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A Well Deserved Break for Paul

It has been about 1.5 years since Paul last had a real break from work and it has been a while since I last blogged as well.

During my absence in this blog space of mine, I had been busy with:-
My work - My assistant, who is a foreigner had went back to his home country for a home visit in mid June for about 2 weeks.My RC National Day Celebration - I have been tasked to plan for my RC's national day celebration on 9th Aug 2016. The fact that it is going to be the RC's last event before it closes for renovation makes it a point that the event has to be a success.Sourcing a new KTV venue - The group KTV has been seeing dwindling attendances. A few of the regulars has asked me to do some freshening up of ideas. A new meetup group has been created by me and new event venue has been created. Do look out for the details soon. =)National Day BBQ - A yearly affair with my KTV friends since 2013. I am tasked to co-ordinate and plan this event. I am looking forward to this event as there …