Monday, January 11, 2016

First Post For The New Year

Hi to the readers of my blog. It has been a while since I last blogged. Let me take the opportunity to wish you guys & gals a belated happy new year. Hope that all has been smooth flowing for all of you so far.

I managed to find a new app that allows me to blog freely, although it is not as user-friendly as the Windows Live Writer, I guess we just have to make do with this for the time being.

Finally, the year 2015 had ended. The time had come for me to clear my leave. You might have thought that my boss would be okay with me clearing a few days since it is my lull period and I still have a fair bit to clear for my 2015's entitlement, despite clearing some for my grandma's wake & 49th day.

I did not expect her to say things like why should I use my leave to go back to my school's open house. My leave is my entitlement, therefore I am allowed to do what I like. That's the reason why I hate to put the reasons for my application sometimes.

Granted that you may be pretty well off, but I feel that sometimes when we do volunteering, the help is more direct, rather than you give them money, they do not know how to manage it and spend it as they like, and they will be back to square one, asking for help again.

It was a good trip back to school, catching up with my lecturers, especially those who taught me in Year 2 & 3. At the same time, it was good to dish out advice to prospective students who are confused by the numerous offerings at the 5 polytechnics.

Besides this, I took the opportunity to attend the Grassroots Appreciation Night on Friday night.

A drawing of me at the event

Photos from the event

Caricature Art at the event

At the same time, I went to learn Malay for the next two days. I must say that learning a language is never easy but it was fun!!! 

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