Sunday, May 29, 2011

KTV Session Saturday

After a break for about two months, I organised a ktv session for the group, which I am one of the organisers. This session was unique in many ways as this was the first time, I was rather afraid that the session would not go on as smoothly as planned as there were two people which I wanted to ban, showed up at the event.
My committee members have decided to let them join in for the event, but I certainly did not want them to be in the same room as me. In fact, a lot of the members did not wish to be in the same room as them, so in the end, I decided to put them with Chairman, his gf, his sister and newbie Eugene.
My room had 3 newbies. Candy, Leon & Derrick. I had knew Candy & Leon from my previous gatherings at KTV Club SG, while Derrick was Mandy’s friend. I certainly hope that you all enjoyed yourselves. Judging from the amount of fun we had, singing duets together, I guess all of them should have fun. =)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Outstanding Volunteer & Long Service Volunteer Award For Paul

I just got this email from Rena, IRAS Corporate Communications Officer  stating this:-
Dear Paul,
Congratulations once again on being awarded the 2011 e-Filing Volunteer - Outstanding Award!
We are pleased to share that you were being nominated by your Volunteering  Centre for this award in recognition of your commitment, service and leadership qualities, and good understanding of the e-Filing system.
In recognition of your contributions towards  Volunteer e-Filing Service for the past years, we are pleased to share that we'd like to present you with the Long Service Volunteer Award" on the same occasion.
We would like to invite you to the IRAS e-Filing Service @ the Community Appreciation Ceremony to receive the certificate of commendation and plaque from Our Commissioner, Mr Moses Lee.  You can also invite two guests to attend the ceremony with you to share in your achievement!
At the same time, please advise us on the following before 31 May 2011 (Tue).

  1. Name to be printed on the certificate/ plaque
  2. Confirm your attendance,
  3. and the number of accompanying guest(s) together with their NRIC no.
Thank you.
Snr Asst Corporate Communications Officer (Corp
orate Development)| Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
It is indeed hard for me to imagine that I have been volunteering for this since the Year 2004. In the course of volunteering these years, I have certainly met by many people that have enriched my life in one way or another.
I would like to thank IRAS for giving me the opportunity to help the residents of Serangoon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fast & Furious 5

I was invited by Jas to catch this movie. We were joined by Jonathan & Ernest. We had dinner at the Kopitiam food court at PS before heading to the Cathay for the movie.

I thought the show was great. I will be eagerly waiting for Part 6 if there is any.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mandy’s Birthday Celebration

The birthday celebration for Mandy was planned about 3 weeks ago, with Evelyn, Weng Kiat & myself as the planners. It ended up that Evelyn was caught up with something and could not attend the celebration & Weng Kiat fell sick. Therefore, I had to execute the plan on my own.




First up was a KTV session with the birthday, which Alex, Ann, Raymond, Jue Liang and myself had to warm up the room for an hour before the birthday gal made her grand entrance, in her new pair of glasses, courtesy from us. =)

Dinner was at Xin Wang Café, which was booked in advance by me as I knew it was going to be crowded on Polling Day. Thanks to my membership card, otherwise, we would have a hard time looking for place to settle dinner.

After that, we proceeded to Clarke Quay to find a place to chill. We ended up in TCC Café instead as the pubs were too crowded. It was a great chill session as we found out more about Alex & Raymond.

At 3am, we left and were left stranded at the Clarke Quay taxi stand waiting for cab. If not for Alex walking to Chinatown to hail a cab for us at about 3.45am, we would still be stranded there. This really showed his good side!!!

Election Fever

I guess almost everyone who had the opportunity to vote yesterday were caught by the election fever that gripped the whole of Singapore for the past two weeks.

I shall not reveal which party that I voted for in this election. Let’s just say that I voted to the group of candiates that I felt will be able to represent my concerns on housing and high cost of living in Singapore. It actually took me a few days to decide

This was my 2nd time voting in the election. I attended an election rally for the 1st time, since attaining the legal right to have a say in Singapore. Although the rally that I attended was not the party that was contesting in the GRC that I am in, I am impressed by what the party shared at their rally. The pledge taking moment at the end was an emotional moment for me as it showed that the people at the rally were truly concerned about the future of Singapore, myself included.

With the results of the elections announced, I certainly hope that the Government will look into ways on communicating its policies across before implementing them.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Labour Day Public Holiday Singing Session

Jonathan Teo, Jonathan Ya, Lance, Jas were invited to Andrina’s house for a public holiday singing session.

Enjoyed hearing these 2 songs and singing at her place, before heading to Old Airport Road. Gotta thank Jonathan Teo for the dinner treat. =)


Source Code The Movie

I was asked by Henry, one of the people who attended the group’s ktv session quite some time ago, to join him for this movie and at the same time, give him some feedback on the new card game he had created.

I thought that the movie was great, save for the part that was a little repetitive in the beginning. I recommend all of you to catch it.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Master Your Own Finance Seminar

I was asked by mum to attend this seminar. I was a little worried that it was those one of those sales tactics by people. Therefore I decided to join her at the company’s premises at Park Mall.

It was a great talk by Mr Dennis Ng. I picked up a few good pointers about managing my own finances. But I was partly right as towards the end of the seminar, he was trying to sell his courses to us. It was certainly not cheap to attend them. I was smart enough to stop my mum from signing up as I felt that the cost was rather high. I feel that if you wish to manage your own finances, would you spend such a big sum just to attend a course?

In the end, we bought his book which was only a small fraction of what I would have spent for his course.



It has been a while since I last blogged. My mood have been affected by my work recently. The fortunate thing was that there was singing, JJ...