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IRAS VES Appreciation Ceremony 2012

The above event was held last Sat at IRAS. The reason why I had blogged about it was because, there were too many hiccups leading up to the event, very nearly causing me to lose my interest. If not for someone who has been encouraging me with her cheerful spirit, I do not think I had the mood to attend this year’s appreciation. I also felt compelled to attend as I was one of the recipients of the award.
I was surprised to see my polytechnic tax lecturer cum tutor, Ms Cindy Yuen at the ceremony. I guessed she was surprised to see me too. I think she did not expect that I have been volunteering for so long at this activity. I cannot imagine that I had been doing this for so long.
Here are some photos that were taken at the event.

Me receiving my award from the Commissioner, Mr Moses Lee

A group photo with the volunteers, IRAS officer, Yvonne and our invited guest, Xiuling

Family Trip To Eastern China

It has been 10 years since I last went on an overseas trip with my entire family. I was looking forward to this trip as it has been so long since I last took a complete break from my work. I am proud to say that I had planned the whole trip on my own, with some advice from my cousin, who visited the same cities as me in April this year.During this trip, I lost my beloved Olympus camera charger. It was most likely lost in the hotel room by my brother on the 3rd day of the trip. It was fortunate that I managed to get a replacement charger at Taobao in Shanghai on the 7th day of the trip.1st Day – Singapore – Ningbo – ShanghaiI was travelling from Singapore to Ningbo by plane, then from Ningbo, we took a train to Shanghai before reaching my hotel at 12.30am the following day. Mum was complaining that the hotel that I booked had no wardrobe in her room to put her and dad’s clothes and it was 15 minutes car ride from Pudong International Airport, and not as listed on Agoda website that it …