Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to Kelly Curryegg

Just afraid that I may be out tomorrow and forget to post this up. As a promise to Curryegg, this is the surprise for her.

Just wish to wish her a Happy 20th birthday on 1 Sep and may what she wishes for come true for her. Wish her all the best in her studies.and stay happy and cheerful always.

Although I have known you for a short time in blogger, you have struck me as a nice, cheerful & friendly gal. I am glad to have you as my friend!!!



Your friend

Its So Gross

Was on the bus on the way to work when I saw this Chinese guy sitting 1 seat away from me, spitting his phelgm on the floor of the bus.

I was totally grossed out by the sight, that I went upstairs to sit.

Does he know that he is travelling on a public bus and his act could spread germs? Does he know that spitting in public is an offence that carries a fine?

GV Movie Club

I had just signed up for the new Golden Villiage Movie Club membership. The membership consist of many exciting privillieges. And what's more, its free.

Don't forget to ask me out for a movie at GV cinemas next time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Company Policy About E-Mail

The day before yesterday, my bosses decided that e-mails need to be approved before they are sent out to clients.

I have nothing against this new ruling as I do not usually use e-mail as part of communication tool with client. The b*** was not happy that this new ruling was set as she kept complaining that the new ruling is stupid.

Actually, I feel that the ruling can be get around by writing formal letters, since in Singapore, posting of letters in Singapore takes only 1 day. There is no need to complain. If you feel that it is a chore, just show it to our bosses that it is a chore as it slows down communication.

I Wonder Why Some People Have Such High Confidence In Me

I attended the Advanced Performance Management Bridging class conducted by Mr Sami last night with Von. The purpose of the class was to let us know the new topics that were added to the new syallabus for the paper that I just failed.
He mentioned that the paper at the last sitting was rather unfair, especially in one of the questions, where many things were required under exam conditions. He advised us to retake the paper at this sitting as this sitting, we are allowed to take the options paper first for the last time as we were under the old scheme.
I went to ask him after the class last night if I should take all the 3 papers (incl the Business Analysis & Professional Accountant papers that I am taking now) or if I should drop one of them. I didn't expect that he advised me to go for all of them. In fact, Von, my mum & Elaine mei asked me to go for all the papers this round.
I decided to talk to my mum as to why I decide to take only Business Analysis & Professional Accountant this round. It was a surprise that she finally understood and allowed me to take my decision.
I told her the following:-
  1. Paper 3.3 had destroyed my confidence. I want to get it back by doing the core papers first. Anyway I am left with 1 option paper, as I cleared my tax option paper 2 sittings ago.
  2. Business Analysis is the linking paper for Advanced Performance Management. It will enhance my understanding if I do the linking paper first.
  3. My pal, R is doing the same papers as me, as a result, there is a sense of motivation for me to pass the paper.
  4. My current workload does not allow me to have the luxury to take 3 papers. I wonder if I can meet the end Dec deadline. This is despite the fact that I have been returning to work on Sat to try and clear the work. I was telling my mum that how I wish I could throw my resignation letter at my boss, and leave for good?

I wonder what makes my mum, Elaine, Von & Mr Sami think that I can cope with 3 papers? Have I done some impressive things in the past that makes them think that I can cope with 3 papers?

I wish to thank Tammy for her sound advice. I am sorry to have disturbed her for her class yesterday.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Intergrity & Diligence

This is my secondary school's motto "Intergrity & Diligence" If some of you may have guessed, I was from Serangoon Garden Sec Sch. Time flies, even the campus have shifted to old Peicai Sec Sch & my school has since merged with Serangoon Garden Tech.

I wonder if u guys could remember that one of my former school mate, Lian Fern actually sent me an e-mail after reading my blog about 2 months ago. I managed to locate her in friendster last week, and through her I have managed to find a lot of ex schoolmates.

  1. Boon
  2. Chay Hoon
  3. Yen Li (She's the 1st gal I went after, think she's married, from what I saw on her profile)
  4. Keng Siong
  5. Godwin ( My primary sch mate as well)
  6. Johnie
  7. Chia Li
  8. Joseph
  9. Kah Hian ( His sis is my primary school classmate too)

So far, I have added these people. A few of them haven't added me yet. So don't be surprised by my sudden increase of friends in friendster.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Alexandra's Baby Shower

Baby Avarielle - 1 year old
Baby Justuz -1 month old

Was invited by my long time net friend, Alexandra to her baby boy, Justuz's one month celebration just now.

The event was held at Alex's grandma's place. Isn't the two of them adorable? It makes me want to have 1 on my own, but it seems a long way to go for me.

Feeding & raising a child in Singapore is not easy, considering the tax rebates given are pretty little and the cost of education is very high. But I guess having your own child is a happy event that will cover back all the unhappiness and difficuities faced when raising the child.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Is The Use of A Blog?

Having kept a blog for about 3 years, I had about close to 770 posts and counting at this moment. This does not take into consideration the previous blog which I had that was taken off after some people chose to put up attacks on me on my blog.

To me, my blog is a place for me to:-

  1. Write what I feel, be it happy, sad or anger. In Chinese, it means 分享人生的酸甜苦辣.

  2. Putting up my photos for memory, in case one day, I may just lose my memory.

  3. Writing about the movies that I caught

  4. Doing interesting surveys, IQ tests, tags & blogthings and sharing it with you all.

  5. Sharing with u all the interesting news articles that I have read

  6. Sharing nice music with you.

  7. Making new friends from all over the world.

Wikipedia defines blog as follows:-

A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.
Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal
online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (artlog), photographs (photoblog), sketchblog, videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), audio (podcasting) or sexual topics (Adult blog), and are part of a wider network of social media.

So, what does your blog means to you? Please feel free to do the poll & drop your comments.


Pictures Courtesy of SBS Transit & Apple
As you guys may be aware that I used to have an I Pod, courtesy of Singnet, after I signed up a new contract with them last year. Because I had a Sony receiver at that time, so I passed it on for my bro to use. Recently, he told me that he had given the I Pod away to his friend. He did that without telling me. I was quite angry that I scolded him.
I told him that if he was not my bro, I won't have let him use the I Pod at all. His excuse was it was free anyway, so I just don't feel like I want the I Pod anymore, so I just gave it away.Apparently, he gave to his friend some months back. I told him that even then, the I Pod is still mine as the Singnet account was registered under my name.
This incident makes me think if I should lend things to my immediate family members, let alone my relatives and friends as I have been cheated a few times before. Therefore I am now very careful when it comes to lending people things, be it the Vitamin M or personal items. So to those people who have been on the receiving end of my kindness, please don't abuse it.
I was so busy with my work recently that I nearly forgot about getting my Season Pass Stamp for this month. As NTUC Fairprice supermarket was crowded, the cashier and I did not check that the stamp was not the one I requested. I only discovered the error until I affixed the stamp to my pass. Luckily, the Fairprice HQ allowed me to make the change, without the receipt, but it must be at the place that I purchased the stamp from.
After work, I went back to the store, and was appalled by the store manager's attitude. She asked me to take out the stamp by myself, but I was afraid that I may tear the stamp, rendering the stamp void. I told her to do it herself. I could hear her grumbles. Is this what you call customer service? I know it is partly my fault, but do u need to grumble?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Money is the root of all the problems

I had a big quarrel with my mum over some issues that she brought up repeatedly recently. It is the same situation that is hounding Christopher & Kaylee now.

Exam results

I know that she was not happy that I failed, but she chose to keep quiet first. I know why she is not happy as she was the one who wanted to pay for me through the course of my study. I didn't force her to do it. I just told her that if she wishes me to give her an allowance each month, she would need to pay for me as despite working for nearly 4 years, my pay lags behind my peers by about $400. She was agreeable to that. Now she is complaining that I am lazy, I didn't study hard enough, and wants me to fork out part of it. I am ok but there will not be any allowance for you.


Was telling her that I lost the interview after the agent advised me not to wait on that prospect as they were undergoing resturcturing. She says go for chanting lor, sure get job one. You think the religion is like a magician, can help u get a job? Have been fustrated that her friend kept pestering me to join them for their gathering, when sometimes I feel that I don't have enough time for myself.


As most of you may know by now that I have a friend who is hospitalised and my mum & I have been helping the family with a small sum of money each month. She starts to nag again, I told her I didn't ask u to help, u can choose not to help since he is my friend (that's what my mum say). I told my friend's mum that if she wishes to cancel my friends' internet & phone subscriptions, she should give me my friend's medical report then I will do the rest. My mum went to advise her that a letter need to be written by her. I just buzzed my mum off. I told her that the doc's letter is the proof. If she didn't give me the letter, I can't do anything to cancel them.


Dad went to sign those timeshare holidays again, without letting us know, till my mum discovered and got my brother and I to write letter to cancel it. My bro had errenously left out the company's name and was scolded by her. I was dragged in too, as it was claimed, I didn't help my dad look at the contracts. What she didn't know was dad was angry when I talked about it, so u think he showed me what he signed?

I am in a total wreck now.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scary Bus Ride

I had deviated from my usual Wednesday routine as mum went to see a doc for her sore throat & dad asked me to join him for dinner at his favourite coffeeshop.

Had boarded the feeder bus from Serangoon Central. As the bus was crowded, I took a seat near the door. Little did I know that the guy beside me was a drunkard.

I was trying to unentagle the earpiece of my MP3 player as it had got tangled. This Malay guy, in his 50s, started his rubbish by saying "You get a high to your XXXX when u fiddle with the wire. Some people get a high from that, so dun be shy. I made love with guys & ladies before. You want beer, I can give u. "

As he was drunk, I decided to be quiet and not to make a scene as the bus was crowded. The bus ride was unbearable. Even though it was only a 15 min ride, it seemed like 15 hrs. It was scary.

I wonder if Singapore is fast becoming a crazy country?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Singapore Tax Planning Forum

I was very pleased to have attended the above seminar with my boss' support. Intitally I had paid the seminar fees on my own and had planned to utilise my own leave if she was not interested to support me as the forum consisted of the legal aspects of how to fight taxation disputes in courts. I thought that this was a useful aspect since I have always been dealing with the technical aspects of taxation, it was good to know the legal aspects of tax as well.
The venue was at Orchard Parade Hotel. I must say I was very impressed with the venue, facilities, hotel management and food. The presenters of the 4 talks were not too bad either. Except for one of the speakers, the rest were well prepared and gave their useful insight & knowledge about tax to us.
I got to know from one of the fellow participants, who is a staff of Far East Organisation, (the mgt of Orchard Parade Hotel) that the food that we ate were prepared by Tung Lok Group, which is helmed by Mr Sam Leong, the famous Ch U cook now.
Overall I learnt quite a lot from the talk, especially the legal aspects of taxation. I didn't regret registering for the talk at all.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Exam Result

Today was the day for the release of my exam results. You haven't heard me talking about it as I was too busy with my work. In fact, I was back in office last Sat to clear some of the filing of documents. I didn't want the b*** to find an opportunity to stab my back again.
I failed my paper as expected as I didn't manage to finish the paper, but it was a good score for me, considering I did only 60% of the paper.
I wish to thank the following people for their support.

  1. Eriko
  2. Gingy
  3. Yvonne
  4. Christine
  5. Krys
  6. Wendy
  7. Rebec
  8. Elaine mei
  9. Tammy
  10. Caifeng

I can't retake the paper that I failed this round as there is a change in syallbus. The new requirement is to clear the core papers first before coming back to the optional papers.

I promise to strive for my Professional Accountant & Business Analysis paper this round.

The Power of Friendster

I have managed to locate almost all my poly Yr 3 classmates within 2 days. Thanks to the power of Friendster, I managed to locate almost everyone.

I am right now looking for

  1. Moses Wong Ling Hu
  2. Chong Chin Chin

If you happen to be in Accountancy, Ngee Ann Poly, Class 3B11, 1999/2000, please contact Choon Bee or me as we are planning a reunion gathering.

I hope to see all of them soon!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


The first day Lun (Chou) enters Tamkang Secondary School, he meets Yu (Kwai Lun-Mei) in the music room when she is playing a mysterious piano solo. The two become intimate friends and spend a lot of time together. He often asks her "What's the melody you played the first day we met?" but Yu unfailingly replies: "That's my secret." One day, Lun asks Yu to meet him in the music room but Yu never showed up. Lun cannot find her. Later, Lun sees Yu in an old photograph and what surprises him is that Yu is standing next to his father, Chiu (Anthony Wong) in the photo!

I went to catch the movie with my bro at Cathay AMK Hub just now. He had requested to watch a Chinese movie after catching too many English movies with me recently.

I find the movie is really touching, even though the love between them is so called "forbidden" or I should say not possible at all. But if I were Lun, I may just do the same thing as he did at the end of the movie.

I would give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars, due to the following:-

  1. Jay's wonderful piano playing
  2. The beautiful Kwai Lun-Mei (how I wish I can have a gf like her, so sweet & pretty. I have this thought that she looks like one of my blogger friends too. Can you guess who is it?)
  3. A movie that made me tear a bit. As u know, guys don't usually cry!!!!

SBS Transit IRIS System

Have you noticed that when you take SBS Transit buses recently, there is a new blue computer in front of the bus captain's ticket issuing machine and there is a wired microphone at the side windscreen?
The purpose of this computer is to enable the bus captain to communicate with his HQ or bus interchange timekeepers when any of the following events occurs:-
  1. Bus breakdown
  2. The bus is running very late, due to a massive jam
  3. The bus is running early due to very smooth traffic.
  4. Events that the bus captains are not able to solve on the bus trips, like passenger disputes.

I had the opportunity to see the system at work yesterday and today.

The bus services which I took were all running very late due to a massive traffic jam caused by the Fireworks Festival. In these instances, the bus captains were asked to change the service plate to "off service", meaning they are not required to pick up passengers along the rest of the route.

This measure seems to be a good one, as it should help in solving the "bus bunching" (buses of the same service route coming together at the same time, and alleviate the problem of not having buses on the other direction when there is a massive jam.

However, it seems like the bus captains' health are not taken into consideration when this system was set up as I do have friends who are bus captains that have hypertension, cancer & high blood pressure. The list of illness goes on & on. This is due to the need to adhere to the schedule, irregular meal times , holding of bladder etc.

I am conducting a poll (just for the fun of it) to ask how you people out there feel about this new system. Please feel free to leave the comments in the comment box & cast your vote at the sidebar.

Fireworks Festival 2007

Went to the Singapore Fireworks Festival just now with fellow IRAS e-file volunteer, ET. As expected, there was a huge crowd there at 7.30pm despite the show starting at 9pm.

We managed to choose a good spot at the back of Makansutra, for us to enjoy the fireworks. But ET didn't get to enjoy the fireworks in the end, as his girlfriend got lost in one of the shopping centres nearby.

These two videos which I took and thought that it was good are for your enjoyment!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why People Only Know How To See & Look & Don't Help

I was stuck in the lift for about 10 mins today. Thanks to a mechincal fault of the door that can't open fully as it reached the floor that I was staying.
I had pressed the alarm several times, and the Indian family that stayed near the lifts only knew how to say, u take the lift to the 1st floor, instead of pressing the alarm. Why can't she just help to alert the EMSU or AMK- Yio Chu Kang Town Council?
I think the problem has been going on for days. According to my mum, she noticed the problem since last week. I wonder why no one take the trouble to report, especially the lift is a means to get down our flats for some of us who are less able? It is a funny thing that the Town Council, EMSU and my MP for the area is not aware of this problem. I wonder what are they doing? Sleeping on the job?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ugly Singaporeans Rear Their Heads

I was taking my usual bus, Service 147A (SBS 7319) to work today. As usual, the bus will be crowded after it reaches Serangoon Stadium. As I knew the bus captain, I decided to help him to get people to move to the rear of the bus to allow people to board.
There were these 2 people, a turban guy and a Indian lady who shouted at me & say, " You should take care of yourself first, and u r seated. U should give up your seats to the old man like me. " I shouted back at him, I said, "U didn't even see I am handicapped. I am trying to help the bus driver here. If u all move back, each person only take a min of your time. A bus carries 120 passengers, how many mins is saved?"
I wonder what is the sign " Please move to the rear" displayed at the front of the bus used for. To these two people, u dun even have a heart. You only think about yourselves. Is there a ghost at the back of the new Wheelchair Accessible Bus?
This entry will be my 1st entry on the Ugly Singaporeans Section of my blog.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Visit of Jason for his Birthday

I met up with Elaine, Wendy, Ter & Chris at AMK MRT to visit my NS pal, Jason @ BVH just now. We got him a mini radio as his birthday gift for this year. I have to thank Elaine mei & Ter for sourcing the present.

Today, Jason seemed happy except that he was nursing a slight fever. He was very happy with the card when I showed it to him. We sang him 2 happy birthday songs to him. Besides that, we also read to him the birthday wishes on the birthday card. I could sense that he was touched by our gesture. His mum was happy that we were there to accompany him for his birthday.

Jason will be changing his breathing tube tomorrow. I just wish him to get well soon so that we can have more fun times with him like today.

Why Some People Behave A Newspaper Reporter - Part 2

"Why Some ppl like to ask a lot of qn, like paparazzi?"
If you guys have been chatting with me on the MSN since Friday, you would have noticed that my tagline has changed. Why have I changed?
Well, a probing & idiotic person, AF has decided to ask a lot of questions after I told her why I gave the bonquet of flowers to Ms C on Thu night. Please read one of my previous posts on Fri. I was quite surprised why she was so curious about my recent happenings as I last saw her about 3 weeks ago at Yvonne's dad funeral wake. What could have possibly change within 3 weeks? I asked her what she wanted to ask? She asked about my job hunt during my office hrs. This lady, trying to get me in trouble here. I knew she wanted to ask why I gave the flowers to Ms C?

Finally she got the chance when I ask her what else she wanted to know. I told her the whole story and this was what she said.

AF: Paul , u sure just like that? I am sure there is things more that. We have been friends for so long. Come on, why is she so special?

Me: Ya, it was just like that, what were you thinking?

AF: I was thinking that u may be chasing her. You need me to teach you some tips? For you, I don't charge you, for others I charge by the hour.

Paul: I haven't even meet her before, what r u thinking? I got to go, class tomorrow, know that the questions are coming.

AF: You started and you encouraged me to probe, so timid.

Yesterday, she asked me if the MSN tagline was directed at her. I just told her "Yes". She maintained that I was the one who encouraged the probing. She tried to refresh my memory.

I leave it here for u guys to judge for me. Who is right, who is wrong?

My female friends around me, Elaine, Wendy, Rebec, Lorraine , Audrey, Tracey, Kaylee, Stella, Von asked me why I gave the flowers. I just answered what I wrote in my blog. They believed me.

This shows that AF doesn't trust people and behaves like a paparazzi. I am sure AF will go around and spread rumours again.

The headline will be "Paul has a rumoured gf, he sent flowers to her office."

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why Some People Just Like to Backstab People

I had a lousy day at office yesterday despite having my National Day public holiday.
The b*** tried to be funny with some things again. She said I did not do my filing of my documents when she could not find one of the tax correspondences from IRAS from my files. I told her I have not rexeive anything from IRAS despite the fact that the tax officer whom I spoke to confirmed that the correspondence was sent out in late Oct last year.
The b*** didn't believe me & searched my whole box of documents, messing up my filing arrangements in the progress. Lucky, I did some back up. I consulted my boss, who asked me to write a letter to confirm the details stated in the IRAS letter.
I just don't understand why she like to stab people's back so much, when the audit dept working papers are in a mess of their own. I actually became an auditor for a day when I discovered that the hire purchase working paper working paper was wrong as the auditor failed to include a column in his formula. It affected the hire purchase balances, hire purchase interest and minimum lease obligation disclosures. I changed the entire schedule and put it in the working papers with a note for the auditors to take note.
If u feel that I never check my work, your staff did not check their work either. You as the reviewer also just close one eye & don't check their work. The partner is also sleeping!!!
At least I am not like you, I behave professionally. You wear revealing skirts & blouses when are at work. You think you are very beautiful. Mind you, you are working in a CPA firm not a nightclub or bar. You may look okay, but your heart is as bad as poison.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fireworks @ Marina Bay

There is a fireworks festival going on at Marina Bay on 17 Aug & 18 Aug @ Marina Bay. I am thinking to catch it. Who wants to join me on 18 Aug?

Why Do Some People Behave Like A News Reporter?

I was disturbed by the fact that AF tried to probe me as to why I gave the flowers to the job agent last night.

I knew she had wanted to ask me questions since I put on the MSN tagline & the pic of the flowers a few days ago.

Her questions went like this, after I told her the story.

  1. Paul, u sure, just like that ? If just like that you would be so anxious to tell me.

  2. Paul, y is she so special?

  3. Paul, how u send her the flowers?

  4. Need me to give u some tips to chase her?

  5. I dun charge u for the tips. For others, I charge by the hour.

Excuse me, can u just mind your own business. Gave her a piece of my mind just now by asking her to use her brain to think and cut her off in MSN. She was quite angry and said that I was mean. Who is mean here?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Visit to Taman Perling, Johor

I woke up early today as my parents wanted to visit my dad's ex colleague at work at his house at Taman Perling, JB. Took a cab to Jurong East Bus Interchange as my dad's colleague, Mr Ong said that there was a direct bus service from the interchange to his house. I must say the service was pretty fast as it took only 2 hrs, inclusive of clearing the customs to reach his place.
Mr Ong was my dad's ex colleague when he was working in Brunei. The purpose of the visit is to catch up on the past with him & his wife. Apparently, Mrs Ong was very surprised to see me, as the last time she saw me was about 22 years ago.
After chatting for about an hour, Mr & Mrs Ong drove us to a nearby resturant for lunch. As Mrs Ong was sick, my parents decided to head for home after lunch to allow her to rest. Mr Ong was kind enough to drive us to JB City Square in order for us to head home early for us to catch the NDP later.
I would like to thank Mr & Mrs Ong for the hospitality shown during the visit.

My Blogger Network

Was inspired by what Shionge wrote as to one of these days we may be meeting up with friends from the blogging network.

Here are the people who have been friends with me for some time or some of you, I know u thru there.

This chart should be read as follows:-
Paul knew Elaine & Wendy thru Richard
Paul knew Loo thru Darling
Paul knew Momo thru Perfectwound
I can't imagine there are 18 of you here already! It is a good sign!!!

不流泪的机场 - 林俊杰


This is the lyrics of the song that I am playing on the sidebar now. I think Curryegg likes this song. Me too.

For Kaylee

Know that u r going for your operation later.
Hope u take care & be strong!!!
You'll be well soon!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

HappY National Day

Just wish to wish my country a Happy 42nd National Day in about 8 mins time.

Happy birthday Singapore!

May you continue to stay prosperous in the coming year!!!

Forced Into Marriage

Some time ago, u guys may have remembered reading about a gal, M chasing after me, but I rejected her as she was not able to end off her relationship with her onoff boyfriend.

Just spoke to her today on MSN and found that the guy actually proposed to her in June, but she hasn't agreed to the proposal yet as she feels that she is not ready for marriage and the guy kept insisting that she stays around the same area as his mum.

Apparently that guy, eager to ask for M's hand for marriage roped in M's family to plan for their marriage. The guy, with M's family approval, went ahead to book the hotel & wedding tables when my friend haven't agreed to the proposal.

M's mum feels that M was dragging on the proposal for too long, therefore she gave the guy a wrong signal that she was willing to marry him. M did tell him that as marriage is a lifetime decision, she needs time to consider. I do believe those people who are getting married or are married will know what I am talking about.

To me, I feel that the guy did not give M the time that she needs, the respect that she needs as his girlfriend. He should think about the consequences before he proceeded. I feel that he don't really love my friend at all. Maybe he just want to have sex with her, that's it.

I advised her to try to talk to him, even if it means quarrelling in front of her parents. If he or her parents are not agreeable with her views, ask them to marry him instead.

I can't imagine forcing people into marriage are being done by parents in the 21st century. It is ridculous!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Thanks Curryegg

I was surprised that Curryegg left a message on my comment box that I got this award from her.
This was what she said about me:-
He's a tough, talented and hardworking guy. Besides, he cared people around him. What a caring guy! Awesome! Keep on blogging ya...
I am very touched by the award. I try to keep up with my blogging. Hopefully you guys won't get bored reading it.

Plan to Visit Jason On 12 Aug 2007

Elaine mei, Wendy mei & I plan to visit Jason on this Sunday evening & present to his mum the birthday card that we made for Jason.
Not to worry, we will take a pic of the card & display it here as this card will not be possible without all of your wishes for him.
Anyone wants to join us on Sunday @ BVH, Hope Ward Bed 53? Please feel free to email or contact me.

First Time Giving Flowers to A Lady Alone

Today was a eventful day at office. The office internet was down for almost the whole day. It was interesting to note that the broadband modem was burnt out because of overload. Can u guys guess who was the one jumping up and down on a day where there was no net service. It was that person whom I mentioned that used her work PC to watch VCD. Haha. Looks like my guess is right, she kept complaining when the internet service will be back on again? She was so fustrated when the Internet was intermittently on & off after a few mins. She told B that she was downloading work files, I wonder how true is that?

2 posts ago, I mentioned that Ms C thought that I was her secret admirer after someone sent her flowers the other day. I ordered a bonquet of flowers from my regular online gift store last night, which was to be delivered to her office today. I decided to get her a bonquet of flowers, to thank her for making her lose some of her income, after I sent my resume to another job agent, without knowing that the other agent was also trying to put me up for the same job. Therefore as a form of apology, I decided to send Ms C a bonquet of flowers as well as a dinner date, which should be coming up after she navigates through her busy schedule.

I thought that she may not reply, like what Ms E did the other time. C can choose not to reply as she has not seen me before. Therefore I was surprised when her sms actually came in at about 3pm, which wrote, " Hey u shouldn't have, but thanks a lot for the flowers, it is beautiful. " I just replied, " Glad that u liked it, I just anyhow pick the flowers."

For those people who have received gifts or hampers from me, most of it are from this online store. They never fail to disappoint me with their service and effort.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Eventful Sunday

I had a bad start to a Sunday morning as mum chose to discuss about Jason's mum not wanting to believe in the Buddhism beliefs that she is believing in. I am not a fervent believer in the religion, but I did share with Auntie on a few occassions about the religion. I told my mum that she shouldn't be too hard on Auntie & ask her to believe in the religion. She feels that she is not forcing her, but her actions tell me otherwise.

Decided to go out after the heated arguement with her to the library. I was changing when my watch fell to the floor and its internal glass broke. The time also stopped. I am pretty upset as this gift was from Caifeng, Kelvin, Jason , Stella & Huiyu for my birthday 3 years ago. Got myself a new Titus watch as I was at Hougang Mall. At the same time, I got a birthday gift & card for Ms A, as her birthday is approaching and she had no time to meet me due to her work commitments.

After that, took a bus to granny's place & paid her a visit with my family. Glad to say that she's better now. As usual, my aunts were there asking questions, but I chose not to answer.

Got to find out from Jason's mum that Jason is back at BVH. Details are to follow as Auntie is not able to give me the alphabet of the Ward. But my guess is it should be H, Bed 53. He was back there since Fri.

Allison Scott is an up-and-coming entertainment journalist whose 24-year-old life is on the fast track. But it gets seriously derailed when a drunken one-nighter with slacker Ben Stone resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Ben then decides to do the honourable thing by tying the knot with her, and the two must learn to become parents.
Went to AMK Hub to catch this movie with my bro. I must say this is a good movie as it educates us on the perils of unwanted pregrancy and things to look out for during pregrancy. I would give the movie 3 out of 5 stars.

After that, my bro accompained me to do a delivery of present to Ms A's house. Finding Ms A's place was tough as the block no were all jumbled up. My bro claimed that he knew the place well, but led me on a half hour walking merry go round, in which I had a fall along the way.

After the delivery, we went home.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Secret Admirer?

I got a sms message from Ms C (the headhunter who called my office sometime ago with regard to a job offer that she had for me) yesterday.
The sms read " Did u send flowers to my office yesterday? I received a bonquet of flowers & a card but with no name on it." I found it interesting as I haven't met up with her before. I only just chatted with her on the phone a few times. Another thing is I do not know the address of her office, how could I have sent her the flowers?
I told her that although I would like to ask her out for dinner one of these days in the coming week to thank her personally, I didn't send her flowers. I told her to think about any guys who have been secretly admiring her from a distance but afraid to put it into words for fear of rejection?
For me, I just feel that the guy is such a coward. If you really like C, just write down your name on the card. Even if she rejects u, I am sure she is willing to be friends with u. C sounds a cheerful lady on the phone!
This guy has to learn from me, do what I did on Ms E on Valentine's Day & her birthday. Although to date, she has chose to keep her silence, I know that I have tried my best.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Meet Up With Von

I met up with Yvonne @ Bugis Junction MacDonalds to explain to her the new ACCA PER Programme which I went some weeks ago.

She agreed with me that the programme will be hard to fulfill if your bosses are not CPA, ICPAS or CIMA member or if your boss finds it troublesome to approve something that is not of a benefit to him.

After chatting for a while, we went shopping before heading home.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shocking Internet Bill for Boss

My boss sent out a memo to all staff yesterday, stating that the firm's internet access charges has skyrocketed. She wanted us to use the Internet for work purposes only, and not for watching videos or downloading stuff to the office computer.

Actually, I think I knew which staff was she referring to in the memo as all our PCs do not have speakers at all, except for boss' favourite staff .My speakers were spoiled some time ago, but I refused to change it as I don't use it for work purposes. What's more, we have a common radio set that is tuned to my fave radio station.

I saw that person using her PC to play a video CD for her child to watch when she brought her child to the office on one of the days. Apparently, she was telling my other colleague, I yesterday that, "Isn't the internet access plan supposed to be a fixed charge plan every month?" I told I that knowing my bosses' style, they might have taken the old time Jetpack Business Broadband Plan that charges users based on the MBs of files downloaded. That person also said that my colleagues B, SC & J won't sign the memo 'cause it is so stupid. Now, what does this tell you? Did that person download stuff into her PC during office hrs? If not, why she locks her PC with a personal password? It is the company's PCs & none of the staff locks up their PCs with password.

I won't be surprised if two things were to happen after this.

  1. No salary increment
  2. Staff may face the sack if they are caught doing the above by the bosses again.


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