Saturday, May 30, 2009

Test Results of KTV Venue

I am asked by my co-organiser, Jonathan for my group not to put the findings report of Partyworld Liang Court onthe group’s Facebook page first as we need to do some comparision to the Partyworld International Building (the group usual branch for the events). However, I have decided to let my blog readers have a sneak peek to my report.

We had our lunch at a restaurant called Streets at Liang Court, as there was not much of a choice for food at Liang Court.I guess we made a good choice as the food tasted good and it was quite affordable pricing too.

I am very impressed by the layout, the sound system and the props in the room. But there will be a  problem if there is to be holding a few mid sized rooms together at one whole stretch, therefore this is where the problem of cost and collection of money is a issue which I hope can be resolved for the enjoyment of my group members.

Maybe you guys can give me suggestions on how to solve this?

Should I Pick Up Japanese?

This was the first Japanese song I have learnt when I caught the first Japanese drama, 101 Proposals in 1990. That time, this was a popular song.

Yesterday, my manager suggested to me that I should try and pick up Japanese and my firm has got a few new Japanese tax clients, therefore it would be useful to know the language. Currently, my young partner has roped in his Japanese speaking friend to help to translate and communicate with him.

I feel that learning Japanese should be interesting, since there are Chinese characters in the language as well. I am also practising my religion as a Japanese Buddhist.

Should Paul take the plunge?



Great friends are always hard to come by. I just wonder why some people have treated friendships so lightly, like throwing away a bag of rubbish. It is really hard to decipher what a person, be it a guy or gal is thinking sometimes.

Maybe I should just let go & be free sometimes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tester Tester for KTV

I am looking for people to test out the new location for my next facebook group gathering at Partyworld Liang Court on 13 Jun. I wish to try out the systems and the size of the room to ensure that the attendees will have a maximum level of enjoyment.

I hope to find another 2 people, since my partner, Jonathan will be joining me in this test. The test is slated to be on Sat afternoon.

Hopefully my fears are unfounded. I certainly do not want the bad exprience I had at Top One KTV again.

If anyone of you have been there before, please let me have your comments about the place- Partyworld @ Liang Court.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Walking Bus Guide


Recently, I had been given the nickname “Walking Bus Guide” by some of my colleagues as I have been asked by them about how to get to  certain places by buses.

Most of you should know the reasons behind about why I am taking buses and not the MRT as people are more than willing to give up their seats to me when I board the buses, or the bus captain will ask a commuter to give up their seats. Some commuters will give me that look when asked by the bus captain. I was surprised when I boarded a Service 27 today and saw a PCK poster, asking people to give up the seats to the needy.

The poster reads “Sleeping, Dun pretend, please give up your seats to the passengers who need it more.”  I feel that it is funny though. Let’s hope the campagin will encourage people to give up their seats to the needy.


Bus Services That I Know By Routes As Of Today


7 Bedok to Clementi
16 Bukit Merah to Bedok
22 Ang Mo Kio to Tampines
24 Ang Mo Kio to Changi Airport
25 Ang Mo Kio to Bedok
26 Toa Payoh to Bedok
27 Hougang to Changi Airport
54 Bishan to New Bridge Rd
55 Bishan to Marine Parade (loop)
70 Yio Chu Kang to Shenton Way
70M Yio Chu Kang to Suntec City(loop)
72 Yio Chu Kang to Tampines
73 Ang Mo Kio to Toa Payoh
74 Hougang to Buona Vista
74e Hougang to Buona Vista
76 Yio Chu Kang to Marine Parade(loop)
81 Serangoon to Tampines
82 Serangoon to Punggol Rd End (loop)
88 Toa Payoh to Pasir Ris
100 Serangoon to Ghim Moh
105 Serangoon to Jurong East
106 Bukit Batok to Marina Centre
107 Hougang to Shenton Way
111 Ghim Moh to Marina Centre
128 Yio Chu Kang to Shenton Way
132 Hougang to Bukit Merah
133 Ang Mo Kio to Suntec City (loop)
147 Hougang to Clementi
153 Hougang to Bukit Merah
165 Hougang to Clementi
196 Bedok to Clementi
261 Ang Mo Kio to Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 1
272 Bt Merah to Telok Blangah Rise
315 Serangoon to Serangoon North Ave 4(loop)
317 Serangoon to Serangoon Garden Way (loop)
851 Yishun to Bukit Merah
852 Yishun to Bt Batok
853 Yishun to Geylang Lor 1
854 Yishun to Bedok
857 Yishun to Suntec City (loop)

Sending Off My Brother To Airport

My brother started his first of the two holiday trips that he planned with his church friends today. Mum was a little worried as this was his 1st trip overseas with his friends. Let’s hope he would enjoy his Taiwan trip, which will last for 8 days!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nominated For Outstanding Volunteer Award Again

I wanted to blog about some other things but I just saw this email from Ms Rena Soon from IRAS in my mailbox and felt that I should share with my readers here.

Dear Paul,
Congratulations on being awarded the 2009 e-Filing Volunteer - Outstanding Award!
You were nominated by your Volunteering  Centre for this award in recognition of your commitment, service and leadership qualities, and good understanding of e-Filing system.

We would like to invite you to the IRAS e-Filing Service @ the Community Appreciation Ceremony to receive the certificate from Our Commissioner, Mr Moses Lee.  You can also invite two guests to attend the ceremony with you to share in your achievement!
At the same time, please advise on your name to be printed on the certificate and confirm your attendance preferably before 1 June 2009 (Mon).

Thank you.
Rena SOON Yang Lin
Assistant Corporate Communications Officer | Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

This will be my 4th year in succession receiving the award. I guess the people whom I have served are pleased with my service and explaination. I really have to thank the people who played a part in my nomination for the award.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Work Work Work

I had a busy week at work this week. A surprise greeted me on Monday as I had a new secretarial dept colleague. I certainly didn’t expect another departure, especially since the colleague seems to be quite happy working here. Sometimes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. The excuse trumped up by my another colleague, who was staying with her, was that she was on long leave. A smart person will not buy that excuse.

Another accounting dept colleague, who joined us about a month ago, had been on MC for about 3 weeks since joining the company. She, too have not been at work, since Monday, when her MC is supposed to end.

My week was perked up by this quiz from my friend, Kay.

Imagine that you were going home from work one day, what dinner would you see on the dinner table?

  1. 咕佬肉+油饭
  2. 曼头+香肠
  3. 炒饭+蛋
  4. 羊排+署条

I chose 3, which meant that in my life, I will only have a one & only love.

The rest of the answers will be shared when requested.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Facebook Quiz Time

I have created 2 facebook quizzes for my new friends at facebook to try out. It is a quiz about how well u know me? I am surprised by some of the score though, because they make intelligent guess.

You are welcome to try it too.

Happy Birthday To Kaka

n754657334_1959453_1716626  n754657334_1959533_5670657



Tomorrow is one of my godsister’s birthday. Would like to wish Rebecca, aka Kaka a happy 28th birthday.

Wish her all the best in her studies!!!

Stay healthy, youthful & pretty always.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Dinner for Kaka


I had the chance to celebrate the birthday for Kaka, my godsister, whose birthday is on this coming Tuesday. It has been about a year since I met up with my sisters, Kaka, Wendy, Elaine. Ter and Stella joined us for the celebration at Royal Plaza At Scotts Carousel Restaurant.

It was an enjoyable session to catch up with them what has been happening among us for the past year.

I hope they do enjoy the international buffet spread that was on the menu last night.

I am still waiting for the photos to be uploaded by Wendy, so that I shall share with you guys later when I receive it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Editor’s Note: The names of the people involved in the scenario has been withheld to protect the identities of the parties involved. A similar case may have happened to anyone of you that is reading this post, therefore please don’t let your imagination run wild.

I had received an angry call from a friend as I was on my way to meet my another group of friends for dinner just now. She was telling me that one of our common friends had been spreading her secrets to the rest of the group. She asked me if I heard of nasty things about her from this particular friend.

I was pretty surprised that the friend who called me was really seething with anger as this was the 1st time I have heard her shouting over the phone since I knew her some time back, but I am not surprised that the common friend had been spreading secrets of people. In fact, I have hinted this person before to think before she says anything, but it seems like it has fallen to deaf ears. I have been keeping quiet as I felt that it is someone’s little secrets, which can be dark and harmful, which he or she is trying to let go. I just treat it as a piece of gossip and threw it out after hearing it.

Friendship can be so fragile that it can be broken if one person’s secrets is not kept in a safe mouth. I feel sad that a friendship is gone just like that.

Influence of Thoughts



I was given a task by my boss on the day before I went on leave to get the latest Editions of the Singapore Master Tax Guide and Singapore Tax Workbook. These two books are very important to us now, as there were many tax changes put forward in Budget 2009. It is good to keep ourselves updated of these changes to help our clients, saving tax in the legal way.

However, 2 of my colleagues, one of them, who has served her notice of resignation, said that I was too nosey for my own good. She said that my boss will defintely find her ways to get the books at a cheap price.

It is a common thing nowadays that everyone is trying to keep some money by their side, for rainy day purposes. My current boss is someone who knows when there is a need to spend on something needed, she would spent it. I know that both  of my bosses have health problems, therefore, I decided to help them to hunt for the books.

After running around a few stores, I was not able to get hold of the books, therefore I downloaded the order  form from CCH website. CCH is the publisher for the two books and filled them up for my boss’ approval. To everyone’s surprise, my boss just ask me to sign off the order form and fax the order to the publisher. The company will bear the cost of the order. The order could be more expensive, but my boss recognised the need for the books.

I am a little disappointed with my colleagues. Although I am not in a position to say that the firm has not been kind to us in one way or another, or the management did not cover up when we made mistakes in our work, one should still strive hard. I always believe the good and hardworking people will be rewarded somehow.

We should not influence our peers to think what we are thinking. It is a unhealthy trend that can break the spirit of the working team. Teamwork is always important for success.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bro’s Graduation Ceremony


My parents and I had specially taken leave to attend my brother’s graduation ceremony today at Ngee Ann Polytechnic today. My brother has graduated with a Diploma in ECE, with a Diploma Plus in Advanced Engineering Maths. As his brother, I am happy for him

It has been a while since I headed back to my alma mater, since Kaka’s performance at LT26 about a year plus ago. Canteen 1, the default canteen for me during my course of study at Accountancy is no longer there. It is now a student corner. There is a new canteen, called the makan place at Blk 52. Time flies and things changes quickly.

Photos will be up later as my brother is holding to my camera.

Money The Root Of All Evil


I guess everyone faced financial problems before. Some is self-inflicted as people may not have proper financial planning. Some people chose to indulge in various vices, like womanizing & gambling.

Recently, one of my relatives, who is very young, picked up one of these vices, and had went to borrow from illegal moneylenders a huge sum of money. It really broke my aunt’s heart, as she is now trying her best to help her son clear the debts again. Apparently all of us, including me, have helped him once to try to help him clear his bottomless pit, but apparently, he went to borrow again.

I told him that I was not going to help him again, when he borrowed from me the 1st time. I was telling my family that maybe my aunt should consider some drastic action to be taken so to make him learn from his mistakes.

I am still shocked and stunned by the whole epsiode.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Relaxing Vesak Day

I had a busy week at work this week, as my department prepares for the pending departure of one of our colleagues in mid July. The management has said that they will employ a new person to take over, but it is not sure when the new person will come in. In times like these, it is good to have a job.


I met up with Jonathan and a new friend of ours at Clarke Quay MRT station in the afternoon and headed down to Liang Court from Central Shopping Mall. It is until today that I know there is a free shuttle service from Central Shopping Mall bus stop to Liang Court that operates on weekends as well. This is a piece of good news for me as my facebook singing group’s next ktv session is slated to be at there.

We had our lunch at BOTEJYU Okonomiyaki.The food was okay, just that the Japanese Curry was a tad too salty and the variety of food was rather limited. After that, we decided to check out the new Partyworld branch there, but we were disappointed as the branch was fully booked till 6pm. It seems like this branch is very popular. From the outlook, the outlet seems small, but the facilities are pretty good. I will try to rackey the place before the actual day, to ensure that my group gets the maximum enjoyment.

We decided to satisfy our singing crave by going to The Oriential Theatre Partyworld at Chinatown. I was rather surprised by the relatively low price we had to pay for 4 hours of singing at this town area branch, despite it being a public holiday today. There were many empty rooms from what we can see.

I had the chance to try out some songs that I haven’t sung before, like

I did not know that Nicky is a Korean guy until Jonathan told me today. This explains the Korean dialogue that he spoke at the MTV.



My friends sang these few songs.





It was an enjoyable session that made me forget my stress!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Andy & Stephanie’s Wedding

Wedding March - Stephen Cleobury

the wedding Song - Kenny G


I was invited to my friends’, Mr. Andy Chia & Ms Stephanie Ang wedding at Peony Jade Restaurant at Clarke Quay last night. I have been looking forward to this wedding dinner, as I felt happy for the couple and I am pleased to be invited to share their joy with them, even though I had known them for only about 1 year plus.

It was also a chance for me to catch up with my long-time blogger friend, Darling & her hubby as it has been quite a while since I saw them. It is always nice to catch up with old friends, and more so in this joyous occassion.

We were a little upset about the attitude of some of the wedding guests at our table, that marred the joyous occassion with their behaviour. With due respect given to Mr & Mrs Chia, I shall not elaborate here as it will defintely upset the couple. I always believe that respect needs to be earned. If you want people to respect you, you have to be senstitive about people’s feelings and respect the person as well.

This incident has made me realise that planning for a wedding is not easy and there are always unforeseen circumstances that needs to be solved on the spot. I wonder if I can be that cool if the situation that happened to my friends last night will happen when my time comes.

Marriage can be a fearful word if it is not carefully planned.

Nonetheless, I hereby wish Mr & Mrs Chia have a happy & blissful marriage!!!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Family Day At Punggol Point

My dad suggested that we would be going to Punggol Road End for our family day today. It has been a while since my family has been out together.

Punggol Point is located in Punggol, in northeastern Singapore.It is reached from Upper Serangoon Road which begins in the Potong Pasir area by Punggol Road to a dead end. This is the area is known as Punggol Point. Punggol Point was surrounded by seafood restaurants in the 80s and the 90s which were very popular back then. The area is undeveloped now to the east. Punggol Point is relatively isolated from the rest of Singapore. The closest LRT station here is the Punggol Point LRT Station of the Punggol LRT Line which is not currently in operation. SBS Transit Service 82 is available from Serangoon Bus Interchange. This service used to operate between the former Punggol Bus Terminal (which was on the end of Punggol Point) and Shenton Way Bus Terminal. When Punggol Bus Interchange and the North East Line opened this service was changed into a loop service from Serangoon Interchange looping at a bus stop (Punggol Road End) due to NEL rationalisation. Samudera LRT Station which is not operational is at the end of Punggol 17th Avenue

We had a good time, even though it was short as we enjoyed the breeze. Dad was sharing with us about his fun times that he had when he was young at Punggol Point during the short visit.

Although the visit was short, it was a great family bonding trip. I had the chance to learn the rerouted Service 82 as well, as I never had the chance to board on the Service since it was rerouted.


It has been a while since I last blogged. My mood have been affected by my work recently. The fortunate thing was that there was singing, JJ...