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From Ang Teng Beh Tau To Revenue House–Skit & Exhibition

I was invited by Ms Clara Ng, IRAS Principal Corporate Communications Officer, to attend this Skit & Exhibition, by virtue that I am one of the long time volunteers for the IRAS e-filing volunteer exercise that began since 2003.The reasons I had decided to participate in this, was because I saw the programme highlights that there was a talk by the IRAS Investigation Officer, which I thought will be useful in my job. I have been in taxation line for about 8 years, and the love for the job is still burning in me. The talk will help me understand how IRAS uncovers tax evasion and what are the compliance requirements they require of taxpayers.I thought the skit was rather light hearted and funny, as it protrayed the move of IRAS from Fullerton Building to Revenue House. One of the words I remembered from the skit was “Cannot, Cannot” I thought the officer did well when he protrayed the character.Here are some photos from the Skit & Exhibition. For more photos, please refer to my F…

RC Tree Planting Day

I had received an email from the RC Manager that RC members are activated for this event today. Little did I expect that I was asked by my fellow RC members to host this event for them at the last minute. I would like to thank them for having such confidence in me. After this hosting gig, it reaffirms the belief that the children nowadays are getting smarter & you be surprised how they answered the questions, which seems so tough.The event also marks the opening of the fitness corner located at the front of my block. My area’s MP, Dr Intan also planted a tree sapling at the front of the fitness corner. As usual, she greeted me and asked me how am I? Looks like I am starting to get known in the grassroots circles, which can be a double edged sword.

KTV Saturday

This KTV session was eagerly anticipated by some members of my group, who said that they would definitely support me if I change to this outlet at Liang Court. Although the location was rather out, as a few of them pointed out, the response is not as bad as thought. We still managed to achieve a good number of people joining us. I do appreciate those who joined us, despite it being a “out” location.When I reached Clarke Quay, I rushed up to the TCC at the Central to get a cake for ah Liang, as we were going to celebrate his birthday at the KTV session. Some members were asking me why I always get the cake from TCC. The reason is it’s the nearest cake outlets that I can find when I do KTV outings at International Building & Liang Court. It is not because I have the TCC card so I liked going to TCC.I was there at 2.30pm. The manager was quite obliging. As it was a new outlet, I have designed a new signboard for my future events held at Liang Court.This cost me less than $4 to do it.…

A Good Deed

Picture courtesy of GoogleI was out of my office and was about to cross the traffic light to the bus stop, when I saw a Service 111 bus (SBS 9247) with its hazard lights on. Finding it strange that it has no passengers on board the bus, my 1st instinct was the bus has most likely broken down. I decided to go over to see how I could assist the bus captain when the lights turned to my favour.The bus captain was one of the few that was transferred from Service 74, the bus that I usually took on my poly days to school. He told me the bus had a loss of gear. Apparently, there was a string of buses behind him that was not aware that the bus had broken down. I told him to open the cover of the bus & take out the triangle sign to warn the other buses. I also helped him to signal out the buses behind him, before helping him to make a call to their HQ informing of the breakdown. I also advised him to take out the service plates too, to avoid misunderstandings with commuters, who thought tha…


It has been a while since I last caught a Chinese movie. I was recommended by Chloe to catch this movie. It was fortunate that my volunteer friend, Angela was also interested in the movie too so we decided to watch it together.I felt that the movie was pretty good. It really made me laugh,but at the same time, my school days memories just came flooding back. =) I managed to get hold of the book as well, after Angela told me that she had ordered an extra copy for the book.The book is a definitely a good read. =)

Birthday Brunch @ My Village

The brunch was to celebrate my cousin, Adelle’s birthday. This shopping centre is located at Serangoon Garden was choosen as she felt that my mum had not recovered sufficiently from the injuries suffered in an accident in mid Oct to go to Tanglin Mall.The new shopping centre, which opened at almost the same time as Nex had a open sky garden as well. Brunch was at the Old Hong Kong Cafe. I felt that the food was okay. The ambience was not bad.Hope that my cousin had an enjoyable time with us.

Angry Prelude To A Friday

The day started on a bad note. As it was raining, I took a cab to work. The journey was surprisingly smooth but it was not to be when I reached the office.I have been and will be covering for my manager for 10 days as she is clearing her leave now in Korea. I thought I was doing quite well, considering that the work she had to leave behind. I have been working hand in hand since I joined the company about 4 years ago.I was not surprised that I was being called into the office by the senior partner after I was being warned by the managing partner of the audit firm that I have been “passing comments” about their work, leaving the new technical partner wondering what was going on between the tax department & audit department recently. I am not supposed to say what transpired between the involved parties in the meeting, but I must say it certainly got me very heated that I had to restrain myself from losing my cool today. Basically, I am just following the instructions of my senior pa…