Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Its Hard To Be The Man In The Middle

Birthday 007

My birthday celebration in 2005 (sadly, this picture will always be a distant memory now, as my NS pal is no longer around)


My birthday last year

I am trying to finalise the guest list for my 31st birthday on 18 Dec. This would be the 2nd year that I would be doing it myself. I am quite happy to say that most of my friends from the Singing @ K Group that I have informed have already given me the assurance that they would be coming. Smile

The only difficult part was trying to invite 2 of my friends, who used to be good friends, but are now not on talking terms with each other. It took me some time to decide who to ask first. I didn’t expect the invitation to hit a snag for the first one.

I intend to let the whole matter cool off by itself, because it is certainly not in my nature to bear grudges. I am at fault too for the choice of words that I used.

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