Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busy Work Week

It was a busy work week for me as my manager is not back from her Egypt holiday. This was indeed the busiest work week that I had for quite a while.

It didn’t help that the corporate tax filing deadline is coming up on 30 Nov 2010, which is next Tuesday, and some inconsiderate audit department colleagues are still passing their audit files for me to work on the tax provision and kept on putting the word “urgent” on me. I have only a pair of hands and a standard 8 hours to start with. The situation was so bad that there were 6 tax provisions for me to work on. 2 of them had told me that their cases were urgent.

The young female auditor, who listed her case as urgent had only given me 2 hours to work on her audit case, and the case is quite big & complex and it was certainly impossible for me & my team to work on it on the tax provision with the mountain load of work that we had. I highlighted to my tax partner that I was not able to do her case, as the time frame given was too short and impossible to complete. My tax partner went to speak to her about this. She was very angry and showed my tax partner a black face.

I was thinking that why are you so rude to show my boss your black face? You should have given us your case earlier if you have wanted us to work on it, instead of giving it to us at the case to work on when you are going on leave the next day. Are you being considerate to us ? I wonder why youngsters are like this nowadays?

Whereas the other auditor, whom I have always addressed him as “Uncle Phua” as although he always need his cases urgently, his audit schedules are very neat and very easy to understand. It makes working on his cases’ tax provisions a lot easier. I could work faster as I am able to see what he is trying to explain, therefore I was more than willing to go on the extra mile for him.

The sad thing is he is on long leave now due to his health problems. Hopefully, he would be back to join us soon.

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