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Work Musings

My corporate secretarial department colleague has been on leave for about 10 working days. My boss had been worried that the other two colleagues would try something funny when this colleague is not around and they need to cover her work. Fortunately, nothing much had happened, but the breaking point came on the Friday before the holiday. My admin colleague, who only joined the company in September 2016, had commented that Hari Raya celebration lasts for 1 month, do you celebrate for a month and how come you are not on leave?

I think this sensitive comment caused my colleague to snap. She said that in her 17 years with the company, she has not gone without going on leave before and after Hari Raya Puasa. To me, she is just finding excuses not to work, just because she was fasting and had been unhappy that my colleague was granted 10 working days of her annual leave to fly back to Canada to visit her parents. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with that as my colleague's…
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Embracing New Technology

I am typing this on my new laptop that I have purchased last week, thanks to someone's kind sponsorship. This is my 1st laptop. I have always been a desktop computer user since I started learning about computers when I started working before the start of my poly days at a computer service centre.

I had expressed my like for this laptop after my boss had asked me to buy this lean and lightweight laptop cum tablet for the company's use. In recent times, such technology has become a requirement as IRAS has started to implement tablets to e-file personal taxes & corporate taxes. Because of this, I feel that I have to keep up with the times and carry a laptop to work.

The reasons that have put me off getting a laptop for so long are:-

1. It is pretty heavy and it can be a stress for me to carry due to my physical disability.
2. Some functions can only be performed optimally by a PC.
3. I can be a little clumsy with the touchpad and the keyboard as I tend type quite hard on my k…

An Update To The Walking Bus Guide

I decided to clear my mind of the work troubles that I decided to take the bus and update my bus routes knowledge with the recent amendments to some of the bus services in the area that I am staying in and the transition to the Bus Contracting Model, where LTA is now the central route planner of the bus routes.
Here are the list of updated bus routes that I have known since my last post about this in 2014.
Bus services with full route knowledge
7 Bedok Interchange to Clementi 16 Bedok Interchange to Bukit Merah 22 Ang Mo Kio to Tampines 24 Ang Mo Kio to Changi Airport 25 Ang Mo Kio to Upper East Coast Terminal 27 Hougang Central to Changi Airport 36 Changi Airport PTB 2 to Tomlinson Rd (loop)43 Punggol Terminal to Upper East Coast Terminal 43M Punggol Terminal to Serangoon Central (Loop)  53 Bishan to Changi Airport 53M Hougang Ave 1 to Serangoon Central (Loop) 54 Bishan to New Bridge Rd 55 Bishan to Upper East Coast Terminal 56 Bishan to Marina Centre 61 Bukit Batok to Eunos 70 Yio Chu…

Bottled Feelings Part 2

My boss had asked my audit associate to send down their staff to assist me & my colleague with the audit matters, which I thought was a good sign, but sad to say, an auditor from the associate company had photocopied 65 pages of documents during his statutory review of a company, and was caught in the act by my boss. My boss had minded about this issue since Day 1 of the collaboration, as the associate does not pay us a single cent for what they photocopied. I was chided at the company meeting that I had not informed them about this. I am not audit trained or an administrator of my company. I am employed by the company to handle the tax matters of our clients. How do we know that the documents they photocopied are essential for their audit? The way she chided me in front of everyone irks me as she said if I do not tell the auditors that photocopying is restricted from now, she would assign other colleagues to do it. I know that others will not do a good job as they were the ones w…

Bottled Feelings

I have not been blogging much recently as I had been busy with work, and also the ground up movement project to assist people to e-file their taxes. I am the brainchild for this project as I feel that the taxi drivers and the hawkers still need people to assist them to file their taxes. Getting them to go to IRAS to queue for hours would mean a business loss to them. I am glad that my friends and I managed to help about 155 people fulfill their filing obligations despite the limitations we had in terms of publicity, resources and time given to get this project. I am thankful to all my friends who supported this project, not forgetting the people who connected me for the venue of the project, because without the venue, we could not have even started.I have thought that the project will signal a change too to my personal life. I have tried to start a relationship with a gal whom I thought was the one, but sadly it was not to be. The fortunate thing is that I did not spend too much time …

Sickly Feb & Surprising March

It has been a while since I last blogged as I was down with a bad throat and flu in the course of the Chinese New Year, before catching hives at the start of March. It did not help that the fact that my boss had asked me to clear some of my last year’s leave by March. It ended up it looked like I had been away from work for a long period of time.In the course of all of these, I managed to join my friends for the Jacky Cheung concert, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Although he may have weakened with age, but the golden era of songs in the 90s is still unforgettable.At the same time, I have been busy with finalising a community project, which I am glad to say it is finally fruitful as I managed to find a volunteer group to collaborate with us to assist the needy people to e-file their taxes. This project took me 5 months to work out and was only finalised when I was about to give up. Hopefully, the project will be able to generate the expected results that we hope to achieve.


I always thought that home is the safest place till something happened in my home. Coupled with the office politics that I was facing at work everyday, and a plan to help people in the time to come keep hitting the brick wall,  I had not been in the best of my moods and get easily irritated. It made me wanting to cancel my CNY gathering plans at my place as there is an uninvited guest at my place.My dad had known this crazy friend of his, who is of the same age as me through his singing group. She had asked for help to purchase a MacBook for her and she would pay my dad by instalments on a monthly basis. My dad obliged. But I was shocked to find that my study room was occupied by her, after she was discharged from IMH about 2 weeks ago.I am okay with my family members helping people when they are in need, but not to extent of helping a depressed person who has odd behaviour. I certainly do not want to be accused of invading her privacy or accused of doing unfavourable actions to her. …