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2011- The Year In Review

It has come to the time of the year where I do a review of the year that is coming to an end.This year, has been quite a turbulent year, but I am glad that I managed to get past it pretty unscathed.Study This was the 2nd year since I have given up on my ACCA studies, and started my 1st year as a full fledged Accredited Tax Practitioner. The 1st year passed quite uneventfully. However from next year, I will be required to undergo 30 hours of Continuing Education Programme each year, totalling 90 hours for 3 years, before I am allowed to renew my membership. I am still very interested in my line of work, therefore, I will try to keep this accreditation, which will be useful for my work. I credit this to my manager and my bosses who are willing to impart their valuable tax knowledge to me. Till today, I feel that I am still very enthusiastic about learning new things.WorkIt has not been a smooth flowing year at work, thanks to many changes in the audit arm of the firm. In fact, for quite…

Christmas Eve Countdown

I had decided to go ahead with my plans this year for a Christmas Eve Countdown as I decided not to let last year’s new year countdown unhappiness bother me too much as I feel that as organiser of an event, I am allowed to ask along who I wished to ask along in the first place.I am glad that, despite the short two week notice I have given, I managed to ask along Chloe, Gonnie, Sharon, Jennifer. Lance & Kian How decided to join us at the last minute. It was fortunate that I managed to negotiate with the people at Music Dreamer Live Café to let us have another 2 seats, as the people at the café have remembered me and the group of friends that I asked along during the Christmas Countdown & New Year Countdown last year. Let’s just say something happened at these two events which made them remember me & my friends that I asked along the last round.Dinner was at Xin Wang HK Café at Marina Square, as a few of my friends did not wish to have dinner at the food court. I thought I m…

1st Visit To City Square Mall

I was telling my mum that I have not been to City Square Mall since it opened a few years back and was quite keen to pay a visit now as I am on leave.The recent fury about the nation’s MRT system caused me to have 2nd thoughts taking the MRT. It was fortunate that my knowledge about the bus services serving Singapore is able to get me around the country, I got there after my late lunch.I was fascinated by taglines located at the shopping centre’s lift lobby. This really fits the shopping centre’s tagline of it being Singapore’s 1st eco-friendly mall.It is difficult to spot these recycling bins in Singapore, although I do know of there is one which is near my office. =)It is quite common to find that in the new shopping centre having a skypark at the top level of the shopping centre, but interestingly, at this shopping mall, the skypark is not located at the top level of the shopping centre but 3 floors below.It was a breeze touring the shopping centre, as there was surprisingly not ma…

Belated Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was a busy day for me, but I still had birthday wishes flooding in on my Facebook wall & messages on my handphone. Thank you to all of you. =)I got a happy belated bd whatsapp message from Ben today morning as well. Thanks a lot!!!

Trip to The Singapore Flyer

My mum had asked me what I had wanted to do since I will be on a week’s leave from work. I told her I had lined up some programs for myself, since I had decided not to take any holiday trips in view of the uncertain economic outlook and bad weather that has been affecting the region recently.I had requested my dad  to bring us to the Singapore Flyer. My dad works in a company, whose staff are allowed to bring up to 4 persons to the Singapore Flyer at a hugely discounted staff’s price for a ride that usually cost about $30 per pax.I was joined by my parents & my mum’s colleague, together with her colleague’s child. I would say that the ride was rather enjoyable especially with a little kid running around, bringing laughter to all of us.I let you guys make a guess as to how much these photos, which has a hard copy and soft copy that needs to be downloaded from a website. Let’s just say, if not the discounted tickets my dad had for the Flyer, I would not have purchased the photos tak…

The Wedding of Yanling & Vincent

I had received a whatsapp message from the bride herself somewhere last month that I would be invited for her wedding on my birthday. I have known Yanling since the Singing @ K group had first started, so no matter what, I had to be there to share her joy with her.The wedding, held at Parkroyal at Beach (a.k.a Plaza Parkroyal Hotel) was one of the best weddings that I have attended for this year. The groom, Vincent, actually took the trouble to invite a group of singers from Ai Qing Hai to sing a few songs for Yanling.This gesture shows that her hubby truly loves her a lot. I am happy for her as she has managed to find her lifelong happiness.It was great to catch up with Candice, Catherine, Karen, Albert, Danny & Jas, as it has been quite a while since I caught up with some of them. I am glad that they remembered my birthday and wished me at the wedding table as well.May I take the opportunity to wish the couple a happy and blissful marriage!

Birthday Wishes From Friends

Today marks the day where I officially turn 32 years of age. I hope it will be a good year ahead for me ahead. =)Birthday wishes via FacebookUpdated on 19 Dec 2011 1.02amBirthday wishes via SMS/ Whatsapp/ MSN