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Busy Busy Busy

It has been a while since I last blogged as I was busy with work and was tasked to work on my RC’s National Day Event, planning a BBQ for my friends, planning for my group KTV events.
Work has always been an issue since I took on a task which my colleague threw out a year ago, and I was assigned by my bosses to handle this since then. It has not been smooth sailing as some of my colleagues have been seeing red that I am handling the task so well, with the help of my assistant, which my boss took in last year to help me to handle these mundane tasks so I could concentrate on my taxation work. Some friends have been asking me why I have not thought about moving on as all these have left me with limited time to do what I like best, taxation work.
There are several reasons that are holding me back.
1.The current economic climate2.The fear of another long job hunt as employers seem to have not embraced the fact that people with disabilities can work as well, if not better than their normal…