imagine that my mum can actually think that I was going to fail my Financial Management Paper, when the result is not even out yet. I feel so sad about it.

I was greeted the newly renovated McDonald’s Resturant and a new BreadTalk Branch at Centrepoint. The McDonald’s Resturant has been converted to a McCafe. The Ronald McDonald sitting outside the restaurant is gone. There is a new wing of shops at Centrepoint too which I didn’t have time to explore as it was super crowded and I wanted to finish off my registration and head home.

When I reached the school, another refreshing change greeted me as I saw the campus is newly renovated. The school has renamed itself Kaplan City Campus and besides ACCA, CAT & CFA courses, it is shifting its APMI courses to Starhub Centre as well. To cater to this addition, the school took over the 2nd storey which was actually the food court and IBMEC school on Level 3. However sad to say, the service standard of the service staff has dropped. The staff who served me was so rude. I think something has to be done about it.

After that, I decided to take a bus home as I noticed the crowd at the MRT station was bad. The thought of going home vanished after I boarded Service 111 driven by my friend. He asked me to join him at Ghim Moh Terminal (the service terminates there), where he treated me to lunch.

After that I took the service back to Orchard again and boarded 147 home. Just as I was alighting from the bus, I didn’t notice that my handphone came out of my pocket. It stayed on the bus. I managed to board the next 147 bus to Hougang Central Interchange. Thankfully, the phone was handed to the route manager of the interchange. I thanked the driver who picked up the phone and the one who helped me to catch up with him. 2 of my bus driver friends were there and they said I was lucky as someone could have just walked away with the phone.

After the close encounter of nearly losing the phone, I headed home to prepare for my event for the night. It was my colleague, Janice’s baby boy, Adrian full month celebration. I took a bus to Pasir Ris before taking a cab into Costa Sands Resort. I must say the baby is cute. I must say that her family members were rather friendly. Sadly, there were only 4 colleagues (including myself) who were there to share her joy. I left at about 10.30pm after having the sumptuous food and nice chat.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Internet Network Crash & Office Monitor Down

I actually wanted to blog this yesterday, but unfortunately the Taiwan earthquake had knocked out the Internet connection to Blogger.

I wonder what's with my job recently. One low point after another. Yesterday my PC monitor in the office blacked out in front of me after lunch. From then on, I had to use the audit dept's PC to work. To think that my lady boss actually started to throw out the accounts that I have not asked for extension of time (I did it as per her husband instruction the last time.) at the time. To think, I have to keep shuttling between 2 tables to get my job done. Although I did some back up, but there was still some files which I need to use which was in the computer that I have been using. To think that my boss has not decided to change the monitor.

Fortunately, I got my ex-colleague of my ex firm, R to get me a CRT monitor, since he was also helping me to get another one to replace the current one I am using at home. I know u people may be laughing at me at why I m still using CRT monitor instead of LCD monitor. I am seriously considering to change but not this month, maybe after CNY, when I get my angpow, then I will change to a LCD screen. I don't want to think about bonus now as I think it will not be much.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rainy Boxing Day

Today was like last week, rained throughout the day. I didn't really want to get back to work after an eventful Chirstmas. Chirstmas has never been so good for me before.

Nothing much happened at work today, except that J had invited all of us to join her for baby shower at Pasir Ris Costa Sands Resorts on Saturday. I will be attending since I don't think I have anything on for the moment.

I am actually looking to plan something over the long weekend with my sisters, Wendy & Elaine. It will be something like what we had at Elaine's house the other day. I wonder if they want. Since there are 4 days in the long weekend, they are free to pick the day they want.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Night At the Museum

A bumbling security guard at the Museum of Natural History accidentally lets loose an ancient curse that causes the animals and insects on display to come to life and wreak havoc.
Wendy, Elaine & I went to catch this movie @ Causeway Point. The cinema has been renovated and there is a food court beside the cinema now.
This show is a funny show, although there was a frightening part in the first part of the movie as the security guard didn't manage to control the exhibits and the lions & dinosaur nearly bit him on the first day.
Overall I would give the movie 3.5 out of 5.

Marathon @ Elaine's Place

My sister, Elaine invited me & Wendy mei to her house. She actually wanted to have a Chirstmas party for all of us, but I guess she is still sick with her ear block, so Wendy & I just treated as a bonding session for 2 days.

Although it was raining heavily as I made my way to AMK MRT to meet Wendy on Sunday, we still managed to make to Elaine's house in one piece. Wendy & I were greeted by Elaine's mum and eldest sister. We are touched by the hospitality that Elaine's family showered us. Please allow me to thank her family one by one.

  1. Her mum - Auntie is a friendly person, just like mei mei. Like mother, like daughter. Thanks for the delicious dinner.
  2. Her brother - Thanks for letting me have your bed for the nite. I felt bad that u had to have the floor.
  3. Her father - Uncle is a friendly person too. Thanks for the nice lunch and your tolerance for letting us sleep till noon.
  4. Her sister - Thanks for her hospitality and friendliness. Although I got to admit she is too friendly already. But I understand the reason behind it after what mei mei told me about her.

Just a short write up about what we did at her place:-

  1. Played poker cards & Uno
  2. Watched the last 6 epsiodes of " 冲上云霄" at her place. I really like the ending I must say.
  3. Elaine used Tarot to foretell my love life. I must say it was so accurate and the foretell made me feel that I have made the right decision about what I should go for now.

We left her house at 4pm today to catch a movie together.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

City Harvest Church Chirstmas Service

Wendy & I were invited to attend the Chirstmas service at City Harvest Church ( Expo branch) yesterday.

For those of u who know me well enough will know the reasons behind my fear for the religion and why I hate people to talk about religion or force me to attend this service or another particular religion service.

The reason why i decided to attend the service was

  1. A chance for me to get away from my work stress that I have been facing.
  2. Feeling the need to respect my sis' wishes as she wanted to share the joy of Chirstmas with me.

I must say I didn't regret attending the candlelight service as I managed to catch a funny drama protrayal about the birth of Jesus Chirst & how ravishingly younger Pastor Kong looked, even though the last time I saw him was 2 years ago.

After the service, we went to Suntec City Swensens Resturant & had our dinner before taking a short walk & calling it a nite.

I wish to thank Elaine for inviting me to the service.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Chirstmas

To: All my friends:

Have a Merry & Blessed Chirstmas. May what u wish for come true for you!!

From : Paul

Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Paul At Work

For the first time in my working life, I decided to get Chirstmas gift for all my colleagues, since my secretarial dept colleague, L and audit dept manager, P, always get Chirstmas pressies for all of us.
But since Santa Paul is on a tight budget this month, as I had to cover my ACCA course fees & subscription fees, I got the colleagues 2 boxes of Ferraro Rocher chocolates ( Those 16 pieces per box) and left it at the pantry for them to share.
But to my surprise, my colleagues still had something to say.
L (says jokingly): U should have got something else ma, since I got them chocolates already.
Q & receptionist: Why u buy us chocolates?
The rest of them had the courtesy to say thank you.
Maybe next Chirstmas, if I am still in the company, I may just give them an apple each, since they like to talk so much. Haha.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Shocking Power Failure

I was working through my tax computation when the power suddenly went out. At first I thought it was just our building but it was not to be as my boss went out & saw that Concourse was in pitch darkness as well.

Just as when you thought that this was not enough, my lady boss was commenting about why I didn't ask for extension of time for submission of tax returns for certain companies but why I did for some companies. I just told her I did as per instructed by her hubby, which was to ask for extension for those accounts that were not completed or I can't finish by 29 Dec 2006.

She said that I should have sought her advice before sending in the extension request. I was wondering, why didn't you tell me earlier or in fact for the past two extension years which I had already done? It was exactly the same process.

Hmmm I think my coming Sat is going to get burned again. Von & pal are definitely going to say it is not worth it again. :( What to do??? Unless a better offer is on the way, else its difficuit.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Pain Is Back

The irritating thigh muscle pull pain found its way back as I stepped into office to work today. I decided to perserve on till the pain was really unbearable at lunch time as it really made me had difficulty to walk.

I told the receptionist that I will be going to 马光 for some massage or 推拿. I took a cab to the nearest branch at my office at Middle Rd. The chinese physician, who shared the same surname as me said that I pulled my muscle and tendon of my thigh. It could be due to I had walked too much in recent times since I don't do yoga and running due to my disability. He also commented that my body was rather stiff and advised me to do some relaxation excercises and prop up my legs for the next few days and do more stretching after I have recovered

After the treatment, which cost me about $30, but it was really good, as it really relived me of the pain. He did warn me not to walk too much though till it recovers. He told me to give a 3 day grace to recover. I really hope it does as I have upcoming events this Chirstmas.

Christmas Lunch & Visting of Rebecca

Yesterday, the whole office had the annual Christmas lunch at the usual place that I have been going since I had been in this firm for the past 2 Christmas, The Plaza Parkroyal Hotel at Beach Road.

Since I had featured the place a few times in my blog, I shan’t waste my time going to write out the details here again as it will definitely bore you guys.

After work, I met up with Richard & Stella to visit Rebecca at NUH. I actually wanted to visit her on Sunday, but the pain on my thigh made me had problems walking that day. Although the pain was still there yesterday, it was better than before. We could see that she was quite pale, as she told us that she tried sitting up and threw up after a while. The doctor should be extending her stay in the hospital for another week, as according to her, her recovery is much slower than anticipated. Hope that this sister of mine gets well soon.

More Birthday Wishes for Paul

Elaine Mei: Hi kor, my bf n me wish u all e best in yr future endavours 4 yr tis birthday. Stay joyous n handsome orh J
18/12/06 21.54

Tracey: Happy birthday to you, my fren
18/12/06 21.52

Malcolm: Hope I am not too late to wish you a happy birthday

A birthday card from Cynthia, my Prudential Insurance agent today.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Birthday Wishes for Paul

My birthday is officially today, but the wishes for my birthday started to pour in since 13 Dec 2006, after my ACCA paper.

13 Dec 2006

Eriko: (over the hp) - I am sorry for not able to attend your celebration on Sat, but happy birthday.

15 Dec 2006

Bought a pandan cake back to office and shared my birthday joy with my colleagues. I thank senior, Q & Xiuzhi for the well wishes.

16 Dec 2006

Birthday dinner at V8 Cafe. Thank all the guests for the nice & thoughtful gifts. I know the gifts don't come cheap.:) The dinner was just a small gesture, thanking u all for coming.

17 Dec 2006

Audrey (Over msn): Happy birthday
Jim:(over msn): You celebrated your birthday with babes?
Jovie (my tenant): Happy birthday
Anna (tenant's friend): Happy birthday
Wendy & Richard dedicated a blog entry for me in their blogs . Thanks mei & pal
ElaineUS aka Dalicia: Thanks for your blog entry too.

18 Dec 2006


Alexandra: Happy birthday to u. 12.31am
Jolene: Happy birthday!!! 7.42am
Wendy mei: Happy birthday kor 9.00am
Huimin: Hey happy birthday and may all your wishes come true!! Have fun! 6.32pm


Eddie: Happy birthday


Jolene,Loo & Shionge, thanks for the well wishes in my comment box.


Cindy, Nicole & Evelyn: Happy birthday
Stella: Happy birthday to you
Alexandra: Dun say happy birthday to yourself, I did wish u happy birthday hor.
Aidah: Happy birthday to you.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Family Birthday Celebration for Paul

I just had a mini celebration with my tenant & my mum. Mum says she will pay for the cake for me as my gift for this year.

The shop said that the cake was 1kg, but it seems that it is bigger than that, even bigger than the one that I had yesterday.

Deepest Condolences to Serangoon E Club Manager's Family

I was shocked & surprised when I saw this email in my mailbox just now.

Dear Friends & Family,

Our heartfelt thanks for the most kind support rendered during our time of bereavement.

A Memorial Service will be held for our father on Sunday, 7th Jan 2007. We will be providing lunch at 12pm to 1pm at Block 123 void deck infront of Contact 123 IT Centre.

We would like to put together a slide show to showcase his life. As such, we would greatly appreciate if you could provide us with pictures and any thoughts or memories you would like to share with us, about Mr Naga. Please assist by sending any write-ups or photos to these emails: or

Thanking you

Kind Regards
On behalf of Mr N. Nagaraja
His Daughters, Mahes & Yoges
N. Nagaraja

Mr Naga, the Serangoon E-Club Manager, whom I had worked with in the IRAS e-filing volunteer session for the past two years had passed away suddenly last week.

He was the one who nominated me for the Outstanding Volunteer Award this year for my assistance in the e-filing session. I am very thankful to him.

Since his family requested a short write up on him, I wrote this for him.

Dear Ms Mahes

I am sorry to hear about the sudden demise of Mr Naga today.

Having worked together with Mr Naga for the past two years during the IRAS e-filing sessions, I must say he is a friendly, caring and helpful person to work with.

Like your family members, I am deeply saddened by his sudden passing.

I will be attending the memorial service on 7 Jan 2007.

Lee Bing Fong

I hope his family can overcome the shock of his sudden passing soon.

My Birthday Dinner @ V8 Cafe

Before I go into what is happening in the slideshow above, I went to visit Jason with Stella yesterday. We can see that he is getting better and are quite happy with the progress that he has been making. He is now able to move his limbs after hearing instructions.

After visiting him, it was time for me and Stella to go to the next event, my birthday dinner @ V8 Cafe @ Bugis Junction. Although the guest list was quite small for this round, I hope my guests enjoyed themselves. I really have to thank them for coming & their gifts. I think I will find some use for them.

The thanks goes out to the following people:-

  1. Stella- Thanks for the angpow with Caifeng.
  2. Lorraine - Thanks for the wallet that u shared with my pal, & your pressence despite the fact that we only met once & the jokes too.
  3. Von - Thanks for the shower set
  4. Rong Cheng Didi - Thanks for making the effort to pop by as I know Expo is a distance from Bugis
  5. Richard - Thanks for your pressence, I am sorry u had to postpone your training because of me.
  6. Elaine mei - Thanks for the belt and the cake with Wendy mei
  7. Wendy mei - Thanks for the card & your company to bring me home due to the pain of my muscle pull.

Alas, there was a person who flew aeroplane. This person will let me have a bad impression of him if I get to see him soon. Because he made Elaine mei a promise that he could not keep, and spoiled her mood for the whole nite. I could sense that she was very upset and was going to cry.

My message to him is very simple:-

Zuo Xin, If you have made a promise to your gf, u should have made a point to keep and not break it. I can tell that this sister of mine is serious about you.

If u had something on yesterday, u could have told her that you can't make it, I am sure she won't force you to come to my birthday.

Hope u dun mind my directness.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Birthday Celebration Tonight @ V8 Cafe

I hope to enjoy my birthday celebration tonite, even though most of my regular list of guest won't be around.

My morning was nearly spoiled when Y, aka the aeroplane flier asked me why wasn't she invited. I just said I knew she had an injury so I didn't put her on my list. But, I think u guys should know why she wasn't invited. I just feel that she will fly aeroplane again.

Hope that my guests can mingle and have fun tonight.:)

Boss Acts Again!!!

I had received a surprise call from office during my exam leave period. The receptionist called me and asked if the office cleaner had been borrowing money from me. She said that my boss was going to take action on her. I knew what was wrong but I just kept quiet since I was not in the offfice for that period of time, therefore I can't be assuming what was going on in office.

Finally got back to office on Thursday. I asked the receptionist what happened. True to my prediction, the cleaner's fate was sealed because of these factors:-

  1. She had tried to borrow money from the receptionist. Instead of lending her the money, the receptionist went to tell my boss that the cleaner had tried to borrow money from her. The cleaner lives in a one-room flat at Beach Rd, with a stroke-stricken husband and a young teenage child that studies in poly. I feel that my colleagues and bosses don't have the heart of gold, or should I say not understanding enough. You guys think that the auntie likes to borrow money from us? She needs time to care for her husband, therefore she can't look for a full-time job. And my boss is paying her quite little (according to my mum, her office cleaner gets paid about 3 times more than her and just for a two day job per week). Because of this, when she borrows money from me, I will just lend it to her if I have the enough cash in my wallet. My other colleagues, S & W were even better. They just ask her to take the money and need not return it. If I had earned the same level of income, I would do the same too. 所谓,助人为快乐之本.
  2. She had called up on Tue, saying that she can't come as she needed to accompany her hubby for check up. I felt that it was a valid reason, but it seems that my bosses didn't buy that as she had made excuses like "Because of the heavy rain, I am not coming." before several times.

When I look back, how I wish if I were around, she won't have to ask money from the receptionist, because if she borrowed money from me, I won't be the broadcaster to broadcast the event to my boss. I won't be so heartless!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Interesting Quizzes

You Are A Romantic Realist

You tend to be grounded when it comes to romance.
Sure, you can fall hard... but only for someone you've gotten to know.
And once you're in love, you can be a total romantic goofball...
But you'd never admit it to your friends!

You Are 75% Peaceful

You are a very peaceful person. All is good in your world, no matter what's going on.
Occasionally you let your problems get to you, but you generally remain upbeat.
Your inner strength is inspirational - much more so than you may realize.
Your Birthdate: December 18

For you, love is a feeling that lingers for really long time - even after a relationship is totally over.
In fact, you still make have strong feelings for the first person you fell in love with.
You usually are reluctant to end relationships. And sometimes you're the last to know that things are ending!

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 1

You are most compatible with people born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th of the month.

Shi Xin Huey - From Taipei To Beijing

I know Wendy mei has been looking for this song.

Please enjoy.

The Aftermath of putting up my Birthday Wishes

I found it interesting that Ka mei & my pal actually thought that I am trying to chase a new gal in my life.

Maybe it was what I wrote that was misleading. I just wish to say that the person that I want to go after is still the same person that I said I am interested in a few months ago. I know her heart is quite hard to capture. I may just give up if someone better comes to my attention. :)

Because I know I do not have the physical attributes, I can't force her to accept me if she don't want to.

This song best describe my feelings now.

爱如潮水 - 蔡淳佳

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to Joey

Just to wish my friend, Joey a happy 24th birthday today.
Hope she stays happy & cheerful always.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

蔡淳佳 Latest MTV




I feel that she is better than Sun Yanzi. She can be comparable to Kit Chan. What you think?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

3rd Working Saturday

After reading an e-mail from my boss yesterday, I had a feeling that my office table was having a mountain of stuff waiting to be cleared, so decided to pop back to office as I have more or less tried out the questions for the working capital management topic.

True to my gut feeling, my table was cluttered with another set of tax queries and files were strewn all over the place. I spent some time clearing up before getting down to work.

I managed to clear what I set out to do within the 5 hrs that I was there. I guess my boss was surprised to see me though, but I didn't bother. My pal was asking me if my boss was going to grant me a big bonus, otherwise my burned Saturdays won't be worth the effort. I strongly doubt my effort will be appreciated, as shown in the last year. All of us had only 3 weeks bonus without AWS to show. Let's see what happens this Chinese New Year as The Straits Times had already stated the the Big Four Accounting Firms, i.e. EY, PWC, KPMG & Delottie & Touche will be having salary revisions and bigger bonus. Even the civil service has taken 2.7 months of bonus in total.

I can only just hope for the best.

Kinship & Friendship

It has been a while since Iast chatted with my mum. Finally I had the chance to do so yesterday.

She updated me about what happened when she visited Jason the other nite. I haven't been visiting him for the past week, as I was tied down by my work and exam. From what I gathered from her, Jason's throat is still quite bad and his mum told my mum that he actually coughed out blood a few days ago. I just hope it does not get worse than this.

We also touched on the issue of kinship. I could sense that she is still bitter about the strain of her relationship with her first younger brother, who is my 大舅, as he always feels that my mum is very well to do & not helping him out when his family is in need. I just told her, his family can't always depend on us. Who asked him to have 5 children, when he knows that he is the sole breadwinner of the family? He knows that his little formal education was not going to help him in his job.

I told my mum that out of all my relatives that I have, the most helpful one must be her second younger brother, my 二舅. Too bad, he is no longer with us. His attitude is selfless & think about others first, before thinking about himself.

This goes to show that some people really need a serious jolt in their head before they wake up from their self imposed slumber.

Birthday Wish List

Since Joey came up with her birthday wish list for her birthday on coming Monday, I guess I should come up with mine as well. It may seem that this list is just basically unattainable. :) I am not sure if I can come up with 27 wishes. Haha. 1 wish to represent a year of my existence.

  1. Samsung 740N monitor - PC monitor going anytime.
  2. A good bonus (2 months at least ) from my boss
  3. A pass in my upcoming Financial Management Paper
  4. Hope that my NS pal, Jason can regain from his semi coma state.
  5. Hope can win the heart of the gal that I have been secretly admiring for a while
  6. Hope that my mum doesn't matchmake me / pester me to find a gal. Haha!!!
  7. My friends, my family & people around me to stay healthy
  8. Cai Chun Jia latest album - added 12 Dec 2006

I will continue on from here if I can think of some more.

Ed: This post was first published on 9 Dec 2006 & edited on 12 Dec 2006.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ju Hua Tai - The Curse of The Golden Flower

This is the theme song of The Curse of The Golden Flower by Jay. This movie looks good as there is Chow Yun Fatt, Gong Li & Jay acting this movie.

Please enjoy the video.

PC Monitor Going Anytime

LG 1718M

My PC monitor, which I have been using since my old Acer monitor blacked out six years ago, has been flickering recently.

My friend, Roy has been trying to recommend me the LG monitor, but I am not too confident about LG monitor @ $285. My office PC service technician has recommended me the Samsung 740N monitor at $299.

I guess I will be asking my pal to accompany me to Sim Lim Square after my paper to take a look at which monitor to select and also to fix it for me. I guess it will be cheaper that way.

What do you guys think of the monitors?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kenny G - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I personally like this rendition by Kenny G.

Hope u guys do too.

For Dalicia - Happy Birthday

To: Dalicia
Wish you a happy birthday in advance for tomorrow.
May what u wish for come true for you.
Stay beautiful, youthful & cheerful always.
P.S. Hope to see you in Singapore soon.

For My Pal, Richard

Dear pal,
Good luck for your Advanced Taxation Paper today & Performance Management Paper on Friday. I am pretty sure that you will be able to make it this round.
From your Pal,

Can We Value Life Seriously?

I was on my way to work yesterday when I heard that a person had jumped off the platform at Yishun MRT station. My parents said that there seems to be a new trend, whereby people choose to commit sucide at MRT stations, instead of jumping from HDB blocks or gassing themselves to death. I wonder if the press has a part to play in this, as they seemed to be glorifying the incident of people jumping off the platform at MRT stations recently. Maybe like what the psycharist said in the paper today, the reporters should stop glorifying it so that people won't be copycats and follow what these people do when they are faced with problems.

Because of this incident, there were lots of people crowding the bus yesterday. As a result, I ended up being late for work yesterday. I was reprimanded by LB. I have tried to put in an explaination but she didn't buy that, so it can't be helped. It seems like people who are always being chaffeured do not understand how difficuit it is sometimes to take public transport in Singapore. We have to be up at least 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs early just to catch the train or bus to work. Sometimes if we are running late, we just try to hail a cab to work. But the situation is these public transport can't seem to be at the bus stops, taxi stands and MRT stations when you need them most. I remembered I was nearly stampeded at an MRT station while boarding the train once, fell off the bus twice while boarding a overcrowded bus. The bus was actually not crowded at all, as people just don't have the courtesy to move to the empty spaces at the rear of the bus. I wonder if I can get my boss to give up his car and try the Singapore public transport for a day. You will understand how we the workers feel, especially for some of us who really live out of the way.

The sad news is that I will be going back to office this Saturday again to clear my work again. The good news is that I can finally settle down and concentrate to prepare for my paper on next Wednesday.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Chirstmas Cheer Is Really Here

Although I am still using the old Classic Blogger Template to do my blog edits for the time being (must wait for Wendy mei mei to coach me on how to use the new widget template after my paper!), I feel glad to say that Dalicia actually liked the "Last Chirstmas" by the 12 Girls Band & Wendy actually liked the Santa clock that I put up.

I think my celebration mood will only come after my paper, where I will be celebrating my 27th year in this world 5 days after that. This round, I have to thank my co-planner as well, Elaine mei mei. If not for her, I guess my birthday will be a washout as there are some unforeseen things that are cropping up & are hindering the finalisation of my guest list.

I hope there won't be any more funny things happening.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

All I want for Xmas is you - Mariah Carey

Chirstmas is around the corner.

I just completed writing 8 Chirstmas cards.

If u want to know if u r the lucky 1, please check your mailbox. :)

Here is my favourite song for Chirstmas.

Working Saturday

I have checked in at office at 11am yesterday & ended at 5pm.

Surprisingly, the person that has put me through the tramua for having to be back in office for the 2nd Saturday in a row was not around. I broke a personal record too. Was working in a non-air conditioned enviornment for about 4 hrs after the centralised aircon was shut down at 1pm.

I managed to clear all my document filings, but there were still some accounts still to be done, but I wonder where all the audit/ financial reports file go? Wonder where LB hides them?

Hopefully can start my exam revision later. Wish me luck for my 6th try on the Financial Management Paper.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Busy Busy Me

This week was a busy week for me as I had to juggle with several things.
  1. My work. Boss has not allowed me to extend most of my income tax clients filing return deadline. This means that I have to start burning my Saturday to get back to work, in order to meet the deadline for 29 Dec 2006.
  2. My study. I finished my revision class with Mr Sami last week. I will be starting my leave from 6 Dec 2006 to 13 Dec 2006. As per his advice, I will be working through the past six papers that the examiner has set since he became the examiner for the paper. I have to pass the paper in a hurry as the syallbus change coming up in Dec 2007 will split the paper into 2.
  3. The show that is showing in Channel U at 10pm from Mon to Fri, "Triumph in the Skies" is my way to relax after a hard day's work. I simply love Flora Chan!!!

I hope I will be able to last the pace till the end of the month.

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