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Busy October

It has been a while since I dmin blogged as I had been busy fighting fires at work, appointed as an admin for a Facebook Group ,
TATA SMRT(The Alternate Transport Advisory & Spore Magnificent Rescue Team) the administrator, whom helped me with my community e-filing project as he felt that I was able to contribute to the group. I am glad that I am able to put my bus services knowledge to good use and be of help to the members to the group in times of the frequent train delays and breakdowns.
I had been disillusioned by my work recently as my boss had doubted my integrity over a task that I was assigned. Being in a professional tax consulting firm for the past 13 years, I must say it is an insult to me that I nearly decided to move on. The bad economy has played a part in stopping me from leaving for the time being. I am thankful for the support of my friends as well, for standing by me in this difficult times of mine.
The volunteer programme that I have been working on had hit some …
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Should Grab & Uber Drivers Be Taxed On Their Income

This has been a hot topic this week since The Sunday Times came out with the article last Sunday that IRAS will be working with Grab & Uber to link the applications to IRAS in order to simplify the drivers’ need to input the gross fares less the call levy charged by Grab & Uber.Personally, I felt that the article had failed to address that, like taxi drivers who rent their vehicles from the taxi companies, most of the drivers had rented their vehicles from car rental companies. The rental is a deductible expense to the driver. The petrol used is also a tax deductible expense. The driver can also claim parking of the car, ERP charges incurred when the car is not ferrying any passengers and car wash expenses. The concept should be as the same for taxi drivers.For those drivers that use their own car, they can claim the commercial insurance for the car. A car for personal use only has personal car insurance, but commercial cars are allowed to ferry passengers.This should not be c…

Silent Heroes Awards Night 2017

Some of you who known me for quite some time would have known that I was a Silent Hero Award winner in 2015, as my friend had nominated me for the award  for my contributions to the IRAS Volunteer E-Filing Exercise from 2005 to 2015 & my grassroots work .The organization who gave out the award, Hillview Civilians Sports Club had been looking to form an alumni for the past winners to guide the new winners as an inspiration. I thought this was a brilliant gesture by them as most of the past silent heroes will know what one another are doing and contribute or share ideas to make each hero’s idea better. Little did I expect to be asked to try to gather the group at the last minute for the Awards dinner and prepare a speech about what I have done in the 2 years after I have won the award. It was fortunate that I managed to gather 6 out of the 11 heroes in the WhatsApp Group Chat and the speech went well, despite the short time I was given to prepare for it and it is definitely my 1st t…

My Volunteer Journey

I believe that I have shared this when some of my new friends, community service partners had asked me about why I am volunteering despite my physical disability.I have always received help since my school days, where the janitor would carry me to the toilet or classroom when I was in Primary 1. Fellow classmates would help me to buy food from the school canteen. In my polytechnic days, bus captains would wait for me if they see me approaching the bus stop and assist me when needed. These are some of the deeds that I received from such nice people even until today, although I must say that the level of graciousness have dropped over the years. I started volunteering in 2005, when I was working as a tax assistant in my previous company. The reason was the company had too little personal tax clients and I did not want to lose my personal tax knowledge. As the saying goes, if you have the skill, but if you did not use it, you will lose it. The opportunity came by when IRAS started the Vo…

Eventful August

It has been a while since I last blogged as I was bogged down by my work, as my boss decided to add on to my responsibilities, making me in charge of the firm’s accounting & admin staff. This is on top of the audit co-ordination that I have been doing for the past 2 years. This duty ran into problems recently too as my boss and clients have been complaining about the slow progress of our client’s audits.
“All work and no play makes Paul a dull boy”. I am glad to share that the number of attendees improved since I adopted a new attendee’s idea to put up dates for the next 2 to 3 months, so that attendees can better plan and manage their schedule to join the KTV. In fact, my co-organiser and I are heartened by the response for the August KTV, which we had 30 participants. We also decided to celebrate the birthdays of those whose birthdays fall in August. I hope they enjoyed the KTV and hope the newbies will take the opportunity to join us again. I would like to take the opportunity …

Volunteerism, What It Means To Me

Recently, someone that I was going after had asked me to give up volunteering for the community. Upon hearing that, I decided that this lady will not be suitable for me and I just told her after getting her message that she felt that I am not the type of guy that he is looking for.

Some of you who have known me just not too long ago may not have heard the story about what prompted me to take up a deep passion in volunteering. Little did I expect that it would garner me with so many awards and accolades that I did not expect to win. So here is my story.

When I was in primary school, I needed the school janitor's herelp to carry me to the toilet to my toileting business till I was 9 years old. My grandma and later my maid had to accompany me to school till I was 15. I decided to venture to go to school on my own after that. I am always fortunate till today as bus captains that I met in my usual commutes to school and work would either get fellow commuters to give up their seats for…

Work Musings

My corporate secretarial department colleague has been on leave for about 10 working days. My boss had been worried that the other two colleagues would try something funny when this colleague is not around and they need to cover her work. Fortunately, nothing much had happened, but the breaking point came on the Friday before the holiday. My admin colleague, who only joined the company in September 2016, had commented that Hari Raya celebration lasts for 1 month, do you celebrate for a month and how come you are not on leave?

I think this sensitive comment caused my colleague to snap. She said that in her 17 years with the company, she has not gone without going on leave before and after Hari Raya Puasa. To me, she is just finding excuses not to work, just because she was fasting and had been unhappy that my colleague was granted 10 working days of her annual leave to fly back to Canada to visit her parents. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with that as my colleague's…