Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday To Peggy & Darling

D2409 scorpio

I just want to wish 2 of my friends Peggy & Darling a happy birthday tomorrow. I shall not reveal their ages here, since girls always like to remain young. I think the best age for them is Forever 18 or Forever 25!!! haha. :-)

Below are my messages for the both of them.

For Peggy:-

It has been great to know you for the past 2-3 years. You have been a great friend to have. On your birthday, I wish that whatever you wish for come true for you & all the best in your new job. I hope that you will be able to clear your audit paper & move on to the next level of the ACCA qualification.

For Darling:-

It has been a year filled with changes for you. But I am sure you are handling the changes to being a loving wife and a caring mum well. On your birthday, I hope that you are blessed with more limitless energy to handle your new challenges in life.

Thanks for your listening ear and wonderful advices whenever I need them, especially in a year when I know whom my true friends really are, who are those who would stand by me when I need them. I am glad that you are one of them.

From the bottom of my heart, I just wish to thank you for being my friend.

From: Your friend,


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun Before Stress Picnic @ ECP

The start of the long weekend was a good one for me as I decided to jon the Singapore Facebook Singles "Fun Before Stress Potluck Picnic" organised by Michelle at ECP yesterday.
After my usual Sat praying session, I made my way down to Parkway Parade for a quick light lunch, before heading to NTUC Fairprice to get the fruits for the picnic. I have to thank my mum for helping me to select the fresh fruits, and Jonathan Teo for agreeing me to meet me at Parkway Parade to help me to carry the fruits to ECP for me.
Took a cab there as it was really sorching hot yesterday. I guess we made the right decision not to walk there, otherwise we would have melted there and then upon reaching ECP.
This event was very fun as I actually knew about 1/3 of the people who came yesterday. Keith, Jonathan, Catherine, Karen, Veronica, Melvin Alan had previously joined me at singing sessions, facebook singles gatherings, and ex NS camp mates. I got to know Jane, Yvonne, Stephen, Roger, Angela, YC, Christine Tan, Simon, Rod, Kok Wee, Henry. We were pleased as we actually helped Michelle break a all time high record of 21 participants. We had a good time eating the great delicious food, like fried bee hoon, pudding, soon kueh. curry puff, sotong and fish balls, otah, "pie kia" pies, donuts, jalibean tarts.
Besides playing Michelle's modified version of "Truth or Dare", we were introduced to a new game by Catherine called "Numbers". A person is supposed to key in a number from 1-100 on his or her hp for the participants to guess. The person who guess the number correctly had to perform a forefeit as instructed by the number setter.
My fellow k group member, Jonathan had to sing twice for his forefeit. Thanks to my idea of making people to sing.
The forefeit that Paul had to do was to kiss the lady beside me on the cheek and act out a running for love scene like in a Qiong Yao novel. I think I really have to thank Alan for the number setting, because I read his mind about the number. Lucky the lady who performed with me the forefeits Jane was sporting too. Poor Karen had to kiss the lamp post for her forefeit.
As night fell, some of them decided to leave early while the rest continued with bowling, followed by a chill out session late into the night.
It was nice knowing new friends yesterday. It has been a long while since I played for a whole day.
You can take your time to view the pics at facebook.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dinner At Ministry Of Food - My Isakaya


Picture courtesy of Ministry of Food Website

Today was payday for me and it meant that I was supposed to pop to a nearby branch of POSB or DBS Bank to put in my pay cheque in the Quick Cheque Deposit.

The bus ride took me to Suntec City, which was perfect as I needed to get a birthday card for Darling, my long time blogger friend, as her birthday is coming on Tuesday. I have arranged with Stephanie to pay her a visit on Monday evening, so I should pass her the card then. I hope she likes the card, as I liked the words that was written on the card, which really describes our friendship in the close to 4 years that we know each other.

Since mum said that she was not cooking for the night, decided to walk around & search for food. MOF- My Isakaya, a Japanese resturant that was recommended by Wendy mei on her blog. I was surprised by the big serving of the salmon bento that I ordered. And I had the opportunity to try the desert as shown in the picture. I thought that the glutinous rice balls and the green tea ice-cream was great, just that the red bean was a tad too sweet. You will be surprised that there was no wasabi found on the serving, instead I had to dip the salmon in hot water to enjoy the real taste.

I felt that the price was reasonable at about $25 after POSB/DBS card discount, where I had the bento set, green tea, hot tea, & the desert. It is certainly worth a try for this.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cute Thumbdrive


My singing group friend, Jasmin is selling this cute 2GB thumbdrive at $12.50. I thought that the design is unique as it comes complete with a box to prevent accidental drops, leading to loss of data.

Here is a brief description of the product.

1)Latest fashion Design Christmas gift

2) USB2.0: transfer rate up to 480Mbps
3) Capacity 2GB
4) Over 1 million times rewrite & 20 years storage
5) Plug and Play
6) No software driver required for Windows 98 and above
7) EMI compliance: CE, FCC (Class B)
8) N.W. 12g

For those of you who are interested to purchase the product, please click on this link to contact Jasmin.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Please Take A Seat


I was on board this crowded Service 105 today on my way home today. Since it was a new bus that I was travelling on, there was a lack of seats as space has been catered for 2 wheelchair-bound passengers and there was a raised step on board the bus which means that the standing area is limited too.

There was a female passenger who saw me and gave up her seat to me but another lady who was standing beside me, just refused to give way for me to pass. She was busy reading her magazine. There were a group of passengers awaiting to alight at the next stop and she was not even in the group to alight.

It was after some difficuity that I managed to get to the seat. The seat beside me was empty by now, but I am just puzzled why people on the bus that are near to the seat do not wish to sit down. And the lady who actually gave up the seat to me actually inched back and took the empty seat. The lady who was reading was so fustrated when the kind lady said "Excuse me" that she said it was so narrow, how to pass. I was wondering, if that lady was not so selfish, she would have stopped reading and moved to the rear of the bus.

This sight has been playing more & more frequent on our public buses and MRT each day as people are getting affected by the credit crunch, therefore are taking public transport.

I just hope that these people can be more gracious. Please sit down when there is an empty seat & please move to the rear. There is no ghost behind the bus. This will allow more people to board the bus.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It Pays To Stay With The Leader

images m1_brighter

Some of you may know that I used to be a M1 mobile phone user, if you guys have known me for about 4 years. I used to have 3 lines with them, 1 for myself, 1 for my brother and 1 for ex-tenant. About 4 years ago, I terminated the 2 lines progressively with them after 8 years with them. The reason, their funny billing system. Imagine yourself being billed $120 each month when you know that you have used only about 150 mins of talktime. That's was close to $1 per min. It was a big shock to me as I always had to call them to argue with them over my bill. The bill will drop for about one or two months before its back to the "level that I know I will never reach".  That prompted me to take Jason's advice to switch to Singtel as he had told me that Singtel was significantly cheaper. Since then, my bill has never hit beyond $55. It is usually $35 or below. I am also rewarded with loyalty discounts, handphone upgrades, together with my residential line and Singnet Broadband.

Today, I decided to pop down to the Customer Service Office of M1 at Paragon Shopping Centre as I have not received my refund from them after receiving my final statement from them last month. I felt that it was ridiculous for a listed  teleco to withhold my refund, which was less than $10 for about a month. The fact that my tenant actually left for his hometown 3 months ago meant that the line was not even in use. Yet these people, claims that its their company policy to do the refund after  " the 2nd final bill", which means I had to wait for 2 months for my refund if I had not gone down today and demanded to be paid immediately. I was so angry that I requested to see the customer service manager on the spot. I told her that her company billing system has been a bane, and it was making my blood boil. I told them that Singtel was able to do refunds within 2 weeks, therefore I was surprised why they can't.

In the end, I managed to get my money back. My parting shot was, " the company billing system should be further improved. Customers are not supposed to go down to the customer service centre after a month just to collect a refund that is less than $10."

This experience further underlines the point that I was right to make the switch 4 years ago. Even though, there was a service hiccup in my Mio TV installation recently, I am glad that the technical staff and customer service were able to resolve it quickly.

The moral of the story, " It pays to stay with the leader"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To Stella


I just want to wish one of my long time friend, Stella a happy birthday today.

Message for her:-

It has been great knowing you for the past 7 -8 years. You have been a great friend and & confidante to have. Thanks for sharing my happiness and sadness with me wherever you can.

On your birthday today, I wish whatever you wish for come true for u. Do stay young & cheerful always.

From : Paul

Saturday, October 18, 2008

215 的约定


I have been listening to YES 933 FM radio drama, 215 的约定 for about the past 5 weeks. I didn't know that a radio drama can be so captivating. It certainly had me glued to my MP3 player at 7.30pm every evening, as I was on the bus on my way home.

The story, starring the entire crew of YES 933FM DJs was very good. I personally like the roles of Peifen & Jiahui in their roles as Yue Ling and Yinzhen recently. Weibin did a good job in her protrayal as a Aids stricken songwriter.

Hopefully the station will put the drama online soon, or release it as a CD.

The song you are listening is the title track of the drama.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meeting With Boss


dengleyoudeng - Kit

My dept had a meeting with my boss today. In the meeting, my boss highlighted on the ongoing credit crunch and the technical recession that Singapore & almost the whole world is going throughat this moment. I felt that she was trying to hint something like not to expect much bonus this year. I am defintely not expecting much as I joined this firm in March. Just don't like the way that she goes on & on harping about it, saying that it is worse than 1997 financial crisis and we may also face another Great Depression like 1929.

In the meeting, she also said that other dept heads were complaining that our dept were too noisy. Just feel that these guys are jealous about the great teamwork and rapport that we are having. As a result, these people are jealous of us.

I can say a lot of nasty things about the accounting, secretarial and audit teams that you guys are leading too. Why do you guys want to point fingers at me & my colleague? Is it because we are new here? New meaning in the firm for less than a year?  If not for the pay and the great teamwork, I guess we would not be here as there is in fact lesser benefits than what I used to have. In fact, nowadays I need a pillow to support my back as the positioning of my office table sux! It causes me to have backaches and shoulder aches now & then.

When you guys say people, please look at yourself in the mirror before telling to the dept head. One of the audit partners also talks as loud as us, sometimes I thought I was in a fish market. One accounting staff likes to gossip about people, listen to handphone radio during office hours. One auditor talks as if like the company needs her in order to survive. Accounting schedules are not compiled by auditors, making our dept's tasks difficult. Some of the audit staff need me, a part-time ACCA student, to teach them how to do accounting entry to ensure it complies with FRS. Some don't even check the schedules provided ties up with the accounts.

I am totally pissed.........

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Smart Smart

Some of the readers of my blog are so smart that they managed to guess what has happened to me, despite me not sharing with them what actually happened to me in the 8 Oct post. Should I call it female instinct? I had a huge dose of that when the event happened that day.

I just wish to say, I didn't expect you gals to guess the answer correctly. Well, perhaps you gals have known me well enough.

I am slowly walking out the dark lane of sorrow, therefore I thank you guys for the support given to me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Interesting Sight


Was on the bus just now when I heard a loud sound. Apparently an ez-link card reader had dropped on the steps on the bus, rendering the ez link card reader useless.

I just wonder what is wrong with the maintenance dept of SBS Transit?

MTV: 怪胎


Finally managed to find the song that I was looking for the past two weeks. Will try to attempt this song at my group's next KTV session, which is coming up in about 3 weeks time.

Thanks For The Support

I just wish to express my thanks to some of my friends who were told of what actually happened in my 8 Oct blog post. Just to say that I am much better now.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you. You guys and gals have been great angels. Your words have been very very encouraging!

I have picked up the pieces and am ready for the next challenge.

Saturday Shopping

images  images

Had the usual Saturday praying session at Tampines Soka Centre with mum today, before proceeding to Junction 8 Best Denki to get a stand fan as my grandma is coming over to my place for a short stay of 5 days next week. She should be sleeping in my study room as she just had an operation to correct her cartracts. It will not be safe for her to climb up the stairs to my sleeping room. Lucky the fan didn't cost much as the vouchers from my boss subsided most of the cost of the fan.

I also had an interesting discovery. The Canon 40 & 41 ink cartridges that I bought from E-life at Suntec are more expensive than the Canon 830 & 831 cartridges at Best Denki. The difference is good enough for me to have 2 lunches. What I don't understand is these 4 cartridges are all compatitable with my Canon printer, but why is there such a big difference in cost.

Dinner was at Kim San Leng coffeeshop. Mum was commenting that I was eating too fast, as a result, my food is usually not properly digested and I don't get the "full" feeling. I guess you must be wondering what I had.

  • Yong Tau Foo (5 pieces) with noodles
  • Indian rojak, shared with my mum
  • Omelette, shared with my mum

I just wonder why I still can't gain a bit of weight that I want. I can't gain too much due to my physical condition as my legs may not be able to carry my body weight if I gain too much.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tour of The New Taxpayer Services Centre @ IRAS

I was asked to be at IRAS Enforcement Division by my boss to help my client submit a composition fine case on an urgent basis today.

As per the talk at IRAS last week, I was asked to take a cab there and back to office. The new TSC has been a relevation as it looks like IRAS has saved a lot of manpower costs. You are to take the queue number yourself using the self help kisok, and submit your documents to the tax officer, if it is a composition case. After that, you have to proceed to pay the fine at the post office next door. IRAS does not collect money nowadays before showing the receipt to the tax officer.

This makes it seems like it is an auto pilot office. You must help yourself to speak to a government officer.

News Reading

Ni Na Me Ai Ta - Li Sheng Jie

Today's morning The New Paper has been an interesting read for me as I came across the following articles :-

  1. She slaps son for getting 92 marks.
  2. Work skills and attitude more vital than qualifications.
  3. Are Singaporeans worried that this could happen here.

The last two articles are close to everyone lips and hearts as it seems that the world is sinking deeper into recession due to the credit crunch that is affecting the whole world at this moment.

I am worried about my job and year end bonus, Are you worried too?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Truth Hurts But It Must Be Said

Someone said something that brought all my hopes to an end today. However, I appreciate the person's frankness as she is only the second person to do that. Although the truth hurts, but I am glad that I was not taken for a ride. I guess that is what friendship is all about.

My friends, please do not worry, I am alright and I won't do foolish things to hurt myself.

Chinese Version of 无赖

Some days ago, I wrote on my blog about this song that my pal used to like. Recently, I heard from YES 933 that the original singer, Ronald Cheng came out the Chinese version of the song


I would like to find out the title of this song. I wonder can anyone help me identify the title?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Biggest KTV Session With Singing @ K Group

It was a historic and memorable moment for the Singing @ K group yesterday as I managed to gather 17 people to join in for the session organised by me. It was the biggest session that the group has organised since it was founded by the chairman, Lawerence. In fact, I do not think such a big event will have an occurence in the near future as after a meeting after the event yesterday, the regulars of the group have decided that having a big group singing in 2 or more rooms makes the event a little hard to manage logistically and we could see from some of the faces of the participants that they were not fully satisfied as they didn't get to sing much.
It was also the first time that we celebrated the birthdays of the members too. Hopefully the birthday babe and hunks liked the surprise that was lined up for them.
I had a good time shuttling between the 2 rooms to ensure that everything was in order as a result, I sang very little songs yesterday but it was okay since I was having a slight sore throat. I managed to try these 2 songs which I haven't tried before.

I had a good time knowing the members of Keith's Libraboys Group as well as they decided to join my group for the singing session as well. Thanks to Catherine, Yan Ling, John, Keith, Lawerence, Belinda, Karen Low, Thomas, Jasmin for their support.
I wish to thank some members who gave me constructive feedback as to how to make the event better. I am glad to receive postive feedback that most of you enjoyed the session especially from Keith's group.
Special thanks to my group of regulars, the 2 Jonathans, Johnie, Karen for assisting me in my organisation and my group head, Lawerence for making a special appearance and giving me feedback to make future events better.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nice Dinner Date


I was recommended to this place for dinner at Central Mall 2 nights ago by my new friend, Evelyn, after she suggested we had Japanese food, instead of my suggestion of having dinner at Plaza Singapura. I managed to locate the place after some hunting, since it was only the second time I been there.

The food was great and we had a nice long chat at the dinner and desert at TCC. She gave me a ride home after that. It has been a while since I enjoyed myself at a dinner date. I hope she enjoyed herself too.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Caring Boss

I had attended the IRAS efiling of Form C workshop with my manager and senior yesterday. We were thinking that we should be taking the train, but my boss said to us that we can take a cab there and back as I was not too mobile and its raining in Cantonese. This has touched my heart.

I really did not regret joining this company, as my boss has shown compassion, flexibility and trust in her staff. Although some of the benefits are not comparable to my last job, but I guess there are a lot of intrinsic things makes the scarfices made worthwhile.

Busy Dec & Expected The Unexpected Jan

It has been again a while since I last blogged. It was a busy Dec and Jan for me as some of you who have been reading my blog may have known...