Saturday, October 03, 2015

Busy Month of September

It has been a busy month for me as my boss decided to assign me with 2 new responsibilities in the past month. Both new responsibilities are something new that I have not undertaken before and it is not related to my regular work. I know that some of you may be wondering why I did not reject my boss.

Personally, I am grateful to my bosses who have helped me to attain my SIATP (The tax professionals association in Singapore) membership 3 years ago as I decided to stop my ACCA, after I have failed too many times despite trying. Although, the maintenance of the membership and the need to maintain the required CPE hours on my own efforts can be tough, I am still thankful for this as not many bosses would want their staff to surpass them nowadays, and currently the accountancy sector has been undergoing some major changes, like the non-audit threshold has been increased to $10 million, subject to various conditions. The PIC Scheme is another area that has made the work of tax professionals more challenging.The tough stance of audit requirement has resulted in some businesses being converted into partnerships or SP. Given my physical disability, it will be hard for me to have such an understanding boss and good department colleagues to work with. Some bosses on seeing my disability, would feel that my current pay package is very high already and would undercut my pay by a lot. Given that with my current pay and the commitments that I have does not allow me to buy a flat, I shudder at the thoughts if I were to leave my job now and get a lower paying job.

For me, I prefer to treat any tasks given with vigour, taking it as it come, rather thank playing taiji like what some of colleagues are doing. After managing to taiji the tasks away, they have more time to chit chat during office hours, rather than working. To me, every task given is a new opportunity to learn. I am sure that Heaven has eyes to see and that I will be rewarded one of these days.

Despite my busy work schedule, I still manage to find time to attend classes organised by NACLI. I am happy to say that I will be completing my Certificate of Community Development in late January. It is likely that I will continue with my Certificate of Community Leadership.

To those who are concerned about my search of my life partner, much as I hope to settle down, but I believe that such things should not be rushed. Having been through the nasty experiences have taught me to be careful about the people that I meet, before I commit.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Busy August

It has been a busy month for me this month that I actually was sick for about 2 weeks. The recovery process was slow. I guess it was due to the hazy weather. Work has not been smooth at recent times, therefore I guessed it played a part in my recent bout of illness.

Besides work, I had kept my sanity by attending the following events in August.

  • National Day Funpack Distribution – 1 Aug 2015

In celebration of SG50, I had led this event to distribute the funpacks to each household. This event made me learnt several things about the residents in my neighbourhood. Not only that, the Singa & the bag designs has been popular topics in this Funpack Distribution Exercise.

  • National Day Observance Ceremony – 9 Aug 2015

This was my first national day observance ceremony. It was a great experience , especially listening to the Proclamation of Independence. It reinforces my belief that why I am proud to be a Singaporean & thankful to be one.


  • National Day Parade – 9 Aug 2015

This was my 2nd NDP, after last year. I would like to thank my RC Chairman & Constituency Manager for giving me the tickets so that I can experience the 50th birthday bash of Singapore. Although, reaching home was a nightmare, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.



  • Silent Heroes Award – 22 Aug 2015


I had not expected to be nominated and winning for this award by my fellow volunteer friend, Haris. He felt that I have contributed a lot to the community despite my disability. Personally I prefer to be a little low profile about my contributions, as I feel that I am just doing my bit for the society.

  • SG 50 Concert – 7 Aug 2015

I would like to thank Chloe for inviting me to this concert that showcases Singapore’s music for the past 50 years. This also marks my 1st visit to the refurbished National Stadium after it opened.

  • 1st Group KTV event @ Voice Art – 29 Aug 2015


It has been a while since I changed location for my singing group events. If not for the bad services & increase in costs, I would prefer to remain it at status quo.

I am glad that most of you enjoyed yesterday’s session. I would like to thank some of the members, who have since became my friends who recommended me this place some time ago and showing their Basupport for me when I organised the event at this place.

I do hope all who attended had fun. I am glad to have received encouraging & positive feedback. I am trying my best to make it better as well.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Updated Post On The Number of Bus Services That I Know For You Guys & Gals To Tap On When The MRT Breaks Down Again

I had a last minute meetup with a friend after work, but little did I expect that the meetup was to be turned into a bus crush at the Royal Plaza At Scotts later as our heavily relied upon MRT breaks down at the North-South Line & East-West lines at the same time. It was fortunate that I had this knowledge to tap on, otherwise I would be home long after the 9pm that I got home.

Below are the services that I know, mostly from Ang Mo Kio, Serangoon, Hougang, Orchard, Clementi. My advice to all of you who relies heavily on the MRT to try to get to your nearest bus stops of your office, home or school and try to remember the key landmarks the bus passes by. Sometimes you will be surprised to see that the bus is faster than MRT. =). The bus services  that I have learnt since my last bus post in 2012 are in bold.

  • SBS Transit Bus Services

7 – Bedok to Clementi

16 - Bukit Merah Int to Bedok

24 - Ang Mo Kio Int to Changi Airport (loop)
25 - Ang Mo Kio Int to Bedok Int

27 – Hougang Central Int to Changi Airport

36 –Changi Airport to Tomlinson Rd (loop)

36A – Changi Airport to Tomlinson Rd

36B – Mandarin Gardens to Mandarin Gardens

53 - Bishan Int to Changi Airport (loop)

54 – Bishan to New Bridge Rd

55 – Bishan to Siglap Rd (loop)

55A – Bishan to Mandarin Gardens

55B – Bishan to Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 ( Blk 443)
70 - Yio Chu Kang Ter to Shenton Way Ter (Day Service)
70M -Yio Chu Kang Ter to Marina Centre (loop) (Nite Service)
72 – Yio Chu Kang to Tampines

72A – Yio Chu Kang to Hougang Central

72B – Yio Chu Kang to ITE College Central

73- Ang Mo Kio Int to Toa Payoh Int (loop)
74 - Hougang Central Int to Buona Vista Ter

74e- Hougang Central to Buona Vista (peak hour service)
76 - Yio Chu Kang Ter to Marine Terrace(loop)

81- Tampines to Serangoon (loop)

88- Pasir Ris to Toa Payoh

100- Serangoon to Ghim Moh Ter

105 – Serangoon to Jurong East
107-Hougang Central Int to Shenton Way Ter (Day Service)

109 – Serangoon to Changi Village Ter
111-Ghim Moh Ter to Marina Centre (loop)

116 – Hougang to Serangoon Central (loop)

123M – Harbourfront to Tiong Bahru MRT (loop)

128 – Yio Chu Kang MRT to Shenton Way –am peak

128 – Shenton Way to Yio Chu Kang MRT –pm peak
132 -Hougang Central Int to Bukit Merah Int
133- Ang Mo Kio Int to Shenton Way

145- Toa Payoh to Buona Vista

147-Hougang Central Int to Clementi Int

156 – Sengkang to Clementi

159 – Sengkang to Toa Payoh

161- Hougang Central to Woodlands

162 – Yio Chu Kang to Shenton Way

162M – Yio Chu Kang to Marina Centre
165 -Hougang Central Int to Clementi Int
261 - Ang Mo Kio Int to Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1 (loop)
315 - Serangoon Int to Serangoon Nth Ave 5 (loop)
317 - Serangoon Int to Berwick Dr (loop)

  • SMRT Services

106 – Bukit Batok to Shenton Way

190 – Choa Chu Kang to New Bridge Rd Ter

851- Yishun Int to Bt Merah Int
852 - Yishun Int to Bukit Batok Int
853 - Yishun Int to Geylang Lor 1 Ter (Weekday Service)
854 - Yishun Int to Bedok Int

855- Yishun Int to Harbourfront

857 – Yishun Int to Suntec City

If you are surprised by the number of services that I know, wait till you ask my brother. He knows even more service than me. =)

Sunday, July 05, 2015

A Good Start to July

I finally found some time to update my blog today after a hectic month in June, which was pretty hectic for me.

  • CPE Audit by SIATP -  The audit was not a surprise to me as it has been three years since I became an Accredited Tax Professional. It was my 1st time being selected for audit. However, the way the administrative details have not been up to mark as I had sent the copies of the attendance certificates for my CPE courses in their self enclosed envelope, but they claimed in an email reply to me that they did not receive my certificates, but they received my cheque payment for the subscription fees, as the receipt that I had requested for had arrived by post. It made me lose sleep that night when I received that rude email as I was worried that where the remaining content of the mail had gone to. My mum was saying that I should send this type of mail by registered post next time. It is until that I called the organisation that they realised their error and apologised for their mistake. I managed to clear the audit.
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award & Long Service Volunteer Award

Group Photo - LSA (1)Group Photo - LSA (2)Lee Bing Fong Paul (LSA 2)Lee Bing Fong Paul (LSA)Lee Bing Fong Paul (outstanding)VES15_188VES15_193VES15_222

I was pleased to have receive the outstanding volunteer award & long service volunteer award (10 years) from IRAS. At the same time, I was happy that all my team members who played a part in the e-filing this year got the award as well. It was nice to have worked with all of you, and I certainly look forward to working with you all next year.

  • Pioneer Generation Ambassador – At the request of my mum and a friend of mine, I was roped in to be a PGA to assist them. I must say the training had been fun.
  • Chloe & Gonnie’s wedding


I am pleased that 2 of my long time KTV friends, Chloe & Gonnie finally got hitched. I was happy for them and glad to be invited to their wedding. May I take the opportunity to wish the couple have a happy & blessed marriage.

  • Certificate In Community Development -  This certificate, which I started in Feb 2014 is on course to see its finish line in Jan 2016. I had enjoyed my courses so far, except for one or two. It has been a fulfilling experience so far.
  • A Thank You Breakfast from The Serangoon CC


This was definitely something that my team and I did not expect. We were invited by the management of the Serangoon CC for an early breakfast today to thank us for our efforts at the volunteer e-filing exercise.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Heavy Responsibilities & A Heavy Heart

.As I am writing this post, I am hoping that the two missing persons from the recent Sabah earthquake can be found, as it will bring a close to what has been a roller coaster of emotions for the past few months that we Singaporeans are facing.

My boss has given me new responsibilities since my previous post in this blog of mine. I am to take charge of the new gal, who she recruited to replace my friend at work. A new lunch slot has been allocated to me. I have to lunch an hour later, so that I can guard her. I am still interested in my job, but this responsibility seems to be of a HR function. Although I cannot doubt my boss’ trust in my capability. I was hinting to mum that I have some thoughts about moving on, but my mum is not in favour of it, for fear that I will not meet by a boss that will be mindful of my physically challenged state.

Another thing that is stopping me is because my manager’s current health condition & the fact that I feel that I am still learning a lot, despite being here for nearly 8 years. My department colleagues are willing to share their knowledge and sometimes we learn together. I think it is something which I do not see in my previous jobs.

Hopefully, things will be better in this half of the year.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hoping for A Smooth May

I was hoping for a smooth month of May as the “choosy about work” colleague had left the company.  I had been asked to take over a small part of her portfolio while the rest was distributed among the rest of the department.

Little did I expect the staff employed to have the same bad working habits as the departed one, as the staff that took over blurted out that she was in contact with her almost everyday. My boss’ and my concern was that this departed staff must have influenced this new gal with her bad working habits. It got so bad that my boss asked me to take charge of her. The problem with this gal was she is quite young, about 20, and does not like to be controlled. Despite telling her to cut out the bad habits, she got worse than her predecessor. 

I had not expected the predecessor to teach her all the bad habits that she had. Because to me, it is always good to depart from a job nicely and peacefully, so that when your new employer asks for references, your ex employer can give a good reference for you.

On a happy note, to free myself from all these unhappy stuffs at work, I have restarted my NACLI course for Certificate in Community Development. I must say I have learnt a lot in the past two weeks during my Partners In Harmony & Effective Meetings Course. At least now, I know that Hari Raya Puasa is not Malay new year. It is a celebration that they are able to overcome difficulties by fasting.

I am also happy to receive 2 emails from IRAS yesterday. I will be receiving 2 awards for my contributions for the IRAS VES exercise this year. One is the outstanding volunteer award,  the other being a long service award for 10 years of service for the exercise. The best part was all of us who were nominated will be getting the awards. It has not happened before. The whole team was nominated and everyone got it.


List of winners


Top 3 CC – The Serangoon CC 

Long Service Awards

  • Paul – 10 years
  • Haris – 10 years
  • Jason – 5 years

Outstanding Volunteer Awards

  • Paul
  • Haris
  • Chun Feng
  • Jasmine
  • Meiqi
  • Jianyi

Commendation Award

  • Juliet
  • Jessie
  • Grace
  • Jason

I would like to congratulate of you for getting the awards. You deserved it as your contributions & efforts helped to make VES at the Serangoon a success !!!



Sunday, April 19, 2015

Busy Mar & Apr

March & April are usually the busy months for me as a tax professional serving in a chartered accountant firm as it is usually the busy tax filing period for me at my work.

It did not help that my manager had been on long leave to rest for her illness and I had to cover her duties at work. Not that I am complaining to get any increase in pay from my bosses, but I think it is very common that when your colleague is not around, the rest have to chip in to help. It is sad to see that someone in my office complaining about having too much work and shouted at my boss for that. I think that was the last straw from my boss, who accepted this person’s resignation and asked her to go without completing her notice period.

Luckily, to keep myself sane from all the antics and politics at work, I was fortunate to have done these activities.

Baby Jack’s 1st Birthday Celebration – 28 Feb 2015

My long time KTV group friend, Raymond’s son had celebrated his son’s birthday and invited some friends over for a simple buffet lunch. It was nice to have caught up with friends, especially some of them for whom we have not met in a while.

CNY Gathering at My House – 1 Mar 2015

A yearly event where I would invite friends to my house. Although most of my KTV friends were not able to make it, my IRAS volunteer friends’ presence were appreciated as well.


Ann’s birthday celebration – 20 Mar 2015

Would like to thank Ann for inviting us to her birthday dinner. We certainly hope that she liked her requested birthday gift from us and put the gift to good use.

IRAS Volunteer E-Filing -  21 Mar – 18 Apr (Weekends only)

A yearly affair which I always will help the residents to e-file their taxes. I was glad that I was able to have my own team of volunteers, as there was a huge reduction in the number of VES Centres. I was glad that the chaotic scenes that happened at other Centres did not happen The Serangoon CC, although those residents referred from other Centres, some were really unhappy and were shouting at us. We were to clear those referrals within 10 minutes when they reached. On the busiest day of the centre, we really had no chance of a toliet break. By the time we ended, we were surprised that we had served 189 taxpayers in 5 hours.


Paul would like to express his thanks to the following people for making VES 2015 at The Serangoon a huge success!!!

  1. Our liaison officer, Juncai. Thanks for listening to our feedback and bringing it up to your bosses. Also thanks for contributing your laptop & printer for the VES.
  2. Fellow volunteers:-
    1. Jason  – for the test run of the system, and contributing your laptops & printers for the VES. It is not easy to transport 2 laptops & 2 printers from your house to the centre by walking
    2. Meiqi – for designing our name tags, and suggesting for us to put counter numbers to allow taxpayers to identify us easily
    3. Jasmine, Grace, Jianyi, Jessie, Chun Feng, Juliet & Haris – for being part of the team to help the taxpayers to e-file their taxes
    4. Angela, Linda & Gordon – Thanks for your for being part of the team to help the taxpayers to e-file their taxes on 18th April at the special session

Demise of Founding PM, Lee Kuan Yew – 23 Mar 2015

I felt sad that it happened as I feel that even though some of his policies may not have resonate well with me, but the amount of contribution that he has made to Singapore to where we are today.

I paid a visit to Istana on the day of his demise with 2 of my friends. For the rest of the week, I wore sombre colours as a mark of respect for him.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Year Of The Goat 2015

It has been a while since I last blogged, as I have been occupied with my work in office. Before I start, I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy lunar new year. Hopefully, everything you touch, will turn into gold. Hahaha.

Besides being busy with work, it is usually the period that I would start registering to be a volunteer at the upcoming volunteer e-filing exercise, that will happen on 21 March 2015 this year and will end on 12 April 2015. My mum & my IRAS volunteer friends have encouraged me to continue in this activity, which I have been on for the past 10 years. I am glad to say that I have acceded to their request and I will be leading a team of volunteers at The Serangoon CC again this year. 

I would like to thank my team mates & liaison officer  for showing the faith in me to lead the team. I was quite surprised that I managed to form the team within a day, will and way before the official registration was out. I would like to welcome 3 new team members to my team as well. I will not be revealing the names here, as there is a volunteer, who is jealous of the minimal effort that I made to form up my team, saying that my team was made up of a majority of senior volunteers.

Just to set the record straight, I had only made a phone call to each volunteer who have joined me in the last year's session, and asked them to indicate if they wanted to continue this year. I was rather surprised that most of the regular volunteers of the team indicated that they wished to continue. In fact, 1 of them, pulled her friend to join us, while the other, was pulled in by liaison officer, as the centre, she used to volunteer at, was no longer in the list. I was quite surprised that this person decided to join us, as the distance from her place to the centre was rather far. I also did not expect this person, to pull in another two volunteers to join the team. The final member of the team that completed the team was a returning volunteer, who volunteered in the past.

I have always believed that if you have treated people with respect, the other party will treat you with respect. I have always been willing to share my knowledge about what I know, instead of bragging about my experience. As I feel that, even with my work experience in an accounting firm as tax senior, there will be some areas which I am not aware as I have not come across at work. 

I hope that this year's exercise will be smooth flowing, given that the number of centres have been drastically reduced. I hope that the plans that I have put in place with the liaison officer, is sufficient to cater to the expected crowd. 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Whirlwind Month With Full Of Shocks & Surprises

Hello, to all the readers of my blog, sorry to have kept you all waiting for my 1st blog post for 2015.

It has been a whirlwind January for me. I have been pretty busy the last month due to the issues that is happening in my office and I am expected to be busy this month as well after something unexpected happened at work last Friday.

This incident made me realise that you should treasure your life, every minute of it, be happy, be positive and try to banish negative thoughts and negative people around you and do what you enjoy doing.

Just hope that the dark clouds hovering over my office matters will be over, and all of us face it with positive mindset.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

My Year 2014 In Review

Frequent readers of my blog would know that I would usually do a review to usher in the new year.

The year had been fraught with air disasters. The disappearance of MH370, bombing of MH17 & the crash of QZ8501 were partly the reason that made me not wanting to fly for holiday. The other reason was my work, which I will elaborate later.


It has been a busy year for me at work, due to changes to the PIC Scheme. Some clients have chosen to take advantage of the generous PIC Cash Payout that our government has put in place, but end up doing the form themselves wrongly, thus we are spending more time than usually budgeted to correct the errors.

We are already so busy that we had no time to play office politics, but I am surprised why some people choose the time when we are busy to sow discord among colleagues, try to make boss angry or unhappy by giving issues at work. Everyone in the working world should know that you should do whatever job that your boss has assigned.

The atomsphere at work was pretty bad this year. I hope it will be better in this year as one of the key factors to the disharmony has been removed. I shall not go into details as to what happened as we have been placed on gag order not to disclose anything. Personally, I do not wish to say anything further, otherwise there would be people who would misinterpret and I would get the brickbats again.

IRAS Volunteer & Grassroots Work

This year marked my 10th year volunteering for this exercise. I decided to take it upon myself to set up a tax queries team among the volunteers to get fellow volunteers in the tax industry to help the others as I felt that the IRAS helpline was a little difficult to get through, and they had to serve 22 centres of volunteers. I also took it upon myself to conduct additional training session for volunteers who are keen to learn more. It was certainly good to see returning volunteers continuing in the exercise. The high take up rate resulted in the exercise being closed for registration in 4 days after it was opened.





Grassroots work took me to a new arena, as I decided to take up the Certificate in Community Development. I thought it will be good for me so that it will be able to help me more in my community work.


I am also glad to share that I have been appointed as treasurer of my RC again for a 2-year term starting today.


I just have this to say about the friendships that I have in the last year. You win some, you lose some. When you are in need, those who stick with you are those who have faith in you and will walk the path with you.  I am glad to say I have quite a number who have been standing by me when I am in need.


A year where my brother graduated from the university and stepped into the workforce. Although his first job did not turn out well, I certainly hope it will be better when he starts his new job on coming Monday.


I always get asked this question since I was 25. Last year drew a blank again. I have been asked by friends and family to try to get myself attached. After a nasty experience of giving out my number to a possessive gal last year, after just chatting with her for 15 minutes, I prefer to take my time to know the other person better before plunging into a relationship. I would like to thank my friends for their efforts to pair me up with close friends.


I had the opportunity to attend the NDP at the Float last year. Although it was only the Preview, it was indeed a fun experience catching the NDP live. I would like to thank my friends, Angela, Meiqi & my brother for accompanying me to attend the NDP with me.



I hereby wish everyone have a fruitful year ahead. May the year be filled with good tidings ahead. =)