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Really Hate To Be Pushed Around

I am glad that I am not a M1 handphone user anymore, but the sight of my friend, who encountered network problems for the past month. It took us 3 trips to M1 & Samsung respectively to resolve the problems. Till now, I am still disturbed by some  things that M1 did to my friend.Why did you push the blame that it was a handphone problem when it was clearly a handphone network problem. Because of your advice, my friend nearly took the Micro SIM card which was not suitable for her phone.Why you insist on a service report from Samsung, as it was very clear that on our 1st trip to Samsung service centre to update the firmware and do some test on the phone, it was clear that your SIM Card was not of the correct size, as it fitted into the SIM Card holder of the phone loosely, but it was okay with a Singtel SIM Card, as tested by Samsung Service Centre?Why is it that on change of the 3rd SIM Card last week, which is working  almost perfectly fine till now, your customer service officer s…

Hate To Be Pushed Around

This post relates my friend’s nasty experience with M1 and how I had tried my best to help her to solve it. It was a nasty one, enough to make my friend decide to terminate her association with M1 when her contract expires in February.My friend had signed up a Singtel line for her mum as her mum had some complaints about the M1 network recently and her mum’s contract with M1 had ended. Since my friend is working with Singtel, she is able to enjoy a special staff price if she signed any Singtel handphone, fibre broadband & Mio TV plans. She took the phone that was tied with her mum’s new Singtel line, Samsung Galaxy SII LTE.The phone & her SIM card had worked fine for a week before she had to begin to restart her handphone about 6 to 20 times each day. I even tried talking to her on the phone, but the call was distorted and dropped a few times. As I have been a Samsung Galaxy S2 user myself, and I did not encounter any problems, I was surprised when she told me that the M1 Cust…

張靚穎 Jane Zhang In Concert

I decided to pamper myself and give myself a chance to destress from the hectic and stressful week by attending the concert of Jane, 張靚穎. I was really looking forward to her concert as I really liked some of her songs & her dolphin pitched voice.I was glad that I was still able to get hold of her ticket and at a hugely discounted price for a CAT 1 seat.I must say her concert was superb, with her great singing & many attractive concert outfits. I didn’t expect her to do rendition of a Jacky Cheung song which I thought she did it well. The only sad thing, there was no encore for her concert.If her concert CD is out, I will grab it. =)

Nearly Got Conned By Gimmick

About two months ago, I had received a phone call via my mobile phone to do a survey about usage of credit card. I had not wanted to do the survey but was asked to do as it was claimed that it was short & only a few minutes of my time will be taken. I thought that was the end of the whole thing when I completed the whole survey.During this week, I had received a phone call with regard to the abovementioned survey that I did. The person said that as I had participated in the survey, the company conducting the survey would like to reward me with a $800 voucher and a free handphone. My instinct kicked in immediately, having fallen victim to timeshare companies & lost money to a conman before. I told her that I did not wish to collect the gifts. She was rather persistent, together with her manager, as they kept calling me to collect the gift. In the end, I was sick and tired of their behaviour and went reluctantly to collect the gift. The office was at The Corporate Office at Tanj…

Movie Outing Sat

I was asked to plan for a movie outing before I went to bed by Estella on Thursday. I was surprised that despite the short notice, we were able to gather Raymond, Jonathan & Ah Liang for the movie, Ted at Plaza Singapura. The movie is a funny one, although the introduction to the storyline was a bit unbelievable, but I guess without the unbelievable storyline, the movie would not have tickled us.I would recommend you guys to catch this movie.