Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Aunt's Cooking

My family were invited to my 2nd Aunt's place for a Prawn Noodles lunch. We got there at 12.35pm. The bus was a long wait. When we reached there, my aunt was still preparing the ingredients for the Prawn Noodles.

She shared with us that my cousin had given birth to a a baby boy just moments before @ Thomson Medical Centre. I hereby wish the couple & child , Congrats, & another one for my aunt, for being grandma already.

The noodles were served at 2pm. As they said, "Delicious food are always worth the wait." My aunt's prawn noodles were not too oily or too sweet or salty. The noodles were not too soggy. I must say it was quite delicious. It is always good to take home cooked food for the change as we have been eating out more often than not. Outside food consist a lot of MSG.

After filling our stomaches, my aunts, dad & mum belted out some old Chinese songs, before we went to my dad's uncle place nearby.

Over there, I felt the hospitality of the senior citizens were definitely better than those of my 姑姑 & 叔叔. If you are talking about a caring & understanding family, I guess this will be the type of family that I want to be in at anytime & any place. If only my relatives were that accomodating!! Haiz.

My dad's uncle & his wife actually taught my mum some "qigong" strokes that were helpful for my mum's cyst in her leg & buckling limbs. Thank you for the hospitality, I appreciate it.

CNY Gambling Day

I chatted with Rebecca till about 3am before turning in. We were discussing about the Viet bride issue that I wrote about in my previous post & plans to catch any of the following movies with her tomorrow.

  1. Memoirs of A Geisha
  2. I Not Stupid 2

But till now, she has not confirmed the time that she wishes to catch the show. I guess she is busy visiting & collecting her red packets.....:)

Got up at about 10.30am as my dad said he was expecting his colleague from China to pay us a visit in a short while. He arrived shortly after. My brother & I stayed in the study room after greeting him as we were not familar with him. He left a big bag of oranges wrapped in a " man" paper bag. "Man" in Chinese means full and declined my mum's offer to stay for the steamboat lunch.

After lunch, my family went to my 1st uncle's place where I had a fun time learning & playing mahjong. I had learned the basics during my NS days, but didn't have the chance to put it to practice. Although I lost a bit in the game, I won it back in playing blackjack. Haha.

Left at about 7pm with my 2nd aunt back home, where she had dinner at my place. We continued our mobile gambling den at my uncle's place before calling it a nite at 9pm.

Monday, January 30, 2006

House Visiting & AVietnamese Girlfriend For Me??

I started my day early today at 8.30am. I was helping my mum with the flower decoration & slept at 1am last night. Had received CNY sms messages from my ex colleague, LS, Angela, Rebecca, Darling, Caifeng, Huixuan, Huiyu, Mac, Jaslyn, Joey, Candy , Kelvin, Rich & Mike. Thanks for all your well wishes, my friends.

The 1st stop was at my grandma's place, which we were lucky to get a cab almost immediately after waiting for just a short while. In the ride, my mum & I were chatting casually about some issues that happened in S'pore recently, when we actually touched on the old cobbler cheating Vietnamese gals to be his bride. The cabby told us an incident that happened to his friend. His friend, a guy aged 39 had married a Thai gal aged 23 some years ago. Soon after, they became parents to a baby boy. When the boy turned 3, the gal took away the money in the joint bank account with her husband. The savings totalled to about $100,000, which the guy had saved for years from his high earning job, & went back to her native land with their son.

On hearing this, my first thought was that the gal must be having an affair with an unknown guy in her native land. Although till now, the guy is allowed to visit their son once a year, but I guess he is not alllowed to bring him back to Singapore. Hmmmm wonder why, something fishy here? Anyway, its none of my business, so didn't probe further.

As per last year, gave my beloved grandma a small red packet, which I initally didn't want to, due to my small bonus. But mum persuaded me to continue on since I have made a start when I had no bonus last year. I received lesser this year, as I did not get to see my 2 aunts & their married children. I suffered a 95% drop in one of my relative's red packet. It was from a big amount to a miserly amount. Anyway, I am working anyway, so to me, it is just a sideline income that needs not be reported as taxable income.

Headed home at about 2.30pm. Got a call from my 3rd aunt at 4.30pm & went to her place for a steamboat dinner, when my mum started talking to my elder cousin about his Vietnamese wife. She actually asked him to intro one Viet gal to me! My aunt's husband suggested to my mum that she can go to the matchmaking agency & signed up for me to look for a Viet bride! My answer was damn direct, told them straight in the face that I preferred S'pore gals. I guessed my cousin was quite hurt by my comments as he said that S'pore gals preferred guys that have the 5Cs. I feel that it is a general sweeeping statement, as foreign brides, like those from my motherland do that too. The majority of the gals that I knew so far do not show they need these 5Cs - cash, credit card, condo, car club membership. Instead, I think they prefer care, concern, consideration, caresses and co-operation, which I feel that is more realistic in the context of Singapore today. This is also something I would prefer.

Later, right in front of my 3rd aunt, I told my mum that I just feel that I am still young at 26 going to 27 in Dec this year. I feel that this kind of thing about relationship can't be forced. When it wants to come, you cannot avoid it, no matter what. I don't think she will understand & will defintely do something funny like matchmaking or intro those "gondu gondu" gals (gals that I can't strike up a chat with from her Buddhism cell group meetings) and keep bringing up this topic every CNY till I find a girlfriend.

Unless I can find one, if not how not to shut her mouth. Any takers to be my girlfriend for a day?
Please contact me through here if interested & willing.
We need to rehearse & see how to get my mum off my back.
No Ah Hua, Ah Lian please.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Reunion Lunch

As you may be aware, today is 除夕, which is also the day for reunion dinner. As my dad would be working later, my family had a reunion lunch instead.

It was the steamboat once again, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I think the food was justified after I have put in a lot of hard work in the Spring Cleaning for the past two days, despite being on medication for my cough.

Mum was asking me to send an e-mail or e-card to my boss, which I did just a while ago. Her reason was that I did not manage to see him for Thu & Fri.

I will taking a short nap soon, before putting up the Chinese New Year Decorations tonight.

To all my friends & fellow bloggers





Tagged for the 2nd time

I have been tagged by Darling

Rules of the tag:

1.The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2.Need to mention the sex of the target.
3.Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4.If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Target: Female

My Perfect Lover :
1. Understanding
2. Romantic
3. Sense of humor
4. Loyal to me
5. Caring
6. Mannerism
7. Respect for my parents & friends
8. Love me with all his heart

My 8 victims
1) Eric
2) Elaine
3) Angela
4) Ka
5) Paul
6) Richard
7) Krys
8) Bloggers

Friday, January 27, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I just finished the Spring Cleaning of my bedroom, which I share with my brother & the guest room, which I called it now as it has not been rented out. My brother has been sleeping in that room since 3 months back.

I was the only one doing the spring cleaning as my parents & he are working. Clearing the 2 rooms was very tiring. I can't imagine that my brother kept his two tables like a "nutty professor". His tables were cluttered with books, stationery & rubbish all over the place. I got a shock of my life when I saw 8 packs of rubbish when I actually carried down the flight of stairs at my place. I plan to show my mum what this "nutty professor" brother of mine has been doing to his table.

I wanted to clean my parents' room too, but after carrying the rubbish & changing 7 pails of water, my energy level is already very low. How to conquer the master bedroom? I think it will be another nightmare if I start. Looks like have to do it tomorrow, when there are more guys around. My dad & brother are off tomorrow.

I read thru Darling's blog just before I started my Spring Cleaning. I find it hard to imagine that her ex-bf has so many many bad habits, besides not being attentive enough & I would say a MCP. Just wonder how he survived in his 33 years? Didn't his friends & family alert him on the points? I feel that the guy should do some soul searching before another person leaves him.

My friend, you made the right choice to leave him. I am definitely sure that you can find someone with good manners, a good heart & not a mama's boy.

Trip to IPOD Service Centre @ YCK

I was up & running at 9am in the morning, preparing to go the IPOD Service Centre @ Yio Chu Kang to repair my IPOD.

I took a bus there. I didn't know that the bus service actually go right into the Service Centre, & alighted at outside the Motorola bus-stop. Although it was a short walk of 5-7 mins, the sun was sorching hot like mad. I located the Service Centre with help from an Indian man. He is so cute, even wished me a Happy New Year !!!

Reached the service centre, surprisingly there was no queue. Maybe it is because of the "ulu ulu" location. Actually the location is not that "ulu" if you have been staying around AMK, Serangoon Nth or Yishun for quite a while.

The service staff said that the cracked LCD screen of my IPOD is actually not covered by warranty. The repair cost is about $200, but she was willing to waive the charges. I heaved a sigh of relief !! The Customer Service Officer recommended that I get a leather case for my IPOD Nano from the Apple Website at $36. I think it is quite worthwhile, considering that the cost of the IPOD is about $450-$500. She also taught me how to protect my IPOD screen from further damage.

I should be getting my IPOD back in a week & a half time. :)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Doc Decides To Give Paul A Longer Break

I went to the doc again yesterday. Been there the 4th time this month. Jason asked me not to save money if I want to enjoy my CNY. My doc gave me a stronger cough mixture with some medication for my phelgm and gave me MC to rest at home today, which means a longer CNY break for me. I will only be back at work on 2 Feb 2006.

Slept till about 9.30am today, but my sleep was broken by some on-off coughing & the need to call back to office to report sick. Guess that the medication works as its really powerful. Hope I won't be coughing for 6 weeks again, like what happened a few years back.

After waking up, had my breakfast & caught up with my newspaper reading. Something which I haven't got the time to do the past few days due to tiredness & study commitments. Decided to start clear the clutter at my room. Hope can help my mum lighten her load before she starts clearing tomorrow. I may be able to help her clear the living room too.

Clearing my old floppy disks now. Hope the coming year will be a good start for me.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday Blues

I was scolded by my boss on my 1st task this morning. It is not actually my fault. The problem was caused by my boss himself. He was the one who misplaced the file somewhere in the office, until one of my colleagues, K managed to find it recently.

Due to the deadline constraint at that time, I had submitted the Forms without the computation & assumed that the client had no children. Since the file has been located, I have completed the computation & asked the client to provide me his children's birth certificates. This blur client, gave me 2 copies of his children's NRIC & his other child birth certificate. In my haste to clear this small submission, it didn't occur to me that the NRIC does not indicate who the parents of the person stated in the NRIC was. I was scolded by my boss. After which, I tried to retreive the birth certificates from the client's old tax file. There, I discovered that my predecessor (the person whom I took over from) did not even bother to take a copy of the client's child birth certificates. We are talking about a professional accounting firm here, yet the people who worked here are so unprofessional, and can still say I am unprofessional & talk like a child to client.

I just wonder if you guys know how to service the clients. I am very pleased to say, out of the 250 clients I served, about 10 clients have asked me out on seperate occassions for meals or drinks. They were very surprised when they see me due to these 3 reasons.

  1. I am able to work as a normal person.
  2. I had to serve the nation as a clerk.
  3. I am still pursuing further education.

I just wonder if my colleagues have such pulling power & professionalism that can leave my client impressed.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Latest Update ! CNY Gathering @ My Place on 4 Feb 2006

This is the latest update that I am putting about the CNY gathering @ my place for 4 Feb 2006. On gathering some feedback from some of my friends who have confirmed their attendance, I have decided to place an order for Pizza Hut/ MacDonalds' / KFC to cater for your hungry stomachs. Please let me know your preference what you guys & gals want me to order. Of course, you guys can bring some tidbits/cookies too. Please let me know in advance. The time is about 1.30pm - 2pm, you guys can start coming!

Confirmed Attendance
  1. Darling
  2. Krys
  3. Caifeng
  4. Huiyu


  1. Rebecca
  2. Richard
  3. Jason
  4. Kelvin
  5. Mac

Shopping for Brother's Clothes

We initally wanted to go to Orchard for the shopping so that I was able to send the IPOD for repair @ Wheelock Place or Cineleisure Orchard, but we decided to go to Junction 8 instead, after realising that it is a Sunday & Orchard Road may be crowded. Anyway, I don't like to go Orchard, as I go there at least once a week, ever since I started my ACCA in 2004.

We reached there at about 4pm. My brother was all excited by the fact that he will getting his CNY clothes @ U2 again.
This boy so hard to please, therefore buying clothes for him is always a chore !!! In the end, he got 4 T-shirts & 1 long sleeved shirt, while I goy myself a suit jacket to get rid myself of the coldness/ shivery in office.
Thanks mum for paying by her AMEX card, we got another 10% discount.

After the shopping, my bro & I were stuck as it was pouring like mad. We decided to go & get Weilian's album. I must say its not bad. Weilian can sing well, especially the sad songs. I was planning to get one for DJ, but the copy I had was the last one from the shop. Hmmm., me really lucky.:)

Tagged by Loo & Darling

Got this from Darling's blog & read through her friend, Loo's blog & found this interesting.

Darling & Elaine, this is the rest of the survey that I missed out.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life

  1. Customer Service Assistant @ a Computer Company (before Poly start)
  2. Accounts Assistant @ a HP distributor (Poly VTP Programme)
  3. Tax Assistant @ a CPA firm that does not pay bonus.
  4. Tax Assistant @ a CPA firm that cares about staff welfare, but pays pathetic bonus:(

Four movies you could watch over and over

  1. James Bond - The Man with the Golden Gun
  2. James Bond - The World Is Not Enough
  3. The Mask
  4. Dumb & Dumber

( & many many more)

Four TV shows you love(d) to watch

  1. 爱的掌门人 (The current Ch 8 Mon- Fri 9pm show starring Jacelyn Tay, Nancy Sit & Thomas Ong)
  2. The Amazing Race
  3. 真情
  4. Primetime Morning (like the way Suzanne Jung reads the news, the way she dress & looks.)

Four places you’ve been on vacation

  1. Hong Kong
  2. China
  3. Thailand
  4. Taiwan

Four websites you visit daily

  1. Blogspot
  2. Friendster
  3. Soccernet
  4. Channelnewsasia

Four of your favourite foods

  1. Swensen's Ice-Cream
  2. NYDC cakes
  3. Hagen Daz Ice- Cream
  4. Cafe Cartel Bread

Four places you would rather be

  1. Dreamland
  2. KTV room
  3. Out with friends
  4. In a castle

Four Tagged

All my blogger friends & good friends. (more than 4???? How How How???? haha!!!!)

IPOD Spoiled By brother

My mood was spoiled on a nice cool Saturday that my brother had spoiled the IPod Nano that I have got it from Singnet in Nov. I am pretty upset that he has spoiled the part that I do not think is covered by warranty. He cracked the LCD screen. I wonder how this little bro of mine do his things sometimes. This is why I seldom want to buy him new things to use, as he can be quite careless.

Will be going to the Service Centre @ Wheelock Place tomorrow. Haiz. My mum still sided with him when I scolded him for not telling me he spoiled it on Tuesday. The excuse he gave was " Bro, you have lesson & I know you are short of money already after lending mum a sum." I told him that he has to pay for the repair as he was the one who spoiled the screen. In fact, this was what I told him when my mum asked me to lend him my IPOD.

To think that I could forsee that he was going to spoil the IPOD, which was the reason I rejected Jason's offer to sell his IPOD to my brother. (Jason has a Creative MP3 player, which has more functions. Actually, I was hoping to get the Creative player this year, but after Singnet gave me the IPOD, I felt that there was no need to get one.

You may wonder why I am not gettimg a MP3 player when everyone around me has one.

  1. Do not see the need to get one as I have a Sony FM Radio Receiver, which I purchased shortly after I got my current job.
  2. The current trend of IT products are moving very quickly, so the product gets obsolete very fast. It is during the market staturation part where the product becomes cheap.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

What is my Temperament

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things.
Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.
You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.

You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.
Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.
You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.
Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.
A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

Morning Call

Today was the 1st time in 3 weeks that I can finally have a full 8-9 hrs of sleep. Still coughing on & off. I read my cousin's blog. She got a free hp after buying the fridge for her new hp. The hp is Samsung X660. It seems a very executive hp to me. I was telling her to try & use it when she collects the hp from Samsung after CNY, before she decides if she wants to sell the hp away to someone else.

Received a call from DJ after the chat with my cousin. I asked her if she had settled her relationship problems. I didn't expect she put my advice into action immediately. Thanks for sharing with me.

Just wish to say, "A relationship must consist of feelings. If there is no feel from either party towards the other party in the relationship, please do not try to save the relationship. Please let the person go & pursue what he or she wants. It will be for the good of both parties, especially when the feelings have not sink in deep for both parties."

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Brand New Look for Me

This pic was taken after I collected my new specs at Compass Point this afternoon, but not before going to the Samsung Shop at Plaza Singapura to enquire if I could change the "faulty" USB cable that I bought on Wednesday. I was on afternoon leave as I felt that I needed a break after spending so much time at work & not recovering from my sore throat yet, despite taking the medicine as regularly as possible, meaning juggling between my work & study commitments

My mum has even bought me a cough mixture from Gurdian Pharmacy to see if it works on me as it worked on her the last time when she had such a persistent cough. Thanks mum!!!

Was at Plaza Singapura when I got a call from Jason. He said that he had traded in his Sony Ericcson handphone & changed to the handphone I am taking now, Samsung E640 as the USB cable was not working. I told him I was also facing the same problem & was going to try to change to another accessory. He suggested meeting up after I collected my spec as his appointment was cancelled. As I had nothing on after that, I agreed.

The shopkeeper was unwilling to change the cable in the 1st place & got me to go to the Samsung Customer Service Centre at Level 4 to try. I explained the problem to the officer & she tested & taught me how to use the USB cable in a patient manner. It was then I came to know that I was able to use the PC software provided to back up my phonebook & messages & I had missed a step in the setup process. It was a case of "no setup instructions provided."

Met up with Jason after collecting my specs. The bus ride from Compass Point to Junction 8 was fast. It took only 20 mins. We had an early dinner at Cafe Cartel since both of us had light lunches. Jason had medium rare beef steak, while I had fish & chips. Both of us had iced mocha & iced water as our drinks. We enjoyed the meal especially the bread.

After that, we did some window shopping before heading to Swensens for our desert. We had the Peppermint ice-cream. We chatted for a while, giving each other an update of what has been happening to us & some of our friends. Of course, we touched on the CNY Gathering at my place on 4 Feb. He can't confirm with me now though as he is afraid that he may need to follow his family to do house visiting.

After that, went window shopping again. I had wanted to get a working coat / jacket for work purposes as my office air con, which is getting colder by the day, & blowing directly at me. My jackets are like getting thinner. Hmmm looks like the hongbao money may come in handy as I saw a coat that I liked at G2000. Hope the offer last till then.

Home sweet home @ 10.30pm.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Long Overdue Pics - Thanks to The New Bluetooth !

Finally managed to upload the pics from my Samsung hp to here, but not by using the USB cable that I bought from Samsung shop yesterday, but by the cheap & good bluetooth device recommended by my ex colleague, Roy. Thanks for recommending your supplier, David & John to me & the nice price for the device.

I think Samsung needs to do something about their product QC in their accessories dept. The price was very steep at $58. The Bluetooth cost $29. If a $29 device can work better than a $58 USB cable, I am all for that CHEAPER ONE!!! Sorry, Darling, if I scared you with my fiery temper when testing the product yesterday.

Today, work didn't flow as smoothly as I wanted to be, as my boss suddenly wanted me to redo the IRAS data verification again, with help from info from the secretarial files. My PC monitor was changing colour frequently ( I mean the office one. I do not mind paying myself to get a new one,it will be for the good of my eyesight. ), the PC floppy drive intermittenly can't read & my time sheet disk suddenly can't read. It seems like all bad things must happen together

As for the movie, Memoirs of A Geisha, SR & Jason can't make it. SR said that she needs to go back to school on Sat, while Jason, I guess is CNY shopping.

The pics above were taken at the lunch gathering with DJ, SR & Rich by DJ at Plaza Parkroyal on 2 Jan 2006. Isn't it cute?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Angry Tuesday But Happy Wednesday

I was very angry yesterday as I have come face to face with things that pissed me off about the office & its people.

  1. Plan for leave - I had applied for leave on 27 Jan as I felt that I needed a break for a hectic & sickly month and to help my family with the household chores. E commented that " You are like overtaking your leave. Your leave entitlement is like never finished. How come you take & take & you still have 10 days of leave? " Excuse me, I do not understand what you mean, E. I have taken my leave in the official manner, & my boss has just approved my leave balance for carry forward that it is correct.
  2. Boss plan for off - My boss had planned to have half staff strength for 27 Jan & 2 Feb. The b*** decided to fight with me over the off day that we both wanted. In the end, my boss decided on 2 Feb.
  3. E ask 1 client to cut short my conversation with another client to deal with his case first & that case took an hour to clear. I took a cab because of that. Thanks E, you are very good. You ask me serve a client who owes us a lot of money. No wonder our bonus is so good.

I am so pissed...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Early Early Day

Today was the start of my early early day. I have decided to follow the advice of Jason & Darling & decided not to work so hard.

Anyway I am still coughing on & off, despite visiting the doc twice in the past week, & was on MC for 2 days in the past week. I couldn't take too much MC as there was just too much work, & had to juggle with 2 Sundays of full day classes. The thought of facing the computer at work tomorrow and my tax lecturer dampens my mood.

Went to see the doc again. This time, Dr Tan gave me a new cough mixture to try. I certainly hope it works this round. The doc nowadays charge very very ex nowadays. I can't imagine the medicine actually cost $21!!!!

Just heard a piece of shocking news from one of my long-time net friend. She has been pregrant for about 3 months with her ex-boyfriend's child. She is planning to abort it. As you guys may know, there is a risk if abortion is carried out around 3 months. I hope her abortion will be fine.

*******Say a little prayer***********
Hope you will be fine!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Long Day

Had lesson today. Hated Sunday classes, especially the Orchard Rd crowd. The MRT was so crowded when I got into the 2nd train that came along.

Went for a haircut after my class. Just wish to thank all my friends for their support after hearing my bonus was not that good. Fret not, I am looking at my options now, and starting to send out my resumes already.

Went to get myself a new pair of glasses, to start the Year of the Dog on a fresh note in the new year. You should see my new look on next Saturday.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bonus Day

I knew that today was going to be bonus day. I was quite well prepared for it as my thoughts for bonus were nil because after the fiascos & problems created by the b*** in the last year.

It is always good to have low expectations, especially when you are working in the area that I am in now. But I cannot help feel disappointed as my peers who are in the same sector as me are getting definitely much more than me. This is not only the Civil Service or major accounting firms that are getting better bonus tham me, but my firm seems not to be heeding the call of the Government that rewarding the workers when the ecomomy & company is doing well.

Nonetheless, I will be working for this firm , till the better opportunity arises. But like my colleagues say, there is no point for me to put in extra effort when I am rewarded the same as them!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Count Count Count

Finally managed to install the counter. I managed to get it off Rich's blog. Had a uneventful day.
Not sure if next week's planned movie outing with DJ , Rebecca, Rich will be on. I certainly hope it will be on. Really looking forward to the show & the outing. Need to get away from the stress of the deadlines that is coming & some unreasonable clients.

With regards to the CNY gathering for my friends on 4 Feb, there is some changes to the list.

  1. DJ
  2. Caifeng
  3. Huiyu


  1. Krys
  2. Kelvin
  3. Rebecca
  4. Richard
  5. Jason

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hectic Day

I was quite stunned when I saw so much things laying cluttered on my desk when I stepped into my office today.

There was this big client who is audited by one of the "Big Four" who wanted the draft tax computation done up by TODAY. I was quite taken aback, as this client was particularly demanding & kept commenting that my work was not up to standard the last year. I say this client is just plain demanding. She still has the cheek to say, " Who asked u to be on MC on Monday, if u were not on MC, you could have finish it!" Dear Ms X, u think I want to be on MC, the feeling of being sick, u think is it good?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Public Holiday = Spring Cleaning Day

Just in about 18 days time, we are about to welcome the Year of The Dog. Wonder how my bonus & red packet collection will go this year. Last year was a record- breaking one. I doubt this yearwould be though, because some people will feel that since I have started working, they may not give. I am mentally prepared anyway.

I was up at about 10.30am today. After eating my late breakfast, I started to help my dad clear his table full of documents, bills & statements (by the order of my mum). I just finished clearing his table. Deducting the hour used for meal & another for TV break, I have spent close to 5 hours & have arranged the documents into 4 files & 3 big bags of rubbish. There is still a small pack of mails to be cleared.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Movie Outing Plan With Fellow Blogger Friends

This post has been posted on Monday, 9 Jan 2006 at 9.56am & edited on Monday, 9 Jan 2006, 7.05pm.

I am trying to plan for a movie gathering, with the option of these two movies in mind.

I guess Darling, SR & Rich want to watch "Memiors of A Geisha", especially after the ladies were so engrossed in the book at MPH during our last meeting.

It can be afternoon or nite show, but afternoon is preferred as I would like to avoid the crowd shopping for CNY goodies & clothes.

I would like to call the following people.

  1. Darling
  2. Richard
  3. Rebecca
  4. Krys (Darling, please help me ask her, scared she not reading this!)
  5. Darling's sis ( Darling, u can ask your sis along)
  6. My cousin, Jolene ( wonder if she is busy with her new house interior design)

Dates & Time Slots For Choices

  1. 19 Jan 2006 (Thu) nite
  2. 20 Jan 2006 (Fri) nite
  3. 22 Jan 2006 (Sun) afternoon & nite
  4. 23 Jan 2006 (Mon) nite
  5. 25 Jan 2006 (Wed) nite
  6. 26 Jan 2006(Thu) nite
  7. 27 Jan 2006 (Fri) nite

We can have our dinner/lunch after the movie. Please put down the preferred theatre of your choice.

  1. GV Plaza Singapura
  2. Cathay Cinelesiure
  3. Lido
  4. Prince 1 & Jade 1 @ Beach Rd
  5. GV Tiong Bahru

Please put your preferred choices in the comment or chat box or sms me or call me at my house or hp.

Stupid Client

Was doing my stuff when I got a call from my office. In fact was going to knock out soon. AT called up & said that this client had problems to fill up the form and ask me to contact him urgently, so she got no choice but to call me.

I was going to tell this client that I was about to rest. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind, ask me to call him during my rest for my MC. He actually apologised when I called him, so I decided to let it go. I wonder who is the idiot who gave my hp number away. I know it is definitely not my boss as he would have asked me to have a good rest anyway.

Anyway I can foretell that they may have problem finding the set of accounts. My shelf & table will be messy again when I am back to work on Wednesday.

Doc Orders Paul To Stay At Home

I went to see the doc just now. This time is a different doc but same clinic. He didn't charge me for the consultation fees as his partner, the other doc didn't treat me well last time. He said that I was on the tail end of a strong virus.

This doc , gave me the following:-

  1. A stronger cough mixture , Sedix. -10 ml, 3 times a day.
  2. Throat Inflammation Tablets - tablets, twice a day.
  3. Tablets for my phelgm- 1 tablet, twice a day
  4. MC for a day today.

I have this feeling that my mum is going to scream at me for taking MC again. Anyway, I am not going to care. I am going to try to do some of the questions given by the lecturer, look at some job adverts before the medication takes effect and knocks me out.

Still Coughing Away & Mum's Nagging Again

I'm still coughing away as I am posting this entry here. It could be due to the weather, the punishing schedule that I have been having since Thursday to Sunday. I have been coughing continously since last night, despite feeling better on Saturday & Sunday (during the day time).

Mum has been asking me to go to work today. I will try. I need to see the doctor again. Mum, please don't blame the doctor for not being able to cure me. I am sure he does his bit to cure everyone. As you may not have known, the viruses that are flying around in my office enivornment is pretty strong. Two colleagues of mine have already being struck down, thanks to the MC queen, who is still working but not producing the goods !

The MC queen is a b***. She still has the cheek to ask why I kept taking MC when she is the one who taken more MC last year, other than my the other colleague, I, who was hospitalised for an operation.

ABCXYZ ......................... so pissed.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Evacuation Drill & Long Lesson

I woke up to find that it was raining heavily on a Sunday. Guessed that it was a signal for me to take a cab to Starhub Centre for my full day class for my lesson with my new tax lecturer.

Just as I was drinking my morning coffee, my buddy, Rich messaged me that he was taking the North-South Line to try & avoid the Civil Defence Drill. But unfortunately, he was outsmarted the people planning the drill. The train he took could only proceed to Bishan. My mum called up a while later, to ask me to take a cab to there as the MRT would not stop at Toa Payoh to Marina Bay Stations. It was later through the news that I found out that Toa Payoh, Dhoby Ghaut, Raffles Place & Marina Bay were affected. I was thinking that I made the right decision to take a cab to class . During my cab ride, I was cursing the lecturer, why plan a 6 hour lecture on this day? Rich took a cab to class too from Yew Tee MRT.

The lecture was pretty energy draining. Halfway through, I think both of us were about to fall asleep because the lecture was pretty monotonous. To me, it was even more boring, as I faced these situations at work almost everyday.

I was glad that lunchtime came at about 1pm. Rich offered to buy packed MacDonald's meal for me as he said it was crowded. Thanks buddy, for your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

After lunch, it was another boring three hours before the lecturer called it a day!

The reasons for my energy drain was that the thought that she gave so many questions as homework & as I saw the schedule, next Sunday (15 Jan 2006) will be another 6 hour day again. Let's hope it won't rain again, otherwise another cab ride. All $$$$ gone. Dad will be nagging about it again !!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Net Friends Day

I was out with 3 net friends for lunch & dinner.

Jaslyn & her friend, Christine- Mushroom Pot @ OG Orchard

This was the first time I was meeting this net friend, who is like my "little sister". We can actually chat about amything under the sun. Jaslyn would usually come to me when she faces BGR problems.

Was late for this appointment though & felt very sorry about it. I apologise to her & her friend here again. Sorry for being late. We wanted to go to the "好吃王" recommendation of the Kiliney Road restaurant. Unfortunately, when we reached the MRT station entrance, it was raining heavily again. Left stranded, I decided to bring the gals to Mushroom Pot instead. Jaslyn was saying that she have not tried the Mushroom Pot before & wanted to try it. So we took the underpass there. I could sense that they may be having problems with their shoes behind as they walked. I decided to stop at the taxi stand & waited for them to catch up. It is not my style to throw my friends behind as I walked. Jaslyn told me later that Christine was having problems with her shoes as the heels were slippery. I told her we could walk slower to match her pace.

Had beef paper steamboats & 3 side dishes. The food was good but it was marred by Christine finding something that looked like a worm in her food just as she was about to finish. I guess that could have caused Jaslyn to have a bout of diahorrea later, just as I was about to settle the bill.

We chatted about our jobs, bonuses & our future plans. Christine is from Civil Service Dept that is about to be corporatised soon. She was saying that she may not have bonus once corporatisation occurs. Jaslyn is planning to use her LCCI qualifications to secure a new accounts job. She is afraid that she will be stangant if she stays in her current sales job.

Wanted to treat them, as I was late & seeing the way they were pouring their wallets for cash ! But the ladies kept saying no. They felt pai sei.

After parting with the ladies, I took a bus to Takashimaya & decided to do some CNY shopping before meeting Grace at 5.30pm at Hereen. Got myself 3 shirts from Bossini & U2 for $22. Cheap Cheap Cheap!!! At the same time, I decided to shop for Grace's birthday present. I didn't manage to get what she wanted as it was defintely out of my budget. In the end, I got her the Kenny G CD that I bought for DJ & SR.

Marche Movenpick @ Hereen

Grace was late due to a long wait of the express bus. I gave her the gift & told her that I didn't manage to get what she requested. Luckily she liked the CD. It has been a while since I been to Marche Hereen. I had been going to the Suntec Branch for the past year. The branch has been renovated & it looks more spacious now. It comes with a playground too.

I had sashimi, pasta & salad. Grace had steak & steamed potato strips. Yum Yum. The reason for the meet up was Grace would be leaving for Perth for her nursing degree on 4 Feb. All the best, Grace. This net friend of mine, was the 1st net friend I met up with 4 years ago. The place that we met up, her house!!! I was there to help her with her poly project. Her mum is also quite friendly, like her too.

We chatted about my blog entries, her ex-es & her future plans after completing her degree. I didn't know that she is an avid reader of my blog. She saw my CNY Gathering entry & was pretty sad that she couldn't join in. She even asked me to ask my mum to mail her her red packet. Haha:)

We parted at about 9pm.

Had a fun day, but the thought of a full day lesson tomorrow spoils the joy I had today.

What is My Japanese Name

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Does Your Birth Month Say About U?


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Latest Newsflash! - CNY Gathering On 4 Feb 2006

I am pleased to announce that there will be a CNY gathering to be held at my place on 4 Feb 2006. It should be in the early afternoon. I had sent out the sms to the group of people that I wish to invite.
I have decided not to invite any aeroplane fliers. I am pleased to announce that a few people have confirmed their pressence for that day. I am so touched.

Confirmed Attendance
  1. DJ ( She says she will bring self-made cookies)
  2. Krys
  3. Caifeng


  1. Rebecca (She will bring some self-made cookies if she can come)
  2. Richard
  3. Huiyu
  4. Kelvin
  5. Jason

Not attending

  1. Stella (Guess she may be busy, back to Malaysia with her family)

Coughing Coughing Away

Just went to see a doc. The doc say "Mr Lee has throat inflammation & dry cough. I think you need a day's rest & some medicine."

Cough Mixture -10ml, 3 times a day
Throat Inflammation Tablets-1 tablet 3 times a day
Flu Medicine-1 tablet 2 times a day
1 Day MC

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Please Look After Your Own Stuff B4 U Say Other People

I was rather pissed off today, as one particular client actually complained that b*** that I did not do his company's tax submission.

This client had not came back with a complete answerto the query that I have raised to them in Nov 2005. In my viewpoint, I am raising these queries as these are the questions that IRAS will most likely ask for the type of industry you are in. I am trying to save you the trouble having to dig up any evidence/supporting documents when IRAS raises such query.

Thanks for your inconsideration. My bonus at the end of the month may be in jeporady. In fact, before you spoke to the b***, I have already told your accounts gal that I will be submitting the tax return & tax computation as per your request. We must always maintain that customer is always right.

As for the b***, I have this message for you.:-
Please mind your own business.
You still have 40 audits not cleared.
IRAS is not giving me any extension of time.
You are jamming up my work!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Lunch with Friends

I was out for lunch at Plaza Parkroyal with Darling, Richard & Rebecca today, but not before my mum had something to say about what my New Year Resolutions should be for 2006.

I should be reading more books, despite my busy schedule for work & ACCA. In this way, I can find myself a girlfriend in time to come. Not wanting to pick up a quarrel with her, I just kept quiet & let her say whatever she wanted. She thinks that looking for a girlfriend is like picking vegetables from the supermarket. I just feel that it is pretty funny. Anyway, as said before, I feel that at 26, I am still young. My career has just started & I am still pursuing my ACCA. It is quite common that guys & gals these days get hitched after 30, due to the high standard of living leading to people pursuing more degrees or MBAs to keep up with development in technology & getting high pay packages.

I should be attending more religious outing for my Buddhism practice. I have tried attending with the group of youngsters that she introduced to me. However, I found that the people in there are too immersed in the religion itself, making me fearful of the religion, that I do not practise nowadays. I can sense that she was upset about it, but I don't think it can be helped, because I do not want to be such a "siao on" person about religion. Another thing is that even though we are around the same age, I feel that we do not have common topics to talk about.

Back to the lunch, we met up at Levander MRT before proceeding together to our lunch venue. The menu was like the Christmas menu that I had with my bosses & colleagues that day. There was no durian prata but a lot of seafood, like soft shell crab, sashimi, mussels & oysters. Yummy yummy. We have a good time having fun feeding each other & SR was busy "drawing" our faces on the napkin. To think that DJ went crazy & took photos with my phone & Richard's phone. But I think all of us had a lot fun. We had a full & long lunch.

After the lunch, we walked to Seiyu Bugis & Raffles City after that. Was hoping to find some CNY clothes, especially T-shirts & bermudas, but the prices were definitely not within my budget, despite the "Sale"/ "Discount" tags on them. It ended up all of us ended with nothing, except for DJ & Rebecca, where they bought some ladies stuff.

This is what the ladies have to say about the lunch.



Sunday, January 01, 2006

Greetings For 2006

I just woke up about 3 hours ago. Fancy ushering in the New Year by sleeping till the early afternoon.

Thanks to Jaslyn, Angela, Karen, Emily , Krys, Richard , Huiyu, Rachel & Choon Bee
for your cute smses wishing me Happy New Year.
Appreciate the friendship, business relationship & relationship with colleagues.
Looking forward to meet DJ, SR, Richard & Jason for the lunch tomorrow. After which it should be most likely a trip to Richard's place or my place.

Busy Month for September & October

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