Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 In Review

I am still trying my best to adapt to use the old Blogger Template to publish my blog. It seems like my Windows Live Writer is really walking out on me, causing me to blog by using the Microsoft Word Template. Frequent readers of my blog would know that I would usually do a yearly review of my year as it draws to a close.

2015 has been a taxing and tiring year for Paul, and not as smooth as I would have liked it to be.


The year started off on a new note as my company welcomed a new associate company to be one of our new auditors. There had been problems with the previous audit associate. Due to a gag order by my bosses, I am not allowed to reveal too much in here. Working with new people means starting new working relationships all over again. I must say it is not easy but I am glad to say that I have been doing my best to achieve it, since taking over from my colleague, who threw out the task of coordinating work with the auditors to me in late June. This means more work for me, not that I am complaining, but it means I need to have more hands to look after my tasks sometimes.
My manager was on long leave in the early part of the year due to illness. As it happened unexpectedly, all of us were taken by surprise. This incident also made me realized that
1.       One should always go for your regular health checks, no matter how busy you are.
2.       Never recommend a friend to work at your office, even if he/she needs a job desperately as you would never know when she would take the opportunity to stab you in the back or always take advantage of your presence in the company and be late for work, always on MC, push aside work when requested by superior or fellow colleague.

It is unfortunate that the friendship turned bad after the incident and the person left on her own accord sometime after the incident.

Volunteer Work

RC Activities

It has been a busy year on the volunteer front as well as our country celebrated its 50th birthday. This meant that many RC activities were themed based on that, and required our active participation. It also marked the start of my 2nd term as the treasurer of the RC. I have a new assistant to assist me. I must say she has been of a great help to me.

The IRAS Volunteer e-filing exercise

There was a drastic drop in the number of e-filing centres from 21 to 7 this year. It was fortunate that I have managed to gather some of the old-timers to form a team at my liaison officer’s request as he felt that the new volunteers are coming in with many requests for letters of PR application, request for ECA points & nomination for awards. Volunteering should be from the heart, and not because of the benefits. I would like to congratulate my team as each of them played a part and won an award for their contribution. I feel proud to have led this team to success this year and look forward to replicating the success next year.

For all my above efforts and past efforts, I was awarded Outstanding Volunteer Award, Long Service Award (10 years) and Slient Heroes Award.


My grandma passed away on 31st October 2015. I personally feel that it is a relief for her as she had been struggling for quite a while with her illness. My mum, as usual has been hoping for me to settle down with a mate. In recent times, she has even asked me to plan for a roof over my head. We shall see how it goes when the time comes.


I am happy that my friends, Chloe & Gonnie & Jonathan & Serene got hitched this year. Also, Raymond welcomed a 2nd addition to his family.

KTV Group

The KTV group had a change in its venue for its KTV events after the members felt that the service standards at Partyworld Liang Court had been dropping. The new location is Voice Art at Bishan. It is opened by local singer, JJ Lin’s mum. I am heartened by the support for the new venue and hope that 2016 will be better.

Special Events

I attended the SG50 NDP at the Float this year, followed by JJ Lin’s concert.

Wishes for 2016

I look forward to a smooth flowing 2016 with an advancement to my life. =)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Birthday 2015

My apologies for not being able to post for quite a while as I had been busy with my work as the corporate tax deadline was 15 Dec 2015 and I have not been blogging that much as Microsoft Live Writer has decided to walk out on me since my 2 posts ago. I am currently using the default typing screen from Blogger to type this blog, which is a challenge to me as I have been used to using Windows Live Writer.

My birthday this year was unique as it happened to be the 49th day of my grandma's death. It gave me an opportunity to take leave on my birthday for the 1st time in 4 years. This marked the 1st time that my relatives had celebrated my birthday for me, which was a surprise to me. I enjoyed the celebration as my birthday cake was selected by my cousin's daughter, who is only 6 years of age and was able to open the box of cake with much ease.

Dinner was with my family at a Chinese restaurant at Nex, My brother was only able to join us at home for the celebration with a cake as he had been on reservist training.

Before these actual day celebrations, I had been invited to try out the new KTV outlet of Teo Heng at Ci Yuan CC by Grace, Jasmine & Zhong Wei, a usual birthday gathering with my KTV group buddies at Paris Baguette, a dinner with Connie, a dinner with my KTV buddy Yi Feng & a birthday cum Christmas celebration with Xiuling, Angela & Jia Jie. The VES group had also made my birthday a memorable one in a birthday & Christmas celebration held a while ago at Voice Art.

I guess it is a good time to learn this song by JJ Lin as I was tested to sing this song but I could not as I was not familiar with it.

Volunteer e-filing Group Gathering on 19th Dec

Celebration with my uncle's family on 18 Dec

Group photo with JJ Lin's bro, Lin Junfeng
Celebration on 13 Dec with Angela, Jiajie & Xiuling
The Passionfruit cake for my colleagues that I bought to office on 17 Dec

Birthday Celebration with Jasmine, Grace & Zhong Wei 4th Dec

As I reach the 36th year of my life, I hope for my life to be more smooth flowing after a hectic and not so smooth year in 2015.May what I wish for come true.

Please do not ask me what I wished for as it is always shared that if your wish is revealed, it is unlikely to come true.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Busy Nov & Dec

I had been rather busy, which is good, in a sense, as you may have read from the papers that Singapore is experiencing an economic slowdown, but recently I do not feel appreciated in my work, although I still have a burning interest in my job. This could be due to too much work and office politics playing a part. Maybe it is a sign that I should move on after this economic slowdown, but my mum & myself had some reservations about this.

I took a week off from attending social gatherings in November, in the week after my grandma’s passing as my way of respecting her and to thank her for treating me well as her beloved grandson. After all, Nov & Dec had always been my busy months.

It did not help that my mum was still harping on the issue of me owning a flat under the Singles Scheme. To stop her from going on this issue further, I told her I will be doing so but I needed her support. She has agreed to do so.

I attended my manager’s grandson first birthday and my KTV buddy’s wedding. I am happy for them.

As for myself, I feel that there is no point rushing over things that do not happen now as if it happens, it will happen.

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