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Who Is More Loud & Rude?

I was quite stunned when LB came to my desk today and said to me someone told her that I was distracting them from working as I was talking too loudly with my clients. Is she trying to mean I am too rude to my clients?

I suppose it must be the b*** who have done the stab again. Well, it can't be helped. I guess someone is jealous that I am well-liked by my clients. So she is out to put me in the bad light of LB's books again. Anyway, will be talking like a whisperer in office now. I can't let u guys know too much of my secrets or trade secrets.

If you are saying that I am rude to clients, please look at yourself before saying other people. I have clients telling me that you laughed at them, because they didn't complete or fail ACCA. Don't think that u passed ACCA so fast because u r good. You are there because I dare say, you have tips from your husband, who is an ACCA lecturer.

You are just making people more pissed off with you. Look around you, how many of us are …

Dad's Op @ SGH

As mentioned in my previous entry, my dad was asked to check in the hospital to operate on his dislocated finger. This time, my mum asked my brother to accompany my dad to the hospital as he is currently on school holiday now.

Heard from my brother that although the appointment was at 8am, my dad was only operated on at 3.30pm. I wonder was there so many emergency cases to attend to at SGH today? My brother had to push back his dental appointment to tomorrow. The 1.5 hrs surgery was finally done at 5pm. My dad is asked to stay for tonight at the hospital for an observation and should be discharged tomorrow. Mum has ordered my brother to pick my dad up from the hospital.

Finally have to thank these people for their care & concern after seeing my blog entry or my sms.

HuiyuJasonElaineWendyErikoRebeccaRichardI appreciate your support & concern.

Dad going for Operation Tomorrow

My dad will be going for a minor operation for his factured finger tomorrow. He had suffered the injury while at work last Wednesday.

From what I knew from him, the doc has said that from the X-ray, his finger bone is out of position. That is the reason why the operation is required.

I am worried.

I just hope that the operation is ok.

***Prays hard****

My friend's Baby Shower

As written previously, my net friend, Alexandra invited me to her baby named Avarielle's baby shower today.
The timing she gave was quite flexible as I think she wanted to get as many of her friends and relatives to join in the happy occasion. She was saying that some of her friends were Chirstians and needed to attend church service, while some others needed to run the Army Marathon today.Took a cab to the HDB block at Bukit Panjang, Segar Road. I think I made the right decision as if I were to alight from the Segar LRT Station, I had to walk about 700 metres before I could see the block. I nearly went to the wrong function as I saw a similar function being held a few blocks away and the taxi driver actually dropped me at that block. Fortunately, I called Alex up and asked her where was the exact location of her function, so I didn't go to wrong one.It was fun seeing the adorable baby again and the husband & wife. Besides enjoying the spread, I spent time talking to Alex …

Jason's & Caifeng's Birthday Gathering @ Mushroom Pot

I didn't go to work yesterday in the end, as I wanted to relax myself for this birthday gathering.

All the invited guests, Richard, Rebecca, Huiyu, Stella & myself were there at the birthday bash. However it was sad to say that one of the co-host, Caifeng could not make it, due to the demise of her grandma on Tuesday, but she told Jason that she will be sharing the cost with him as it has been a while since she last gave us a treat. I felt quite bad about it though.

We had the 6 person set dinner, which was very filling for all of us. I am sure everyone of us had a good time munching the food & catching up with each other. Little did we know that we were to go hungry again at our after dinner activity, the singing session @ The One, at the birthday boy's suggestion. I looked at Richard, because since I introduced this group of friends to him, our usual activity had been singing, and it usually ended till quite late. I wonder what his parents have said about this.

At the …

Problematic ACCA payment Site

I was trying to make payment for my exam fees using my UOB card, but it failed to go through 4 times. It just hang there when I clicked on the " Authorise payment" option. It was then when I used my POSB Debit Card to make the payment, it was okay.

Heard from Richard that he encountered the same problem when he registered at the last sitting as well, & the bank actually dedited the failed payments to his account. He had to wait for quite some time before the funds were released.

I wonder what is wrong with the site?

Anyway, I have just sent an email to ACCA and printed out the e-mail to be faxed to UOB Card Centre for them to see to the stop payment option.

Stupid website!!!!

Visit To Close Friend's Grandma's Wake

As mentioned in my previous entry, I had received news that my close friend's grandma demise on Wednesday. As I have knew her & her family members for quite a while, I felt that I should go & convey my deepest condolences to her family members.

Therefore, I ended on time at work yesterday and went to the wake. I was surprised that her extended family was small. I told her not to be too upset about the loss of her grandma as everyone has to go through the cycle. I could sense that she was upset about the loss, & brooding over the thought of finding a good job soon.

I managed to see her future husband as well. It had been about half a year since I last saw him and the couple has told me of their plans to register their marriage in the third quarter of the year. They have managed to put all the necessary items in place.

As my friend went through the rites, I spent time catching up with her husband. To think that we chatted for 3 hours was not a joke.

My friend's parents…

Week full of Work & Surprises

This week was a week full of work & surprises. I have been reaching home at close to 8pm or 8.30pm.due to the high volume of work, which has been piling up due to my slow PC previously. It looks like I have to be back in office this Sat, despite it been my off day to clear some of the 40 odd tax computations & filing work.

A week full of surprises as well. Here they are:-
Krys sms me on Sunday, asking me how my mum was. She said she was reading my blog & knew that my mum was coughing badly. It has been a while since we last chatted or sms. After a while, she saw me online and we started chatting and catching up about what was happening to all of us.Results Day- I was expecting not to clear 2 of the papers but I cleared 2 and was surprised. However the happiness was marred by the fact that I flunked 2.4 again.One of my close friends lost her grandma yesterday. I was quite stunned when I saw her sms. Let's hope she can get over the loss soon.My friend, Alex has invited me …

My Results

Your examination results for the June 2006 session issued on 21-AUG-06 are
Paper Details: 2.4 Fin. Man. Con.
Result: Fail
Mark: 44
Paper Details: 2.6SGP Aud. Int. Rev.
Result: Pass
Mark: 50
Paper Details: 3.2SGP Adv. Tax.
Result: Pass
Mark: 51

I was happy that I cleared 2 out of the 3 papers that I have taken, but sad to say I failed that stupid paper again. But to me, it is a good try.


Slideshow @ End Footer

After seeing Rebecca's blog & Richard's blog as they put up their slideshow of pics, I decided to put one as well. But I only can put mine at the end footer.

Looks like may have to enlist Mr Foon's help to do some minor adjustments for me. Otherwise will leave it at that.

Working & Visit Old Folks Saturday

I was up early today for a Saturday morning as I had to go back to office to clear the mountain of work assigned by my partner. I guessed I made the right decision to stop my ACCA course for the time being as the work is still A MOUNTAIN even after I spent close to 3 hours there.

I was feeling fustrated by a Malay bus driver of SMRT bus service 61 though. I boarded this bus to get to my office as I gave up waiting for SBS Transit Service 107. Seems like my view about SBS bus drivers are more acceptable to comments and suggestions seems to be true. Please read this.

The Ez-Link machine was out of service as the driver claimed. He told us to pay by cash or look for another bus to board. Fortunately, ever since the ez-link system started, I always made it a point to bring coins with me as computer systems are prone to bugs. It has happened to me a few times before. After paying the fare, I suggested to him to restart the system by turning off and on the system again. I have my reasons for …

A New Interest in Dancing?

Eriko introduced me a dance that sounded so interesting that made me want to take it up and learn it. I think the dance is called Bichata.

From her description, the dance moves seems to be quite simple and I think I should be able to handle it despite my physical shortcomings.

A new activity to destress from my working life?

Office PC needs to be changed

The PC technician that my boss sent to look at my down & out PC at my office today. Just as expected, the PC problems were those that I expected.

The Cmos battery has gone flat.The hard disk has bad sectors, causing me not able to send my print jobs to the printerThe ports & network connection are faulty.His suggestion was to change a new PC. I wonder what's his quotation for my boss to consider. Let's hope its a new PC & not an old one.

Mum's CT Scan Results

I was on leave today to accompany mum for her collection of her CT scan result. The result was a postive one, even though it showed that my mum had 4 infections. As a result, it made her sore throat persistent.

I was relieved that it was not the scary C word. I knew that Richard, Jason, Rebecca & Eriko were anxious to know what happened after they heard that she went for the scan.

Just wish to thank them for their sms messages after I told them the results. I knew that they were happy for me and my mum. Of course, I didn't forget the rest of you who asked about my mum. I am very thankful for your support.

Thank you for your caring support!!!

News Features

Saw these two articles that caught my attention as I was chasing my daily feeds today.

Cheapest PC in Town
I was not surprised to see this article as I heard from my mum that self- assembled PC really cost $399 today. Maybe it will be a good idea to give the article to my boss who has refused to change my PC.

I was telling Jason & my mum that I will be stopping my ACCA for this term & resume in 2007 as my work was piling up and my slow PC was giving me problems. I am going back this two coming Saturdays to try to clear as much as I can. The summon cases are already streaming in.

Legalisation of Womb Rental
I just feel that womb rental is a delicate issue. I feel that the good point is that
Help those people who are unable to conceive, have their own child.There are many bad points, where a vast majority is too senstive to be discussed here. Personally, I feel that I don't think it is right. You may feel that I am conservative, but I just do not feel comfortable with it.

What a Crazy Day?

Since last nite, after the Hungry Ghost Dinner that I had, I didn't expect a crazy nite to last till today.

Darling's fume
It was not a surprise seeing that, but I shall not make any further comments as both parties got to know each other through me, so it was a little sad to see that things have to turn out this way.

Office PC still usable?
Reached office to find that my PC was on. I think it was my boss who left it on. That's his signal that he feels that the PC is still usable. Unfortunately the problems became more frequent that I gave up and used my audit dept's Internet PC instead.

Angered by Singtel Sales Staff
As u guys knew that I just signed up a new hp line for my brother 2 weeks ago. The new hp line was supposed to be portable from M1. Unfortunately, due to the carelessness of the Flipino sales staff that served me & my brother, she did not indicate that the number needs to be portable, despite the fact that I stated the number to be ported from.

Called up Si…
Team France Fireworks

This was the video I tried taking at the fireworks last nite.

I know it is not very well taken as this was my first try with the digital camera & the crowd was really blocking my view.

Will be putting up 1 taken from Youtube in my next entry.

Dinner, Fireworks Festival & KTV

At the end of the fustrating day, went to meet my usual gang, Richard, Jason & Rebecca for dinner. I have to thank my client, Eddie for offering me a lift to Marina Square, so that I could reach there on time.

Rebecca was supposed to join us later, but her tuition was cancelled, so she joined us for the dinner as well.

Dinner was at Kam Resturant at Marina Square. The food was great, it was Intitally had wanted to take up Rebecca's suggestion to watch the fireworks from Esplande, but the long dinner meant that we could only catch the high shot fireworks from where we were seated at the resturant. I must say although it was short but it was nice. The fireworks pictures are courtesy of Jason.

After which, we went for our regular singing at KBox. As I was about to start singing, Eriko messaged me and asked if I enjoyed the fireworks. She had enjoyed her from a good spot. I told her I enjoyed from a resturant. It appeared that Richard filled her in on our singing program. I tried to …

Office PC finally says Goobye

After enduring for about of 3 weeks of PC hanging & slow printing of print jobs (it took me about 3 mins just to wait for a page of a document to print out & sometimes the document will just hang down there without the printout, I had to reset the PC), the office PC finally said goodbye to me at 5.15pm last evening, by asking to select a printer to print, as the PC can't detect the printer. I told LB about it, who wrote a message to my boss to change my workstation. This was up & above the note that I left with my boss for him to change my PC twice this week.

But it was not before I was to handle a fuming mad client, who said that my boss and my firm were giving her rubbish work. This woman, was supposed to attend court as she had failed to submit the required documents to IRAS by a stiuplated date. My boss had given her concession to do the accounts for her after she made some partial payment. i sent to her the documents to the address that she had left with my recept…

Do You Have A Better Way To Reject Us?

The whole bunch of us, me, Richard, Wendy, Rebecca & Aidah were asked to keep 12 Aug free by Darling for a meet up. I think I made the right decision not to put too much hope in the meet up after hearing what Rebec said about her missing a planned date, & not returning her calls despite calling several times that day.

Today got a call from her in the afternoon. She said she had a friend who is celebrating her birthday that day and that that friend was flying in from overseas so she had to cancel the plan that she made. I am just disappointed that what I had predicted had come true. I just wonder if she has become "有异性,没人性" or should I ask what we are to her? Are we just a hello goodbye friend to her?

You have been telling us you would not be 有异性,没人性,when you are in BGR, but you don't seem to practise what you preach. You also tell us that you are busy, but from what I read in your blog, you seem to select who you wish to meet up with. I guess we are just economy c…

Mum's CT Scan @ SGH

I specially took a day's leave to accompany my mum for her CT scan this morning. She was quite worried about her persistent coughing & phelgm that have plagued her for about 3 months, so I told her to go for the scan, just to check what is going on.

Woke up at the usual time that I usually do for work and took a bus to SGH with mum. She was suggesting taking a cab there, but when I told her that it was not worthwhile taking a cab as there is the $2 peak period surcharge & $6.50 ERP charges as you pass by the CTE. I guess I made the right decision as the bus ride took about 40 minutes to Pearl Centre, before we took a cab into the hospital, as we saw the shuttle bus speeding past us.

Although we were on time for the appointment, there was a queue in front of us already when we were there. Half an hour later, mum was ushered to a waiting room, where she was given antispetic, before being ushered to the Diagnostic Radiography Centre for the test. I could sense mum's anxiet…

Chen Fu Ji

I met up with Joey and Tammy @ Suntec City. We had actually wanted to settle for the Rice Table , but the waiter said it was taking the last order, so we went to Chen Fu Ji located next door instead.

It was the first time I met up with Tammy. I hope she was not disturbed by the fact that me & Joey were doing most of the talking. It took a while for her to warm up and join us in our conversation later. We had some simple food and the food was not bad. It was affordable though.

Before I stepped into the resturant, I managed to see a shop that may sell Richard's gift, so decided to step in after the meal. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to find the gift that Richard wanted, so I got him the shop voucher instead, shared among our group of common friends. Hope the figure is good enough to add a gift for himself.

Nite At Mind's Cafe

Had a meetup with Eriko, Jason & Richard at the Mind Cafe at Prinsep Street yesterday. This was my first time there. Have to thank Eriko for recommending this place to us. I think it is an interesting theme cafe.

It was a surprise that I was the earliest. I reached the place at 6.15pm. Eriko was the next to arrive. This time, she brought along two friends, Jimmy & Bonnie with her as well. The two guys were to arrive after that.

The food was not bad. The games were good too, although most of the games require a strong brain power. I have to agree with what Eriko said. The name of the cafe is Mind Cafe, so the games are pretty mind boggling.

We played a Q & A game, You Are An Idiot, Jenga & Get a Life. I particularly liked the last one, although it was pretty time consuming. It was chosen by me & Richard. Its a game about how you live life & make it eventful.

The whole date ended at 11.15pm, and the cost was pretty afforable too. I got a ice cream free & free d…

Rental of Room Fiasco

One of my Malaysian net friend & his brother have expressed an interest to rent the empty room in my place on Tuesday. My parents were agreeable with that and asked me to tell my friend to pop by and have a look on Saturday.

On Wednesday, my dad suddenly announced that his China colleague & his wife will be shifting in on Thursday.My mum & I were stunned as we were not prepared yet & I have already told my friend to come & view the room today. What will my friend think? She will be thinking that I playing a joke on her on this? I told my dad to settle this on his own, since he was the one who created the problem. In the end, it was my mum who solved the problem. She told the person that she will give him an answer on Sunday.

I hope my friend will be able to rent my place as after the last unhappy incident with a China tenant, my mum & I have our misgivings renting the room to China people again.

Waist Banding Operation

Was reading about a botched waist banding operation in the papers two days ago. I was wondering if the takekwando instructor should have done the weight loss surgery.

Being fat is not good for health, but I believe the best way to lose weight is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is a healthy diet, & constant excercising. Having an operation will have its side effects and there will be a chance that the operation would not be successful.

The article also states that the guy had a China wife. I wonder if the wife had exerted some indue influence on her husband to lose weight? If there is, I feel that it is bad & I must say she covered up well.

Phone numbers to be truly "portable" by end-2007

"The Infocomm Development Authority says phone numbers will be truly "portable" by the end of next year. This means consumers can switch between service providers and yet have full use of their existing mobile and fixed phone lines. IDA says this will result in greater competition among the telcos and create more business opportunities. Ultimately, consumers stand to gain from the changes. With the new regime, it means consumers can have just one number when they switch between mobile service providers. Currently subscribers get in essence a call forwarding service where a call to the old number is merely forwarded to the new one and callers will see the new number. But under true number portability, such inconveniences will be a thing of the past. The number portability will be extended to mobile pre-paid subscribers and fixed lines as well. Fixed-line operators will also have to stop recurring monthly transfer or porting service charges. There will be a one-time admin…

Fireworks Festival 2006

This year's Fireworks Festival will be held at Marina Promenade on 5 Aug, 8 Aug, 11 Aug & 12 Aug at 9pm.

The fireworks will come from Italy, Singapore and 2 other countries that I can't remember. I have asked someone to join me fpr any of the days. She has in principle agreed as she likes fireworks too.

I hope the planned date materalise, because it has been about 20 years since I last caught a live fireworks event. The event was not held in Singapore but Brunei.I used to stay in Brunei for about a year. I think the atomsphere in Singapore should be better.

Happy guessing my date !!!!