Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Enjoyments For The Week


The IRAS Volunteer Group Gathering – 16 Aug 2014

Our once in  two months gathering arranged by me & fellow volunteer, Meiqi was at Marina Square. It was a gathering of multiple firsts.

  • A gathering that has us moving from place to place. We moved from Manhattan Fish Market at Marina Square to TCC Citylink then to the open area outside Citylink Mall.
  • It was the 1st time we chatted till 1am plus and we would like to thank Helen for sending us home with her car.
  • A multiple celebration for gathering, Pauline’s birthday & advance celebration for Mooncake Festival


Till our next gathering on 11 Oct =)

Liquids Café With Xiuling & Wendy – 17 Aug 2014

We continued the café adventure where we left off in 22 Jun. This time, we explored Liquids Café, which was located opposite Nee Soon Camp. I thought the food was great and we were virtually left undisturbed for about an hour plus as we had the whole café to ourselves. It was definitely nice catching up with them.

Some of you asked me for the address, it is at 56 Sembawang Rd. Buses 167,169 & 980 will take you there.

Performance By The Pipa Quartet with Angela – 22 Aug 2014

I was glad to be invited to catch this performance by The Pipa Quartet by Angela to end off my hectic week.

It is definitely a good form of relaxation, and I never knew that a pipa can play latest hit songs from our favourite singers too. I must say I am impressed especially on the front row seat of the performance on my first visit to SOTA. =)

Wretched Week

It has been a wretched week for me so far. Even my mum could tell that I was feeling rather tense and stressed up recently and have encouraged me to keep a diary and try to relax a little.

It has been a while since I physically keep a diary and pen my thoughts in there as I did not see the need to do so. Although keeping a blog is about the same as keeping a diary, but certain things, like private or work matters are best kept to a minimal as I had bad experiences before of sharing my thoughts online, and receiving brickbats for what I have written or gag order served from my boss not to share work related matters on the world wide web.

    • Public Transport Woes

I have gotten my SG Enable Card for about a month plus. So far, the fellow commuters & bus captains have been pretty helpful upon seeing my pass. They would assist me to look for a seat. 1 of the bus captains on my frequent bus service, whom I have known since my school days, even showed me that the symbol on the fare stage machine that the SG Enable pass alerts him by showing him the symbol of a senior citizen, which I thought was funny.

However, the same cannot be said for a fellow commuter that I was on board the bus on Thursday. I had been on the service 74 and someone actually offered me a seat in the area meant for young, old & the disabled. After a few stops, there was a child and another commuter, who I believe is not the parent of the child, as their races were different,  boarded the bus. She saw me playing on my tablet and shouted at me to give up the seat to the little child. I just shouted back, I am a handicapped passenger. If she had been talking nicely to me I would consider giving up the seat as I was alighting in a few stops. Her graciousness / courtesy left a bitter taste in my mouth.

  • Bad Service

I encountered a case of terrible service by my area’s town council about a month back. They took close to a month to replace a faulty light in one of the lifts in my block, after I made several calls to the town council & highlighted at my RC monthly meeting. To me this is totally  unacceptable, especially my town council is supposed to be a 5 star rating town council.

Being in a professional service line for the entirety of my working life, I think this will cause the customers/ potential customers to walk away from you. The firm will lose money. I wonder why some people can work so “efficiently” till I need to ask his manager to push him to work. Or is the 5-star rating just a window dressing grade?

Hopefully, the new Municipal Council announced by PM Lee can reduce such incidents.

  • Work

My work has been okay. My company has been selected to be in the pilot scheme of the e-Form C. I am glad to say that it is progressing well. Hopefully, with this system, we can still meet the deadline

However, the same cannot be said for the bunch of colleagues who have always been late for work. Even though a group warning has been given, these people still are persistently late or frequently taking MC. Sometimes I feel that my boss is too soft hearted. As she is not firm enough, people would take advantage. For example, coming to office an hour later than the official timing. Although my boss has given us a 30 min grace period, in view of the frequent train delays & breakdowns recently, I still feel that it is the responsibility of an individual to be punctual for your appointment or work. If you are going to be late, please have the courtesy to inform as a workplace is a value chain, one person’s output will be another person’s input.




Wednesday, August 20, 2014

National Day Parade Preview

It has been a while once again, since I updated this blog of mine. It used to be done almost everyday, till to weekly, till now its only done when I am free. It has been good to know that my blog still has people that wishes to read more about what has been happening to me, even after so many years that I set up this blog, which I believe was 8 years ago.

National Day Parade

I had the honour to attend the National Day Parade, albeit it was the Preview for the 1st time. It was definitely very different from watching the Parade from the comforts of your home and live at the float. I am glad that my VES volunteer friends were able to join me after my parents were unable to make it. For more photos, kindly refer to my Facebook Page.





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