Saturday, January 29, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market Dinner

My ex-colleague, SC had requested to meet up with him yesterday. The meetup was arranged last Friday. The initial place of the meet up was Bugis but he changed to The Central as he thought of getting his CNY clothes and shoes

We thought of going to the food court but we ended up at Manhattan Fish Market instead as we could not find the food court. It was really good to catch up with him. So good that he decided to defer his shopping to the next day.

We started at 7.30pm and ended at close to 11pm.

You Are Not My Boss

My colleague has been on leave for this two weeks so I was asked to help out with some of her admin stuff. One of the tasks was to help her to print out the company email and distribute it to my accounting department and tax department colleagues. Since I am not so free to sit around the 2 computers that have access to the company’s  email, I will usually just select from the new emails that are not printed till the last one that I printed in the morning and afternoon.

There is this colleague from the accounting department, who does not seem to like me. After I passed her emails to her, she would actually tear up the emails. I have noticed it a few times, but I just don’t bother.

On Thursday, she just told me in a loud voice that there was no need to print her emails as she usually would have read them when she steps into the office and after her lunch. How would you expect me to know that you have already read the emails? I am just being asked by my boss to help you all print out the emails. If you do not wish me to print, just let me know nicely. There is no need for you to shout at me.

This has affected my mood partly. There was another incident where the auditor was not co-operative & did not provide the accounting schedules for tax purposes. I had to ask the client to do them. The problem was as the client was of the view that as the auditor and the tax agent of the company, we should help them do up the accounting schedules for tax purposes.

Then again, the client is right to think that way as they feel that they have paid a premium for our services. The most difficult part was that the client had prepared tax schedules with insufficient info, making me very frustrated and angry when I was doing the case. It didn’t help that the auditor was breathing down my neck, chasing me when the tax provision would be ready.

I have since passed the case back to my manager, not because the case is too complex but I just can’t stand people use their position to exert their pressure on me.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Gift Shopping

I was asked by Chloe to join her and Gonnie to shop for the birthday gift of Lance. Since the place that I was asked to join them was the new shopping mall, Nex Shopping Mall, I decided to join them to choose the present.

We had our dinner at the Eat eatery as we felt that the 2 food courts at the mall would be crowded. The noodles was great.=)

After the dinner, we went to get the present for Lance before calling it a night. Hopefully, Lance likes what we selected for him.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IRAS Volunteers Facebook Page

I was asked to helm this Facebook page by IRAS Corporate Corporate Communications Officer, Ms Stacey Wong to helm this Facebook page that was started by me last year. Apparently, they are going to use this Facebook Page to publicise about the yearly exercise which first started in 2003.

I certainly hope that there would be more volunteers coming forward to help the taxpayers who need help for their income tax filing this year.

This is the link to the Facebook Page:-!/group.php?gid=58699037345&v=info&edit_info=all

Please register at the IRAS website if you are interested to help out this year at

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was asked by mum to join her for this movie as her cousin had some free tickets for the premiere for this movie.

I enjoyed the movie as I thought it really touched on the traditions of CNY and it has the heartwarming side of CNY.

I would recommend you all to watch it.

Birthday Celebration For Ivy


I was rather surprised to be called for this birthday celebration, especially after the unpleasant incident that happened during New Year Eve. But since I was asked along by Weng Kiat, I thought I just go as Ivy had helped me a lot in many ways when I asked her to. She & Betty had a part to play in my birthday celebration as well.

The venue was at Ai Qing Hai. I was late as I had sent in my handphone for a software upgrade after it crashed.

I hope Ivy enjoyed herself for what we have planned for her at her advance birthday celebration.

New HP For Paul

I had decided to get this new handphone for quite a while as my sms had been exceeding for these few months, and as I am under the Mio Home Plan, and therefore I am eligible to do a upgrade after a year.


Getting the certification was the reason that I decided to pamper myself. Thanks to the Singtel salesperson, who was attentive enough to let me upgrade my plan and at the same time gave me the assurance that I would be able to enjoy the 20% discount per month off my handphone bill subscription.

Finally, the what’sApp application will help me save some cost for smsing to people.

My New Qualification

I finally received my new qualification as a Accredited Tax Practitioner on Thu. My mum was as excited as I am. I had wait 3 months to get the qualification. ICPAS and SIATP were slow in the processing of my payment and certificate.

I would like to thank my friends who congratulated me and liking my status on Facebook. You guys and gals know who you are. =)

New Graphic Card For Paul

My mum recently bought a notebook PC for my brother in view of his impending university education. He had requested for a faster notebook as he thought that  he could play his new game, FIFA 11 on my PC, But my graphic card on my PC was not able to support the game and mum felt that it was not advisable for him to bring his new notebook with his game installed in it. He just loves to play the game.

As a result, I got my ex colleague, Roy to install the GEForce 5000 graphic card for me on my PC to allow him to play the game on my PC.

The graphics card is working well and I really enjoy =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ricky & Josline’s Wedding

I was invited to the wedding dinner of Ricky & Josline yesterday. The dinner was held at Hilton Hotel Vista Room.

I had known Josline from the activities of the Singing @ K Group about a year plus ago.

Although it is a short time that I know her, I am glad to be invited to participate in her journey to the next phase.

May I take the opportunity to wish the couple a happy & blissful marriage!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Paul lee 2

My fellow volunteer friend, Wendy had told me that the IRAS e-filing volunteer has been open for registration since Saturday. She had asked me to choose the same day for the refresher course as her.

The IRAS Corporate Communication Officers, whom I have been working with since the start of my participation in this exercise were very excited about my participation once again.

Hi Paul
Thank you for your registration.
Great to see you again! Will definitely put you to Serangoon CC. : )
See you at the training!
Rena SOON Yang Lin

Dear Paul
Glad to have you with us this season too.
See you at 21 Mar then.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!
Stacey WONG

 Hope that more people can come forward to help this round.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

KTV & Delicious Dinner Sat

My work week was rather okay. It was just that my colleague sitting beside me had asked me to check with my boss when she was planning to give the CNY off and to when it will restart the work after the CNY off.

Personally, I felt that I should not be the one asking as I am not like the majority of my colleagues, who are foreigners, with most of them being Malaysians. I am a Singaporean, so I should be celebrating my CNY in Singapore, as my relatives and friends are mostly in Singapore. Furthermore, my manager and & I had successfully helped our colleagues to negotiate for early release from work for Christmas Eve & New Year Eve, citing the heavy traffic anticipated at Orchard Road during these 2 days. Therefore, we should not be the ones asking for you all again.

Decided to let off the anger that has been stored for quite a while by singing again. Since I am taking a break from organising for my group activities for a while, due to our busy schedules. I joined the other group that is pretty active on Facebook, KTV Club SG to sing.

My 2nd time joining was really fun. I have to thank the organisers, Nigel & Hacktor for the arrangement to put me with Lance, Chloe & Gonnie as although I know some of the others, as they have joined the group ktv events that I have been organising, I feel more comfortable with them atound, and it was really fun.

Lance & I had been asked by Chloe to participate in the KTV Club’s new game segment. Fortunately, the task that I was asked to do was not that difficult. The task was to get a person with the surname “Tan” from another room to sing a duet with him/her. Luckily, I managed to find Serene, who came to our group’s last outing to sing with me. The prize for completing the task, a handphone strap.

Did this duet with Serene, which I thought was the easiest. =)
Was introduced to this song by Chloe, who sang this song yesterday. =)
Was surprised that Lance attempted this duet. I thought he did well, considering the female part with the 京剧 voice was a killer !!!
1st time doing this song =)

After the session, I was invited by my ex-client to have dinner with him at Ang Mo Kio. I was surprised that you are able to find cheap and good western food in a restaurant at the void deck of a HDB block.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunday Mini KTV Session

Mandy had invited me, Evelyn, Weng Kiat, Raymond & Ann for this mini ktv session. This was my 1st time singing at a Sunday for quite a while.

This was my first time singing with Raymond, Mandy & Weng Kiat in the same room. I must say their voices are not bad.

The session was fun, as it was considered as a stress reliever for Mandy as her exams were coming next week. She was really on a high as she chose many songs to sing. Maybe the nerves were getting into her.

After the session, we had dinner at Far East Plaza before calling it a night!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year Eve Countdown Photos

Some of my friends who have reading my blog & Facebook and came to read about the big hoo-ha that caused me not to put the photos that was taken that day. After explaining to this group of friends, what actually took place, they actually feel that I am right to ask along who I wanted to ask. I can choose who I wanted to go out with.
Therefore at these friends’ request, here are some of the photos that we took. Credits should be given to my new friend/group member, Weng Kiat for the photos as well.
The 3 ladies that joined me, Raymond & Weng Kiat, Evelyn, Mandy & Ann
One of my favourite groups 3-in –1 performing for the night
Group photo with the performers for the night
Group photo with the performers & the keyboardists for the night
Hope you guys enjoyed the photo viewing. =)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Gonnie’s Birthday Celebration

I had asked Gonnie to arrange a date last week, so that we could celebrate his birthday in advance. The advance birthday celebration was also my way of saying thanks to him for attending my birthday celebration last month & treating me to lunch for my birthday.

Chloe managed to get Lance & Kianhow to join us at Marche @ 313 Somerset last night. She said that the 3 of us are regarded by him as his best friends. I am touched by it, considering the fact that I know him for only about a year. I guess as compared to Lance & KH, my friendship with him was the shortest.

I was tasked to get his birthday cake. Fortunately, after asking one of my gal friends, Evelyn,  who got my cake from 313 Somerset’s The Icing Room for my birthday, I knew where I was heading to get the cake. Initially, I had thought of creating a cake, but after much thought, Chloe & I decided against it as my art and craft sucks big time & we do not have the time to rush down from our work place to create a cake.







The dinner was a good one and I appreciate Chloe & Gonnie’s concern after reading my blog and finding out that I had been feeling down due to friendship issues and my liking of a gal, but she had rejected me. Thanks for being the listening ear as I share the story and giving me your support and advice.

After the dinner, I shared a cab with Chloe & Gonnie as we head back home.

New Printer For Paul


Canon MP497 All In One Printer & Scanner , Pic courtesy of Canon website

My Canon printer & scanner, the MP145 had been giving me problems in paper jam recently. It finally waved goodbye to me on 2 Jan 2011.

I had put up on my Facebook status that my printer had waved goodbye to me, and almost immediately, I got a saviour in Chloe, who said that as she works in a company that sells printer and she would try to help me to ask her sales department staff if they could get me what I wanted.

In the end, her colleague, Carol was able to offer me this model at a special price that was way below the recommended retail price and offered to deliver to my place. The printer I had in mind was cheaper but the functions are not as good. So I took up Carol’s offer and took this set as my new printer.

I would like to thank Chloe for her assistance in this once again.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year Countdown @ Music Dreamer Live Café

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all of you readers of my blog. Hope that you guys and gals will have a splendid year ahead. =)

The last day of the year have usually been a non-event for me, but this year, I decided to do something different and go to Music Dreamer Live Café for their New Year Countdown. It has not been easy to gather the people, but I am glad to say that I was able to gather Evelyn, Mandy, Weng Kiat, Raymond. Ann joined us at the last minute. Luckily, the café was able to accommodate the 3 pax that I brought in as one of the waiters & one of the group performers for the night, Erick Tan (坚立)had recognised my face & accommodated us to a bigger table. It didn’t occur to me that the move would cause a big controversy as some of our friends happened to see us & made a big hoo ha in Facebook. The moral of the story is “ It is not good for gals and boys to assume things that has never happened & it is not good for people to gossip about other people.”

As a result of the above, I will only be posting video clips of the past performances of the 2 groups that performed last night.


3 in 1!/video/video.php?v=438491583052

Sang this song during the audience hour. Will wait for Weng Kiat to send the video

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, especially the 2nd half after the fireworks where the floor  was converted to a dance floor. Smile

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