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Birthday Celebration For Little Charmaine

I was invited by my long time bus captain friend, Ricky & his nurse wife, Eileen, to their daughter’s 6th birthday celebration today.Although I have been instructed by Ricky not to get her any present, I felt bad, so I got her something that she might like, a toy cake decoration set from Istean Scotts, since I remembered that she likes to cook. Fortunately, I made the right choice as her mum commented on Facebook that she likes the present very much.The dinner was held at MacDonald’s @ Woodlands Point. I decided to take a cab there as I was a little worried of the notorious traffic situation at the Causeway. I am glad that I made the right decision as I got there just in time as the party was about to start.I hope that little Charmaine enjoys her birthday celebration and may I take the opportunity to wish her once again, a Happy birthday in advance. =)

The Shiok Feeling of Getting Back At Someone

I have been working in my current company for almost 4.5 years already. There is this colleague who is sitting beside me, from the accounting division, who likes to eavesdrop to our working or personal conversations of my department & admin department, and carry tales back to her own department or the audit department. This is the cause of my strained working relationships with some of my audit department as she overheard my feedback to my bosses & manager that some of them are not co-operative enough to assist in getting the accounting /  tax schedules for us when they are at the client’s place for audit. This also explains why my bosses are holding back to hire more staff to assist us as they are afraid that the audit division will pass over the preparation of  accounting / tax schedules to us if the schedules are not done by the client. My boss is aware of this and have gave me specific instructions on how to deal with this “superspy colleague” and the lack of tax schedules…

Upgrade To Fibre Optics Broadband

I was asked by my IRAS volunteer friend, Wendy to join her for a movie, Brave, on the last day of the Hari Raya long weekend and at the same time, help her select a new handphone as she had been complaining that her mum’s handphone & her handphone was heading to the trash.She had just been confirmed by the No. 1 teleco company in Singapore, and had wanted to port over her phone no from the sunny teleco company as there is a staff benefit to sign up a line with her employer. I also taught her to bundle up her handphone plan with her Internet & home phone line to save more money. This lady really do not know how to calculate the savings & kept asking me questions even as she has signed up the plan. The worst part was that she was late for our appointment. Lucky, I did not spend my time idling around as I recontracted my Internet plan and upgraded to the fibre optics broadband plan, after knowing that the connection has stablised and its more value for money. I am really look…

A Harrowing Experience on A Online Dating Site

Recently, I had known this gal from an online dating site called OK Cupid, which I had joined in the view of widening my social circle, and maybe I may just get to know my Ms Right. But this recent experience really was an eye opener for me in terms of knowing people on social networking & online dating site.This gal had exchanged messages with me and stated that she would like to know me as friends. At first, everything seemed fine as we chatted happily. Then, during one instance, she actually requested for my handphone number as she felt that it was a little troublesome, having to reply and send messages to me through the website & waiting for my reply. Thinking nothing of it, I gave her my handphone number & email for her to add me on Facebook. I did not expect this to become my nightmare.This gal started to message me everyday at several certain timings, like just before I leave for work, at 10am, my lunch, before I end my work, after my dinner & before I hit the s…

JC Classmate cum KTV Group Mate Wedding Lunch

I was looking forward to this wedding lunch since I got the wedding invite in July. My JC classmate cum KTV Group khaki, David had finally managed to hold his wedding banquet here in Singapore after registering his marriage for quite a while.Jonathan, Jas, Lance, Andrina & myself were invited to his wedding. It was very interesting to see Mediacorp celebrities, the hosts of Good Morning Singapore, Qiqi & Youyi at his wedding at Furama City Hotel.I was particularly wowed by the 2nd march in, where the couple actually sang a duet, 恋爱频率 by  (許慧欣 许志安) to announce their arrival. It was like a mass ktv session as the music video was played on screen to allow the invited guests to participate in their wedding. The groom’s father was brimming with joy that he decided to lead us with his singing into the couple’s yam seng. The hosts were equally spontaneous, as during the third cheer of yam seng, he actually requested David to lead us, as he said 早生贵子could only be done by the couple.I …

National Day Block Party on 9 Aug

I was asked to help out in this RC event, but I did not expect this to be my fourth event that I would be hosting, and my second time hosting without a script. In fact, I was a bit angry before this, as the organiser for the event had included me in the event group chat, asking for all volunteers in the chat, to help out, but in the end, the chat was like a talk cock session, which I felt nothing came out of it, so I removed myself from the group chat and fired at the event organiser to tell him to stop wasting my time, and just tell me what I needed to do on the day of the event as I cannot be answering my phone whatsapp messages while I am at work.I was quite surprised when David Chin, the vice chairman of the RC, and one of hosts of the event, asked me to co-host the event with him and David Chan. Fortunately, the script and the quiz questions were ready and I had hosted this event last year, so I did not have stage fright this round.

Advance Birthday Celebration for Kerlyn

This birthday celebration dinner was planned about three weeks ago as Wendy & I knew that this young lass, also known as our hot date gal was a busy person. The date was finally settled at after the birthday gal’s exams, which was after the National Day.The birthday gal had asked me to select the venue for her birthday dinner. She had given me a free hand to choose, except that she did not wish to have chicken rice for dinner. In the end, my choice for her was Sakae Sushi at Wheelock Place since someone in the group did not wish to have western food and Swensens for a change.Wendy and I decided to get a birthday cake for the birthday gal. We knew that we had to keep it as a surprise as we knew that Kerlyn would scream at us if she had knew that we had spent so much for her. As I was not too sure, what type of cakes does Kerlyn likes, so I just chose the tiramisu cake from TCC. It was rather surprising that the TCC International Building branch does not do walk in orders. In the en…