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Shocking Sight

I was about to get to bed last nite when my mum woke up shivering badly suddenly. She had been ill since Sat but she insisted on going for class and work till yesterday, when she saw a doctor in the morning. This was the first time I seen this. I fed her with her medication and messaged my friend, who is a nurse for help. I am glad that she was able to provide me with some timely advice about getting things done.In fact, my friend tried calling me twice after a while, but my phone went low batt. I thanked her via sms this morning. If not for her timely advice I wondered what will happen. She asked me to take care of my mum. I think it is really nice of her to do this although I have not known her long enough.Just wish to thank her again.

Financial Management

Dad was saying that I was spending too much money, in fact much more than him. I beg to differ. Even though the credit card statement shows that I spend much more than him, it is only slightly more than him this month.The reason being I had to pay for my ICPAS and ACCA fees which took up a substantial portion of the bill.I didn't want to tell him off as he is after all my elder. Being single has its perks. I am not against marriage though as I feel that I am of the view that a person should have his own family to be complete. Right now,I am just happy that I got this job that has enabled me to save a fair bit in just during the short time frame I have been working here. In fact, although I was being cheated a certain sum of my money, I was still able to assist my aunt with her financial diffcuities recently with a substantial sum. Mum was certainly surprised that I was able to fork that amount on short notice.Besides savings, I can be proud of myself that I have continously given …

Are You Ready for 2009?

Mum was asking me if I managed to achieve my goals for this year, which is ending in about 3 1/2 days. I am pleased to say that I have achieved what I set out to achieve in 2008, except for the targets which she set for me for my exams and getting a girlfriend, which came very close this year. I still believe such things should let nature takes its course. Let's hope my mum don't try those "Parents matchmaking session" as televised on TV. Hahaha.Therefore I am looking forward to 2009. Even as I am still planning what goals I am setting myself this year. I have learnt not to be greedy and set too many goals and overtax myself.

Nice Songs To Ease Sadness

心動心痛--劉畊宏&許慧欣 阿信 & 丁噹 - 走火入魔Came across these two songs after they were recommended by my friends from the KTV group. I thought it was nice, so I decided to share with you all.I feel disappointed to see scenes from the movie, Money No Enough 2 playing in my extended family again. I just wonder is it good to cast an elder aside after her wealth is shared with her children. The child who has profited most from this does not wish to take care of his old, sickly mum. The other 2 children who has taken care of her long enough feel that its time to let the other children do the job, but does not consult the rest in a friendly manner. The good hearted child in the family, with his son doted on by the elder, is always the default choice to take care of the elder. Why is it that this kind hearted family always get its unfair share of the cake, taken advantage of by other family members? Is it because of a suggestion to hire a maid didn't go down well with the rest, & they know w…

Merry Christmas To All My Friends

I just to take the the opportunity to wish my friends a Merry Christmas. I guess on everyone's mind, the thoughts are on when will our economy be well again. Everyone is hoping that Santa is going to give something to stimulate the economy. But I guess the more important things besides the economy are , Love, Peace & Joy. I think these are 3 important things that will keep people postive about living.Therefore, in this glommy Christmas season, I just want to wish my friends have a Merry Christmas. May you get what you wish for from Santa this Christmas!!!May hope, peace joy & love be with all my friends and blog readers this Christmas Season.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! Signing off with my 2 favourite Christmas tunes by Kenny G & Mariah Carey. Also thanks to all my friends who have sent me Christmas cards & sms messages since early this week to wish me a Merry Christmas. I think you know who you are. Thank you for remembering me!!!

Nice Nice Cards

I received several nice birthday and Christmas cards from my friends. I thought that these two cards from Darling and Kaka mei were very nice.Just wish to thank them for the cards and the words they wrote. Especially, Darling, the card was really filled with words. I am truly touched.U all can guess which card is from Darling? Which one is from Kaka mei ?

A Friendly And Helpful Bus Driver

A bus captain made my day today as he saw me boarding his bus, Service 54 (SBS 8371) today. As the bus was crowded, I was expecting to stand throughout the journey. The bus captain, on seeing my difficuity in walking, stopped his bus and got a fellow commuter to give up her seat to me. He ensured that I have settled down on my seat before resuming his bus journey.I am really pleased to have meet this bus driver. His kind act really make my day.

Bonus Day

I had been anticipating this day since the day I had been cheated of my money. I was not expecting too much though since the economy is in recession, but a check with my manager some days before proved good.I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of bonus that I have got, as I have not served a full year in the company. I was rewarded with a good performance bonus which I did not expect as well. This was something that my boss asked me to keep to myself as some of the audit and accounts dept staff did not receive any bonus this year. This was something that her PA was not aware as only the dept heads are aware of the bonus that are handed out. I was asked to keep up my good performance. She is encouraged that despite my physical disability, I am still able to live life happily and to the fullest.I feel truly appreciated by what was given. Even though, I was a little angry by the lack of study leave, I know that my hard work and good performance on the job did not go unnoticed.I striv…

Birthday Messages

Through SMSHappy birthday to u, Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday to Paul,Happy birthday to u.Angela 12.07amOne of the first few to wish you many happy returns! Happy Birthday!Malcolm 1.03am.... Happy birthday to u pal.Darling 7.57amHappy birthday to u. Jia you on your work and good morningJean 8.05amHappy birthday!!!Michelle 9.30amJolene 10.52amMum 11:19amHappy birthday PaulYC Ho 5.48pmHappy birthday to u. May u enjoy your day with your loved one, friends and family. Wish u all the best in whatever u do. Wish you pink of health always. Happy birthday to u once again.:-)Germaine 8.23pmThrough PhoneJonathan TeoJane NgLawerence Sum YCThrough FacebookDecember 18 at 9:21amHappy Birthday To U. May your birthday wish come true :)
Best Wishes
From June LowCatherine Chong wrote at 2:15amHappy Birthday in Advance to U! Hope you enjoy last night's celebration. :-)Lennard Chan wrote at 12:26pmJoyeux anniversaire!
Buon compleanno!
Feliz cumpleaños!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!�…

My Birthday

18 Dec 2008, 29 years before, I was brought to this world by my mum. I must say this year, my birthday is one of the most interesting ones, even though I had to work for the 2nd year in running. I had no more leave this year, as I had only joined the company in March.If you guys have been following my blog, this was the year where the celebration started very early. In fact, it started on 29 Nov. Thanks to Germaine and her friends, together with most of my new friends from the Singing @ K Group, Libraboys Outing Group & Singapore Facebook Singles who did a joint celebration for me at the picnic.The 2nd celebration was the KTV session on 13 Dec with the Singing @ K Group. I guess I would keep this in my memory for a long time as this was the 1st time I had to make a speech to 30 people in a conference room styled KTV room. I really like to thank the chairman, Lawerence, for asking KBox to make the special arrangement. Also to the people, who shares my cake, Rain, Jasmin, Karen Low,…

Congrats To Caifeng

I was surprised and pleased to receive the MMS from my long time poly friend, Caifeng on Tuesday late morning that she had given birth to a baby gal. The photo of the baby is cute, but I guess with due respect given to the baby's parents, Kelvin & Caifeng, I don't think I will post the baby gal's photo here.I have shared gift with Darling as the baby's welcome gift for the couple. Thanks Darling for agreeing to share with me the gift on short notice.

A Colleague With No Heart & A Colleague With A Heart

My boss had hired a cleaning company to shampoo the carpet for us on Sat. According to my manager, it is always a yearly affair before CNY that my boss would hire the company to shampoo the carpet. Its just that this year was a bit early as I guess my boss got the other cleaning company to do it. The reason should be a lower cost and it covered more areas as my office is big.Having been warned that our chairs would be strewn around by our senior colleagues, I decided to get in to office early today. Anyway, it was raining so I took a cab into office.I was glad that my chair was at its place, but my partner's chair was not. To prevent my partner having to search for her chair and push through the narrow space if I were to sit down, I decided to find for her and help her push in her chair before settling down on my seat.Just as when I found the chair, a senior colleague passed by. She kept hurrying me to hurry up to push the chair in instead of helping me. The receptionist heard tha…

KTV Session @ Clementi KBox Cum Biggest Birthday Celebration For Paul

I met up with the Singing @ K Group members for our usual monthly session last evening. I have to thank these guys for celebrating my birthday in advance for me yesterday as well.This session, organised by Joanathan Lim & Karen Low attracted 31 participants, which was a new record for our group. I feel that they have done a good job in the organising and co-ordination, despite this was their first time doing it. I only helped out at the last minute to do up the attendance list as Jonathan was mobilised back to the army camp in the early afternoon.Dinner was at Blk 325 Kopitiam. Some of us had Botak Jones (Western Food), while the rest of us had pizza as we felt that the queue for Botak Jones was too long.We were split into 3 rooms. At first, we were not given rooms side by side, despite Karen's and my request to put the members in side by side rooms. Luckily for us, our chairman of the group, Lawerence was able to ask the management to give us the rooms after 15 mins of haggli…

Visit of Grandma

I paid a visit to grandma at SGH last nite after my work. She was looking better, in fact much fresher than Saturday when I saw her at the nursing home.

The swelling on her right foot might have been caused by a nurse who mishandled her wheelchair when they were pushing her for her meals. Fortunately, the swelling has since subsided. I heard some bad news about her condition too. She can't afford to fall down again as her ageing body is giving way.

I just hope that the advanced medical technology can help my grandma further.

Bus Captain With Bad Attitude

I had boarded this Service 105 today from outside my office, to get home. However, I think this was one of the worst bus captains I have met for quite a while.

As the bus was crowded, it was almost impossible to move to the rear of the bus, so I stood near the ticket issuing machine. Although the bus was crowded, the bus captain behaved like he was Lewis Hamiliton, causing some of us to sway about as he applied the brakes.

He actually accused me of spoiling the ticket issuing machine when the machine actually went out of order after he applied brakes at one of the junctions. I noticed that the machine was already tied with a rubber band when I boarded the bus, an indication that the ticket machine was not in a good condition.

He accused another group of rowdy teenagers of pressing the "Bus Stopping" bell repeatedly when they were not standing close to the bell.

I am wondering if the bus captain needs an eyesight test or a refresher course for his driving. The new Scania Bus mech…

Careless Me & A 路不拾遗的巴士车长

I had finished my paper and had wanted to go to Changi Airport to take Service 27 home, instead of Service 24 as I knew that it was going to be rather crowded. Little did I know I had to take Service 24 again as I dropped my Season Pass and credit cards on the bus.Lucky the bus captain was really alert, he picked up my cards and handed it over to Ms Susan Hoon of Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange. I really thank the uncle who drove Service 24 (SBS 8453A), who did such a good deed.I must tell myself never to let it happen again. I can't be so careless again.

Grandma In Hospital

Received news from my aunt that grandma has been warded in SGH last night due to her swollen right foot. Hope that all is well.****Prays hard****Today is the day of my paper. Hopefully I can clear this paper, which I think I can as there is not much distractions this round, unlike last round, except for the loud TV and amplifier blaring as I was studying yesterday. Hopefully can do well at an old location @ Singapore Expo Hall 1.

Need To Learn These Duets

煎熬 元若藍&安東尼-99分的幸福 - 蔡卓妍(charlene choi) &林俊杰(JJ Lin) MVAfter my exam tomorrow, I have been requested by someone from my group to learn these 3 duets so that I can sing with her for our coming marathon session on 13 Dec 2008 at Clementi KBox. I wonder if I can do it within 4 days. I will try not to disappoint the requestor!! Haha!!!Anyway, I have to thank these guys as well, as they will be doing a mini birthday celebration for me. Actually it is not considered as mini as the number of people attending the event. One of them actually told me that they will be there as Paul has been a Mr Nice Guy, as Paul has treated us well  therefore it is not a surprise that many people who had joined us actually liked what they saw and continued to join us. This is definitely a big compliment to me and my fellow committee members, since being opted in to take charge in August. Close friendship has been builit since then.It is good to see that people are appreciating what we have done for them. …

Happy Birthday To Dalicia

Although I have been busy studying for my exam coming up on Tuesday, I have not forgotten that it is one of my long-time net friend, Dalicia's birthday tomorrow.May I take the opportunity to wish her, a Happy birthday & whatever she wishes for come true for her. Hope she likes the above cake from Secret Recipe.Plus, this MTV by her favourite Heavenly King, Andy Lau. Hope she likes this!!! Hopefully, we get to see Dalicia in Singapore soon!!!

Visiting Grandma

Today was out with mum for the usual weekly weekend praying session at SSA Tampines. We were not there for 2 weekends already as the weather was always raining as we wanted to step out of the house. My mum & my mind were also on the cheating case. It is quite fortunate that it is coming to an end soon.Mum asked me to join her today to pray for the success of my exam paper on Tuesday, which I did. I wonder why i was so tired today, maybe due to the questions that I did on Deferred Tax, Consolidated Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Statement, Share Based Payments, Financial Instruments. I did and redo the questions that my lecturer went through in class. Hopefully it helps.Thanks to my friends who sent me sms messages wishing me good luck for Tuesday's paper.After that, I went to visit my grandma with my mum. My grandma has been warded in a nursing home after suffering a pelvic fracture after falling off her bed as she was trying to sit down. It is a sad sight to see her in pain, as…

Photos for Karen's Birthday

I received these photos from Karen & Jean through Facebook yesterday. I thought it was nicely done. What do you think?

Update On Timeshare Cheating Case

I went down with my mum and 2 of my friends from my Singing @ K Group to sign the cancellation agreement as per the advice of CASE yesterday. Mum's worries were unfounded as everything went quite smoothly. I guess there were no delays as I have brought up the matter to CASE. I really like to thank my friends, especially to some of you, whom I only knew for a few months for your words of encouragement and support for me during this tough period of mine. According to them, I should get back my money in about 2 months time.This has made me realise that it does not matter on whether how long you know a person. So long as you treat a person well, most of the time, most people will know it and appreciate what you done for them. It has also made me realise who my true friends are. I guess words cannot be used to describe how I am feeling now, but still the two words below describe my gratitude to you guys.

Good Luck & Update on Cheating Case

I hereby wish all my friends who are taking their ACCA exams or any other exams this week, good luck for your papers. May what u wish for come out and the questions that came out you are able to do so and do it well.Received a phone call from the CASE officer who was handling my case. She advised me to go down to the company and sign their agreement, otherwise I may have problems cancelling the agreement that I have signed. Will be doing so tonight. I will be there with my friend & mum. Thanks JS for agreeing to help on short notice. Also to some of you whom I called for help but are not able to accompany me. Thanks for your advices and support. I guess you guys know who you are. Will defintely update you on the progress.Let's hope nothing funny happens tonight.