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IRAS VES Volunteers Dinner Gathering

This was a day where the VES volunteers were waiting for. Our 2nd gathering was hit by some minor hiccups and was at the mercy of the weather, but I was glad that the weather became better just hours we were about to start the dinner. I think we have to thank Pauline’s positive vibe that the sky will be clear for the dinner in the morning of  the day of the dinner.Jasmine & I did a mini belated birthday celebration for Jason at Citylink Mall before  the start of the dinner.After that, we proceeded to the Sky Lounge, where we had another surprise awaiting us. We had known that the Combined Rehearsal for the NDP was on at the Floating Platform but I did not expect to see the rehearsal had fireworks with them. =)I really would like to thank the 12 of them who attended the dinner. Till we meet again in Dec for a pre-Christmas gathering.

My Views About The Haze Problem

The recent topic that has been on almost everyone’s lips must be the haze. I actually debated in my mind if I should share about what I feel about this haze problem and not sounding too much like a political mouthpiece. After much debate, I decided to share with you guys about how I feel.The accuracy of the PSI Much hoo-ha has been made about the PSI being not an accurate reflection of what we see & feel when we are on our errands outside. In the Sunday Times today, there is an article which tells us how PSI is measured. Besides that, I feel that the other factors that we need to consider when we read into the PSI index is our Government does not wish the nation to be plunged into unnecessary panic and chaos if the PSI index is really that high. Our tourism and retail industry will be the first to be impacted, should this happen. The rush for the N95 masks at the major hospitals, retail outlets is a warning sign that the nation is in panic already.Hello Kitty vs HazeI was quite su…

Optus Jay Concert 2013

I would like to thank Angela and her friend for helping me to get the concert ticket for Jay’s concert. I was asked by Angela if I wanted to join her for this concert a few weeks before the concert ticket details were released. I agreed as it has been 7 years since I last caught his concert. Little did we expect that the tickets were so hot that it ended up we had to sit separately.I was impressed by his stage, dance moves, piano playing, guitar playing and the merchandise he had for his concert. He managed to sing most of the older songs like 安静,黑色幽默,不能说的秘密。His concert was not bad overall, save for the first part, where he sang some of his songs that I was not aware of.

IRAS VES Appreciation Ceremony 2013

The VES Appreciation Ceremony for this year was very different from the past. Please allow me to go through the differences for this year which was different from the past.The event was held at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park on a Saturday morning on 25 May, in a major departure from the past where it was usually held at the Revenue House at Novena in June. We had a new Commissioner, Dr Tan Kim Siew, as the previous Commissioner, Mr Moses Lee moved on to his new post at Sentosa Development Corporation. This was also the first time, which the Commissioner did not give out any award to the award winners. Instead he presented the prizes to the GIRO Lucky Draw winners and we had received our awards from Ms Jessica Tan, MP for East Coast GRC, GPC Chairman for Finance & Trade & industry. There was a celebrity host for the event, Ms Belinda Lee, Mediacorp actress. I was surprised by her frankness and her request to have a photo with me, before the end of the event. This was also the 1st time …